Hello, Manitoba: Rogers brings blazing fast LTE network to Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach

We’re thrilled to announce that Rogers LTE Max network, Canada’s fastest wireless internet, will go live in Manitoba this weekend.

We know our customers in Manitoba have been looking forward to this news. Starting June 17, customers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach will be able to access the blazing fast speeds of the LTE Max network. And we will continue to expand our offerings in the province. Rogers, through a network sharing agreement with MTS, will deploy LTE to more than 90 per cent of Manitoba’s population over the next five years.

Rogers will roll out LTE to additional markets in Manitoba this summer, including Selkirk, Steinbach and Ste. Anne

Rogers LTE Max is a premium wireless network that enables theoretical device speeds of up to 150 Mbps – the fastest available speeds for Canadian smartphone users.

The LTE Max network allows customers to do more on their smartphones, even faster. Armed with the latest LTE-enabled device, such as the new BlackBerry Q10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can quickly download large files, live stream HD programming, stream YouTube clips and music or enjoy the latest game from the app store.

We know our customers are hungry for fast data connections. Since Rogers launched Canada’s first LTE network in July 2011, the company has seen an 80 per cent increase in wireless internet usage year over year.

For more on our LTE offerings and the latest lineup of LTE-enabled devices, visit RedBoard or www.rogers.com/LTE.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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108 comments on “Hello, Manitoba: Rogers brings blazing fast LTE network to Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach and Grand Beach

  1. Paras

    Wow, Excellent I am thrilled to have LTE in manitoba finally.

    1. RogersJennifer

      Thanks! We’re excited too!

  2. Kris

    Holy sweet bleep, finally LTE in Manitoba. I just picked up my Q10 last night and was debating on the SQN100-1 or 100-3 not knowing which LTE would come to manitoba, and well I chose correctly :DDDDD

    1. RogersJennifer

      Happy to hear it!

  3. Mike

    So if I have an LTE enabled phone (mine’s an iphone 5), will it automatically start up with LTE once it’s available? Or do I have to change my plan or anything?

    1. michael

      picks up automatically but make sure you have a decent usage data plan.

  4. Chris

    From what I’ve read, LTE Max does not support the iPhone 5. Will Manitoba (Winnipeg, specifically) get LTE that does support the iPhone 5?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Chris, customers can use any LTE-enabled phone on their version of the LTE MAX network – including the iPhone 5.

      1. Kris

        the iPhone 5 has LTE bands 4 and 17 which are 1700 and 1900MHz, if the LTE Max is 2600Mhz, how can a i5, Z10, and other non 2600MHz equipped devices connect?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Our LTE MAX Network can run on both the 2,100 MHz and 2,600 MHz spectrum bands. I can confirm you that the iPhone 5 (just like any other LTE-ready devices) will work on our network.

      3. Moreen

        Are you confirming that the my i5 is going to work on LTE or LTE Max? Because my i5 doesn’t have 2600Mhz…

  5. Debbie

    A year behine about time

  6. Chris

    A year late, but better now than ever.

  7. Shaun

    I have seen a number of posts about Rogers launching LTE on 2600 MHz (including on Rogers.ca) and little mention of the AWS spectrum. Many people have purchased phones from Rogers that were described as LTE-ready, but don’t support 2600 MHz. Do you know if the LTE that is coming to Manitoba is on AWS, and the phones that were released that have this band support will work? I’m assuming that in areas with both AWS and 2600 MHz, the AWS is used for the primary LTE connection, and 2600 MHz is used to expand the speeds to LTE Max, but I base that off of absolutely nothing.


    1. calvin

      since their lte is up to 75mbps and the max is up to 100mbps id assume the aws band is the up to 75mbps portion while the 2600mhz is up to 100mbps. they already said iphone 5 will work

      1. Khalid

        “already said”… after the original question was asked.
        Rogers website also says that the LTE Max is up to 150 Mbps, not 100.

  8. C

    Does this include Fido smartphones as well???

    1. calvin

      most likely, fido IS rogers and so far they have followed rogers coverage 100% (the maps havent been updated yet & id believe a posting here than a map anyway), same towers same bands, several fido phones work with a rogers sim & vice versa without an unlock.

      clearly the delay in this launch was from the tower sharing with mts, i knew it even with reps saying im wrong, they tower shared with mts for hspa/hspa+ why wouldnt do so again for lte? same towers just new servers/racks/wires/radios/amps..

      1. no! Fido isn’t getting LTE what I’ve heard it isn’t. You can always call Fido

      2. RogersNicolas


        Fido is getting it as well. For future, feel free to reach out to @FidoSolutions or post in Fido’s Community Forums:

  9. Bill

    So I am assuming that all iPhone 5 users that purchased their devices 8 months ago will be able to connect to this network? Sorry had to get a jab in there :)

  10. Jeff

    Great news. Not so great that it’s collaborative with MTSSucks :(

  11. calvin

    why say this weekend when the 17th is monday?

    1. rollo

      I heard they are flicking the switch on sunday to iron out the bugs

  12. Paul

    Now if you could only sign a similar network sharing agreement in Sask and Atlantic Canada for both HSPA+ and LTE, you guys would have the largest network in the country – period! Wouldn’t that be something to brag about ;)

  13. bd

    So only the newest lte handsets will work, and thus I assume the older handsets that were sold as lte ready in winnipeg, like the gs3, will not work, yet were sold as lte handsets.

    I’ll be calling in to get a credit for a new s4 put on my account, as I have been fooled by false advertising.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi bd,

      All LTE-ready devices will work on our LTE Max network. Rest assured of that.

      1. Hayz

        except for the lg optimus G as the manitoba lte is 2100mhz and the lg doesnt support that kind of lte , only the 2600mhz ;)

  14. AD

    I just looked at Rogers’ price list again after not seeing it for a couple of years, and chocked on my pickle! People willingly pay that? Mother of god…

  15. Debbie

    I was told iphone would work just wont show on phone it will show 3 g. Instead. So what is the truth about iphones 4,4s,5 ?????

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Debbie, only the iPhone 5 is LTE-capable so only this device would be able to connect on LTE.

  16. Kris

    So maybe Rogers should stop advertising LTE Max as “2600MHz” if it runs on the “2100MHz” as well. The question is though are both those bands 150mbps (theoretical) capable, or is the 2100MHz band going to be only 75mbps (theoretical)

  17. TN

    Will it reach south of Winnipeg?

    1. RogersNicolas

      We’ll update our coverage map as soon as it’s live. Stay tuned!

    2. calvin

      the maps are updated now, st norbert(& far further), lorette, fully included

  18. calvin

    we will have 40mhz right? & if so is that only for 2600mhz or 1700/2100mhz gets the 40mhz advantage as well?

  19. Andy

    Is it launching this weekend or Monday? I’ve heard both.

    1. rollo

      im hearing early evening tonight…. ;)

  20. Zwinterpegger

    Wow. Finally! I guess it was an agreement with MTS issue!

    Look forward to using it 0n IPhone 5. Wonder how fast I can burn thru my allotted 3 GB.

  21. mike

    i heard it was supposed to be today , but nothing yet , any info on when it will be live ?

  22. shawn

    Not yet…. Winnipeg.

  23. James

    LTE is live! Fantastic. Now so nice to have it. (I am guessing the delay was a result of Rogers negotiating with MTS about a share agreement).

  24. Chris

    Supposed to start June 17th, still don’t have anything.

  25. dazz ty

    so i got my iphone 5 on release date will i be getting lte as well or do i need to change my plan to get it cause its monday morning and im still only seeing 3g

  26. Donny

    IT’S LIVE. LTE is finally in Winnipeg. Thank you Rogers. 38 Mbps down 9mbps up on first speed test with 2 to 3 bars signal. Is that better than wifi?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Donny,

      Glad to hear that! It’d depend on the wifi speeds you’re referring to but 38 Mbps is indeed really fast :)

  27. Christian Johnson

    Way to go. This is crazy fast – 75MBdown first shot!

  28. David

    It’s live! Working on iPhone 5!

  29. cw

    Well, I was hoping when LTE finally got going I might see an improvement in Rogers coverage within Winnipeg. However, despite seeing LTE on my phone while walking into work, in my office (on the third story of a four story building in downtown Winnipeg) I still only get 1-2 bars. Thus if I want to make a call or download anything I will still be walking to a window across the hall from my office making my phone more or less useless during the majority of my day.

    1. RogersNicolas


      Being indoor might impact the reception of a signal due to materials and surrounding environment.

  30. Zwinnipeget

    Hi Roger’s staff. What kind of speeds can we expect from the LTE in Winnipeg? Just got the LTE symbol on my iphone 5. Fastest speed test is 5 mbs. On the rogers HSPA+ last week I got speeds of 8mbs.

    1. RogersNicolas


      Speed may vary depending on many factors such as system availability and capacity, customer’s equipment, signal strength, topography and environmental conditions.

  31. Mike

    Working on Note 2, Iphone 5, S3, S4…..I’ve gotten as high as 32 down and 7 up, a little late but better late than never!!

  32. Tyler Neufeld

    Niverville got the LTE as well!

  33. David

    Hmm, not seeing it on my HTC One X yet and I’m working right across the street from the Rogers building. My cube neighbours iPhone 5 is seeing it though?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi David,

      I’d advise you to reach out to our Customer Care team via @RogersHelps or on Facebook.com/rogers. They’ll assist if you’re still experiencing it.

  34. Drake

    I’ve used the LTE and so far have been impressed. But it’s been on and off for me and I haven’t had it in the garden city area for quite a while now.

  35. James

    Confirming that LTE is working on my Note 2! How is it that we are a nation that pays one of the highest cell phone bills on the world and have to wait this long to get up-to standard service? It’s a shame.

  36. calvin

    southwest winnipeg, richmond west, has basically NOTHING, 2 rogers towers near that clearly arent transmitting lte…


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Calvin,

      You’re looking at Rogers towers. As explained in the post: Rogers, through a network sharing agreement with MTS, will deploy LTE to more than 90 per cent of Manitoba’s population over the next five years.

      Feel free to reach out to Customer Support via @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/Rogers to get assistance.

      1. calvin

        um.. what..? did you read the post i linked or better yet forward it to the techs at all..? i am IN winnipeg INSIDE the perimiter, deep within “rogers lte coverage”, those towers are transmitting rogers AND mts anyway(hspa+ that is) so i do not know what you are talking about. this entire area of winnipeg has NO LTE, its dead here. to further nullify the mts thing, its said that mts customers get rogers coverage for free, not rogers getting mts coverage, plus rogers has better coverage anyway, & i am on rogers, in winnipeg, deep in the supposed marked coverage area, not getting lte, 2 rogers towers not transmitting it, your map is incorrect. we waited 7 months+ for this?

        let those who actually go to the towers to fix problems, know please. thank you. forward them to me and ill gladly prove there is no lte in this area whatsoever & the nearest 2 towers are transmitting hspa+ just fine, but not lte. i will check again later tonight.

      2. RogersNicolas

        My point is that it is a shared deployment so I don’t know how it’d would appear on that link and how often it is updated. If you’re indeed in an area that’s covered, please reach out to Customer Support in order to have them look into it. You can do so on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.

      3. calvin

        already tried with @rogersbuzz no response.. guess ill try @rogershelps too..

  37. Jeff

    I just reset my Galaxy S3 and I can only get as high as 4G/H+. I live in West Winnipeg…

  38. Andrew

    ROGERS: Keep turning on those LTE cell sites! Wolseley has nothing!

    1. calvin

      richmond west is in the black too

    2. rollo

      do you have a 2600mhz phone? if so you are sol.

  39. rollo

    No 2600mhz for LG Optimus g in Winnipeg…… NOT COOL!!!!!!!!

  40. RCslim

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII LTE and I am not receiving any LTE coverage. Any ideas on the possible cause for this?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi RCslim,

      I’d advise you to get in touch with our Customer Support team to have someone look into it.
      You can reach out to them via Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps.

  41. mark

    Im just before the north perimeter on main st and the map shows this area is covered yet im not getting any LTE signal on my iPhone 5. If i go 3km south (main and leila), its picking up 1-2bars LTE, or dropping back to 3g completely. Any ideas why the signal is so poor in the north end of the city?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi mark,

      In order to investigate your issue, you’d have to get in touch with our Care team via Facebook.com/rogers or Twitter @RogersHelps.

  42. Andy

    For those of you who are still not getting LTE make sure to check your SIM card. My LTE phone apparently did not come with an LTE SIM. So no LTE for me until I fork over some more money to Rogers I guess.

  43. Dan

    I have a samsung s3 and get LTE sporadically ( live between lockport and winnipeg) at home and at work (at the university of manitoba) I only get G or E. I use to get 4G all the time. Can Rogers please comment

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Dan, it seems Lockport is on the edge of our coverage map’s LTE coverage. http://www.rogers.com/web/content/wireless_network

      If you’d like to tweet us @RogersHelps and we’ll see where you’re located, we can find out more about this.

      Regardless, you’ll still have 4G HSPA+ regularly in Lockport, though.

      1. calvin

        winnipeg itself has lte as if it everywhere was on “the edge” of your lte network. rogers map is wrong & they still wont correct it or fix those towers that arent transmitting it. kilometers worth of the city at a time are all giant “dead spots”, look at richmond west on the map, that whole area is a giant dead spot, please tell me if you find that “normal”.

  44. Daniel

    Hey Rogers people, are the users on here correct that the LG Optimus is not able to run LTE on this Winnipeg network?

    If so, I’m pretty upset because I upgraded to that phone precisely because the in-store sales staff assured me it would be the best phone for that network when you eventually got it going. After waiting months and months and months, it is unbelievably annoying to find out a phone I chose for a very particular reason is unable to fulfill the promise that convinced me to get it.

    In short, this is making me feel deceived by Rogers. Not the first time, but probably the most annoying time.

    My device has been lightning fast on LTE networks in at least three other major Canadian cities. What can you tell all the Manitobans who excitedly scooped up these LG phones? Are we all stuck with another indefinite waiting period while people who went with other phones get to enjoy the benefits of your shiny new toy?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Daniel,

      I’m afraid that’s correct. At this time, the 2600Mhz wouldn’t be available in that area.

      1. calvin

        why is rogers saying we have their “lte MAX” network then? 1, we have no coverage & 2, apparently 2600mhz isnt on. so we were lied to, again? please correct me if wrong.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hi calvin, LTE Max in Manitoba is optimized on the 2100 spectrum band that has a deployment of 2x20MHz spectrum blocks and a high concentration of cell sites. This means it offers maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 150Mbps, making it Canada’s fastest wireless internet.

      3. calvin

        okay so we are on 40mhz then good finally i was wrong about something(now about that coverage…), thank you.

  45. Andy

    Rogers: Please upgrade your tower at 533 Greenwood Place in Winnipeg. This would greatly improve LTE reception in the area.

    1. calvin

      same with the one on de vos rd, & pembina hwy south right beside the four points by sheraton hotel

  46. kidcola

    LTE is showing on my iPhone 5 today in Winnipeg however it’s draining my battery quickly!

  47. Debbie

    Who cares sale people lie and am stuck with a phond for 3 years dont care stoo senting crap to my emIl

  48. Narvey

    My iPad mini still doesn’t pick up an LTE signal despite talking to customer support and doing a network settings reset.
    I was told that Fido did not have it -even though my device is on Rogers and even though the Fido web site specifically says they have it too!
    Instead, I got a long-winded phone call from someone who sounded like they did not know what they are talking about – In the end I could not understand if they were saying I could, could not, would or would not be able to use LTE.
    But clearly the device I have supports it and clearly the coverage map shows I am surrounded by it. I can’t believe they can’t just do a lookup and tell me if the towers near me are supporting it.
    Haven’t they heard of the Tower Locator App?

    1. RogersNicolas


      I’d advise you to get a hold of our Customer Support team via Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook. They’ll look into it with you.

  49. DJ

    Yes, it’s great that we have LTE in Winnipeg, but I notice I really only get it outside and 1 maybe 2 bars in certain places indoors. What’s up with this? It says that there is coverage everywhere in Winnipeg according to Rogers’ map, but I hate having LTE enabled on my phone if it drains the battery constantly going in and out of LTE to 3G. Is it just a matter of updating cell towers in these areas? And if so, how long does it take to do so. If not, what the?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. In that case, I’d recommend you to connect with Customer Support to have this situation investigated. You can get a hold of our team on Social Media via Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps.

      1. DJ

        No help. No one has any answers. No offence, but this seems to be the trend with Rogers and Winnipeg in general. Really though? No straight answer? I wouldn’t even be mad if Rogers said “It’s launched but we need to update the towers which could take up to *so and so* time”. At least we’re informed! Not finding out LTE is on or off in the spurts of areas of WInnipeg. The coverage map is false. I will be calling about false advertisement if this does not change by the end of the business week. Thanks bud!

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi DJ,

        As stated on the website, the map is a general representation of wireless coverage, current and projected, where indicated. However, we’ll want to look into it. Have you reached out to us on Twitter or Facebook?

      3. DJ

        Yes, I have. No response. I honestly used to have nothing but great things to say about Rogers, but since I’ve seen the terribly vague answers/excuses given from Rogers reps on this site, my opinions can’t help but change. I live in the middle of a circle where LTE apparently surrounds me. But I don’t have any of it, even outside! I’d rather not call in because I don’t know if I’ll be able to remain calm when given an awful excuse over the phone.

      4. RogersNicolas

        Sorry to hear that. Feel free to send me a tweet @RogersNicolas and I’ll follow-up.

  50. chris

    will pay as you go customers with lte phones
    be able to access the lte and are any updates required
    for ios in order to connect to lte id rather not loose my jb

    1. RogersNicolas

      I’m afraid not. We’d want to make sure that customers have a data allowance that’s sufficient.

  51. mark

    I have spoken to a rep. via twitter, and there is nothing that can be done. The reception is just awful in the north part of the city. I recently had a discussion with a Director at MTS, and they indicated that Rogers only has 1 live LTE tower for all of Winnipeg. Any comments on this Rogers? It would explain the terribly spotty coverage throughout the city…?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hey Mark, we have many towers in Winnipeg delivering LTE to the city, actually.

      1. DJ

        Many towers? Where? Because I get LTE at the perimeter of the city but not in my house within the city? Or even outside! LTE coverage in Winnipeg is an absolute joke. I’ve heard how great it is in other cities. My suggestion to the entire Rogers team that is replying to these comments is to make sure 1) You live in Winnipeg to see how poor the coverage is and 2) Don’t give us reasons why it won’t work because of weather and all that but give us reasons why even on the best of days, we aren’t getting it.

  52. Andy

    How can Rogers advertise LTE Max in Winnipeg without using any of their own towers? I get crap reception at home because Rogers still has not upgraded my nearest tower to LTE.

  53. cj

    well…I am glad that lte is finally here. however, so far I find lte useless. I live in the SE part of the city, and my iphone5 jumps between 3g and lte constantly. when it’s on 3g, I get about 3 bars. but when it’s on lte, it goes down to 1 bar. 9 out of 10 times I couldn’t make a phone call.

    and yes, I have tried network reset, and used a different iphone (wife’s). matter of fact, my phone just got replaced by apple due to something else. that didn’t make any difference.

    perhaps it’s the network coverage in the part of town…my colleges’ mts phones doesn’t perform any better.

  54. Jimin Choi

    LTE doesn’t work right now…….. why?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jimin,

      Can you please reach out to Customer Support? Our social media team is available on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.

  55. Mark

    It’s actually ridiculous, I live where there’s three surrounding towers and I get a CONSTANT back and forth between 3 bars of 3G and 1 bar of LTE. Don’t tell me to reach out to a rep over twitter/Facebook if you guys can’t even help me on your OWN website. I’ve called in numerous times and I’m sure that everyone else has as well and it’s ridiculous that Rogers isn’t doing a single thing about it. It’s been 3 weeks, and I now have trouble making a phone call. This is the last time I ever use Rogers Wireless because I’ve gotten nothing but false advertising since last year. I specifically bought this iPhone 5 for the fact that LTE would be at least decent in Winnipeg. I’ve already recommended to everyone I know NOT to go with Rogers as your customer support is awful as you’ve redirected so many to “follow-up” on Twitter when really nothing’s being done.
    I hope you guys get it together because I, and many other longtime Rogers customers are quite furious with the current situation and many are ready to pay their cancellation fees to rid ourselves of this misery.

    Thanks for your time, I’m quite sure I’ll look back in 6 months and nothing will change. Excuse me while I call in to cancel my contract.

  56. Andy

    Same problem in Wolseley.

  57. DJ

    See, Parts of the city that SHOULD have LTE, even if it’s a couple bars, don’t have any. Why have LTE on? I hope the support team at least knows that when your phone switches between 3G and LTE it KILLS the battery! Please tell me you knew this, otherwise, I don’t understand the credentials of your job. I know you guys get a lot of abuse but a straight forward answer is all us Winnipegers are looking for! If it’s tower upgrades, let us know! Not “Contact customer support” What the….? Who are you people then!?

    1. RogersNicolas


      Sorry to hear that you feel that way. Redboard isn’t a customer support platform, hence our messages on this thread to contact our team via Facebook or Twitter. Any technical or account-related issue would have to be directed to that department to have it investigated appropriately.