Peace of mind starts at home with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Blogger Rebecca Stanisic says her kids enjoy being able to use Rogers Smart Home Monitoring to see who is at the door when the doorbell rings.

Are you going away this spring? Lucky you!

Flights, check!

Luggage, check!

Passports, check!

What about your home?

When planning a vacation, we often take the time to protect ourselves by getting insurance, learning about our destination, and reading about helpful tips for staying safe. But how about the things we leave behind? York Regional Police has put together a great list of home safety tips for you and your family.

We also spent some time with @BitofMomsense (aka Rebecca Stanisic) who is trialing Rogers Smart Home Monitoring for a year, to ask her how the service helps her when she’s away from home:

What insider tips would you like to share with families who are going away this spring?
Take the usual precautions when going away:

  • Tell a neighbour or someone that you trust that you won’t be around and have them drive by or keep an eye on the house.
  • Be sure to notify anyone on your monitoring system contact list too!
  • Ask someone to pick up mail or newspapers.
  • One of the things we do before we go is unplug all unnecessary items like coffee makers or toasters.
  • Before leaving, do a walk around the house to ensure that things are in order!

How did having Smart Home Monitoring help you feel safer when you were travelling?
Being able to connect with our home monitoring system via an app on our  mobile is like having our security, and peace of mind, in our pockets.  I can check the system to see if anything has been triggered, check the camera and know that I will get a text should the alarm go off.

When we travel, it’s nice to know that if there is a problem we will be notified immediately, via email and text (and then phone).  It’s not just if the house gets broken into, or if the glass breaks. Fire, gas and water leakage alarms are also set up which definitely is an added comfort.  The house is well taken care of when we are away!

Did you have an alarm system in the past?
We did have a system beforehand that included monitoring and motion sensors. We had it installed when we first built the house 9 years ago.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring offers much more than our old system did. Not only do we still have the motion sensors and monitoring, but we have the front door camera (my favourite feature), the touchpad, the App, the texts and emails.  I feel like the communication is better and the service is better.

What are your favorite features of Rogers Smart Home Monitoring?
I truly am most impressed with the camera.  Being able to quickly look to see who is at the front door when the doorbell rings just adds extra peace of mind to me, plus the kids enjoy seeing who is there!

We also have the ability to control appliances and lamps remotely, so we can have a light go on and off while we are away.  We haven’t set one up yet but we are looking forward to using that option.

One of the most stressful things for me used to be setting our house alarm as we left for trips.  Often I was doing this by myself on my way to pick up my husband at work before we left.  It meant I would arm it, run out the door, get in the car and wait to make sure it set properly. Now, I am able to set it anywhere and anytime I want.  If I forget, I can do it from a parking lot!

I remember reading on Twitter that you adjusted the thermostat from your car on your way back home – that must have been handy, tell us more about it!
Yes! Being able to adjust the thermostat from anywhere (including my bed!) is a pretty neat feature.  We have to remember to take it off the programming before we travel to be able to control it (the program tries to override us sometimes) but it’s excellent. Before we had Rogers Smart Home, we would turn down the air conditioning or the heat while we were away and return home to an extremely hot or cold house.  Now, the house is at a perfect temperature when we arrive home, and it’s as though we had never left.

Are you going away soon? Share your tips on keeping your home safe in the comments below.

Elise is a regular RedBoard contributor.

Do you live in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and other Golden Horseshoe areas? As of today, we’re happy to announce that you can now sign up for Smart Home Monitoring by visiting this link.

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  1. Imagine Engine

    SHM has been out for over a year. What is the ETA for rollout in the Greater Vancouver Area? I have two residences I’d like to use with Rogers SHM but focus appears to only be in the East for Ontario customers.

    1. RogersNicolas


      We don’t have any info to share on that end but we’d keep everyone informed!