Fan Fridays: Getting to know GDKitty

GDkittyThey tweet, read, comment, share, like, +1 and more: We’re grateful for every interaction with our Rogers fans across all platforms. To help show our thanks, we’re making July all about fan appreciation on RedBoard. For four weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our most active and influential community members. To kick off the series, this week we chat with Mitchell, a.k.a. GDkitty, from the Community Forums.


Mitchell, a.k.a. GDkitty, says he’s never been a “huge social media person.” That said, he’s made 4,300 posts (and counting) in the Rogers Community Forums.

“I don’t even have a Twitter account,” he admits over email. However, he is on Facebook, mainly to keep in touch with people he doesn’t see on a regular basis.

Mitchell says he’s been active in the forum space since the early stages of the internet. You know, back in the dial-up days.

Helping people in the Rogers Community Forums comes naturally for Mitchell because he works in a customer support IT-type position. He says he’s been the go-to tech support guy in his family since he was a child. He also likes to help because he’s familiar with most Rogers products.

“If that one little piece of info, can fix someone’s problem and make them have a better day, (then) why not (help)?”

But it’s not always easy. “Because you do like (Rogers) on Facebook, or do like certain things, (other people) assume that you work for Rogers,” he says.

Mitchell’s family has been with Rogers “since the early days,” so he considers himself an almost life-long customer.

“My father had one of those analog car cellphones, which was in the big bag and the battery was the size of a shoe box. We were in the Rogers Wave high-speed BETA program,” he explains.

Being with Rogers since before 1995, he’s seen “the good and the bad.”

“Has there been screw ups and errors made? Sure, but Rogers has always worked with me to resolve it.  Having been with other providers over time in the past, Rogers has had the best track record — with me at least.”

While it’s hard for Mitchell to pick just one piece of can’t-live-without-it technology (for the two adults and one child in his household, he has five computers, two iPods, three iPhones, one tablet and multiple TVs and game consoles), his iPhone tops the list. Not only does it keep him connected, but it’s also fast.

“I am in an area with decent LTE coverage, and it makes a world of difference when doing stuff. I ran some speed tests lately, it’s faster than my home connection!”

Of course, after his child has gone to bed for the evening, he usually winds down by playing some World of Warcraft on his Xbox.

When it comes to being part of an online community, Mitchell says it’s important to use proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

“You can use slang … But the hardest thing for someone else reading it, and trying to help, is when you see a huge wall of text, which is not broken down,” he explains.

As for where else you can find him online?

“If you see a GDkitty on a forum somewhere else, it’s often me.”

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3 comments on “Fan Fridays: Getting to know GDKitty

  1. Tom

    Congratulations GDkitty! Perhaps you can use your new found fame to convince Rogers to give customers the option of using a good, solid, stand alone D3 modem!

    1. GDkitty

      Ha! likely this will only get me MORE people thinking I work for rogers >.<

      1. RogersSarah


        Thanks again, GDKitty!