Thank you! Rogers rewards customers with new loyalty program

Rogers First RewardsMerci, danke, gracias … there are a million ways to say thank you. But sometimes words just aren’t enough to express your gratitude. So, we’ve created a new loyalty program with a slew of great rewards to say thanks to our customers.

Rogers First Rewards is designed to give you more of the innovative technology you want from Rogers. There’s no card to carry and no registration fees. You simply need to be an eligible Rogers customer and keep using your Rogers services to earn points that can be redeemed for items from a growing catalogue of rewards.

What can I get with my points?

There are a ton of rewards up for grabs, including U.S and international roaming packs, long distance calling and talk packs – services and products that you’re already using or want to try. In regions where we offer cable, internet and home phone, we’ll be adding rewards such as upgraded internet packages; home phone long distance; premium TV content and Rogers On Demand movies. We’ll be adding even more cable, media and wireless offers as the program expands across Canada.

How do I start earning points?

We’re rolling the program out regionally. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll be contacted by mail or email when the Rogers First Rewards program is available in your region. New customers in regions where the program is available will be automatically enrolled.

When does it start?

The program will kick off this summer, and will continue to roll out across Canada in the coming year. So stay tuned for more details on how the program will work and what kinds of rewards we’ll be offering.

Update July 31, 2013: We’re pleased to announce that the Rogers First Rewards program is now available in London, Ontario!

Update, Nov. 12, 2013: We’re pleased to announce that Rogers First Rewards is now available in across Southwestern Ontario! And starting today, the program will begin rolling out to the Greater Toronto Area, followed by Ottawa, Kingston, Sudbury and other cities across Ontario!

Update, Nov. 25, 2013: We’re pleased to announce that starting today, Rogers First Rewards will begin rolling out to customers in Atlantic Canada!

Update, Dec. 5, 2013: Customers can now use Rogers First Rewards points towards wireless hardware upgrades, starting at $5 off for 500 points!

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113 comments on “Thank you! Rogers rewards customers with new loyalty program

  1. dan

    Wow it actually sounds pretty good, I’m glad I’m a Rogers customer, when does it come to Petawawa? Do you have a list of city rollouts?

    1. Hi Dan – glad to hear you’re excited about the program. We’ll be announcing more details on when and where Rogers First Rewards will be available in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned to find out when it will launch in your region!

  2. Frederick Edwards

    How about some data add-ons as one of the redeemable rewards? For example, giving an extra 1gb or 2gb of data for a month when you need it.

    1. Hi Frederick – we’ll have more exciting details about the rewards up for grabs as the program rolls out in the coming months. Thanks!

  3. Shawn Altorio

    There seems to be no mention of discounts on mobile hardware upgrades (or other hardware). As a long-time customer who already has all the services I want on my mobile plan, and have no interest in Cable or Internet, what does this new program offer me?

    1. Hey Shawn – thanks for your interest in the program. There’s more info to come about the rewards catalogue, so stay tuned for that announcement!

  4. As a Rogers customer I am disappointed — I don’t need travel packages, long distance, and calling; these are things that most people have little use for. Hardware upgrades are what we want, not this. Rogers owns Fido, why isn’t it more like Fido Dollars? I hope this article is missing information, otherwise I don’t see how this is treating your customers with loyalty — this is a liquidation sale for things nobody wants anymore.

    —by one underappreciated customer.

    1. Hi Zachary – thanks for your comment. We’ll continue to announce more rewards and details as the program becomes available in the coming months.

  5. chall2k5

    how about offering decent rates for services, rewards mean nothing when it still costs too much

    1. RogersNicolas

      Sorry to hear you feel that way. We do believe to offer competitive services but we’re always open for feedback.

      1. Jstodds

        No, you don’t. Canadians pay more for wireless service than any country in the world. You want feedback? How much would unlimited minutes and 2GB cost me per month? Before you tell me your “competitive” price, that package with Verizon OR T-Mobile in the US is $60/month. With AT&T, $69/mo. gets you only 450 minutes….. but 3 GB of data. Oh yeah, these all include voice mail, caller ID, and long distance which you charge extra for all 3. So please, stop with the “competitive prices” garbage.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        You’re more than welcome to your opinion, Jstodds. Thanks for your feedback.

      3. boink

        for $80/month ($11 more) rogers customers get UNLIMITED calling, unlimited texting, voicemail, callid and 4 gigs of data,

        a bundled rogers customer gets that for $70.40, pretty much the same price as your awesome AT&T.

        or for 2 gigs unlimited talk, text callid/voicemail it’s $70, and again a bundled customer gets that for $62.60, LESS THAN AT&T.

        + discounts on cable/internet/home phone.

        want to try again?

      4. Jstodds

        I don’t have to try again. Rogers cable and TV isn’t available in all areas so bundling isn’t an option for everyone. Thanks for playing though. And I’m not an AT&T fanboy or anti Rogers, I’m just disgusted by how much Canadian Carriers rip off everyone in comparison to everyone else in the world.

      5. IslandGirl

        You are more than welcome to ask AT & T for service…oh wait – you can’t? Then it doesn’t matter.
        Competitive is what’s available to you. AT & T isn’t so it’s a non-issue

      6. Jstodds

        Actually, I can. But I don’t want to make anyone calling me having to pay LD charges to call a US #.

  6. Wayne Lovelace

    I will believe it when I see it. I have been with Rogers for about 14 years and all they do
    is keep charging more money. I am a senior, had to give up cable tv now I just have the internet.
    Had to get the new internet box price went up 3 dollars then about 2 months later it went up again 3 dollars. It just never stops.

  7. Josh Estacion

    Will the Rogers loyalty program take into consideration the *history* of a Rogers account? I.e. I used to have multiple services (Cable & Internet) with Rogers, and now I only have Wireless. Can you traceback the 10+ year account history and offer me loyalty rewards based that?

    1. Troy

      Agreed. I’ve been a rogers phone customer for 5+ years. I hope I don’t end up in the same tier as new customers with zero points.

      1. Josh Estacion

        Loyalty defined by Google: The quality of being loyal to someone or something.

        Rogers Loyalty program so far: The quality of being loyal to Rogers for the past 12 months.

    2. Hi Josh,
      Thanks for your question – you’ll be assigned one of three Program Tiers: Silver, Gold, or Platinum based on your average account spend for the past 12 months. More details on the program to come!

      1. Josh Estacion

        Hi Sarah, I was thinking more along the lines of the past 120 months.

      2. Dingleberry

        And there you have it folks. Loyalty = more money.

        It’s time to get rid of all my poor friends who I’ve known for over a decade and get some new rich ones.

  8. Lea

    Finally! I’ve always felt Rogers should be giving back more to us, customers. I hope it’ll come up par or surpass expectations. Thank you!

  9. Vance

    How about a new phone or tablet? Or even upgrading your chappy android apps.

    1. Hi Vance,
      We’ll be announcing more great rewards from our ever-growing catalogue later this summer and year, so check back for that info!

  10. Brigitte

    Looking forward to it. I can always use travel pack in the US :)

  11. Pierre J

    I’ve been a Rogers’ customer since… or,should i say, before they bought Cantel in 1985.
    I doubt those reward points will be retroactive…
    So… I’m not very excited by this announcement.
    It’s rather made to keep present customers, not to thank old ones…

    1. Squirrel_masher

      Hi Pierre – I was sceptical, but as a $200+/mth spender for over 3yrs I have been able to renew services at a discount and even get some services (cell VM) added in as a freebie when they see my spending and account history. They really empower their Retentions teams right now, since most people suck it up as offered, so I’m all for a little bit extra coming our way. They certainly give the big spending business accounts more leverage, why not consumers?

    2. boink

      they didn’t buy cantel, they were cantel, just renamed it sometime in the 90’s:), spring of 1985 was when cell service first launched by rogers(the I believe was from Ted to the mayor of Toronto)

  12. Jack

    What i dont understand is why they are not launching it nationally considering that its a national company. Also would have been much simpler to have it similar to Fido Dollars instead of all this selective eligibility.

    1. Hi Jack,
      We’ll be rolling out regionally across Canada so we can gather feedback on the program and make sure it’s meeting our customers wants and needs. More info to come on where Rogers First Rewards will be launching in the coming months!

    2. GDkitty

      I think they are rolling it out nationally, just not all at the same time.. here first, there next, there next, till all rogers areas have it rolled out.

      Probably to keep from getting the system SLAMMED by everyone doing it at the same time.

  13. Marc

    Been a Rogers customer since 1978. Started with cable then added cell service in 1987 with Cantel which Rogers bought, then added internet service in 1988, then added a second cell phone in 2000. All of these mentioned services were started and are still active today.

    I had better receive a “platinum” customer rating!

  14. Ecarlino016

    I would like to offer some feedback to the administrators of this new program to include a portion of loyalty towards LOYAL clients.
    I have spent over $4000.00 with Rogers over the last 20+ years with existing services in Cable TV, Internet, Wireless and Home Phone.
    From what I have read…..there is nothing to differentiate my LOYALTY vs one of a new client with the same current services.

    I find that very insulting. Please offer something for clients that are loyal (with subscriptions of past to current holdings). The incentive is to reward clients who have past loyalty…..not future loyalty.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, EC.

      1. Ecarlino016

        Hi Rogers_Chris. I appreciate you will consider the feedback.
        Unfortunately….I missed a zero.


      2. Bill

        Dude -you spent that much without incentive. Why should they spend any more on you if they already got you anyways?

  15. Gdkitty

    Will have to see how this actually works in the long run. The ‘specifics’

    While discounts would be nice, from the description may still be some things that may equate to it.
    – upgraded Internet – maybe unlimited or usage increases, so people could step down a tier and save but use the addon
    – premium tv stuff – hoping things like package addons, save money if they can give you that free or cheaper.
    Maybe stuff even like free hardware rentals for TV boxes, etc.

    Will have to wait and see on once its fully out. Still better than nothing I guess in the end.

    1. GDkitty

      I do have to say though, that I am on board, with the ‘long standing customer’ things.
      Ok, maybe not the SAME points overall that you would gain as time goes on.. but SOMETHING.. and extra X points per year as a customer, etc.

      And hopefully the bonuses are done right.

      Lets say, you get 10pts per month.
      Lets say, unlimited internet addon, is 100pts to ‘buy’.
      That the unlimited for that 100pts, is for 6months / 1 year for that many points, that you are not spending a years worth of points for like 1 month addon.

      That the wireless things they announced (travel packs, ets) since would be shorter usage, etc, would be less points (500mb of roaming data for say 20pts).

  16. Im_out

    This is not a loyalty program, it is a weak attempt to keep people hooked. As of 13 August this year i will be moving my service to the competition. I can get WAY more for 20 bucks less. Rogers is not even remotly intrested in trying to even come half way. Been a Rogers customer since 1996(ish). See you later Rogers. I am off to save 250 bucks a year.

    1. Im_out

      OOps… sent too soon…

      To me a loyalty progam would be offering tweaks and discounts on your current plan. None of this collecting points to use to get a add-on or fee reduction for one month. Plus Where can I see these rewards?

      1. GDkitty

        All the final details are not available yet. And we don’t know what all will be available.. it COULD include discounts.

  17. Heather

    I sure hope this is retroactive to more than just the past year. I agree with many of the comments posted here.

    Prices always continue to rise, yet they claim they are “competitive”. They may be within the Canadian market, but it sure is a scam when compared with the American market. I would like to see Roger’s be the leader in the Canadian market by dropping prices to a more reasonable level, and rewarding customers that have been with the company for more than just 1 year.

    It’s bad enough that the best reward any of us get for being loyal customers is a new phone every 3 years for the same price as someone brand new signing up with the company. And don’t forget the “administration fee”.

    Please don’t forget your longer term and long term customers.

  18. Bill

    Heh. This is a complete non-announcement: ” hey! We are going to do something sometime in the future! Not sure what yet but sit tight and wait and hopefully don’t go to a competitor in the meantime!”

    Seriously, is this the best thing the marketing department can do to keep people “engaged”? All it is doing is making people more cynical of Rogers.

  19. Steve

    WOW! Loyalty programs have been around for decades. Welcome Rogers to the 19th Century. Airlines have them, grocery stores have them, gas stations have them, even coffee shops and card stores have them. And many have been around for over 20 years. Too bad you have been so busy focusing on getting new customers that you have ignored existing clients. Like trying to fill a bucket with water without fixing the holes in the bucket. And now, you reward not length of service (which is what the Oxford Dictionary defines loyalty as) but size of spend in the past year. Just another sign that Rogers does not care about its customers – only its bottom line. This is not a customer reward program it is a market share protection program, a golden hand cuff if you like, designed not to reward customers for staying with you through thick and thin but simply to make it less easy to leave a troubled relationship. As a “loyal” 20+ year customer you have not impressed me in the slightest. You had a great opportunity here but you blew it.

  20. Denis

    To late really. With mixed up invoices after each change of plan, rate hikes, poor options for cable and a csr who lied to me about your competitor, I just cut the cord, leaving rogers phone, cable and internet.

    This is smoke and mirrors. When rogers introduced better bundles and gave 15%, you would have seen months later rates go up 5-10% slowly but surely. Expect the same here, nothing is free including loyalty.

  21. Mike profit

    I just signed up for the rewards program, and was told by one of your employes that by signing up I would get a bones points for that…. And as my bill is so high each month…. And I have been with your Coy, for close to or over a decade… And always paid my bills on time, we’ll before due date… I hope he was correct on telling me that…. So I hope i get bonus points to help me upgrade my phone and such….

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Mike – if you could reach out to us via our Rogers Facebook page or tweet us @RogersHelps we can ensure this has been done properly. Will need to do this via private message as we’ll need to pull up your account information. Hope this helps :) -@RogersHayleyF

  22. William Toth

    I received a letter to keep active I have to sign in but I don’t have sign in information requested as it was automatically set up. What do I do now to keep my points active and not lose them?

    1. William Toth

      I am not locked into a contract and do not want to be but want to keep collecting points.

    2. rogershayleyf

      Hi William – have you tried to retrieve this information by clicking “lost password” ? This should help as it will help you set up new login information by sending an email to your email account associated with your Rogers account. Hope this helps :) -RogersHayleyF

  23. Lorraine Melton

    I pay for my son;s cable and internet, I wonder how he can use these points. I have talked to people at Rogers and do not understand how he can use these points. I fully understand that I can not take advantage of them. It seems wrong that I am paying all this money to Rogers and neither of us can take advantage of the points.

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Lorraine – I’m guessing the points are currently registered to you if the account is in your name. You should be able to take advantage of the points on his behalf. If you have any further questions relating to your account, please reach out to us via our Rogers Facebook page or tweet us @RogersHelps -@RogersHayleyF

      1. Lorraine Melton

        I don’ t have facebook and I don’t tweet

      2. RogersMike

        What happens when you try to log into ?

  24. Helen Church

    Where do I sign in so that my Rogers First Rewards membership does not expire? Am having difficulty signing in as cannot find the page Your notice tells me to sign into my account before May 31, 2015.
    Please advice. Thank you. Helen Church Membership ID 0018743750

  25. Paul Walker

    How do I use the points to get Rogers on Demand movies? Is there a code? Please let me know. Thank You,

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Paul! Have you ever logged into your account online to use your points before? Could you kindly reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They can certainly walk you through this :)

  26. Devon Dumont

    When I look at my Rogers rewards it does not show internet………shows one account number for both cellphones…..and another account number for phone and cable……..can you not just have one account number that includes all my services?

    1. RogersMike

      Could you please log into the Rogers First Rewards website and click Membership? I just tested mine, and it displays all of my accounts correctly under the Membership Accounts section. If your accounts aren’t showing up correctly in there, kindly reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on – they’d be able to look into this for you.

  27. Helen church

    As a Rogers Internet customer and cell phone, am I automatically enrolled in the Rogers First Rewards program?

    1. RogersMike

      You would need to register on our site, located here:

  28. Nancy Longley

    please sign me up for rogers rewards program.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Nancy – glad to hear you’re interested in our Rogers First Rewards program! Simply visit and sign in with your username and password!

  29. elliot

    This is disgusting there are no physical things I can redeem my points for not even stickers? ! What a joke

    1. RogersMike

      There are sporting event tickets, gift cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. – so many excellent rewards!!

  30. Catherine Cotton

    I notice that the first rewards were available in the Toronto area November 2013. Do I automatically get these rewards on my statements or what do I have to do get the points. How many points do I have in my account if any.

    1. Catherine Cotton

      what do you mean by “my comments waiting moderation”

      1. rogershayleyf

        Hi Catherine – which comment are you referring to?

    2. RogersMike

      You would need to register here in order to receive points. :)

  31. robert kirkpatrick

    cannot redeem my rewards.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Robert, are you getting an error message when trying to redeem a reward? Our support would be happy to help. You can find them on Twitter @RogersHelps or

      1. robert kirkpatrick

        I hit redeem and nothing happens.

      2. RogersMike

        I definitely recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance!

  32. Aimee Hernandez

    I’ve been a long time customer with Rogers for many, many years. I only recently realized that I was not enrolled in your Rewards program – why aren’t existing customers automatically enrolled? Do you not think that they would want to benefit from this type of program? I did not even realize that I wasn’t enrolled and that I have to explicitly register for this program. I was never contacted or even notified of the roll-out in Toronto. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with how this program has been managed and will be shopping for a new provider next July when my contract comes up for renewal.

    1. RogersMike

      After listening to our customers and assessing your evolving needs, we have decided to discontinue the current Rogers First Rewards program due to low participation, and to re-focus our efforts to create more value for you. You can look forward to new programs, coming soon, designed to enhance your experience.

  33. Catherine Cotton

    I do not need any of the rewards you listed. How many points do I need to get a rebate on my monthly statements

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Catherine! There is no option to receive a rebate on your monthly statements. Also, the Rogers First Rewards program will be discontinued as of June 30, 2016.

  34. Helen church

    Unable to get someone to explain what I need to do in order to receive these awards.
    Your customer service people were unable to explain. Is there anyone in the company
    who can tell me exactly what I must do? Have been a loyal customer for many, many years
    and am totally frustrated by it all

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Helen, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’ll be able to help you!

  35. Gord glen

    I would like to know if I am enrolled in the points system. How many points have I got? Thanks

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Gord! You would need to log into our Rogers First Rewards site here.

  36. kevin

    Just received an email from Rogers saying they are discontinuing the Rogers First Reward program… Reason… not enough interest, do you believe that? Maybe it was costing to much, at least be honest folks.

  37. Linda kinney

    I have been with rogers for quite some time and I never sence any thing about points on my bill where do I hind them and can i spend them now..

    1. RogersPaul

      Great questions Linda! If you sign in to your MyRogers account online, the overview page you land on after sign in will have both your points balance and a link to “Redeem”. Hope this helps!

  38. Dave

    I wanted to use up the rest of my points on gift cards like I have in the past and now I can’t seem to find that option. What has happened to them?

    1. RogersMike

      We’re always changing and updating our rewards – doesn’t appear that those gift cards are available at this time.

      1. Dave

        That’s perfect. You tell people you’re cancelling the program and to use up their points, you take away options. Makes sense. Not really sure what reason you would have to be updating and changing things since it’s being cancelled.

      2. RogersMike

        You can still redeem your points until June of next year, so we will be keeping it updated until then.

  39. mary christine desouza

    I have presently 1717 points which I must redeem before the program expires; is this enough for 2 free movies on the OnDemand channel?? please reply soon. or do you have any other suggestions? thank you.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi there! You certainly have enough to redeem for 2 free HD New Release movies (700 points each). To see other reward options, you can browse the catalogue once signed into MyRogers :)

  40. Linda kinney

    I just want to use my points to pay some of my phone bill, how do I do that?????.

    1. RogersPaul

      Real easy! Sign in to your MyRogers account, click “Redeem” under Rogers First Rewards in your Account Overview. There is a catalogue which you can search to see the available bill credit rewards. Hope this helps!

  41. Joan Barrett

    How do I collect my rewards for a movie.
    Thank you.
    Joan Barrett

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Joan, it’s real easy to use your points towards a Rogers On Demand movie! All you have to do is sign in to MyRogers at You’ll see a few top picks which are popular selections, and a way to search for available rewards. There are a few different movie rewards that correspond to the price of the movie you want to redeem. If you have any questions, let me know!

  42. Nafeeza


    Like everything with Rogers they tend to disappoint. I redeemed my first rewards points for a $50 Shopping Channel Gift Card. I received an email which I am unable to retrieve, so I called and basically after being on the phone for about 20 minutes your representative told me there is no way of retrieving this information and I lost my gift card (basically). Of course, Shopping Channel said they can’t do anything about it since it was issued by Rogers. It’s becoming a yoyo at this point. Honestly, I bet if I needed you guys to resend my bill you would! I am sorry, but it’s every transaction unique and you have access to my account so I would understand if they needed to hold for a few days and reissue a new giftcard but flat out nothing can be done.

    Really Rogers! The crap service just doesn’t get better.

    1. RogersMike

      Good morning, Nafeeza. Truly apologize for the issues with the card. I’d highly recommend reaching out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – I’m sure they’ll be able to assist and hopefully make things right.

      1. Nafeeza

        Thanks but I wouldn’t be surprised if they cycle it through to the 1800 number.

      2. RogersMike

        Our social team handles everything online – they should never advise anyone to call. Best of luck. :)

  43. robert kirkpatrick

    will be able transfer my old reward points to this new program, please advise, Bob

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Bob, thanks for inquiring today. Are you referring to the Rogers Bank Platinum MasterCard by chance?

  44. Mushirah

    My family has been using Rogers cable for so many years now. Does that make us loyal customers? How do we join that program?

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      This past year, we lost over 50% of our members. More members chose not to continue with their membership than opting in to keep it. While the decision was difficult, we have decided to refocus on delivering programs and services that offer immediate and meaningful benefit to our customers.

      1. Mushirah

        Are you saying that loyalty program doesn’t exist anymore? Because a girl from my school is a loyalty customer still and has got the iPhone 6 for $60 when it first came out and only paying $20 a month with Rogers loyally program.

      2. RogersMike

        As of December 1st, customers will no longer be able to earn Rogers First Rewards points, but they can use any points they’ve accumulated until June 30, 2016.

  45. Josefina Bono

    I want my point on my bill to rogres.

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Josefina, I would suggest you reach out to our support team @RogersHelps or they would be able to go over things with you.