Tablets by the numbers

Tablets by the numbers

You love your tablet, and why not? It’s portable, powerful and always connected – as long as you have a wireless internet plan. Chris Powell of Connected Rogers magazine shares the latest tablet stats.

It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs once said in an interview that tablets, as a new product, would fail. He changed his mind, obviously, and look what’s happened since. Today, about one in 10 Canadians owns a tablet – an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a BlackBerry PlayBook or otherwise – and that number is on a serious upswing.  As tablets get more useful, the number of tablets on the market keeps growing rapidly. Tablets are portable and powerful – simply put, they’re awesome. However, that awesomeness plummets significantly if you’re relying on Wi-Fi alone to get your tablet online.  We’re using our tablets for everything these days, from on-the-go gaming and TV viewing to web surfing and shopping. But all this requires a wireless internet plan – one that’s super-fast, affordable, reliable and secure. Connecting your tablet to the  Rogers LTE network means you can more fully enjoy your device, wherever you are.  Still on the fence about getting a wireless internet plan for your tablet? Consider the following:

About 1/3 of tablet use occurs outside the home

Approximately 33% of all time spent with tablets happens outside the home, whether at work/school (15%), in the car/commuting (14%) or while out shopping (4%). Tablets offer a whole whack of ways to enhance those out-of-home occasions, from maps, apps and TV streaming to comparison-shopping tools. But many of these tools rely on internet connectivity, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection wherever you are, especially if you’re on the move. You don’t use a pay phone for calls while you’re out, so why be limited to Wi-Fi hotspots to get online? Don’t let your chance at a great shortcut or killer deal be compromised by spotty internet.

53% of tablet owners watch video or stream TV on their Tablet

Whether they’re being used as part of two-screen viewing or to watch full  episodes, tablets have become an  integral part of the 21st-century TV experience. What they lack in screen size, they make up for with portability, accessible controls (no more losing the remote) and, with headphones on, an immersive viewing experience. At the same time, new tools, like the Rogers Anyplace TV tablet app, allow you to catch up on full episodes  of shows or watch trailers for upcoming movies. Watching live streaming requires a reliable internet connection, however, and a wireless internet plan can ensure you don’t miss a moment of Modern Family or Seed.

For more tablet stats and support, check out the full article in Connected Rogers magazine.

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