Weekend reading: Nintendo turns 30, Google Maps gets a makeover and more

This week, we’re testing the new Google Maps, feeling nostalgic over our first Nintendo games and discovering that more women are toting tablets. We’re also celebrating making a list of top employers for students in Canada. Get the full scoop in this edition of the Weekend Reading.

Toting tablets

If you’re travelling in the United Kingdom this summer, you may notice more tablets in the hands of women than men, according to a YouGov study. As reported by the BBC, it’s the first time the majority of tablet owners in the U.K. are female, ringing in at 52 per cent, up from 43 per cent in 2012. The number of tablet users in the country also continues to rise, with nearly a quarter of adults now owning the device. The Tablet Tracker report also found that the increase in female ownership primarily came from Apple devices, which are now available from Rogers.

Closer to home, I’ve seen many of my female friends and family, including my mom, picking up tablets for use around the house and on the go. Are the women in your life using tablets?

Finding our way

Google Maps users on Android smartphones and tablets have now had a little over a week to test out the new version of the mapping app.  You’ve probably already explored the new, cleaner design – but we thought we’d call out some of the improvements that maybe you haven’t discovered just yet. For starters, Google added navigation improvements, including reports of traffic jams and accidents, and alerts when a better route becomes available. Especially useful for travellers like me, whose sense of direction can leave a little bit to be desired, is the new offline maps access. You can save sites you want to access later by typing “OK Maps” into the search box when the map is loaded. That’s perfect for plotting your escape from the subway! And, while not yet available in Canada, they’ve ramped up the explore functionality – a tap on the search box will reveal local hotspots.

Where will Google Maps help you navigate this summer?

Nintendo turns 30

I may be dating myself, but my first memories of video games include blowing air into a cartridge before plugging it in and powering up the system – sometimes with a cheat code. On Monday, the video game company marked the 30th anniversary of the original Nintendo Entertainment System – launching as the “Famicom” in Japan on July 15, 1983. It didn’t arrive in North America until 1985, bringing us Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and so many other beloved titles.  Mashable is highlighting the anniversary with a slideshow and a collection of memories from fans – check it out here.

What do you remember about the NES?

Rogers ranks among top employers for students

We’re proud to share that this week that a study by employer branding company Universum Global ranked Rogers among the top 100 employers for students! We were the leading telecommunications company among business students. The Canada’s Ideal Employers 2013 study polled more than 28,000 students at 52 universities from November 2012 to February 2013 to reveal student perceptions of Canadian businesses.

When I was a student, I dreamed of being in a newsroom and helping to write history on the run. What was your dream job?

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  1. Bhupinder D


    No better time than Monday morning to do some Weekend Reading!

    Toting tablets:

    Strangely enough none of the women in my family own a tablet. We have a PlayBook and it doesn’t get used all that often.

    Nintendo turns 30:

    So hilarious! I used to blow air into my Nintendo cartridges all the time! And than I would slowly insert the cartridge into the console and gently lower it into place! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! BTW I still have my first Nintendo console!


    1. RogersElise

      Glad you liked it and I hoped you had a good weekend, and a good Monday!