From Customer Care to Rogers Office of the Ombudsman: How we resolve customer issues

At Rogers, we take our commitment to listening to you, our customers, seriously. Not only do we have a process in place for you to voice your concerns and resolve your issues quickly, we’re also the only telecommunications provider in North America to have an Ombudsman to provide an independent review of your unresolved concerns.

In 2012, 91 per cent of customers were satisfied with the Ombudsman’s resolution, according to the recently released Annual Report. As well, the majority of customer cases received by the Office of the Ombudsman were resolved within 30 days.

However, 74 per cent of cases submitted to the Ombudsman may have been resolved sooner by following the Rogers Four-Step Complaint Resolution Process:

The Office of the Ombudsman is the last step in our Four-Step Complaint Resolution Process, and most customer concerns get resolved quickly and efficiently by our Customer Care agents. But in the rare event that your concern can’t be resolved in the first three steps of our standard escalation process, the Office of the Ombudsman is there for you.

Click here to read more of the Office of the Ombudsman’s 2012 Annual Report.

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313 comments on “From Customer Care to Rogers Office of the Ombudsman: How we resolve customer issues

  1. Tom

    I have two issues with the whole process. First, you have eliminated email support. When this was first announced, it was alluded to that customers could now rely on the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to have issues resolved. But when Rogers blocks legitimate customers from using these means of contact because they do not like what they post, email would sure come in handy! It is a shame this was discontinued. Furthermore, email is convenient because the customer can send the email at their convenience and not have to wait on hold over the phone for inordinate amounts of time only to be shuffled from one department to another only to be potentially hung up on and have to start the whole process all over again. You did your customers a disservice by discontinuing email!

    Secondly, I once had an issue and had to contact the office of the Ombudsman because the Office of the President did not follow through on their promise to contact me. It was only because I contacted the Ombudsman that I finally received a call from the Office of the President. The Ombudsman was great, but the Office of the President was leaving a lot to be desired.

    1. Tom

      No comments from Rogers! Hmmmm! I am still puzzled as to why you promote the social media but ban legitimate customers from posting on the social media sites!

      1. RogersNicolas

        Hi Tom,

        If you came on Redboard this week, you may have noticed that WordPress was under maintenance.

        Sorry to hear about your issue. While we did remove email support, we introduced our social media team which is helping customers on Facebook, Twitter and forums. As far as written communications are concerned, you may also be assisted via Live Chat.

      2. Tom

        You missed my point Nicolas. I have been banned from posting on your Facebook page, yet I am a legitimate customer. In fact I have two separate accounts with Rogers and spend a lot of money. However, because one of your social media reps did not like something I posted, the social media is not something I can use, unless of course you can pitch in and help to remove my ban! What is the point of using the social media if you prevent people from posting?

      3. RogersNicolas

        Hi Tom,

        I know where you come from but, before the ban was issued, you had already been asked to review our commenting policy which is mainly based on courtesy and respect. The same rules apply in the Community Forums where you continue to be an active user. Send me us a PM on Facebook and we’ll be happy to review this situation with you.

  2. beck

    I really dont think nicholas should be the representitve from rogers to reply to post, he is often cold and fails to ever answer questions, he is always refering people to look elsewhere for what they requested

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Beck,

      I’m truly sorry to hear you feel that way. I always strive to share all the info we have at hand and provide great customer experience. I might refer to Twitter or Facebook for customer support related-questions since Redboard isn’t a Care platform. This being said, I’m more than happy to listen to feedback, if you have anything in particular in mind and will be sending you an email to know more about it.

  3. Joe DAmario

    Please help me understand the rationale behind removing Sesame Street from programming on Channel 100- On Demand.

  4. michelle

    I am getting really annoyed with Rogers services. I have been with Rogers for more than a decade and thought of switching but stayed loyal. Whenever I have issue with customer service have no answers for me.

    I tried upgrading to a new cell phone device because the one I have are giving me problems. My 2 year term ends this month but now they are telling me that I have signed for 3 years which change without my knowledge.

    My rewards program they introduced…I currently have 15,000 points which I can’t even redeem on anything because I was told that nothing is available. Then why have this program if you can’t provide?

    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the issues, Michelle. Could you kindly reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can assist there.

  5. michelle


    Under this code I just learned….

    •Domestic data overage charges will be capped at $50 per billing cycle

    in regards to this..a couple of months ago i was charged $452 for my data overage. I was surprise to see that bill and called them up. I told them that i wasn’t aware of that charges. I was told that it was used and I have to pay for it. Why is it that i did not get a call no notify me of the situation and just surprise me with that charges

  6. Christopher

    Absolutely not impressed with this company as of today.

    Tried to upgrade my device (which was damaged), have to pay an early upgrade fee – which is fine. Was told that my $55 plan now jumps to $80/month for the exact same features I have on my existing plan. The reason? Apparently the Sony Xperia Z1 (2014 model) is a more advanced phone than my existing one. What a poor reason.

    So after a call to customer relations, I was told by a smug-sounding rep that the best she could do was $70/month. By the way, I also dislike being talked over by any customer service rep like this one did to me.

    So here is some smugness. I will take my Rogers business (cable/internet/wireless). And transfer to another provider. And yes, I can get pretty much the same wireless service from another provider, for very close to my current $55/month. Let’s face it, all companies are the same, but Rogers seems exceptionally poor when dealing with these issues.

    1. RogersMike

      Truly apologize for the experience, Christopher. When upgrading to another device, you would need to change to one of our Share Everything plans. If you’d like, feel free to reach out to our customer service specialists on Twitter @RogersHelps or on for additional assistance.

      1. Christopher

        RogersMike, it just goes to demonstrate that Rogers has no interest in holding on to existing customers. When a plan jumps from $55 to $80 for no reason, then I’m treated to a rude experience by one of the Customer Care team, it’s time to move services elsewhere. Loyalty department wouldn’t even get on the line with me – told the agent at the call centre that they had nothing to offer me. I doubt that a Rogers rep from twitter of facebook will change anything.

        Share Everything plan? What am I sharing? I have one wireless device.

      2. RogersMike

        Our social media reps are pretty amazing, you should definitely reach out to them before you make a decision.

  7. mary joy moore

    I have had several issues with Rogers,since I signed with them in August,2010. In March 2015, I was so frustrated that I sent a Registered letter to the office of the president. Rogers has not even bothered to aknowledge my letter. My next step is to go public. Joy Moore

    1. RogersMike

      Our customer care team would be happy to look into the situation to find out what happened with the letter. Please reach out to them on Twitter @RogersHelps or on

      1. mary joy moore

        I don’t like doing things on facebook and don’t have a twitter account. How do I talk to a live person?

      2. RogersMike

        Sure, I can have someone contact you. I’m going to have the team send you an e-mail requesting contact information. Hope everything gets resolved quickly!

  8. Breigh

    Hello, there is an issue with my bill and Rogers keeps calling saying that I owe 1037.40 for the phone I apparently didn’t send back and an added charge. I am not paying this as I sent all devices I have, back.

    1. RogersMike

      Good morning! I’d recommend contacting our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on – they’ll be able to investigate the situation for you.

  9. Eleonore Heidinger

    The Rogers Online Protection key has expired!!! This has been going on since April 24th, 2015 and none of your Rogers TechXpert employees have been able to fix this situation, turned over to a manager as well. Does this mean I have no protection whatsoever? Please advise A.S.A.P, prior to our seeking another carrier!!!

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Eleonore – could you please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on They can investigate the situation and help fix your issue.

  10. Naveen

    Hi there i am long time customer of rogers since i landed in this country more than 12 years dont having a major issue as long as i was bachlor but not anymore i got married and having a little boy, being with a family i got so much liability and bills to pay . I have rogers hi speed internate, tv and cell phone connection with rogers. My rogers bills going to beyond my limit paying too much since i got new phone on x mass time due to having my old phone problems. I just want to squees my bills please give me a better deal and some discount so i will keep continue contract with rogers. thanks for your time. I will look forward to your reply

    1. RogersMike

      Hey Naveen! We don’t provide customer service on Redboard, but our team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be more than happy to look at your account to see what they can offer. :) Good luck!

  11. Anabell Zapata

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Mane is Anabel Zapata very loyal customer for Rogers. I am writing today to complain of the underprivileged service I received from your company on June 10, 2015 at 8.44 pm until 11:00 pm. I was called and your customers rep name Brenda to adjust my June Bills, which I have been called for the last 4 months for the same things repeatedly.
    I faced problems giving all the details and finally decision to managers and client rep. and waiting for 2:00 hrs and finally the Rep name Brenda on the phone with the same issues for so long and did not know that you having charging that huge amount money, I am appalled. This is unethical and an abuse of invoices practices. She was very unprofessional and not very useful she said that it’s your bill that what you have to pay

    Brenda, she hang up on me without any resolution; very awfully to myself what she did and then I called again be on the phone for more the 3 hrs be on hold and then nobody pick up the phone from 10:00 pm until 12:00 pm . That tell you how revolting and atrocious l I am with your company.

    I am try to pay my bill and she was very rude tell me laid after laid try to confused me. Last bills was 349.00 and after 5 hrs on the phone they adjust and they promises that my bill for this months will be showing the correct amount $ 145.00 for the 3 items cell, cable and internet.

    I had been a customer of Rogers from past 20 years very loyal and excellent credit history. It is disappointing that Rogers such a huge company will be so unprofessional and the Customers Rep they are hopeless that don’t care about the customers at all which it very horrific.

    I would afford you one final opportunity to reconsider your position and confirm to me
    Today, that you will (reimburse the charges) or alternatively send me a letter of deadlock. If I do not hear from you within this timeframe, I will refer this dispute this with social media. Rogers Publishing and Media – Contact the Office of the President Office of the Ombudsman’

    I trust this is not the way That Awful Company wishes to conduct business with valued customers—I have been with you since the company was founded and have encountered such treatment before and now. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss matters further and to learn of how you propose to prevent a similar situation from recurring. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Anabell Zapata

    1. RogersMike

      I will have someone contact you via e-mail, Anabell. Hopefully we can resolve this as soon as possible!

  12. Daniel Greenwood


    I originally sent this to the complaints department.

    Shall we say I have a concern with all of the above issues.I want to keep this as short as possible since the amount of time I wasted with Rogers is beyond comprehension.

    The 1st problem happened when I spoke to a rep and he convinced me to upgrade my services which I did.All contacts with your people you have on file.I called back a few weeks later when I noticed there was something wrong with the amount of money for the services I ordered was different from what I agreed.After a half hour wait I spoke to this person around 15-20 minutes and he explained to me the original sales guy entered a wrong code and that was why it was differant.He went to change it but one of the reps he asked said they can’t change it to the original deal I was offered and I had to take the offer with a PVR box which was more expensive.This did not sit well with me and I called back again and spoke with someone else who agreed it could be changed back to the original amount which was the 1st three months at $72.00 (These figures aren’t exact) after which it goes up to around $105.00 including tax.This other call took about another 30 minutes including the wait.

    The next episode happened this morning,.I called your Rutherford and Bathurst store which is a full service store.I told him my intention of buying a 3rd party PVR box including digital conversion.He said all I had to do was call in to the support line to activate it.They will charge me $7.50 a month and there would be no need to send a technician if the outlet was live.So I spent an hour driving to a Best Buy store and purchased it.When I called in I was told by your Cable technician or rep that since the box is not one which is on your list they cannot activate it.Why couldn’t your rep this morning tell me this from the store.I am fed up.This is not called service but its called a bunch of people whom you are hiring who are not properly trained screwing things up and making life difficult for your loyal Customers.

    I don’t know what you can do for me.Perhaps a free rental of a PVR box for a number of months,Perhaps taking me out of the service I agreed upon so I can take another look at what I should do next.All I can tell you is a few of the newspapers write columns on people who are mistreated by large Corporations.I happen to be one of them.What do we do next

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Daniel, truly apologize for the poor experience. Although we don’t provide customer service via Redboard, I’d highly recommend sending a private message to our customer service team on – they’d be happy to help!

  13. clive emdon

    Greetings Allison Fitton of Rogers! June 16
    I would like to understand how and why Rogers allow con-jobs to persist at the rate they do on your service, without action against them.
    I’ve been plagued by a group of persons announcing that I am the winner of a grand prizes, ranging from $999 to $10-million. The former related to a prize coming via a casino in the US from Readers Digest. The second one was described as a prize from my grocery store to its 350 regular clients (which of course is rediculous). I’m civil and don’t cut them off immediately and they then suggest the only way to enable me to get that prize is to place a $500 payment down in advance showing the bank receipt when sent, to demonstrate my authenticity– clearly a con-job of sorts. Then they don’t stop there, they make more and more calls, trying to track me back to find out if and when I made the payment.
    I checked both the grocery store and the casino to see if there was any truth in their story, to be told “No nothing of the kind!” The grocery story said it’s only competition was for a year’s free food products.
    I have complained to Rogers but get no response despite the call service person trying the number and confirming that she thought it was a con-job.
    The numbers in question were: 1876816 1827 (any number of calls, the last being on June 9 at 12.22pm) and in the last week:1 876 363 4085 (twice, and I have the exact time of each call, June 9 at 1.56 pm and June 10 at 11.06am.).
    I would support your service having a ‘report line’ for such calls, linked to the police. With proper follow-up.
    Best regards,

    1. RogersMike

      Good afternoon, Clive. Suspected fraud calls would need to be reported via the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. They’d be able to help!

  14. Valerie Black

    How do I contact the Office of the President? If I click above it just takes me to your Support-Contact Us page. There is no link or contact info for the Office of the President

    1. RogersMike

      This post is from 2013, so it’s a bit outdated – this process no longer exists. If you complete the form here, you should get a manager contact you.

      1. Valerie Black

        I’ve done that – not satisfied. The following is on a Jun 18, 2015 Confirmation of Account Change Details:

        ‘If you have a concern that was not resolved, then we invite you to submit a Share A Concern form (located at and we’ll respond within 1 business day. If you’re not satisfied with the resolution by one of our management team members, then you also have the option to speak to our Office Of The President or even directly with the Ombudsman office. Finally, you can also write to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS): or 1-888-221-1687.”

        No phone number or other contact info for Office Of The President provided.

      2. RogersMike

        The form on the Contact Us page goes to a general mailbox where the owner of the mailbox reviews all submissions. They proceed to assign each submission to the appropriate team, whether it be management or Office of the President. If you have already spoken with management and were not satisfied, when you share your concern again, you should be directed to the Office of the President (they don’t have a direct phone number).

  15. patricia fitzgerald

    i spent well over 30 minutes getting the most basic information from the rep on the phone. her name was Lean. please listen to the recordng. this occurred on June 24th. It occurred to me that rogers trains its customer care reps to be pleasant but virtually useless. id rather have someone brusque but effective.

  16. patricia fitzgerald

    how do i get in touch with the ombudsmans office . what is the email address. are u really just trying to waste peoples time when u direct me back to a page that sends me right back into the morass i just emerged from
    Please send me the ombudsmans email so that i can get a response to my complaint and not have any more of my time wasted. is your complaint service just a way to wear customers down

    1. RogersMike

      The Ombudsman’s e-mail is

  17. patricia fitzgerald

    Ok, so I just got an email from rogers. apparently i am now a level 1 customer, not a level 2 customer. However, because my husband has already opened a myaccount online, I cannot even though i am now a level 1 customer. what was the point in wasting my time and giving me level 1 status on the account when it didnt help me get access. would u please specifically address this

    1. RogersMike

      We don’t provide customer support on here, Patricia. I’d recommend reaching out to our customer service reps on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to assist.

  18. patricia fitzgerald

    Also, why dont u send email reminders that end of billing cycle bills are available online. isnt that a straightforward way of reminding customers that their online bills are ready. In frustration, I’ve requested that paper bills be restored.
    I agree with Toms comments. A single customer care rep can never deal with the entire issue. the passing on of the problem to a second and even multiple others is unrelenting. Its not a surprise that customers express extreme frustration and its not a surprise that Rogers customer complaint service is rated as “disappointing”

    1. RogersMike

      We do send e-mails to customers when their bill is ready – it comes from Perhaps your e-mail address that we have in the system is incorrect? Again, please reach out to the team on Twitter/Facebook, and they can determine why you’re not getting the e-mail.

  19. christopher gulley

    hi i am contacting you in regards to my rodgers account that was cancelled two months ago they continue to call me in regards to this account i had put a three hundred dollar deposit down when i took this account i switched services and cancelled this accounti have been waitingon my final bill to be sent to me minus the three hundred dollar deposit i did if i cant get this matter resolved i will have no choice but to take legal action to get this matter settled my lawyer is laura glydenburg they gave me this site to try to get this matter resolved if we cant then i will take legal action to get this settled thanks for your time

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Christopher – I’ll have our customer care team contact you via e-mail as soon as possible.

  20. Grisza laufman

    I am 71years old ,long loyal customer.i am so frustrated whit being constantly bombarded whit TEXT MSGS ,my wife and brothers don’t have this problems we all have same phones ( I PHONES different providers) I already spent soooo MANY hours whit customer service,and seems to me that this can NOT possible to resolve.i will have to look for different provider if that what CORP WHANT

    1. RogersMike

      Who are the text messages from? Is it always the same number or is it multiple numbers?

  21. Mike Tyrrell

    Hi, does the Rogers Ombudsman deal with issues regarding Rogers Community access stations?

    1. RogersMike

      Yes they do. They will get back to you shortly!

      1. Mike Tyrrell

        Thank you!

  22. Lena Taylor


    Today I dialed a number using my cell phone and the number was out of service. I was immediately redirected to an automated message to press #2030 or similar code to what the message announced as a national telephone directory. Approximately 20 seconds into the lengthy message I final hear that you must be over 18 to use this service and it costs $4.99.

    Rogers has refused to take my number out of the automatic redial to this unnecessary and hideously expensive service. (I’ve no doubt Rogers takes a cut of anyone stupid enough to think its a free service.)

    In the future all that should occur when a number is out of service is a message that the number I dialed is no longer in service.

    Appreciate your assistance.

    (Today I learned there is a facebook page on I hate rogers. Sorry to say I understand why some individuals may be driven that far.)

    1. RogersMike

      Thanks for the feedback! Will pass it along internally.

  23. Emmanuel Efraimidis

    Spent more than 6 hours over 2 days dealing with nothing but incompetent people. We have been a Rogers customer for more than 20 years and spend more than $300 per month on the various services. They decided to update the Next box and wiped all of our PVR recordings. All of our kids movies, shows and other recordings gone. This was further exacerbated by dealing with absolutely useless people in various departments giving us conflicting stories….yes it will retrieved to no sorry, nothing we can do for you. Frustrated, angry and feeling completely ripped are only a few emotions that we are feeling. This is how a high valued client gets treated? Truly unfathomable!

    1. RogersMike

      I sincerely apologize for the troubles, Emmanuel. Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – hopefully they’ll be able to make things right.

  24. Mike Tyrrell


    I just wanted to say thanks to the Rogers Ombudsman office for helping to resolve my issue so promptly. I’m not sure the issue will stay resolved, as I believe it may be a cultural challenge (which can be tough to expunge when you have employees that have been around for over 30 years) but I am hoping that it does remain resolved. I feel that my complaint was taken seriously and dealt with very quickly and fairly. This has gone a long way to restoring my faith in Rogers. I hope others find satisfactory solutions to their issues as I did. Thank you for your help.

    1. rogershayleyf

      So glad things were resolved to your satisfaction, Mike. We truly appreciate your loyalty as a customer and hope you have a good experience with our services moving forward :) Have a great weekend!

  25. Shawn Kerr

    Hi, sorry to bother but I can’t seem to find an email for rogers. Can you assist?


    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Shawn – are you trying to contact someone at Rogers in specific? Or a specific department?

  26. rita Litherland

    I have been a 20 year plus rogers customer. I have dealt with office of the president for the same issues that continue to be ongoing. I have 3 phones with rogers. Two have data. I have questioned them regulary regarding the extra 10 charges on 2 phones, They said it was overage and to avoid these charges to input a tracker and turn data off. I even was told to go thru a process that won’t allow u to go over that can be imputed. this was all done and to no avail the bill is still the same. i am beginning to question the billing. i have dealt with a tanya fro the oop. my last submissions did not receive a foollow up. I am frustrated with the time and money it has cost me trying to resolve this.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Rita – apologies for the experience. I’ll have someone contact you via e-mail to discuss.

  27. Mike

    This is your email contact? This is nonsense. On to my issue


    I am a long time customer and for the most part have enjoyed Rogers services however your most recent change has compelled me to express my displeasure as watching tv has become almost unbearable.

    The new PVR/Guide is very disappointing. Firstly, there is a giant timeline through the guide itself which is very distracting. There is a clock on my pvr itself and the time shows in the top right corner, the big line through the guide is overkill and simply distracting and unnecessary.

    Secondly the system is slow, and laggy. Much slower than its predecessor.

    Thirdly and most concerning is the functionality of the pvr itself. Again, its slow to bring up. The functionality of it is really poor. The tv stops when brought up. It doesn’t show whats currently recording at the front/top until its 100% finished. If you have lots if recordings you have to continually scroll down to the bottom regardless of having it sorted alphabetically or not, and its super choppy/laggy in doing so. Its not nearly as user friendly

    There is no way to easily bring up all your recorded series, no way actually at all. For instance I recorded one series on one channel, than recorded the same show on another channel and could not bring up the original channel to cancel which was easily down with your old menu. This ones functionality from top to bottom is inferior… By a lot.

    I am a fan of most things Rogers but your new guide is really a bad experience right now as its very user unfriendly and seems highly incomplete and unfunctional. You should take the new user interface and incorporate all the old features. This one needs drastic improvements both esthetically and in functionality. Its slow, unresponsive and not functional, especially in comparison to the old guide. Hopefully there are some Drastic improvements, especially as it relates to the PVR.

    1. RogersMike

      Appreciate the feedback. I’d recommend posting these suggestions to our Idea Box where the appropriate team will review.

  28. ron

    how do i fi.d the # to conact the president. Rodgers will not help me past step two. Thanks Ron

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Ron – just to clarify, are you looking for the # to the Office of the President?

  29. amna safdar

    you guys are rip off. charged me more than i was quoted for. RIP OFF total rip off. charging me more and rip off. my brother pays 62 unlimited data with fido and you charge 90 for 2g. pathetic

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Amna – sorry you’re so upset. Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or and they can look into your account and see what we can do for you.

  30. Nicole Poitras

    I recently received the worse service ever from Roger’s I very upset with the service when you would like to upgrade your phone you talk with someone at Rogers but when you go to pick up at Store completly different Story no happy with the service I received the person was not even able to read note in my account no good

    1. RogersMike

      Apologies for the experience, Nicole. Could you kindly reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to help!

  31. Patrick Laforest

    I have complained about my litle to no service in my area many times I was told to purchace a signal booster . The boosters price was outragous. I work on a farm in the outskirts of moose jaw sk. Is there a way i could transfer to a network provider in my area thank you.

    1. RogersMike

      Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to assist!

  32. Michelle Haig

    Hello Rogers cut my service off I don’t understand why I paid my last bill in full and they were so posed to credit me $320 they owe me money and cut my service now I’m paying for their mistake I’m in another country and bought a package from them to use and I can’t even do that … Are they even allowed to continue charging you for somthing that your not even using ? I need my phone to work this is terrible of them to do to me I’ve been a customer of theirs for over ten years makes me want to change phone companies

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Michelle, apologies for the trouble. Could you please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to investigate your account there.

  33. Nisha Parikh

    Hi my name is Nisha. I am currently with rogers and I have been dealing an issue for over 5 months that’s not been resolved yet. I would appreciate if someone can contact me to get the issue resolved.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Nisha! Apologies for the troubles. Our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to get this issue resolved for you. Could you please reach out to them there? If you don’t have Twitter/Facebook, kindly let me know.

  34. Sim

    Hi there,
    I am contacting you in regards to a very unprofessional and disappointing experience at your Rogers store located on 10026 Hurontario street in Brampton.

    We had come in to exchange a modem and as we were speaking to the representative at the desk, another employee came up to that employee and started talking about a conflict with another exployee. She didnt really acknowledge him because she had customers (Us) in front of her. As she was looking up our information he continued to try to talk to her and then she asked him to get the new modem for us and he replied “no I can’t I’m doing something else” and ran over to one of their kiosks to look up something for a friend whom he was talking to via text the entire time. As soon as she left to go get our new modem he walked over to where she was standing and started texting on his phone right in front of us. I am very appalled by the lack of professionalism and customer service at this location. Rogers is definitely not being represented as it should be. I have family and friends that work for the corporate office in Toronto and am shocked that you hire and run your stores with no regard for customer satisfaction.
    I am writing to let you know of this because I am a new Rogers customer on the business end and I have never experienced something this unprofessional while I was with bell for 20 years. You should follow up and check on your stores to make sure they are not just hangout spots for their employees.
    I hope to hear a response.

    Thank you

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Sim, I really appreciate the time and detail you invested to bring this concern to our attention. I can assure you that we will provide feedback through the appropriate channels to ensure a professional experience is delivered at all our Rogers retail locations, all the time. I’m going to email you shortly to gather some additional details about your experience that day. Thanks again!

  35. Jesse Kostman

    Hi this is a complaint. A Rogers communications driver almost hit me today while I was with my kid. The man was swearing at me in front of my child. I took the license plate down. It is A L 17989. This guy was driving wreck less and putting other people at risk.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Jesse, so sorry for this. Could you please provide a location and time of the incident? I will pass it along to the appropriate team.

  36. Mahsa

    Rude customer service, no help provided ever.

    1. RogersMike

      What issues are you experiencing, Mahsa? Our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to help!

  37. Allan Holt

    I want to watch TV in my living room – the impossible dream of a Rogers customer.

    I bought a condo and after moving in I found there was no cable outlet in the living room.
    Soon after a notice came out that Rogers was rewiring the cable in the building, so I thought – cool no problem.
    Then they decided to only rewire the core and not the units.
    So I called Rogers, and they said no problem, we can do that but there is a charge. No problem I said.
    He came out and said – there is nothing I can do.
    So I called an independent wiring guy, and during our talk he said that since Rogers looks after the wiring, he cant do it.

    I am a computer guy, so I though – I will sign up for anyplace TV, get a tablet, and do it that way.
    I went to sign up and it wouldn’t take my account number.
    I used the online support chat and they said because the building had a bulk account, I cannot sign up for a rogers login.
    Then Shomi came out and I thought – AHH finally – so I went to sign up for that and found I have to first have a rogers account.
    I thought – hmm I will get a wireless TV receiver, and found that the majority of the brands out there don’t work with the Rogers equipment.

    I guess the only way I can watch TV is to call Bell, even though Rogers is included with my building condo fees.

    And they wonder why they are not Canada’s favorite company.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Allan, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I’d like to direct you to a team who can help escalate the wiring issue for your unit. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, it’s our support team at @RogersHelps and Having worked with this group, I know they can help you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

  38. Ruth Vachon

    The CRTC really needs to get involved with the way the “big 3″ are supplying services. I have been in a contract for cable with Rogers and slowly they have been narrowing their tv packages to choose from, while increasing my services. I received my newest bill and i’m now up to $200 a month for internet/cable. I logged on and saw with disgust that Rogers only offer 3 different cable packages not 6. 3 of them are identical price, allowing you to choose basic or start paying $118 plus tax for their top NOT including movies. I thought the consumer can be able to pick and choose stations instead of these strategic packaging? Unless I want foreign programming , radio stations, a “fireplace station/ Aquarium station” which is unbelievable , they have it locked up to make you receive $100 or more for JUST CABLE. Enough already, between cell phones, internet and cable I’m spending $500 a month. Why is the government not stepping in?

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Ruth, thanks for your feedback. In case you’re unaware, the CRTC has released their decision on TV channel packaging. By March 2016 at the latest, we need to offer a small basic TV package for no more than $25. We also need to offer customers either the Pick-and-Pay channels option OR small low-cost bundled channels option (we will decide which we will offer at a future date). Furthermore, by December 2016 at the latest, we need to offer customers the Pick-and-Pay channels option AND small low-cost bundled channels option.
      We’re pleased with the CRTC’s decision because it means more options for you. Here at Rogers we are fully aware that the way our customers view entertainment is quickly evolving. We know you want more flexibility so you can design your own personalized experience and that’s what we want to offer. We actually started this work over the past several years and now offers dozens of services on a stand-alone and theme pack basis.
      Hope this helps. :)

  39. paul douglas

    When i recieved my hd box and VIP package it came with LEAFSTV now its gone and we need too pay?? I call that BAD BUISNESS…. If u offer it as part of package it should stay as package!!!! Im very disapointed in rogers for this i guess the all mighty $$$$$ speaks again gonna hav too reconsider my rogers account

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Paul, we sometimes review and make changes to our products and services in order to offer the best entertainment experience possible. You can still receive Leafs TV for $5/month.

  40. Adaeze

    My issue with rogers, have been a bell customer, moved to a new place and contacted rogers for better reception on my wifi, they promised heaven, they ended up sending a technician who did not know what he was doing and ended up cutting my existing wires with Bell at the end of the day, the installed modem could not work as expected as the Netflix which i had wanted for kids, was breaking up. I pointed this out to the tech guy he called his boss and said someone will come to do something, they could not and we asked them to pick their modem, but instead of paying for my wires they messed up and my time they sent us a bill of $30 which we paid cos we dont want them to mess up our credit but I want a refund cos i dont know what the fees was for as they said activation fees for what didnt work for even a day? that is totally not acceptable pls.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Adaeze, kindly reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to assist.

  41. Matt

    Hello I’m in a bad financial situation.. Just started a new jod.. And I’ve been a Rogers customer for over 4yrs.. I’ve got 6 kids 4 of them in school.. Not having my phone is a serious proble.. So I call and speak with the credit team and was extremely upset as how they handled it.. Basically telling me that I’m not having my services restored till the full bill is paid.. I realize you don’t need me as a customer., but I do exspect to be treated the same as someone that’s on top of there bil.. I alway pay my bill just not on time.. I’m not asking for a hand out just respect and to be taken seriously.. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to keep my arrangements and will get back on track in the next 2 months.. Please help with this.. Matt Smith

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Matt, apologies for the situation you’re in. You would need to speak with our Credit Operations team for situations like this – they can be reached online here: Best of luck with everything.

  42. Raya

    Hello there ,
    I was very loyal to Rogers, for years, til I moved to an apartment in brampton, when the problem start with rogers, i asked for high speed Internet unlimited, all the work i do is on internet , dealing with my costumers, upload pictures download, beside building websites…. .. I keep calling none stop ROGERS, ASK THEM TO FIX MY INTERNET,, my complains are all recorded ( hope so ).. even on facebook i showed my frustration, always wrong promises, I kept paying for none stable connection.. i was paying for services that i was not getting,, some were very rude on the phone, some said ohh its your location ( so I had to move to get a stable internet ).. lost so many contracts cause of rogers.. I paid what i paid, at the end,,I GOT REALLY FRUSTRATED, AS YOU OWN ME MONEY, NOT THE OPPOSITE.. I WAS PAYING FOR NONE STABLE CONNECTION…now rogers is sending me to credit bureau to collect their money??????????????????? tell me,, in which planet that should consider fair,???????? i lost many of contracts cause of rogers, plus me paying for couple of years….. .PLEASE WITHDRAW THE CLAIM ….THEY OWN ME MONEY ..

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Raya, apologies for the issues you’ve been experiencing. In order to discuss credit issues, you would need to reach out to our Credit Collection Consultants via live chat here: For the issues with your Internet, our support team on Facebook can definitely help – I’d recommend following up with them. Best of luck, hopefully everything can be resolved soon.

  43. Tony Frangoudis

    I’ve been a Rogers cable viewer for 47 years and a Rogers customer for 30 years and last week they took away my Leaf TV. Yup! Without even a notice! It was part of my package that I’ve had forever but now they say it’s not available for that package BUT I could order it individually for $5.99 a month. They should leave existing packages for customers that already have it already be! If they want to change the packages for new customers fine but don’t stick it to your loyal customers ! They offered to give it to me for free for one year but I said no way! It should never have been removed in the first place!

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Tony. We sometimes review and make changes to our products and services in order to offer the best entertainment experience possible. So you’re aware, we sent a bill message in July about the removal of Leafs TV, and it’s $5 per month.

  44. akm hossen

    on may i wanted to cancel my service and called cancellation dept. spoke with the manager said will give me upgrade and online i saw that i do qualify for upgrade . i do have two line with rogers got passport and Samsung note. now i got a bill showing that i got charge more than what i was suppose to be paying. my bill was higher because they they didn’t give me the discount that i was suppose to get. i was suppose to pay 50 dollar extra for both of my phone after using my rewards phone. now i am getting calls from the collections. finally got a time and look at bill and called customer care on Sept 30th , after 37 minutes of hold spoke with the guy name Thomas, he was saying that by bill is correct. and i am telling him is wrong. asked him to transfer the call to manager he put me on hold for another 30 min and said that he got an email from a manager saying that all the bill is correct. i asked him i want to speak with a manger he said no manager is available. so if the manager is not available how he got an email. this guy was a piece of work. while i am writing this complaint i am still on hold with thomas for 2 hours now , with out any help. please pull the call recordings on my hardware upgrade and the conversation that i had with thomas. why rogers never get their things straight. and why hire a employee like thomas, who cant help consumer. i have been with him on the phone more than 2 hours. this is why i wanted to cancel my service with rogers. please look into this and fix my bill.

    1. RogersMike

      Good afternoon! We don’t provide customer service on here, so I would recommend reaching out to our social media team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to help!

  45. Roger Wasley

    I have first live chat then phoned customer care and I am still dissatisfied.

    On the weekend on Saturday there was an English Australian game on TSN2 I think it was 1445. I recorded this while out and then when I went to watch it that night I found it was a car race.
    So then I recorded the Sunday Morning 0130 AM game of the day for two hours and when I watched this on Sunday I found the first hour was NFL Oregon Colorado. As a result I only got to see the first half of this critical game.

    I know it is TSN which is Bell but Rogers are selling me this product and it is not what I paid for. If I brought a Teflon fry pan and it had no Teflon I would return it for a refund!

    What sort of refund will Rogers offer me for this improperly sold product?

    Regards R Wasley

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Roger – kindly contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They should be able to assist.

      1. Roger Wasley

        Afternoon Mike

        So why call Customer care again when they failed to help me the first time?
        I posted on this ombudsmen site after trying option oen and two and then finding option three presidents office is a typical rogers run around and redirected me back to customer care.

        Even when typing this reply and hit enter to submit my reply I get a pop up page stating ” I am posting too quickly – Slow Down” REALLY did I type too fast?

        Rogers can try this re-diversion and silly page response but the fact remains you have a peeved customer who did not get what he paid for!!!

        So what will YOU do Mike?

      2. RogersMike

        I’m not a customer service representative, Roger – you would need to contact our team on Twitter/Facebook for assistance in this matter.

      3. Roger Wasley

        What is the point of an ombudsman if all you do is say from what I have seen to ALL customers “contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or ”

        This is why I am now talking to bell about their services and costs.

        Time for a change to a company that I hope cares more about its customers than Rogers does.

      4. RogersMike

        This is simply an article about the Ombudsman, Roger. I’d recommend reading step 4 on how to contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

  46. Steven Sarasin

    I have a complaint about something that has been ongoing since 2011 that I would really like to resolve.

    1. Steven Sarasin

      Also I have dealt with consumer service , collections, and everyone possible managers and all and have not got the right results so I want to speak with someone who can give me the right results.

      1. Rogers_Chris

        You can contact us through or @RogersHelps on Twitter, Steven.

  47. Dahn Batchelor

    Even though you and I agreed on the amount I should pay the bank and I paid it several days later, the bank sent me another statement saying that I owe another $27.00. I read your instructions to the woman I reached at the bank and she said that she would close the account and notify me that it has been done. She further told me that she would have the comment placed on the credit bureau removed and she would advise me when it has been done. Since that discussion I had with her last week, I have heard nothing from her. I a,m really pissed off with your bank. I am really glad I cancelled my card with your bank. I have been banking all my life and never have I had so much grief with any of the others at all. Please advise me if my account with your bank is closed and if the statrment made in the credit bureau has been removed.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Dahn, are you talking about our Rogers Bank credit card? If so, I would recommend contact them at 1-855-775-2265 (we don’t provide customer support on here). Best of luck!

  48. Breigh Butchart

    I’m having issues with my billing.

    1. RogersMike

      What issues are you experiencing? Please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to assist!

  49. Lerecia

    I require the phone number for the office of the President, please provide?



    1. RogersMike

      They don’t have a general phone number, Lerecia, but you can contact them here, though!

  50. Ann

    I have been with Rogers for the past 16 years, and I was really disappointed with its recent customer service. Last week I called Rogers to inquire about the extra monthly charges on the cable and internet service (I was charged with 2 months), and was told that is because some agent made adjustment on the account so it cannot be reversed. At the same time, I spoke with the Customer Relations department since I was able to cancel my cable service, and they offered me a deal on my current plan. Couple of days ago, I spent 1.5 hours on the phone just trying to get to the correct department, and was disconnected at the end. I gave up and filed a “concern” and was ignored. I gave up. I will like to know what is the fastest way to cancel Rogers services (Cable, Internet and Home Phone). I really do not want to wait for another 1 hour. I think I am ready to move on. Please have someone contact me.
    Thank you,

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Ann, I’d recommend contacting our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to assist. Apologies for the troubles!

  51. Larissa Adigun


    1. RogersMike

      Hi Larissa, I apologize for the issues you’ve experienced. Our social media team will be sending you an e-mail shortly to discuss.

    2. C Rabjeet

      I can solve this problem for you – disable your VoLTE.
      Settings > Applications > Phone > Disable VoLTE.

  52. Sunveer

    I tried searching up what rogers customer service email was, but was unable to find it. Can you please provide me with an email?

    1. RogersMike

      Customer service no longer offers support via e-mail. You can either Tweet with them @RogersHelps, send them a message on, or visit Live Chat here

  53. Edward

    I was on hold for 2 hours today to activate a new tablet plan.
    The most exiting thing is, they hanged me off and saying the office is closed.

    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the poor experience, Edward. Were you able to get the tablet activated in the end? For what it’s worth, you should be able to activate on as well.

      1. Edward

        no, I still have not. I placed the order online, but it does not let me finish unless talk to someone.
        I’m on the phone again now, and I have already held for an hour.

      2. RogersMike

        If you were still not able to activate, please let me know.

    2. Edward

      I still have not activated after 2 hour hold…

      1. RogersPaul

        If you have a profile on either site, our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be able to help you with activating your tablet. Please let me know if you prefer to have the team email you instead. I’m confident that they will be able to get to the bottom of this for you.

      2. Rajender pedi

        Are you able to solve my Rogers master credit card problem

      3. RogersPaul

        Thanks for clarifying that Rajender. For assistance with your card, you will need to speak with Rogers Bank customer service at 1-855-775-2265.

  54. Kieron Quigley

    Rogers support just always leaves me wanting more -support that is. Proper, full, end to end support. I really want that phone I ordered, am I getting it? You tell me. Rogers has no idea…

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Kieron, I will have someone contact you via e-mail to discuss the situation.

      1. Kieron Quigley

        I don’t need another long discussion, please. I just need a tracking number. Its an easy enough request.


  55. Rajender pedi

    My card was blocked with out notice, calling daily customer care they are saying no time frame my card is having credit.Simply saying account under review from last 20 days.

    1. RogersMike

      What card are you speaking of – your SIM card? If you could provide more details, that would be appreciated.

  56. Ash and Pervish Ismail

    We have been having a problem with rogers with over-charging us on rent to own PVR boxes for the past few years and receiving different information each time we call the rogers.

    account number xxxxxxxxx

    1. RogersMike

      Kindly contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to look into this for you!

  57. Sonika

    How do I contact the Office of the President? I already sent in a complaint about 4 days ago and have not received a response.

    1. RogersMike

      You would need to follow the steps above, however, if you’ve done that and still haven’t received a response, please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they can help. :)

  58. Rick Merrick

    I will not knowingly purchase any Rogers products until Alex Anthopoulos in charge of baseball operations again. I will be cancelling tomorrow all Rogers TV stations through my cable provider.
    Alex Anthopoulas was the only reason that I came back to the team after the 1994 baseball strike, up to that point I would attend games upto 30 times a season. He gave me a reason to get interested in baseball again. I will support any team that he goes to but will not step foot in Roger Centre again.

    Every player on the team is expendable but the job Alex has done he deserves to be in charge of all baseball player personnel decisions. It’s to bad as I was enjoying following the Blue Jays again.
    Dark days are here again.
    Sorry that the mismanagement of Rogers in this affair has led to this disaturous ending. I was a big fan of Paul Beeston as well and the way he was treated was also despicable. That error could be overlooked as he has done it all and I am sure was probably somewhat ok with retirement, or other future endeavours.
    Alex on the other hand is a young man with a great baseball future, where he goes my total support goes with him. I’ll find other places to spend my entertainment dollars.

  59. Phyllis Bryan

    No bill again,they should be here now. WHAT WRONG with the bilingual department

    1. RogersMike

      We have bilingual reps on Twitter @RogersVousAide or … please reach out there for assistance.

  60. Rajender pedi

    My Rogers mastercard card was blocked I am having credit balance amount after calling so many times customer telling no time frame to settle. Today I am keep trying to call waiting for hours no body spoken it is to bad .I want to settle. I am rogers customer for past 8 years.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Rajender, thank you for your comment today. Are you calling Rogers Bank customer service at 1-855-775-2265? This is the correct group to speak to regarding inquiries about your Rogers MasterCard.

      1. Rajender pedi

        Called number of times to return my money they are telling deposited in my account but not deposited . When I am calling everyday waring for hours nobody replies when some one reply they tell account under review and your amount deposited but in my bank what to do next.

      2. RogersPaul

        How long ago was this matter escalated? Were you provided with a ticket number or other reference?

  61. Diane Rybak

    I have made numerous calls to customer care. My emails have disappeared off of my computer, and about 2 weeks ago hundreds more disappeared. Rogers has told me that my emails are on a Yahoo server. My previous email was This is the address where all emails have disappeared from. I require access to them ASAP. Rogers tells me that they have tried to change my password but it am still locked out. They now tell me that they are communicating with Yahoo to resolve the problem. This has bee. Ongoing since last December. I still cannot access my emails. I require access to them . Please pursue my retrieving my access to my emails

    Thank you

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Diane, apologies for the experience. Could you please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to look into the situation and hopefully rectify it for you.

  62. Rajender pedi

    Please solve my problem

    1. RogersMike

      As Paul mentioned, you would need to contact Rogers Bank directly.

  63. Filomena Cervoni

    I just signed in to in an effort to view my bill. It was totally confusing. Please email me a copy of my current bill.
    Filomena Cervoni

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hey Filomena, that would be something that our Social Media team could help you out with. You could reach them via @RogersHelps on Twitter or :)

  64. paul barao

    getting anywhere with rogers they are frustrating to deal ,speak, or even calling them the customer care people are not helpful at all .I have e-mailed ,called numbers of times trying to get to my account with no luck live chat are useless do not answer their calls and sending off password that do not work this company is truly useless and should have more compaction in this country we cannot win with them they ignore customers and never even return calls or e-mails their management team is the worst .
    my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx if and when they decide to call me until then I will not pay my bill .

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Paul, thanks for voicing your concerns here today. I’m not sure if you are on Twitter of Facebook, but a team of experts are available 24/7 through @RogersHelps and If you’re not on either social media site, let me know what problems you are currently experiencing and I’ll get the right person to connect with you at your convenience.

      1. paul barao

        rogers paul I have tried rogers help they truly are useless not on facebook I do not believe on that garbage you only get I trouble you guys send me password to log in to my rogers bss none of them work I have called numbers of times customer care same result like I said live chat is worst they are never on line not sure why you called live when no one is ever there I would like to speak with someone that knows what their job .

      2. RogersPaul

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I’ve documented your concern and forwarded this to a colleague in our business team to call you in the next 24 to 48 hours. Please let me know if you you miss the call or do not receive one so I can ensure this is addressed as quickly as possible.

  65. paul barao

    rogers paul it has been more than 48 hours and still no contact from rogers customer service like I said you guys truly are useless worst customer service I have seen you really do not care about customer service your managers are a piece of work who never call back the customers like I said I need to get a copy of my bill or you will not see a payment need to get to the bottom of all the extra charges that is the only thing you guys are good for is extra charges on the bills .I have given you my number many times over not sure why they cannot call .

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      We have escalated the situation for you now. We will follow-up to make sure you are contacted and I do apologize for the delay.

      1. paul barao

        rogers Andrew it’s not your fault but the managers that do not follow up their promises if the rest of the world run their business like rogers does they would have gone bankrupt but rogers does not have compaction in this country because the government does not have b……s they get away with anything they want .

  66. nadalie williams

    To whom this may concern I’ve called into the Rogers through on many occasions explaining my situation about my bill and it seems as if I am NOT getting through to anyone I’m getting hung up on and getting courtesy of deposit for $100 that’s the most I can do towards my bill I feel like this is such an insult I didn’t like you’re so many years and the one time that I’m in a situation and I asked Roges to help me with my bill I can’t afford to pay all this amount but I’m being charged every month I’m havin miscellaneous charges on my account where are there telling me that I’ve called Pennsylvania Hong Kong United States all these other places that are not registered to me and it’s very frustrating when I’m trying to talk to the representative and ask them about my bill every month my bills just getting higher and higher and I pay I try my best to pay but I don’t have a job I’m not currently working at this time so I’m really trying my hardest as a single mom to still try and pay my bill I have other obligations to me besides Rogers Rogers is not the only bill that I have and I’m trying my best and I feel like I’m being taken for granted I have a payment arrangement on file I told Rogers call center about how much I’m going to pay and when I’m going to pay it today I have no service I can’t access my phone only emergency call and my kids are in school I find that very unfair there’s other providers out there that are much cheaper and I believe that they have more respect and they do accept loyal customer I’m very loyal I have been with Rogers for many years I don’t see why no one is able to work with me with my difficult situation we all have difficult times and unfortunately it’s my time and I’m trying to do with it the best way I can I really cannot afford this bill going forward I really don’t know what to do at this time.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Nadalie, I can understand the situation that you are in. I would suggest that you reach out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps or on Facebook to see if there is anything that we can do to further assist you.

  67. Joe

    To Kim Walker

    At Rogers, we take our commitment to listening to you, our customers, seriously. Not only do we have a process in place for you to voice your concerns and resolve your issues quickly, we’re also the only telecommunications provider in North America to have an Ombudsman to provide an independent review of your unresolved concerns.
    Three emails and 4 phone calls asking for someone to call me and still have not received a call have been trying for a week and a half

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Joe,

      Do you know if any of the members of our Office of the President team have tried to get in contact with you as of yet? If they have not you could reach out to them directly here: They would be the point of contact prior to the Ombudsman’s’ office in an effort to resolve your issue.

  68. Cleaon

    All i have to say is that the rogers business dept DOES NOT know what they’re doing. Im still not sure how ANY of them got their job including this so called President of the Office that is SUPPOSED to call me back. . more than 5 business days later. NOTHING. . . . .

    You’d think they’d do more to assist someone attempting to open a new account with them. Nope. .

    You should be ashamed and set your standards higher. Dont think that because you have control of the communications business that you can take advantage of the little man. . or even worse. IGNORE the little man.

    Disappointed. .

    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the experience – could you please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to contact Office of the President directly to see what’s happening with the escalation.

  69. Rajender pedi

    Any body can solve my excess amount refund to my td visa credit card from rogers master card.I called number of times rogers customer service they are telling they deposited on Oct 21 2015 till date it was not in my account.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Rajender, you would need to continue contacting and discussing with our Rogers Bank team, whom you can reach here:

      1. Rajender pedi

        Contracting and discussing from last 45 days not solving my problem.

      2. RogersMike

        Have you tried contacting the Office of the President? You can do so using the steps in this post.


        Can you help me getting my excess amount from rogers master card trying from 45 days customer service says elevated how many days i am trying to withdraw all my services

      4. RogersAndrewNP

        I would suggest you reaching out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or on Facebook, to see what can be done to help.

  70. paul barao

    finally after 20 e-mails 30 phone calls to rogers Noreen was amazing she took care of the problem not sure why rogers customer service reps had to put customers through this it only gives you guys a bad reputation and God knows rogers already have one hope there will not be a next time but knowing rogers I can guarantee there will be a next time rest assure that I will hunt you guys until you get straight your heads customers are always right without them you have no business and jobs.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Glad to hear that you were able to reach a resolution Paul.

  71. Iyke

    Please is there anyway you can take me off your email list, i have tried to unsubscribe cannot find the button, I just made a complaint once and henceforth have been receiving unsolicited mails from you filling up my email.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Where are the emails coming from? You could reach out to our support team and they should be able to assist with getting you removed. They can be reached via @RogersHelps or

  72. Beverly White

    I have a complaint I would like to submit. Do you have an email account that works? The one linked here does not.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      What was the complaint regarding Beverly? Would it be something that our support team might be able to help with? You could reach them @RogersHelps on Twitter or on Facebook. Alternatively you could try using the link here:

  73. James R. Grainger

    To: President of Rogers Communications
    Fm: James R. Grainger
    Re: Complaint

    To whom it may concern,

    I am very discouraged with Rogers regarding our cable connection resulting in @ the 3rd week in November 2015.

    * No picture
    * No sound
    * No information on channels
    * Delays in changing channels
    * Occasional pixelization on screen
    * Freeze frame for 2-3 minutes

    On Sunday, November 22nd I had to reboot the Rogers Box to receive anything.
    The Roger’s Box info read DnLd where the time normally is located, and finally a message on the TV “Your set-top is currently installing new software. A reboot may be necessary, Thank you for your patience”.
    That last line really annoyed me.

    The reboot did not take 5 minutes as per instructions, but rather 15-20 minutes. Finally, back to a picture, but still delays on changing channels.

    NOTE: I called 1-888-764-3771 on Wednesday, November 25th to speak with a technician.
    After a lengthy conversation, he informed me that there wasn’t any problem on my end, but the problem was WITH ROGERS on their side, of which they were having problems communicating with the Roger’s boxes for upgrades.
    He said it would be fixed shortly, however Thursday, Friday, and Saturday passed, and on all those days I had to reboot the Rogers’s box each time BEFORE I could watch TV.

    Overall, we were inconvenienced from “November 19th to November 29″ before we had a no-problem experience.

    Oh, by the way, I had two telephone messages saying they (Rogers) were working on the problem and it would be back to normal soon, PLUS they would call me to say everything is up and running satisfactorily when finished.

    There was no call to tell me it was okay, for your information.

    I have been a long-time customer with Rogers and I must say your service is very disappointing.

    I am seriously thinking about switching to BELL.

    According to my friends, they say BELL is better at this than Rogers.

    Also, in the past when a problem occurred, Rogers would tell me that there would be a reduction in my cable charges for the inconvenience.

    NEVER, has Rogers reduced our monthly invoice for problems.

    I DEFINITELY expect a bill reduction for the 11 days of NO TV this time around.


    James R. Grainger

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello James, sorry to hear of the issues that you have been experiencing with your cable. I can appreciate how frustrating it can be, what I would suggest is that you reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or on Facebook. They will be able to help you with both getting your services working correctly as well as take care of the reduction for the down time.

  74. riva ellinson

    We heard a rumour that you are planning on removing the acquarium channel (205) from your available channels? If this is true we would be extremely upset as we use it daily as a backdrop on our 55 inch television rather than gazing at a black screen. The acquarium channel is soothing and delightful and adds a sense of calmness to our lives.

    1. RogersMike

      I love that channel, too! Haven’t heard that rumour, so as far as I know, it will remain where it is. :)

  75. Stephanie

    Rogers help line: I am trying to upgrade my phone as my current one is broken, and keep the plan I’m happy with currently. I do not want a “share everything” plan.
    What are my options? I simply want to change phones and I’m happy to sign another contract so that Rogers can justify the subsidy. I’ve tried to ask this question via every avenue your website provides and no one has responded to me.

    Many thanks,

    1. RogersMike

      Hey Stephanie! If you’d like a new phone, you have two options – 1, purchase the phone on contract with a subsidy, but you would need to change to a Share Everything plan; or 2, purchase the phone outright for full price, in which case you wouldn’t need to change to a Share Everything plan.

      1. Stephanie

        Or, option #3, Find a company where loyalty is important – sign a new contract with them and take advantage of one of the sweet christmas packages going on right now! :)

        Thanks for your prompt reply.


      2. RogersMike

        I don’t recommend option #3 …

        Reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – perhaps they’ll be able to work something out with you!

  76. Holly Aylward

    Contacted “Retention” twice to ask if our service “bundle” could be modified to reflect an increase in our data/Internet performance/gigs to justify the 14% increase in our annual Rogers bill that is due on December 13, 2015. I was quite curtly refused. I do not understand how our annual fee could increase so excessively without an adequate improvement in our service bundle. I do not think my request was unreasonable, given the fact that we are represent an account long-served by Rogers.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Holly, thank you for your message. Not all plans/packages would be available to be provided at a discounted rate, however I would strongly encourage you to reach out to our support teams @RogersHelps on Twitter or on Facebook to see if they can come to an amicable resolution with you.

  77. Tom theodoru

    Hello, I had purchased an Iphone 6 back on July 13, 2015 for my step son,, Jack Vautour. The transaction occurred at 1899 Brock Rd, Pickering, Ontario. They offered to take his old phone back, an Iphone 5, for $85.00. To date I have NOT received my credit of $85 to which I was promised. I’m not surprised, I have been through this several times with Rogers which they do not comply with credits or promises. They hope most people don’t complain so Rogers can keep the money. Well I’m not, I want to know why I have not received my credit, it is now December. I did visit the branch in Pickering in September asking why did I have not receive the credit. They did say it would take a few months. Really are you sure its not 6 months. I am writing this to you in hopes of getting my $85 credit ASAP. And once again another inconvience by Rogers.

    Is more training required at these stores, I don’t trust any Rogers associates, I’m sick and tired being lied to.
    Time is running out, I need to find other alternatives other than Rogers service.

    Tom Theodoru

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Tom, thanks for reaching out. It is not our intention to provide you with anything less than what you had already been promised. If you could kindly reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or they should be able to clear this up for you.


    can you please see if there is a request regarding a number
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, as we need to tract this for our records

    1. RogersMike

      If that’s an Ombudsman request, we wouldn’t have access to that information – please reach out to them directly.

  79. Joyce Kailing

    We have phoned several times about our roger services. They have been out several times, you would think for the money we pay a month we would get better service. The service is terrible, some channels we cannot get, and the others channels pixilates. You call customer service they say they are monitering the service. The other nite they monitored the service, I get a call tell me the service has be taken care of. It was doing the same as before I called. It is a joke. Rogers Internet, cable phone are very unreliable.
    I feel we should get a discount on our bill, but we would like our cable fixed. It’s not just us, our neighbours have the same problem, they have called had service people out. We would like some answers.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Joyce, I’m sorry to hear about your service issues. Have you had a technician out to your home to address this in the recent past? I suggest connecting with our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or as they are equipped to troubleshoot, and if needed, schedule a technician.

  80. paul barao

    unbelievable with rogers customer service they cannot seem to get it straight the interaction number and case number do not exist Ixxxxxxxxx case number cxxxxxxxx done by Sandra on Dec, 18/2015 on Dec, 28 spoke with georgette who informs me these 2 numbers do not exist never existed not sure why I was told this and why I get a bill on Dec, 24 for 420,00 when after speaking with Sandra she tells me it was 132.74 can someone at rogers get it straight once and for all my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx Paul Barao regards Paul.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Paul, thanks for connecting with us here again. Sorry about the delay but I was able to check in with our social media support team to confirm that your account has no balance due. Perhaps there was some confusion with timing of the payments vs. when the bills were printed and sent out? If you would like to discuss this with someone, I can ask that a member of business customer care connect with you by phone at your convenience.

      1. paul barao

        rogers paul like all other rogers customer service reps you keep passing it on to some else but never take care of the customers your service really does suck big time .

      2. RogersPaul

        I’m sorry you feel this way Paul. My colleagues and I here on Redboard are not members of the customer service team. When an account issue is presented, we provide direction on next steps or reach out to the appropriate group to provide assistance. If you have an outstanding issue that needs to be resolved, please let me know and I’ll ensure it’s taken care of.

      3. paul barao

        rogers paul yes I do have issue with customers service reps they lie to customers never input any conversations we have with them and when we provide interactions numbers which they gave us it always never exists this is why rogers has a bad reputation

      4. RogersPaul

        Let’s get someone in touch with you about these concerns with customer service. Could you provide me with a contact number and best time you can be reached in the next 48hrs?

      5. paul barao

        rogers paul I have done this over 100 times it still gets me no were because the managers are too chicken to call the customers and deal with the problems created by them if only they deal with this from the beginning the problem would have been resolved a long time ago .
        my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and they can call after 6 p.m. when I’m done from work .

      6. RogersPaul

        Thank you Paul. If you are not contacted in the next 48hrs, please let me know and I will follow up with the manager.

      7. paul barao

        yes I will

      8. paul barao

        rogers paul finally someone from management office got right I hope thanks’ to Aldrin he took initiative of the problem delt with it and I hope it is resolved once and for all we will see on the bill

      9. RogersAndrewNP

        Thanks for the update Paul and please let us know should you have any other issues.

  81. Andrew Chisholm

    I need someone to contact me in regards to my concerns. My complaint is in the office of the president

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Andrew, thanks for connecting with us here. When was your complaint submitted to the Office of the President? Have you been contacted by their team yet?

  82. nassib el tenn

    on December 31st my plan will end and I needed a renewal, I had a samsung S4 and needed a new phone with my plan ( 5gb , unlimited calls and texts to US- this plan is a corporate plan with RBC) I had a $200 mall credit with oshawa mall, so I called rogers and i spoke with a corporate specialist to ensure I could use this credit towards my new phone ( i called at 3:43 and again 5:44 and after 1 hr and half on the phone she told me that my plan is updated and im okay to go to a rogers plus store and upgarde my phone.) BASED ON THAT I took my 9 month pregnant wife and we went to Oshawa from Mount Albert, an hour drive. Once there the store employee was so rude, even the manager (Brian ) wasn’t helpful at all after I nicely asked him if he could please call a rogers corporate specialist to see if there was any way they could help me upgrade my phone, as I was informed I could. He rudely respondedhim i’ve been her for 3 years I know what I’m doing. I then proceeded to call again for the second time after not receiving any help from the store employees and the second corporate specialist I spoke to that day changed my plan to 1 GB WITHOUT TELLING ME. I had the worst experience bouncing between ‘advice’ and each ‘specialist’ was telling me different things. I did not feel like I was dealing with a large organized corporation, instead I felt like I was dealing with a small company who did not have any uniform policies or trained personnel. I became so frustrated I went to the Bell store to switch over my number with them. My wife has been a loyal rogers customer and I am was even thinking of switch my cable and internet plan to rogers from bell. Unfortunately, I was really really disappointed with the service I had. Today I called again and spoke to Jared ( reference number was I898600803) I was able to update the phone and thankfully he knew what he was doing. He took it upon himself to double check my plan and make sure it was updated correctly. I WAS SHOCKED knowing that the plan was changed from 5 GB to 1 GB and Jared corrected the error. I was really upset with that service and I wanted to file a complaint for all the inconvenience that me and my 9 month pregnant wife had with rogers yesterday. We shouldn’t have had to go through all the trouble we went through with such a large corporation.

    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the poor experience – we always want our customers to feel satisfied. I’m glad to hear everything is straightened out now, but if you do wish to file a formal complaint, you would need to complete the steps listed above. Best of luck.

  83. Mehulkumar

    Please call me at xxx xxx xxxx, I talked to the manager of customer department and he couldn’t resolve the issue and he said office of the president is gonna call me to resolve
    So please call me at the time provided in my file cause mnts synod the time I never get call back from rogers as promised

    1. Mehulkumar

      And also forgot to mention that I have been with u guys since 2007 and every month there is a problem in billing and I have been bery un satisfied I would rather say unhappy customer.

      I think you guys should have 10 happy customers than 20 unhappy ones but clearly rogers don’t care about that cause all they care is money
      Hoping to hear soon from you guys

      1. RogersMike

        Hi Mehulkumar, apologies for the billing issues. As mentioned in the article above, you would need to follow the steps indicated in order to speak with the Office of the President. It’s highly likely that you will get contacted as per the manager escalation, but you may want to complete the form here just to be sure. Hope everything gets resolved soon!

  84. Siew Harn Leung

    Dear Sir,

    I have recently bought your $100 Pay-As-You-Go Plan. I just could not find out my balance so that I know when and how much to top up. Just one day after activation I dialed *225 and was shown the balance is “zero”, but how could that be? I dialed *611 and the 1-800- number but was put through all sorts of pressing the numbers options but not what I wanted. I went back to the store where I bought the plan and was told they could not help. I have no Facebook nor Twitter, have only emails.

    I tries several times to register into Rogers webpage but failed.

    What is happening to Rogers? With this new management I cannot find satisfactory support. I could not speak to anyone on the phone, all I got are robotic instructions to press the keys for answers! Some years back I did have a Pay-As-You-Go plan too and was able to get the account balance then. Do you wish me to give up Rogers service after one year or when I used up my $100 which I have no way to find out when?

    Please try to help.

    Siew Harn Leung

    1. RogersMike

      Good morning! So sorry to hear all of the issues you’re going through. At this time, we don’t offer Pay As You Go support online or through e-mail, so you will need to call in order to get assistance. However, here’s a quick tip for the phone system … if you can’t find the correct option within the automated system, try pressing 0, wait for the automation to start again, press 0 again, and repeat … it usually takes about 5 tries before it connects you to a live representative. Apologies that we can’t assist here, but hopefully the phone tip will work for you.

  85. Christopher Roberts

    Hello. I wanted to cancel my Rogers account and I currently moved back to Sydney Australia on the 26th of November 2015. I snapped my Rogers sim and I tried contacting them by the internet. They told me I can cancel my account that way and I had to call. The toll free number they provided didn’t work. And I’m unable to contact Rogers and they took note of this but are still sending me bills. I refuse to pay for them when I’ve told them I need my service cancelled and want to know what I can do about this?

    1. RogersMike

      Have you tried reaching out to our reps on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can assist with cancellations there, and there should be no reason for you to need to call.

  86. Theresa de Luca

    Hello, I am very concerned and frustrated with the constant lying and betrayals from Rogers and its agents!! I upgraded my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 on dec 23.2015 at the store on bay field in Barrie. Was told my new plan would go from 35.00 to 55.00 to cover the cost of the phone, same plan in place. Paid the 530.00 upgrade fee. This was confirmed multiple times during my upgrade with Shannon at store. Then looking at bill online I find that the plan is 60.00 not 55.00/ month!! Spoke to mark at Rogers on the phone, reference number I901290986 Jan.07.2016. He says there are no 55.00 plans just the 60.00. Asked for a manager. Manager refused to take the call. Mark informed me I had to go back to the store to do deal with this because that’s where the transaction took place. No help whatsoever!!! Went back to the store on Jan.08.2016 spoke with Shannon who originally dealt with me. She called supervisors and retention line and they said there was nothing they could do because I am an employee of Rogers and cannot apply a discount to account because of the already Forty percent discount I receive. I asked why they couldn’t credit my account the $120.00 that I will incur over the next two years due to Rogers error and outright lying about the price of the plan. They would not help me! So I am asking for you to give me a good explanation about why no one at Rogers is taking this seriously!! The credit should be applied with no effect on any of my other services or discounts without question!! Loyal customer should mean customer satisfaction!! I am definitely not satisfied and I am Prepared to tell everyone I know how Rogers condones agents lying and getting away with it!! I want the $120.00 credit on my account and Rogers to take responsibility for the mistakes you make on every single call and interaction I have with Rogers!!! That would be the honest and decent thing to do!!! You can contact me by phone or email. Phone. XXX-XXX-XXXX. Expecting a prompt response. Thank you

    1. Theresa de Luca

      Phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

    2. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Theresa, as you have mentioned that your account is marked as an employee account you would need to reach out to the employee line for support.

  87. Don Lasell

    I have repeatedly attempted to access my account information online and have spoken to numerous agents, only to be redirected with no resolution. I have also sought resolution regarding a glitch in my OGM, again with no resolution. Finally I have chosen to switch service providers haven given Rogers ample opportunity, only to find that my final bill is $200.00 more than was quoted to me last week. I have no way of checking my bill to understand the discrepancy.
    I will never choose Rogers again.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Don, sorry for the issues you’ve been experiencing. Please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or … they’ll be able to access your account and provide you with the info you require.

  88. stephanie

    Please advise how to unsubscribe to redboard.

    1. RogersMike

      I’ve updated your settings for your last post … you shouldn’t receive any more e-mails.

  89. Don & Susan Ewles

    Account # x-xxxx-xxxx and x-xxxx-xxxx
    During August 2015 we made changes to our accounts. The main change was to change our home phone from a land phone to a cell phone and Rogers offered a I phone xxx-xxx-xxxx and we elected to go through my wife corporate account with Royal Bank. Since this change the I phone has not worked correctly and the parties we call are unable to here us. Many frustrating phone calls to Rogers has still not resolved our problem with the cell phone. Rogers takes no ownership in the phone themselves nor do they even want to talk about it. They refer us to Apple 30 miles away. The customer service received is so poor since dealing the Business side of Rogers its a wonder they are still in business. Can you please help us in resolving our problem.

    1. RogersPaul

      Good morning Don & Susan, thank you for bringing the concerns about your device to our attention. I would like our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or to look into the calling issues you’ve been experiencing. Do you use either social site? If not, please let me know and I can have them connect with you by email instead.

  90. krishanthy selvam

    Hey there I need to speak to u about my bill and I’m 15 years customer pleasegive me a call back my no is XXX-XXX-XXXX

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      To discuss your bill you would need to reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  91. zach

    Hello, I’ve been having problems with my internet for some time now. It has recently been brought to my attention that rogers gave been slowing down internet, due to hidden IP Addresses. I will say what Rogers is doing is illegal and could be brought into the court of law. I will ask you kindly to please stop doing this as it is very frustrating. Also I will add you can be sued for this.

    Please respond soon.

    1. zach

      And as expected no reply maybe its time to go back to Bell

      1. RogersPaul

        Hi Zach, thanks for connecting with us here. Unlike our support team in social media, we are not staffed on this board 24/7. If you’re still experiencing issues with your Internet service, I suggest connecting with them on Twitter @RogersHelps or

  92. lea birnie

    once more I have called your service department only to be told to unplug my TV and they will reboot, THIS DOES NOT WORK.We have had the service people up 5 or 6 times. On a good day the picture breaks up once a minute to not being able to watch at all We pay over $250 a month and certainly would not call this service even mediocre. This problem needs to be resolved.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Lea, thanks for bringing your service concerns to our attention. I recommend connecting with our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or, as they are the experts in technical support.

  93. Lindsay Mugford

    Calling Rogers reminds me of the childrens game “musical chairs”. You are bounced from one person to another, sometimes causing you to be on the phone for up to 2 hours at times. Frustrated. I have 3 different Samsung phones from Rogers. All three have the same issue. (S4, S5, NOTE5)

    On many occasions while using the phone, the person whom which I speak with can hear me, but I am unable to hear them. I have made several complaints to Rogers. My most recent phone is the Note 5. This phone is not even 2 moths old and having the same issue. Another issue is not receiving calls. This has happened to all of the 3 mentioned phones.

    I am a disabled person and need a reliable phone due to any emergency. Your phones are far from being reliable. Last week, myself and my wife witnessed a car accident. The parties involved did not have a phone. I called 911 to require assistance. During the call, my Note 5 continued with the issue of me not hearing the 911 dispatcher, but they were able to hear me. The dispatcher called me back 4 times. The first three attempts they could hear me, but my end was nothing. On their fourth attempt, I was able to hear the dispatcher. This is uncalled for as the issue has been with three phones.

    Many phone calls to Rogers ended up with no result. The customer service representative tried to talk me into getting a new line. NO. Deal with the issue instead of trying to scheme the customer into something they don’t want. This Note 5 is less than a month and a half old, and has the same issue as the S4 and S5. I wanted to take this phone off the line and use a simple phone. Not another Smart Phone. Rogers want to charge me almost 500 dollars to get out of this instead of taking ownership that there is a problem.

    There is no way I’m paying 500 dollars for an issue that has been reported to Rogers many times, and Rogers trying to squeeze more money out of me instead of taking ownership. For 3 different phones to have the same issue, it proves something is wrong.

    I want Rogers to rectify this issue without trying to give me the shaft as I refuse to pay for a service that is not reliable. Take ownership instead of giving your customers the shafts.

    Lindsay Mugford

    1. RogersMike

      Good morning, Lindsay – so sorry to hear all the trouble you’ve been through. Could you please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to review your account, assist if they can, and escalate your issue if required.

  94. paul barao

    Could someone please ask Aldrin from the management office contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx he knows about the problem with this I5s phone .Aldrin we took the phone to the Rogers store at Bloor and Jarvis in Toronto they were not helpful at all .As a matter of fact the customer rep. told me to contact you not sure why he said that but I guess he just didn’t want to deal with the problem. He also said you guy’s are having big problems with that make .I guess this is what you get for being a loyal Rogers customer for more than 35 years the run around .Hopefully you will get this as I have left a couple of massages for you with office customer service.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Paul, I emailed Aldrin, you should hear from him soon. Thanks!

      1. paul barao

        yes he did right way thank you

  95. Franceso Salituro

    I handle my father’s bill and when I call certain departments I get put on hold for a very long time and sent different rogers departments. e.g. If a call Credit Operations – Toronto, I get Tech Support -Halifax.

    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the experience, Franceso! You may want to reach out to our team on Twitter @RogersHelps or in the future – no waiting on hold or transfers!

  96. Patrick Sacco

    I am so frustrated with the experience I will now share. I turned my TV on and all of the channels have changed. No warning that this was to happen and no rhyme or reason to the changes, unless there was a decoder ring that I didn’t receive. I called support and was told there was an 11 to 16 minute wait. after 25 minutes the phone rings, but no one answers, it just ring continually until I hung up to try another approach. Tried emailing the ombudsman, but that email address wasn’t valid. So now we are here. I can hardly wait to see what’s next.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Patrick, sorry to hear about our experience. I recommend you tweet or post to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They are quick to respond, and can provide the same type of customer service and technical support you would get by phone, all in one place. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

  97. B.D.

    There are numerous issues that I would like to discuss regarding mu encounter with Rogers today.These range from miss information ,being told that no manager is available,my call being refused to be taken…etc. This was a very bad customer experience .I won’t go into the hour wait on the phone BEFORE the disrespect began

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi there, sorry to hear about the experience you had today. Our customer service and support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or is available 24/7 to discuss your account and provide assistance to resolve your concerns.

  98. Anyomous

    You Guys really Messed up the PVR!! the Navagatr thing is crap!!

  99. Conor

    Your embeded link for step 3 “office of the president” does not route to the correct information.

    1. RogersMike

      This page is from 2013 … it’s a bit outdated. If you’ve completed the top two steps without resolution and would like to discuss with the Office of the President, you can complete the form here:

  100. tony nardi

    30,000 emails are gone from my mac mail inbox.

    a few days ago I was having problems with my rogers email account in my Mac Mail. A Rogers technician suggested I get rid of a duplicate inbox on my Mac Mail (name WD). This WD inbox had been created by another Rogers technician a few years ago. My Mac Mail essentially had two Rogers Inbox folders with two corresponding Sent folders. I deleted the one the technician suggested, except that in the process it deleted over 30,000 emails including the Sent folder that corresponded to that (WD) Inbox. The remaining (Rogers – POP) inbox contained only 700+ emails and fewer still in its corresponding Sent folder. On the advice of yet another Rogers technician/supervisor (last Wednesday Feb 16, 2016) I have tried to restore my Yahoo/Rogers email account (my online Yahoo/Rogers account was showing emails that go went back only as far as Feb 2, 2016.) This new technician (Phyllis Case # C017968287 had also informed me that restoring within seven days did not mean that Yahoo/Rogers would only restore the last seven days of emails, since in her (personal) case Yahoo was able to go as far back as six months. But the request to restore needs to take place within 7 days of having lost the emails. I tried restoring and it only went back a few days. I need my emails all the way back to October 2015. I have all my emails prior to October 2015 backed up. But I need from November 2015 to Feb. 2, 2016. Nobody seems to be able to help. My email inbox was deleted on Wednesday Feb 16, 2016.

  101. RogersMike

    Good morning! Could you please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to look at your account and hopefully find a way to reduce your bill.

  102. Alfredo D'Amelio

    I’m a Rogers costumer since 1974 I was getting some discounts every 2 years this year because my discount finish on April 1rst. I call Costumer service and did not get any discount the operator tell me that if I return an old Digital box I have for few years i can get some discount, I return the box and was told that mi discount will be $ 22 on my April bill after that I have to pay $196 per month .

    Why and old costumer is charge that much when Rogers,for the same services charge at the NEW costumers $78 per month ,is not fare to charge that much to a senior pensioner,I’m going to look for cheaper service and when I found it I’m goin to say good by Mr. Rogers.!!!!

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Alfredo, have you tried to speak with our Social Media support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they should be able to review your account with you to make sure you are getting the best available deal.

  103. David Breda

    My home internet is not consistent with speed very slow.

    1. RogersMike

      Our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to troubleshoot with you. Kindly reach out to them – thanks!

      1. Lindsay Mugford

        Contact Rogers via Facebook or Twitter? What a Joke!! I’ve had issues for months. Managers/supervisors refusing to take the call, when speaking to customer service, until I threatened to contact Rogers Ombudsman and the CRTC concerning my issues. Next morning I received a phone call from a Manager, concerning my issues.

        I actually have contact information for three managers, email and direct phone number, and finally my issues have been taken care of. I will not deal with anyone else, except the three managers. My issues are now taken care of, and receive email from them, concerning all isue, and written documentation of the isue resolved.

        Stand up to Rogers. You pay a lot of money for their services, so they should accommodate.

      2. RogersMike

        This isn’t a customer service channel, Lindsay, as we’re not customer service reps. This is simply a blog post on how Rogers resolves customer issues, which is why we redirect Twitter or Facebook. I’m pleased to hear that your issues have been taken care of, though!

  104. Ray Markovich

    Hi Rogers team
    I was loyal cutomer to Rogers over 20 years.
    Its time to upgrade my plan and I am asking Rogers to give me free devices.I did ask about Samsung note 5.
    I have two lines.
    The sales team wouln not cooperate and I ask for managers with authority to approve fre phone for me.
    21 year cusomer deserve free phone,I think!
    I fI get negative answer I will go further,maybe calling Rogers top management.Somebody must care.
    Ray Markovich

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Ray, could you kindly contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to look into the situation for you. Thanks!

      1. Ray Markovich

        Thanks for your quick response.
        I dont use twitteror facebook,sorry.
        Is there other way to establish contact with Rogers?

      2. RogersPaul

        I understand Ray. I’ll have our support team connect with you by email, using the address you’ve provided here on Redboard. You will receive an email in the next 24-48hrs. Thanks!

  105. Paul Bruno

    AS a result of all my services being bundled for a cost of approximately $500 per month for as long as I can remember, I have qualified to gain access to Rogers NHL Game Centre Live with free access.

    Sadly it has not worked for much of the last two seasons and I have spent numerous hours with the interminable Rogers phone tree and not got any solutions, including this day, Feb 28, 2016, when I was transferred 4 times over a period of 2 hours without even getting to the Tech Support for NHL Game Center Live.

    Please help…
    Paul Bruno

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Paul, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m confident that the experts with our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or I suggest connecting with them to have this resolved.

      1. Paul Bruno

        They were not helpful on three separate attempts. I need to speak to someone who is actually fluent with your NHL Game Centre Live product and understand that such a department does exist.

      2. RogersMike

        Our social media reps are fully trained in resolving all issues with the product. That said, what exactly is the issue you’re experiencing?

  106. Ismaeel abdallah

    Hi ,
    Pls check what is the issue with my bill XXX-XXX-XXXX
    It look like something is wrong I send many emails and no answer am out of the country pls check and revert back on the same email

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Could you please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to answer all of your questions, as well as look at your account and assist you with your bill. :)

      1. Ismaeel abdallah

        Thanks alot

      2. Ismaeel abdallah

        Thanks my issue sorted out appreciated

      3. RogersAndrewNP

        Awesome, thank you very much for keeping me posted. :)

  107. Emmanuel Maduagwuna

    I am not a customer was to enroll your services but your staff messed up my house during installation doesnt know what he was doing, O made a complaint…..pls pls can you remove my email from your mailing list, I keep getting mails that dont concern me thanks for not flooding my email

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      For assistance with updating your marketing permissions I would suggest reaching out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps or they would definitely be able to help with this.

  108. Jordon laranie

    February 25,16 I received a replacement phone from Rogers. I was not given the option of iphone6 upgrade. Also the took advantage with out my ok to open the the phone. Which didn’t bother much but since they are giving me a hard time to swap my phone for the upgrade I would have obviously taken if I option was given. Now because the talk time is over 30 minutes they won’t let me. I just found out from a friend that I should have been given the option to have a real upgrade iPhone 7. I’m very upset and feel taken advantage of.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Jordon, you could reach out to discuss the matter with our Social Media team @RogersHelps on Twitter or to see what options might be available. I don’t think the iPhone 7 would be an option at this time as the device hasn’t been produced yet.

  109. Seamus ( pronounced Shaymus )

    Dear Sirs , going through the complaint procedures is a waste of time . I have been a Rogers Customer since the late 80’s . I have channel 429 ,which originally was The Soccer ,Rugby channel , I noticed over the years how Rogers over the years have created new channels ,with Soccer ,and Rugby ,in order for me to view ,the games that i originally paid for ,Rogers requires me to pay extra for these channels , Eg , Today the Soccer Champions League game ,which normally would have been viewed on the 400, s channels and was available to me !, and other loyal Customers , Is now been shown on Bein Sports Cha 392, 391 , extra $ 14 , I think it is Discraceful the way you can Gouge People into watching their Soccer games , Takeing Games from Channels that people pay to see , and showing games on other channels in order to force customers to purchase extra ,it is down right criminal what you are doing , I am a 64 yr old man living alone on a disability cheque ,the only enjoyement i have ,is to watch my Soccer ,and my Rugby . I have been a loyal customer to Rogers since the 80s , Have Rogers been loyal to Me , No they have not !!!, just check my bill ,and see what i pay to Rogers every month ,fot TV, my rogers Phone ,and my Internet , And Still you want to squeeze more money out of me ,” that i have not got “, MY acc number is X-XXXX-XXXX, if you want to check my information, I would appreciate a Reply to my Complaint , Thank you !!, Sincerely Seamus Smith .

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Seamus, as we are not a support channel we wouldn’t be able to look into your situation directly, however if you were to reach out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps on Twitter or and they should be able to help. When it comes to the channel on which a game is being aired that would depend on the broadcaster that has purchased the rights for the game.

  110. Emmanuel Maduagwuna

    Can someone in rogers re board or whatever pls delete my email from your unsolicited mails why are you flooding my email with mails pls i have complained to all pls delete me from yoir mailssssss…….

    1. RogersMike

      When signing up/posting here, you likely would have selected the “Notify me” check box. I will remove that for you right now.

  111. Rafi Danan

    I have a written contract from Rogers for a set amount and when the bill arrive it is about $50.00 more
    This is not the first time that happens.
    I cancelled my cervices with Rogers as of March 13 and i am back to Bell.
    I hope there is not going to be a need to call the CRTC.

    Please contact me for more info.

    1. RogersMike

      Please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to investigate. Thanks!

  112. Crystal

    I tried live support but that didn’t work. I have serious complaints. Like 5 months ago, I ordered a new phone on a plan which required a 100.00 deposit. My cable and Internet ect bill was not paid yet. The guy on live chat didn’t tell me they were gonna cancel the order but anyways, after waiting 2 full weeks without my phone, I contacted live chat to find out my order was canceled until my bill was paid. Yet they kept my 100.00 deposit for the phone and tried to say it was returned to my bank. I closed my bank account one week after I ordered my phone and went with a bank closer to me as I am disabled. My closing statement had no refund of the 100.00 deposit so I escalated it to the office of the president tenisha jones. She told me that the deposit was never taken out of my bank but, if I paid my bill and put another 100.00 up for the phone, I’d get 200.00 off my next bill. I refused it I even sent her a screenshot of live chat admitting it was taken out and not returned. She then ignored me right up to today! So, I made it clear to her, I am not paying my bill until I get my stolen money back! So to date, my bills remained unpaid since August. They sent me notice today hand delivered it said by someone putting it in the mailbox and driving away that my service wI’ll be disconnected in 14 days but they will send a representative to my door on the 22nd to collect the bill…. since I can’t complain to them as I can’t get through, I hope this gets passed to them, I will not be giving anyone who comes here money, I will never no matter what be paying the bill. They illegally call me 4 or 5 times a day which I log. I know my rights! People who read this learn from me, in my opinion, don’t go with rogers, look up the consumer rights act and use it! I am on disability and will not put up with threats, demands or harassment from you or credit agencies. I have sent cease and desist letters to all credit agencies for prior harassment due to a bill from well over 4 years ago, and none of them can call without being sued so, they dont. If rogers keeps harassing me, I will send the same to them and use my rights to the fullest if they don’t stop. From here, I’m writing the ombudsman. Again, those who read this, in my opinion, don’t walk run from rogers! They will do anything to screw you over and steal your money if you don’t know and exercise your rights! Thank you!

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Crystal, thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns to our attention here. We have a dedicated customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps, and, where you can message with confidence that your issue will be addressed in a timely and professional manner. Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help you with.

  113. Catherine May

    March 29, 2016

    I cannot succeed successfully to ‘FAX’ to
    Hong Kong CEO office
    Hong Kong Social Welfare office

    to report ‘harassment’ by local legal titans, who had been
    stalking me online for many months;

    Every time the line had gone through but something will
    click off at my side that the FAX cannot send through;
    I heard it clearly on the monitor of my phone;
    the TWO fax machines will connect but ROGERS here click
    it off;

    I suddenly recalled a couple of months ago, a ROGERS employee actually asked me
    for my PASSWORD.

    I had the date recorded especially a date when I tried to CHANGE MY PASSWORD
    because of Microsoft sending me ALERTS that someone was tampering with my
    email account;

    This EMPLOYEE asked TWICE!!!!
    I think it is ILLEGAL for him to do that.

    Please contact me back and I will try to work with you to ‘track’ that employee


    1. RogersMike

      Hi Catherine, apologies for the issues you’ve experienced. Could you kindly contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to investigate the situation and escalate if required.

      1. Catherine May

        Good day, Mike, thanks for treating me seriously.

        I used to correspond with a really nice gentleman from
        President’s office;

        I hope I don’t sound too stupid to you but I do not use
        Twitter or Facebook, or any social media.

        I just use emails. I am a senior learning english and computer.

        sorry to trouble you but I like Rogers and I find it frustrating
        if any employee violated Company Discipline because it may
        open up the compay for litigation liabilities.

        Thus, pls give me a email address if you can.
        Thank you again.

      2. RogersMike

        Sure thing, Catherine – I will have the team send you an e-mail shortly.

  114. Rosalind Cohen

    My husband and I have been trying to resolve an online billing issue since July 1, 2015! We have spoken to each dept, then customer service and then a manager! To no avail! We get many case no’s, but to to date the issue has not been resolved! We can’t check on line for our billing and payments! It is stuck at July 1,2015!

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Rosalind, very sorry to hear of the issue that you have been experiencing with your online profile. If you could kindly reach out to our support teams via @RogersHelps on Twitter or they should be able to get things cleared up for you.

  115. Corrie Morgan

    I have spoke with different agents and was promised different credits on 4 different occasions n was misinformed on my plan every time it’s really frustrating and how do I pay over 800$ for 5 phones I’m a single mother of 5 and I believe this is far to much. I just hate that when I asked for a manager today the agent argued with me

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Corrie, I would suggest reaching out to our Social Media team, you can reach them @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  116. Claudia Boodram

    Please contact me with a telephone number of someone I can talk to regarding some issues I am having with an upgrade.

    Thank you.

    1. RogersMike

      IF you have Twitter or Facebook, you can reach out to our fantastic customer service reps there. Twitter @RogersHelps or Otherwise, all of our contact info is here:

  117. soktheavy bun(sophie)

    Hi there, I am a customer of rogers for quiet ometimes, but around feb.2016 I got a phone call from rogers offer me new device for free but change the plan, comebine two line in one account.
    after we talk negotiate many hours he said he will send us Sumsung Galaxy S7, one plan got two set of galaxy S7 and the plan is 115$ and No cost to the phone, and he confirm that if you don’t like, we can call him to change the phone or change the plan , then he gave me his direct number, once when we got 2 set of phone, I tried to call him so many times but he didn’t pick up the phone at all, I even leave so many voice mails on his direct number as well. I leave it till I got the invoice of $1150 and other bill the plan is $150 on 3 new phone number, they said it is not a fraud but it mean I owe them money. I’m so mad, now I don’t want to do any change to my old plan and I want any phone, I just want to return the phone back, now they asked me to pay the penalty…can you believe it, within just a month I have to pay $800 penalty for nothing, I didn’t even use the phone, they fault me in a contract…whatever it is!

    I need justify please!

    Please tell me what is rogers mission and values to their customers



    1. RogersMike

      So sorry for the issues you’ve experienced – I’m sure that our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or will be able to assist. Please reach out to them there.

  118. Lorraine Jung

    I want to know what on earth is taking so long for my problem to be resolved. I called on January 3rd 2016 because I had an issue with my SHOWME and my channel 100 pay per view.

    As of today’s date, April 26th 2016 I am still getting recordings to my cell phone saying that they are still working on the issue.

    For God’s sake, your kidding me right. here is the number they keep giving me in the recording

    C106302802. For something to take over 5 months to resolve is absouletly ridiculous. I would hope to hear from you soon about this issue.

    Please email or I actually prefer to speak with the President’s office about this Please have someone give me a call
    at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Only call on this number. I never use my home phone.

    Thank you

    Lorraine Jung

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Lorraine, sorry that your issue has been ongoing for so long. If you could reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they would be able to take a closer look and get things resolved for you.

  119. Tony Lorefice

    Have not been receiving my invoice via email for the last few months, this has happen several times in the last couple of years.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Tony, sorry to hear that. If you could reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they would be able to assist you with getting that cleared up.

  120. daniel simon

    please .
    i need help for a refound.
    i got over sea long distance $99 and have not been able to use it,
    due to the total miss of explanation how to use it.
    sorry .
    i do need some help
    MR d simon.
    thank you .

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Daniel, for assistance with configuration or refunds you would need to reach out to our Social Media team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  121. Olivia Assim

    Called over 6 months re static on home & slow internet. Technicians came over but static still there. Assumed its was my home phone so purchased new set, then returned for a replacement set still static still there – there was no need for me to get a new set since this was still a Rogers signal problem that tech can’t seem to fix. More recently, a tech came out last Friday to my home and he determined problem was with Box outside on street and said about 8 houses were being impacted and he would request tech to fix. Still super frustrating so called tech support who now advise me that box was fixed but prob is at home and made appt for tech to come out tomorrow. Note I had to call tech support to find out this info. For last 6 moths I call tech support they reset signals and it helps for approx an hour then super static. Can you imagine the frustration calling multiple times per day I. Some instances, and having to verify info each time. The last straw was when I was transferred to cc serv today for a credit, I was put on hold for over 25 minutes and then asked to hold again for $134 credit and then asked to hold again while they process it as it will take some time and I have to be on the phone while this is being done. I think I should have been offered 6 months free, and even that could not compensate me adequately. I explained to the cx serv rep that I had a sick person and two kids to take care of and asked whether she could somehow process it without me being in hold, her answe was no she also said I,d have to hold for a manager or supervisor. Don’t know why I am still with Rogers, will see what other options are out there.

    Olivia Assim

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Very sorry to hear of the troubles that you have been experiencing Olivia, I would suggest reaching out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they would be happy to work with you until the issue is resolved completely.

  122. Peter Kastner

    How do I contact the office of the President?

    1. RogersMike

      You can try here: If you have already contacted customer service and a customer service manager without resolution, you should be directed to the Office of the President.

  123. Jim Patchett

    Subject: Service outage on May 11, 2016 from 10:00am to 6:30pm.
    When i returned home this morning I found the phone, cable and internet service was not working. I called 1-888-3771 and received a computer voice answering system I followed their protocol to report my problem I was told the system was down in my area L4T 4M6 I requested a callback when the problem was resolved and give my mobile number. During the above time frame I called rogers many times and got the same recording the system was still down. As of 6:00pm no callback from Rogers then I called again and was able to speak to a live person and he told me he had checked rogers signal and it had been restore. He then handed me the problem by referring to samsung the manufacturer of my tv to resolve the no cable signal service displayed on my tv screen. I was irate and told him neither i or samsung created this service outage and now Rogers are passing the buck and the problem to me the paying customer. Without another option I had to concur to finally resolve the problem. Rogers customers service sucks i.,e. no callback no technical help no phone,cable or internet service from 10:00am to 6:30pm. I would appreciate that this example of what I experienced above must be addressed and corrected.
    I want full compensation for loss of business and not charged on my next bill.
    Jim Patchett

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Jim, apologies for the service interruption. Please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or to discuss.

  124. Robert Weill

    I can’t e-mail the office of the ombudsman. I haven’t had phone service for over a week and get no satisfaction from the first 3 solutions above. I can be reached by cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Rogers ported our phone numbers (XXX-XXX-XXXX and XXX-XXX-XXXX) and they can’t find them. When calling those numbers a message comes through that they haven’t been assigned. Rogers came here lase Sunday to install and the 1st number worked for 15 hours after that nothing. Your technical team hasn’t done anything. As well I asked for a temporary new home line while they are trying to resolve the issue and have had no response.

    HELP ME.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Robert, sorry to hear of the issues that you have been experiencing with migrating your numbers over. If you could reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they should be able to work with you to get this resolved.

  125. Michael markovich

    I again have an on going issue with my rogers account i have asked numorious times for a extra line and get rejected repeatedly spperently because i have another closed account i have no knowledge of in ottawa i didnt have rogers in ottawa i had bell i want the extra line and continue to get rejected this is unacceptible considering what i pay for garbage customer service reps and crap service

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Michael, I would suggest reaching out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or and they would be able to look into the matter with you to get things resolved.

      1. Michael markovich

        Been 2 years trying to resolve this crap with them sorry its like talking to a wall

      2. RogersAndrewNP

        Was it our Social Media support team that you were working with?

      3. Michael markovich

        Anyone i talk to had placed the order got called again today stating they refused my order once again because of this issue that i have no clue what they talking about

      4. RogersAndrewNP

        As this is not a support channel I would suggest reaching out to our Social Media support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or and they will be able to look into things for you.

  126. Michael Janetakes

    Just received a second email from April from Rogers Management Office with the following reply – so far nothing has been resolved and we are still not getting any service.
    Good evening Michael,

    Thank you for your email reply.
    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this concern with your

    In order to get a faster resolution I have escalated the case to the
    back office team to get this fixed.
    I really appreciate your time and patience in this matter.

    Thank you,
    Manager, Rogers Management Office

    Rogers Communications
    1 Mount Pleasant Road, 11th Floor
    Toronto, ON M4Y 2Y5

    Submission ID :2016-025443

    Original Message Follows: ————————

    OK April,

    My name is Michael Janetakes
    We moved from 140 Erskine Avenue Apartment 102 Toronto February 26th
    to the address above.
    Maria Acosta is an employee of Homestead Land Holdings and it seems that
    there is a mix up with her being associated with us.
    In addition, my wife is getting emails from Fido relating to Maria’s
    account information with them.
    I hope that one of your associates can resolve this matter without a
    great deal of difficulty.

    Perhaps someone can follow up
    many thanks

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Michael, I do apologize that things have not been resolved at this point however based on the message that you shared the situation has been escalated to the team that would be able to correct the problem. I would implore you to follow-up with April for updates on the resolution.

      1. Michael markovich

        I have tried many times and still get the same crap if aprilwants she can contact me directly im done arguing with a company that over charges for bad customer service plus this for an extra line

        Plus the fact i used to indirectly work for rogers and knew ted rogers thru rogers and the blue jays since his passing rogers has gone downhill in the csr area

  127. George Hart


    Another bill received today that has the wrong amount owing. Interesting that there is no phone number on the bill. Maybe it should have been sent to someone else. Unlike some of your customers, I read the bills.

    As usual, the amount owing is different with each bill. But that’s typical of the so-called “customer service” from the billing department. There are people who operate the automated billing system, but it seems that the company’s focus is on profits.

    I’ve tried other ISPs, but “profits” is their driving force too. How many more multi-billions of dollars does a company need?

    I re-joined Rogers April 24, 2016, and have the Ignite 60 plan at $92.50/mo. I will pay that amount on the 24th of May.

    I’d call, but the majority of your Level 1 reps are untrained, requiring repetetion of simple things like a phone number, so that’s a waste of time.


    1. RogersAndrewNP

      If you are having issues with your bill George you could reach out to our Social Media support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or

  128. George Hart


    The bill that came in today’s mail was for the correct amount. Well, one of the 2 amounts was correct. I re-signed for the Ignite 60 plan on April 23, 2016.

    The bill was for a 226 phone number, which I have never had. The people programming the billing system need some re-training, or to be replaced? That’s the company’s choice.


    1. RogersMike

      Hey George, please contact our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for investigation.