Samsung Galaxy S4 now available for reservation and pre-order


Here are three reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S4 deserves your attention:

  1. This next generation Galaxy device has amplified its specs. Now you can live-stream sports on the large five-inch HD Super AMOLED screen, which is also capable of displaying crystal clear 1080p video.
  2. Love taking photos? The ‘Dual Camera’ on the Galaxy S4 allows you to simultaneously use the 2 MP front camera and the 13 MP rear camera, giving you even more angles to Instagram. This functionality also powers the ‘Dual Video Call,’ allowing you to make and receive video calls with friends and family while also showcasing what you are looking at during the call.
  3. Play magician and accept a call with a wave of your hand with ‘Air Gesture.’

What about the blazing-fast speed?

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is built to run on Rogers 2600 MHz LTE spectrum, the fastest wireless internet band available in Canada. Capable of delivering higher speeds than other LTE bands, the 2600 MHz spectrum with Rogers LTE means customers using the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone can do even more, even faster. Rogers has more LTE network deployed in the 2600 MHz spectrum band than any other carrier in Canada and will be further expanding to 44 new markets this spring.

When can I get it?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in Black Mist and White Frost starting at $199.99 with select three year plans. Existing Rogers wireless customers can reserve theirs now on the Rogers Reservation System and new customers can pre-order their device at Customers who have reserved a device on the Rogers Reservation System or have pre-ordered the device on will start to receive devices beginning April 27th. In-store availability will begin on May 3rd at select Rogers retail locations across the country.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S4? What features are you excited to try?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

Update: April 26, 4:30 p.m.: Due to overwhelming global demand for the Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung Canada will not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27 for all customers.  The company intended to ship pre-orders by the 27, and remains committed to fulfilling shipments in the coming days. We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first. When you reserve a device with Rogers, you will be notified when the device has shipped and is available for pickup. Furthermore, as a limited time offer if your device doesn’t ship within 21 days from device launch in Canadian stores or reservation, whichever is later, we’ll apply a $50 credit to your account. For details please visit Thank you for your patience.

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198 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S4 now available for reservation and pre-order

  1. Mike

    Reserved @ #261, hope this releases soon :)

  2. MDhillon

    I have a few questions regarding the reservation of the S4. If i have pre-ordered off the reservation system already and have chosen to pick up the device in store, does that mean I would have to wait until May 3rd or can I still pick it up on April 27th because I have pre-ordered?

    Also what are the details behind the Amazon Kindle that is being given to people who pre-order the S4?

    1. Tom

      hmmm… I’d like to know too. This kinda deal is usually for new customers.

    2. Jonathan

      You would have to wait for whenever your device ships to the store directly, at which point the representatives there will contact you. In the even that the store receives stock before your specifically ordered device, then you can upgrade with their stock, however you’d have to call in Rogers to cancel your reservation first.

  3. Rmoss

    Only the 16GB is available. Where is the 32GB & 64GB?

    1. RogersNicolas


      At this time, we can only confirm the 16GB and wouldn’t comment on the potential launch of other models.

  4. Jamil

    About the S4 thats launching, is there any way to find the full specs?
    Want to know whether the Canadian version will have only quad core or the octa core processor.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jamil,

      We’ll share all the info, including full specs, soon.

  5. Harold

    i would like to ask this question. i have already reserved the phone #167 hoping to get it before my flight 2 weeks from now. if it will be released on the same day of my flight can i get if a month after? when i come back after my vacation?

    thanks in advance

    1. Harold

      or are there any chances that “we” the once who reserved the phone early will receive the phone earlier than the 27th?

    2. RogersNicolas

      Hi Harold,

      Hopefully you’ll get it before but if not, you can always contact the store about that.

      1. Harold

        so is the release date gonna be definite already? will it be the 27th? or is it still a floating date?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi Harold,

        Everything is in the post :)

        Customers who have reserved a device on the Rogers Reservation System or have pre-ordered the device on will start to receive devices beginning April 27th. In-store availability will begin on May 3rd at select Rogers retail locations across the country.

  6. Sanuel

    How do you and the other large carriers in this country justify offering this device at $199.99 for a 3 YEAR COMMITMENT when US counterparts offer the same pricing for 2 years ? ? ? ? ? MORE reason that the CRTC needs to stop this collusion between the large Canadian carriers.

    1. Tom

      First – let me applaud Rogers for posting this comment. It is highly commendable to allow potentially negative views to be discussed.

      As for the pricing issue itself – we Canadians can expect to pay more for just about everything due to high taxes at all stages of distribution, (and a weaker currency impact in this case), but a 2 year to a 3 year contract feels like effectively a 50% price increase doesn’t it?

      Perhaps the answer indeed lies in the fact that there are too many people lining up to get the S4 and an oligopolistic wireless market.

      1. GDKitty

        Only thing is.. its not really a 3 year commitment, per say. (it is and it isn’t).

        It is NOT a contract like before.. where you would over those 3 years, if you chose to leave early, you would be paying a set fee per each month (regardless of hardware credit), plus a large cancelation fee.

        With it currently, you are getting a HARDWARE CREDIT only. This is what you are paying back over that 3 year term. The $ amount you are paying back vs the straight out price of the phone is the same. You are just repaying it back, over a longer period.

        BUT.. at any time.. you can choose to leave, just by paying out the remaining amount owing on the hardware credit… even 4 months into it.. and your DONE.

  7. JOHN M. Nasswetter

    I hope Rogers will release the 64 GB ver

  8. John M. Nasswetter

    I really hope Rogers will release the 64 GB version? Please sell the 64 GB version Rogers cuz thats the one I want?

    Everyone lets all ask Rogers for the 32 gb and 64 GB Please?

    Thank you.

    1. Patrick M

      you forgot the question mark after thank you

  9. Tom

    I just decided to hold off. I am going to wait for the Note 3. Note 2 users seem to be rabid about theirs. It’s not much bulkier than a Galaxy, but just big enough to do stuff I might have to power up the laptop for. Rumours are that it will have a metal case.

  10. Nuru

    hope its octa processer

  11. Shaun

    I think its safe to assume we will unfortunately be getting the quadcore variant of the S4. As it has already been confirmed that the US will be receiving it. So far I’ve only heard that Europe is getting the Octacore.

  12. Tom

    Drag about the quad core thing. The number one complaint of S3 users is battery life, and even though S4 has a larger battery (2600mAh vs 2100) the octo core was supposed to assign background tasks to smaller “cores” thus extending battery life.

    Will there be a Galaxy S4.5 for our market with octo core later this year when they have used up their inventory on quads?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Tom,

      I believe it’d be a question best directed at the manufacturer… but I doubt they’ll comment on a device that hasn’t even been announced.

  13. MichaelD

    I just got an email from Samsung Canada Mobile stating that Canada will not be getting the Samsung Galaxy SIV with the 64GB internal memory,. Other countries will be able to have this feature just not Canada. Very Disappointing.indeed.

  14. beckers

    hey, just saw on the site that Rogers is offering a $35 google play gift card for new and existing customers that sign 3 yr deal…i was wondering if anyone knows if it has to be new plans or i can keep my old plan and just sign 3 yr contract and get this promo??

    1. RogersNicolas


      Feel free to reach out to our Care team on Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps. They’ll look into your current info and will be able to assist.

  15. Greg

    I’m sure hoping to get this next Saturday (27th)… I’m number 99 on the reservation list. I’m hoping that number isn’t just within the province, but across Canada… although I’m not sure.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Greg,

      It is indeed across Canada and props to you for having one the first 100 reservations!

      1. Greg

        Hi Nicolas,

        Do you think that those within the first 100 will be able to get their phones at the location they selected on the 27th?

      2. RogersNicolas

        I wouldn’t speculate but you’ll receive regulard updates to keep you informed.

  16. Greg

    For those enquiring about the octacore version… I’ve read that we’re not getting it because that version doesn’t support LTE… Only the quad core version does.

    1. Sanuel

      Korea will get an Octa core supporting LTE, they are the only ones however.

  17. JOHN M. Nasswetter


    So we will not be getting the 64 GB version in Canada… But will we at least get the 32 GB version in Canada?

    16 GB is not big enough for me… Cuz some apps you can not move to the memory card.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass it to our team.

      At this time, we can only confirm this model.

  18. Tom

    I am swinging back to this option but don’t want to be locked in for 3 years. This phone will look like an Etch-a-Sketch by then.
    Can I pay more than the $200 for a two year contract?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Tom,

      I’d advise you to reach out to Customer Support via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps. Our team will drive you through your different options.

  19. beckers

    i’m number 42 in line..i wonder when my status will change to shipped?? i hope to get it this saturday!!!

    1. Greg

      42! If Rogers can’t, at least, get devices to the first 100 that preordered by the 27th… That’s pretty sad.

      I’m hoping they do!

      1. beckers

        i dont know…i’m reading on the rogers forum that number 1 to 20 will for sure get it, and anyone above 150 will probably wait for a couple of weeks…..they didnt mention anything in between 20 to 150…

      2. greg

        The first 20 people across Canada that preordered will get it? That doesn’t make sense at all… Whats the point of preordering then? You’re telling me that Rogers, Canadawide, only got 20 units to send out to customers?

        That would be really sad.

      3. beckers

        well that’s what i’ve been reading on forums since this is the first time i reserved any device…and i thought 42 is a pretty good number…i guess its all speculations now until we get to the 26th and see if the statuses change…

      4. greg

        Just read about a global shortage of Galaxy S4 phones due to high demand on BGR:

        Maybe we won’t be getting them after all :(

        … and people get angry with Apple not being able to keep up with demand…

  20. Sanuel

    #11 and my status is still OPEN, I’m hoping for the 27th.

  21. Greg

    Well… I’m #99 on the reservation list and it just switched to ‘in progress’… things are looking good for launch :)

    1. beckers

      mine too!!! now i just need it to change to SHIPPED by tonight or tomorrow moring lol :P

  22. Travis

    Will Rogers stock cases for the s4 right away?
    I’m wondering about the otter commuter?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Travis,

      We don’t have visibility on stores’ inventories. I’d advise you to call your local ones.
      They’d be able to help.

  23. I can’t wait to have these awesome and beautiful phone. All its competitors are no match.

  24. JoeNice

    I was number 3 on the list. it’s been in progress since Wed night….

  25. SV

    $50 credit after 3 weeks if your device hasn’t shipped?? FAIL – Other service providers are already providing this credit without making you wait. Step up ROGERS!

  26. Joe

    I called the store I am getting my device shipped to yesterday and they are under the impression that even if they got the phone on the 27th (today) that they could not sell it to me until May 3rd. Why would they be under this impression if everywhere else is selling the preorders on the 27th?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Joe,

      I can confirm that you’d be able to get the device before May 3rd.

  27. kyle

    hi there, i was at 113 and now iam in progress , am i going to get it before may 3rd

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Kyle,

      You’ll get updates as soon as there’s new info on your end.

  28. Asif

    Great… I am # 1102… Guess I wont be getting mine anytime soon…

    Can the people that already got it or getting it soon please post that they got it

  29. Franky

    Did anyone get the s4 today? I sure didnt

  30. steeve

    I was number 42 on the’s been in progress since Wednesday. .suck

  31. beckers

    rogers is not very organized in this launch…at the LEAST they should notify people of their statuses….i haven’t received one single email from rogers advising me of the status…and BELL and TELUS on the other hand has advised everyone AND issued a $50 for everyone for the delay….rogers just shows how much they care for their customers….

    if i have to pay the early upgrade fee of $220+ i might as well pay the cancellation fee and go to bell or telus!!! rogers failed!!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Beckers,

      We’ve posted updates, including on this post. See below.

      I believe I also reached out to you this morning on Twitter to let you know about the delays on Samsung’s end as well as a $50 credit.
      More info here:

      1. Asif

        Yea but the $50 credit isn’t a good way to remedy the situation considering it only applies after 3 weeks vs other providers that are doing it immediately… Come on guys, do you not value your customers at all?

      2. John

        I would agree with you!!

  32. beckers

    Nicolas, on my reservation confirmation email it says they will EMAIL me weekly of the status update, which I haven’t receive a single one. Also, $50 credit AFTER waiting 21 days is not the same as bell offering EVERYONE a $50 credit right away (like NOW)… guys want to have loyal customers you guys need to step up your game!!!

  33. Mike

    Are all Android users this whinny, or just the people that pre-ordered the Galaxy S4…?

    I can’t believe the amount of people that are complaining about shipping times, availability, choice of size and Rogers in general before the device had event been released or shipped.
    I was #261, my device is marked as In Progress, and I’m OK with that. I didn’t expect to get this day 1, and I’m pretty confident in Rogers that I will get my device in a timely manner. I’m not sure if people think Rogers isn’t going to send them a device or what their paranoia is, but seriously chill :)

    I think my favorite comments so far are the people who read of some blog somewhere that something was going to happen, and are not taking that as gospel. I’m should blog that the first 1,000,000 GS4 owners get a free penguin with their order, then complain that Rogers never sent me my penguin.

    To all the people who have threatened to cancel their contacts or reservations and move to a different provider, please do, it will help the rest of us loyal Rogers customers get our devices quicker.

    I’m sure I’m going to get some comments (positive and negative) on this post, and I welcome them, because hopefully I will be reading them from my GS4 by then end of the week.

  34. Tom

    Hmm Just saw an ad saying Rogers Matches the competition. Can all of us who pre-ordered expect to see the $50 discount Bell offers?

    1. Tom

      Why are comments newer than mine being posted Nicolas?

      1. RogersNicolas

        Hi Tom,

        While we do treat comments by chronological order, we may sometimes reply and approve newer ones first on occasions. We’re also happy that our posts generate active conversations and we do our best to get moderate everyone’s comment as soon as possible.

        Rest assured that yours didn’t go unnoticed though and I just replied to it.

    2. RogersNicolas

      Hi Tom,

      We are offering a $50 discount and wouldn’t comment on competitors’ offerings.
      This said, we’re always open to review our services based on what competitors have to say.

      1. Tom

        Why is my invoice based on $199 if there is a $50 discount – am I missing something?

      2. RogersElise

        Hi Tom. A credit applies only if your device doesn’t ship within 21 days from device launch in Canadian stores or reservation, whichever is later. It’s a limited-time offer, details can be found on

      3. Tom

        Thanks Elise
        I am aware of Roger’s offer, however it is reported that Bell’s offer is to all pre-ordered Galaxy S4’s…

        “Bell’s Galaxy S4 pre-orders have gone extremely well. Some Bell pre-order customers may receive their new GS4 tomorrow, but others may take a few days longer. To show our thanks, we’re giving all our pre-order customers a $50 bill credit.”

      4. RogersElise

        I can’t speak to a competitor’s offer.

      5. Tom

        Thanks for your response Elise. However it is not clear at all to me whether Rogers is going to honour their advertised policy of matching competitors pricing. If you are unable to speak to it, then I (and I am sure others watching this forum) would like to know who can. If you advertise a policy, should you not honour it?

  35. I think Rogers would be wise issuing a delay statement and let thei rcustomers know what to expect in the coming days. I do not mind waiting a few days for my in progress to change to shipped, but some information would put me at ease! It appears we are all impatient!!!

    Info anyone???

    1. RogersElise

      Hi. We published some information on Friday when Samsung Canada communicated that due to overwhelming global demand for the Samsung GALAXY S 4, they would not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27th for all customers. We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S 4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved. But, some Rogers customers should start to see their order status for the Samsung GALAXY S 4 change to “Shipped” since yesterday. .

  36. Or shall I say additional info anyone!

  37. Ali

    Any news for when the be released for the people who reserved?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ali,

      We’re working to get devices shipped asap. You’ll get status updates when there’s any news on your end.

      1. Tom

        Will Rogers commit to filling all back orders and reservations before shipping units to the stores for the masses?

  38. Walter

    I jumped on the pre-order just after it was posted on twitter, and manged to get position 1 for the white S4. Still showing as “IN Progress” for me, so I am assuming none have shipped yet (unless the black ones are going out first).

    1. Walter

      Just received my shipping notice now :)

    2. Ali

      I just got a notification that it has been shipped

    3. Greg

      I’m showing a SHIPPED status now. Got the email as well.

  39. lou

    I’m number 2 on the reservation system, and i still don’t have my phone, or any updates as to when its coming

  40. Greg

    This is so annoying. The Rogers store says that it doesn’t matter if I preordered or not, I have to wait until Friday… Even if it comes in early. In earlier posts, RigersNicolas said that we could pick up when it arrives if we’ve preordered… Can Nicolas please clarify so I can show the store? Why don’t the stores know their own policies?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Greg, thanks for your feedback. Once the store has received it, they’ll give you a call and you can go and pick it up. It may before, on or after Friday, depending on where you are in the queue.

  41. Jay

    can anyone comment on stores not being able to release reserved phones if they get them tomorrow? I’ve been hearing that some stores are saying they can’t until the 3rd as their system won’t let them.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Jay, stores can sell the phones to customers who have reserved them. Can you tell me which store gave you this information?

      1. Jay

        Thanks Elise – I’ve been following the reservation thread on the rogers community forum and apparently there have been mixed messages given to customers from stores.

        I’m eager to get my phone today as it looks like it shipped, and really hope that I don’t have any issues at the store.

      2. Jesse

        lifestyle wireless rogers plus store on watline and hurontario in mississauga, on. told me the exact same thing… if you could please maybe contact them so I can get my phone which I went to get today and saw sitting on the counter in the store today?

      3. Alex

        Can you please confirm the release data for customers who pre-ordered the phone. The store refused to release it today saying they got e-mail from Rogers which says do not release. I called customer support 2 times and first time I got the answer that the release date is May 1-st and seconds person told me that the release date is May 2-nd.

      4. Rogers_Chris

        There is no “release date” at this point Alex, the device has launched so we’ll ship devices out as inventory becomes available to us. If a device is in store it should be available for purchase, simple as that.

      5. Alex

        I wander why I got 2 different answers from support agents. Also I can see a lot of other people on communityforums are complaining about the same problem of stores not releasing the phones. Is there any official rogers department which deals with pre-order complaints. Or at least any official web page which confirms that if the store has the phone they must release it.

      6. RogersNicolas

        Hi Alex,

        I can confirm you that devices can be picked up. We’re following up internally to make sure that this information is shared from coast-to-coast.

  42. Q

    I am number 1364 in the system showing “open” status. Does this mean that I’ll have to wait until 3 batches of 400 devices get ordered and delivered before Rogers commits to looking after my reservation?

    Sigh… for a billion dollar company, its amazing that Rogers does not have a better system. Informing end customers with more updates and so forth can help.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Q,

      I understand your frustration and we’re working with Samsung to get all devices shipped as soon as possible. For your information, Samsung Canada confirmed last week limited stocks due to an overwhelming demand.

  43. chris

    Shipping update– my white S4 is being shipped now, and will prob arrive at the store by end of the day. i was #180.

  44. Julia Bell

    Hi. My Samsung Galaxy S4 shows that it has shipped to the Rogers Plus store but when I called the store they indicated that they would not be able to release it to me until May 3rd. The individual I spoke to indicated that she was the manager. I am confused because I thought I would be able to pick it up when the phone actually arrived in store.I’ve included the store info below.
    Rogers Plus
    1680 Richmond St. N., Unit L029
    London, ON
    N6G 3Y9

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Julia,

      We sent an internal note to remind stores that they can sell devices to Rogers Reservation System customers who received a call that their device is ready for pick up. If you have any problems today, please let us know and we will follow up with that location directly.

  45. jesse

    I went to the rogers plus store that has my reserved Samsung galaxy s4 today. The phone was dropped off at 11:03 this morning . How come the employee at the store told me that he could not give me the phone until Friday ? I am #235 on the reserve list and I expected to get my phone once it was delivered . Can anyone shine some light on as to why they are with holding this from me until Friday ?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jesse,

      I replied to your other comment below. We’ve followed-up about that.
      Let us know if you’re having any further issues.

  46. Bill

    Just wondering not one Business pre-order has been shipped out in the 1st 900-1000 phones sent out? Why did i pre-order if business accounts are going to be treated like they don’t matter.
    Phoned the Business center and they had no idea that no business pre-orders had not been shipped. Comeon, there is only 160 of us.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Bill,

      As I mentioned to others, we’re definitely doing our best to ship all devices as soon as possible and get them into our customers’ hands. We’re just as excited as you are! Samsung Canada confirmed an “overwhelming global demand” last week causing limited supplies.

  47. Em

    Same as Jesse. UPS tracking shows my phone was delivered and signed for at the Rogers store where I pre-ordered. When I went to pick it up the agent told me the phones are in another office and that the official launch date is May 3rd so they can’t release the phones to anyone. I decided to check the boards and read that some people already picked theirs up. What’s going on here? I wish I preordered on my own. It would’ve been shipped to my home instead.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Em,

      We apologize for the inconvenience. Our stores have been reminded that they can sell devices to Rogers Reservation System customers who received a call that their device is ready for pick up. If you have any problems today, please let us know and we will follow up with that location directly.

  48. Timmy

    Seems like Rogers plus is misinformed? My store is not letting even preorders go until Friday.
    Rogers Plus
    9402 135th Ave.N.W., Unit # 104 A
    Edmonton, AB

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Timmy,

      Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the experience. I can confirm you that customers are already able to get their devices. I’ll follow-up with you via email.

      1. Timmy

        The number is 7804752724. Thanks!

      2. RogersNicolas

        Thanks for the info! Our stores received a reminder that they can sell devices to Rogers Reservation System customers who’ve been informed that their device is ready for pick up.

  49. Shane Money

    I was not able to pickup my phone either today at 604-879-1003 Kingsgate Mall today. Wouldn’t allow me to until the 3rd even though it’s there. I phone nearby stores and they were selling it. This is absolutely ridiculous where if I changed the store to one a few blocks down I would have it right now … what kind of system is this?????

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Shane,

      I can confirm you that devices would be available for pick-up if you’ve reserved one and that it was already delivered.

      1. Shane Money

        Can you please escalate this, I just went to the store for the 2nd time 107-370 E broadway, Vancouver, V5T 4G5. I have reserved it and received the email that it was received yesterday. Now the store is saying it’s in the ‘office’ and they don’t have it?? Thank-You.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Hi Shane, you’ll want to clarify where your device is exactly. If it’s in the store, they can sell it to you. If it’s not in store and perhaps at a warehouse, then they’re still awaiting their shipment of devices and will contact you when it arrives. You likely received the email that it was received even though it didn’t arrive at the store, but at the warehouse.

      3. Shane Money

        I don’t know how to clarify this further. UPS said it was delivered yesterday at 1pm PST. The manager said it was at the office and to wait to May 3rd.

        I have never heard of a system if I reserve a few blocks down the street I would have the phone, and other stores don’t because the manager doesn’t want to pick-it up from the office.

        Please escalate if possible.

      4. Rogers_Chris

        I’m not sure what office you’re referring to Shane. Our head office is located in Toronto.

      5. Shane Money

        This is what the manager is telling me. I’m not sure why you’re asking me to explain this to you, as I would assume this is common knowledge for Rogers Employees. The manager is saying I can’t have as it’s at the office … which most likely means it’s at an alternate drop-spot (aka another store) and the manager didn’t properly pick-it up for his store.

        This is the reason I would like it escalated as I still don’t have the phone even though I got the email and they are refusing to give it until May 3rd.

      6. Rogers_Chris

        It could be at a warehouse in the region awaiting delivery to your store, along with others. The email you received means the device was signed for, likely at a warehouse. I suppose it’s possible it was delivered to another store by mistake but I’d rather not speculate. The store will contact you when its available to be picked up, Shane. If you haven’t received a call within the next few days, reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter.

      7. Shane Money

        This is such a wash-over response. I have to wait extra few days before anyone else because the manager refuses to sell it early and has access to put them in the store, but doesn’t want to spend the time to process it early.

        I can’t believe you’re not escalating this and just giving me autoresponders. I would appreciate a contact # for the area manager or district manager.

      8. RogersNicolas

        Hi Shane,

        I sent an email to the address your provided to get your contact info and will forward everything internally to have this looked into.

  50. Jesse

    This store received my reserved Samsung Galaxy S4 @ 11:03am yesterday. When I went to pick it up they told me I had to wait until Friday. Could someone please email me with some information to assist me in getting my device asap?

    Lifesyle Communications
    25 Watline Avenue
    Mississauga, ON
    L4Z 2Z1

    Thank you,

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jesse,

      Our apologies for that. We sent a reminder to our stores that they can sell devices to Rogers Reservation System customers who’ve been informed that their device is ready for pick up.

      1. Jesse

        Thank you for your assistance, I just received my new device and couldn’t be happier!

      2. RogersNicolas

        Thanks for keeping me posted! That’s awesome :)

        What are your first impressions? I played with it at Samsung’s event in Toronto and it looked stunning

      3. Jesse

        It looks nice, is very light, the picture on screen is crystal clear, the phone seems to operate very fast and I’m loving the new features. Everyone that I’ve showed my phone to so far is intrigued and amazed!

      4. Tom

        Glad you are happy. I could be happier. Rogers could tell us business users what exactly is going on.

  51. lou

    Hi I’m number 2 on the reservation phone still has not arrived and the store. Why are people further up the line gaving theirs delivered first?

  52. lou

    Hi I’m number 2 on the reservation phone still has not arrived and the store. Why are people further up the line gaving theirs delivered first? I thought you guys were going by reservations days.

  53. Steph


    I am number 6 on the Business reservation site and am still showing “In progress”. I called on Monday to ask when they were being shipped out, the business rep said Tuesday. I called again yesterday but they said the same thing. Do you know when business customers are going to get their phones shipped?

  54. Evans

    I am pissed off! Rogers send me an email with the stores location and transit number. I checked the tracking number for a day and finally the next day UPS shipment status was “Delivered”. So I walked 30 minutes to the store only to hear them tell me that they did not receive any Galaxy S4’s and I asked you use their computer to show them that it was delivered at first they told me that they are not allowed let me use their computer, but then one guy was kind enough to let me use his personal laptop. So I show them the email and the transit number and again they tell me that it does not get delivered to them, but to the rogers warehouse and that I need to wait for them to call me to pick it up.

    I would be okay with this if they did not send me a tracking number to a warehouse and made me waste my time. They all happened yesterday and when I called rogers to complain all they could say was that have no idea what’s s going on and that the S4 is not in their system, so they can not help me… So They tell me to wait till today and I feel like I have waited long enough and I will not call in to cancel my contract and I’ll go to another company

  55. Damian


    Rogers store has confirmed they have my phone but won’t release it until may 3rd?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Damian,

      Our stores have been reminded that they can sell devices to Rogers Reservation System customers who received a call that their device is ready for pick up. If you have any problems today, keep us posted and we will follow up with that location directly. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  56. PDS

    I’m wondering when Business/Corporate customers will be shipped their phones? The queue has not moved at all and I cannot find information anywhere in regards to this.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Business customers – like all our customers who’ve used the Rogers Reservation System – will be notified by email when their reservation status has changed.

      1. Bill

        Which means 2 things, you don’t know when the business clinets get theirs, and 2/ you don’t care. You just spout the same line. If your going to treat corporate lients differently during these “PRE-orders” differently,tell them ahead of time. And so you know we are getting PRE_ORDER” from here,HomepageBanner–2 i hope you recognize the website.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        I’ll flag that, it’s incorrect. If you click through that link it says “Reserve” on the next page. Thanks Bill.

  57. Tom

    Why are orders being shipped out of priority sequence? -…what is the point in reserving and assigning a queue number? I am 182 and nothing is happening with my order. At this rate the stores are going to be selling to the general public before I get my reserved unit.

    No one answered my previous question – will all pre-orders and reserves get filled before the general public has access through the stores?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The Rogers Reservation System ensures that a device is set aside for you when stock is available, Tom. It doesn’t guarantee you a device before anyone else (new or existing customers), or at any specific time. Part of the appeal of the Rogers Reservation System is that for a popular device like the S4, you won’t have to call or visit several stores in search of a device – yours will be delivered to the store of your choosing available to pick up at your convenience.

      1. Tom

        I guess in a roundabout way you have answered my question – the answer is NO – we cannot assume we will get it before the general population.

        “Part of the appeal”? What would you then suggest are the other parts? What exactly do you think your customers expect when they pre-order? This is an outrage. Just look at the comments on this forum. I truly cannot believe how you are handling this.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        It is made clear throughout the process of using the reservation system that this is not a preorder. Appealing aspects of reserving a device include being assured you’ll receive a device in sequence of reservation, not having to try to locate stock by phone or in person visiting stores, and being able to do all of this at the click of a button from a computer.

      3. Tom

        “At the click of a computer? Please spare us the patronizing marketing. You know darn well those of us waiting are livid and expect to get a unit before the general public. We did not pre-register only to wait for weeks after the general public gets theirs.

        If you did a poll on why people pre-registered what do you think you would find? Number one motivation “click of a button, and indeterminate wait ” I am still outraged that you plan to ship units to stores before I get mine. I am sorry but if you really believe your “click of a button” jargon I want some of the KoolAid.

        Another question – if I do get my hands on one on Saturday and cancel my pre-reg – will I get dinged for $40 for a cancelled reservation? or will I get full credit and have only a week of wasted time with your brutal reservation system as a cost?

      4. Rogers_Chris

        I’m sorry you feel that way Tom. We’ve gone through this before with many other device launches and increasingly very, very few customers are confused that this isn’t a preorder. We’ve gone to great lengths to make it clear throughout the process of reserving that you’re not pre-ordering, merely claiming a device once stock becomes available, shipped to the store of your choice.

        If you can obtain a device in store, you’re welcome to cancel your reservation anytime. The $40 will be returned to you.

  58. Ali

    My phone has been delivered according the the UPS website, however the store says they did not receive the shipment yet, and the phones are at the rogers warehouse. I am so confused, and do not understand why there is so many destinations for this phone. I have attached my store reservation contact:

    Rogers Authorized Dealer Uptown Communications
    2943 Major Mackenzie
    Maple, ON
    L6A 3N9
    (905) 832-7103

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Ali, that’s likely the case – shipments do get signed for at central locations before they’re distributed to stores in a region. This would be a case where the store will contact you when it has arrived and is available for pickup. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your patience!

  59. Matthew

    I called the Rogers Dealer at 10720 Yonge St. for my S4 as well and they said they don’t have it, even though my UPS tracking said was delivery and signed yesterday April 30 noon.
    Told me to check back couple days or wait for call.
    Why is that Nicolas?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Matthew, if the store says they don’t have, I would imagine it’s simply not there. It could be at a warehouse somewhere in the GTA, which would explain why the device was signed for. In this case, the store will call you when it arrives, no cause for alarm just yet. Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your patience!

  60. Bill

    Hi Nicholas, can you please tell me why my question was by passed, you have a whole lot of upset Business owners with this release.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Haven’t skipped you, Bill! We’re getting a lot of feedback about the launch of the Galaxy S4 or the BlackBerry Q10 and we’re trying to answer everyone as soon as we can. This said, I replied to your post.

  61. Paul

    When asked about the business reservations, you don’t really answer the right question. You say overwhelming demand is causing a delay, which is fair. But what we want to know is why, for any given number of phones available, none are being allocated to business reservations? Just a reasoning for that prioritization would be appreciated.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We don’t have specifics on where stock is allocated, Paul.

      1. Tom

        Some one in your organization does have specifics on how units are allocated. Why don’t you find out what the actual criteria is? Someone must know. A little transparency and disclosure would save a lot of posting here.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Tom, due to overwhelming global demand for the Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung Canada will not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27 for all customers. The company intended to ship pre-orders by the 27, and remains committed to fulfilling shipments in the coming days.
        For our business customers, we have started to ship this device today, May 2nd, 2013. Our standard practice with small and large business customers is to ship devices on the in-store date. If your device does not ship within 21 days from the in-store date, we will apply a $50 credit to your account.

      3. John

        That’s a fair comment that you don’t have specifics, but can someone look into why the business customers are not being looked after? I realize that it is a busy time right now, but we feel like we are being treated like second class customers. This is unacceptable to many of your customers.

      4. Rogers_Chris

        Hi John,

        Due to overwhelming global demand for the Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung Canada will not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27 for all customers. The company intended to ship pre-orders by the 27, and remains committed to fulfilling shipments in the coming days. For our business customers, we have started to ship this device today, May 2nd, 2013. Our standard practice with small and large business customers is to ship devices on the in-store date. If your device does not ship within 21 days from the in-store date, we will apply a $50 credit to your account.

      5. Tom

        John – please ignore this statement from the pre-ordering landing page: “We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first.” Rogers will ship units to stores for tomorrow’s launch instead of filling the pre-order backlog.

  62. Bill

    Then maybe you need to get your warehouse to see this is a shortcoming in the allocation system that 0% are being allocated to the Business sector. To me this is a farce and says you are not even worried about business til after the general public has theirs. Can you see you losing a few corporate clients with their multiple lines over this point. Can’t you at least get some to shake their head and see what we are talking about. ZERO % as in none have made it to the business sector.

  63. Ishan

    I pre ordered galaxy s4 phone yesterday. Can anyone say roughly how long will it take to deliver.
    I don’t see any details about reservation in my rogers account.

  64. Danny

    Its a pretty nice phone and real fast. I’ve been playing with it for about a week and a half now and really like the experience so far. I have the octo core version which Asian stores in Toronto were selling unlocked versions by the 20th. But expect to pay a lot and right now, only the 16GB version is available.

  65. Justin Mainemer

    I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, I’m 263 in line. I reserved at a store “telco” on StJames. Will i get the phone friday May 3rd??

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Justin,

      I’d be hard to tell from our standpoint. I’d advise you to check with the dealer directly.

  66. Justin Mainemer

    I like to know :)

  67. mish85

    if i didnt pre-order or reserve any SG4 unit, consierding its the launch tomorrow, would i still be able to walk into a rogers plus store and walk away with a s4 device after signing a new contract? I was planning on going on the monday ( 6th may) is this possible or am i screwed for a while longer?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      You can absolutely pick up a device on launch if you can find a store with devices in stock, they will go fast!

    2. Tom

      Mish85: If you read through all the postings here you will quickly realize that pre-ordering or registering guarantees you nothing but frustration. Rogers has not found and effective way to communicate this yet, but do have a clever way of describing the joy as “the simple click of a button”. You have missed nothing. I envy you.

  68. Timmy

    I agree with Shane…My shipment was delivered on Tuesday and they still haven’t received my phone yet? My guess is that the managers took them and are selling them online.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hmmmm no, they’re in transit. The store will call you when they’re ready for pickup.

  69. Matthew

    Woohoo, I got called from the Rogers store at noon and just pickup my S4. Nice toy, I’m happy camper!!!

  70. Tom

    Hi Chris

    Your comments “We’ve gone to great lengths to make it clear throughout the process of reserving that you’re not pre-ordering” do not seem to line up with your web page…”We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first.”

    Please clarify this for me.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Pre-orders actually occured for new Rogers customers. Existing customers such as yourself only had the option to reserve. I hope this clears up any confusion, Tom.

      1. Tom

        It does not clear it up at all. That is unless I understand you to be saying that NEW customers (pre-orders) are treated differently and put ahead of existing customers. (Which would not surprise anyone watching this forum). Where on your website do you make this distinction clear?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        They’re treated the same, Tom.

      3. Tom

        You never bothered to clarify the main point Chris.

        Your comments “We’ve gone to great lengths to make it clear throughout the process of reserving that you’re not pre-ordering” do not seem to line up with your web page…”We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first. You then step in to clarify the distinction between a pre-order and a reservation and when pressed advise they are treated the same. What point were you making?

        Bottom line:
        You are indeed are shipping units to stores while some pre-orders and reserved units will not be filled. This contradicts this ”We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first.

        Frankly, I am absolutely stunned at the ineptitude which which this process and forum are handled. I’ve never seen anything remotely like it. Ignore customers real questions, obfuscate with the repetitive obvious. Amazing.

      4. RogersNicolas

        Hi Tom,

        To clarify, stores and reservations/pre-orders come from separate stocks. That’s the reason you wouldn’t reserve a device in a store directly but have it shipped there. The reservation system is in place to help customers beat the queue and secure a phone that’s likely to receive a high demand. However, we do -and ultimately customers- depend on stocks that are sent by the manufacturer. As far as the S4 is concerned, Samsung confirmed a limited availability a week ago and that more stocks would be coming in the next days.

        As far as Chris’ point is concerned (We’re working hard to get the Galaxy S4 to Rogers customers who pre-ordered and reserved first). He meant that we are doing everything we can to get devices to customers who were the first ones to pre-order/reserve within that specific queue ; this system being on a “first come, first served” basis.

        Regarding your reservation, you’ll get regular updates and can check the status online. Also, you have the possibility to call your local stores and see if they have any available. If so, you can cancel your reservation/pre-order, get a full refund of the reservation fee no matter what and get that device.

      5. Tom

        Thanks for taking the time to clear thing up Nicolas – much appreciated. I guess a lot of our frustration can be traced to us business users who found out late in the week that Rogers would not ship to us until the store release date. You are correct – I assume most could head over and buy one at the store – but corporate users like myself cannot I just learned- the order has to be filled internally through Rogers – so we are at the back of the bus. The allocation method doesn’t smack me as kosher somehow but whatever. Looks like I will still be BBM’ ing for the next few weeks.

      6. RogersNicolas

        My pleasure, Tom. I can definitely understand where you come from. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a device shortly.

      7. john

        I guess by “you’ll get regular updates” Nicolas means you will receive a total of ZERO updates, emails, texts or anything from the company in the 15 days after you pre-order. As I have not heard beans from them.

      8. RogersNicolas

        I mean that you’ll receive updates as soon as there’s any news on your end but again, and as I mentioned to others, Samsung did confirm a limited availability worldwide due to an overwhelming demand. Meanwhile, we’re doing everything we can in the extent of our capabilities since we do not manufacture devices.

  71. Tom

    Can someone tell me what the communication value of this forum is if the moderators refuse to answer difficult valid questions like the last three I have sent in?

  72. Bill

    I myself am trying to contact anyone on the Board of Directors to ask if they know of this farce. Business clients with zero phones released . How many business’s besides mine do you think you may lose for ignoring the Business clients altogether. And don’t give me speel’ We are going out of our way to ensure that customers get their phones. If you were, some would have actually made it to a client before release.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Bill,

      Due to overwhelming global demand for the Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung Canada will not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27 for all customers. The company intended to ship pre-orders by the 27, and remains committed to fulfilling shipments in the coming days.

      For our business customers, we have started to ship this device today, May 2nd, 2013. Our standard practice with small and large business customers is to ship devices on the in-store date. If your device does not ship within 21 days from the in-store date, we will apply a $50 credit to your account.

      1. Bill

        Wow, you shipped one white Business class contract phone last night. You guys are really taking care of Business class. thank you soooo much.

  73. Bill

    Our standard practice with small and large business customers is to ship devices on the in-store date.- If you KNEW this , why didn’t you answer us directly when we asked about business phones and a policy. man i wish i had your job, read off a sheet and tick your customers off all day. I could have gone somewhere else and had my phones already.I am whole heartedly going to track the e-mail of Rogers Board of Directors and tell them how pleased we Business owners are with their treatment of us. have a wonderful day Chris.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      This information just crossed my desk, Bill. I apologize it wasn’t available to share sooner.

  74. Rita

    I am a new customer, and I pre-ordered my device on the first day, April 15th. I have yet to receive any shipping information. When can I expect to receive a shipping notice?


  75. Paul

    At what point can I no longer cancel my reservation? Once it moves past In progress(pre-fulfillment? Specifically for the business/corporate reserves.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Paul,

      The reservation can only be cancelled or modified while in Open status. After the status has changed to In Progress or Shipped, if you don’t want the device, you can call the selected store and advise that you will not be picking up the device.

  76. Paul

    That is the residential process. The business reserves start “in progress”.

  77. David

    On April 26th, I started off as #234 in the business reservation process. Yesterday evening, I was #90, but this morning I am “up” to #208. Can anyone from Rogers explain what is going on?!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi David,

      Let me send you an email to the address you provided and I’ll look into it with you.

  78. Ishan

    “Unfortunately, you will then have to wait until the order is shipped and refuse it and then be refunded”
    This is the response I got from customer care when I asked about cancelling the galaxy s4 pre order. They don’t know anything about my galaxy s4 pre order or shipment date. I pre-ordered S4 on 30th Apr and I still don’t have any shipping info. I can easily get s4 from any shop right now. Can you suggest me any other option to cancel my S4 pre order and get the refund.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      If you’re a Rogers csutomer you can cancel your reservation anytime, Ishan.

  79. danen

    Can you tell me how you manage to ship these phones across country over night but can’t ship from a warehouse location to store location in the same city when they were received at 10:45 am?

  80. rockcanada

    Rogers, in this day of high tech possibilities, if a customer reserves a phone, commits to the sale, why can’t you ship from the warehouse as you get it, similar to an order from any online store. The complaints here are the same issues from past whether it is cable, internet, wireless plans and hardware. Yes nobody is perfect but with all the complaints people have told rogers over the years, you think this would not happen. I can’t remember the last time a bill change came correct in the following billing cycle.