Earth Day apps help you do your part to save the planet

, a day when we celebrate the Earth and try to be even more eco-conscious. So along with turning out lights when you leave a room, turning down the thermostat and recycling all you can, here are four mobile apps that will help you live greener every day of the year.

Tips for going green If you’re looking for how to start embracing more environmentally-friendly habits, you might want to check the Go Green mobile app (iOS, free). A new tip pops up each time you launch the app. For example, “When you’re in the market for a new computer, consider a laptop. It saves space, goes anywhere and uses five times less energy than desktop models.” Each tip is then stored in “The Green List,” which you can reference at any time.

Recycling how-tos If you’re wondering where you can drop off empty paint cans or batteries in your area, you might want to check out 1-800 Recycling’s mobile app (iOS and Android, free). Available for “parts of Canada,” the app allows you to search nearby recycling centres based on the item you want to recycle. It then lists all the centres near you that accept it, includingthe location’s address, hours and phone number. You can even call the centre direct from the app.

Maintaining your green lifestyle Want to know just how Earth-friendly that package of peanut butter you’re about to pick up is? Good Guide (iOS and Android, free), scans product barcodes and rates them for health, environment and society. It also lists the  ingredients, nutritional information and alternative products. And you can add in your personal standards to see how your favourite products stack up. The app lists more than 120,000 food, personal care and household products.

Make your commute a little greener Commute Greener (iOS, Android and Facebook) gives you points and badges as you improve the method of your daily commute. For example, I take the subway every day, so the app suggests I work from home one day a week or get a bike in order to make my commute a little better. You also get points and badges for recruiting friends, and can create challenges for your group to take part in.

What mobile apps do you use to help you live greener?

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  2. Leigh Davies

    I have successfully appealed Rogers $2.00 paper billing fee. This is a horrible way for an otherwise excellent company to operate. I hope others will be encouraged to protest this charge, if paper billing is important to you. This so-called “greening” strategy by the company is utter nonsense.