You’ve heard of Google Glass. Get ready for the Rogers Toque!

Picture this: It’s the coldest day of a harsh Canadian winter and you’re trudging through a metre of snow to get to a curling bonspiel. The bitter wind is blowing in your eyes and the snowflakes are so big you can’t tell your polar bear from the caribou.

What if you could pull your toque down over your eyeballs and see a visualization of the street, maps, hockey scores and wildlife in vibrant colours right on the wool of your toque?

Well now you can – with the new Rogers Toque, coming this fall to Rogers retail locations.

“Glass-é is pass-é, but wool is cool,” said Rogers Chief Hat Technology Officer Abril Foosdhay. “Through the science of science, we have reinvented wearable technology for the Canadian climate.”

The Rogers Toque connects seamlessly to any LTE-powered smartphone providing the fastest and most reliable toque technology on the planet.

How does it work?

“The Rogers Toque essentially displays exactly what you would see in front of you except it does it on the wool toque that covers your eyes and prevents you from seeing exactly what you would have seen if there weren’t wool in front of your eyes,” Ms. Foosdhay explained.

Other features of the Rogers Toque include:

  • A built in stereo sound system
  • Sensors that monitor your brain frequency as you listen to music and plays Canadian hits by Celine Dion, Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber or Nickelback depending on your mood
  • Keeps your head warm

We don’t have pricing or launch timing yet, but click here to preregister for more information.

Happy April Fools’ Day from Rogers!

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4 comments on “You’ve heard of Google Glass. Get ready for the Rogers Toque!

  1. Matthew Potter

    Wool? Seriously? How passé. I expected at least some form of nano-fiber-blend in there. With fiberoptic integration, you may have had a little bit of a chance competing with Glass but without it, it’s simply just a product that some start-up will re-innovate on and dominate the market. I expected more. I am disappoint…

    1. Matthew Potter

      That being said however, can I be part of the beta group?