Weekend Reading: Moms, Canadians and travelers can’t get enough of social media

this year, because we’ve found more proof of their love for everything digital and social. Plus, we take a look at Canadian dependence on social media and how our new U.S. roaming rates can help you stay social across the border. Read all about it in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

Mobile tech helps moms be more social

It’s no secret that moms are some of the most digitally savvy people on the internet these days – but what makes them so social? It could be because 28 per cent of them are more likely to use a tablet, while 38 per cent own a smartphone. With such easy access, they are also more likely to follow at least one brand on social media and have made a purchase on their tablet in the past month.

These are just a few of the impressive stats Social Media Today uncovered in their latest blog post, which jibe with eMarketer’s findings. According to their reports, the top reasons moms participate in social media are to connect with other moms and friends and family, share milestones and get advice.

I definitely kept these stats in mind when I did my Mother’s Day shopping this year! Did you?

Canadians need a daily dose of social media

Are you among the one in three Canadians who check their social feeds at least once a day? Being someone who works with social media for a living it’s hard to imagine there are still two others out of those three who DON’T check their feeds! Work aside, I’d still be one of the seven per cent who check Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily thanks to their accessibility on mobile devices.

Check out more in a new study from TechVibes this week – I’d be curious to know if there are other social networks people are using more than the three listed in this article. Perhaps YouTube, Pinterest or Google+ occupy more of your time?

New Rogers Roaming Rates

Chances are if you’re addicted to checking your social feeds, you won’t want to travel far without your smartphone. In a recent national survey conducted by Head Research for Rogers, 70 per cent of Canadians say they want to keep using their smartphones across the border because it comes in handy when checking out places to eat, seeing what the weather has in store or keeping tabs on your flight status.

That’s why this week Rogers launched a new worry-free U.S. roaming internet rate. For $7.99 per 24 hour period, you get up to 50 MB of data – enough to load 200 web pages, post 5,000 tweets, or upload 128 photos from your vacation! ! More than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming. For more information, visit rogers.com/usroaming.

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  1. Bhupinder D

    Pro Tip: Do not read “Weekend Reading” while the Leafs are playing game 5 in the playoffs!!!

    Mobile tech helps moms be more social:

    I am noticing more and more on Twitter, the presence of the “Mom”. It is quite a powerful movement!

    Canadians need a daily dose of social media:

    I laughed when I read this stat; “Are you among the one in three Canadians who check their social feeds at least once a day?” Atleast once a day? Maybe 50 times a day! Twitter!!!