AMC coming to Rogers customers in HD

Some of us at Rogers were so excited about getting AMC in HD, our inner zombies came out!

Zombies look better in HD. So do meth chefs and sixties-era ad execs.

Under a new agreement with AMC, Rogers digital customers will be able to watch shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in HD by the end of March. That’s in time for the season finale of The Walking Dead and ahead of the two hour season premiere of Mad Men on April 7.

The multi-year deal also allows you to access on-demand versions of your favourite shows soon after the TV debut. In addition, AMC content will be available to Rogers customers across multiple platforms.

Over the last few days, we’ve been clear that – despite reports to the contrary – we had no absolutely no intention of dropping AMC. It’s unfortunate that some of you were worried by rumours about the channel going dark. In our business, contract negotiations with content partners are routine. Our goal is to get the best programming while keeping costs down for you. We believe we’ve accomplished that in these negotiations.

So, with that out of the way a more important question: Which character from an AMC program would you most want by your side in an HD zombie apocalypse: Michonne or Darryl from The Walking Dead? How about Don or Joan from Mad Men? Or maybe Walter or Gus from Breaking Bad?

Update March, 20, 2013: AMC HD is now available to Rogers Digital TV customers in Ontario on channel 482.

Keith McArthur is VP of Social Media at Rogers

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59 comments on “AMC coming to Rogers customers in HD

  1. reidjr

    Thank you Rogers and Amc for working outa deal.

  2. ALK

    Fantastic news Rogers! Hopefully this will finally shut up some of the whiners on here.

  3. Adam

    Awesome so glad to hear it, way to rock rogers

  4. Mitch

    I am verry glad that you guys were able to work something out with AMC.

    I am sure this will be GREAT news to many rogers customers who were freaking out over the last week :)

  5. Jeff

    This is excellent news, not just about securing AMC but also bringing it in HD. The question now is, how much more will Rogers want from me before I can enjoy my high-def zombies and meth cooks?

    1. RogersSarah

      The HD channel will be available to digital cable customers who subscribe to VIP packages.

      1. Bob

        So for those out there who dont have digital boxes, is it still going to be part of the non HD cable package?

  6. Mary Lafontaine

    You said it and your meant it. I was hoping so, and you proved it pays to believe! I don’t know how you did it, and I’m sorry that AMC interfered with your customer base, but you kept your integrity (hope you slapped them abit behind closed doors)and you kept your word. You done good !

  7. Darren

    It took 2 years too long, but thank you for finally putting AMC in HD. Between this and the blue jays I have to say that rogers has earned some goodwill with me.

  8. jimbo

    Good job Rogers, long long time customer and knew yiu would get it done. Lots of us have faith in you.

  9. John

    Well credit where credit is due. It’s a couple of years late but I’m still happy about it. When I think back to this whole situation of AMCHD, I’m left to wonder why Rogers couldn’t communicate better with its customers on this. Very frustrating. Anyway, this is great news.

  10. Trudy

    So what will be the new AMCHD channel and when will it be available?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Trudy,

      It’ll be available on the VIP package at end of March.

  11. Gregg

    Can’t wait for HD goodness. Good job Rogers and AMC

  12. alfred forshaw

    I have vip cable, and a digital box but will the channel still be the same and will others in my house that don’t have a box be able to watch it aswell?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Alfred. AMC is distributed as part of the VIP package and we’re not changing that. If you receive AMC today you will continue to receive it in the future. If they have an HD box, they will receive the HD version once we launch it.

  13. Jeff

    I just hope that Atlantic Canadian viewers aren’t left out in the cold this time. Far too many HD stations not being shared with us, and it’s gone beyond silly now.

  14. anne

    why doesn’t Rogers show past episodes of Breaking Bad???

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Anne,

      If you’re talking about AMC, it’d be a question best directed at the channel since we don’t manage their content.

  15. Laura

    We do not have a Digital Box. Will we be able to watch the Walking Dead on AMC? Without a Digital Box will a Digital Adaptor from Rogers do the trick?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Laura. AMC is being migrated to Digital. A Digital Adaptor will work for that and it’s available at no additional cost. See for details.

  16. Chris

    Ayy idea what the Channel # will be for AMC HD? If its different than the current Ch. 55

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Not at the moment, Chris, we’ll know more closer to launch.

  17. Thane

    Looking forward to the launch of AMCHD

  18. Jesse

    wow didn’t take Rogers long to get Amc HD. At this rate we should get MSNBC and CNBC in HD in 2018. l’ll bet if AMC never ran that message last week Rogers would still have the same old do nothing attitude for the customer.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jesse,

      You’re free to take your own bets but, believe it or not, there are some huge Mad Men, Walking Dead (that’s me on the picture in the back with the little T-Rex arm) or Breaking Bad fans at Rogers too. We’ve always known the added value for our customers and have been negotiating in good faith – before and after AMC aired that message.

      This said, I’m glad to hear that you’re happy about the HD version being added. I’m a Mad Men fan, what’s your favorite AMC show?

  19. Krista

    Better late than never :) Can’t wait to see Rick Grimes glower at the camera in HD haha

    btw nice pic!

  20. Ravu Gumpta

    What channel number will AMC HD be found on?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ravu,

      We’ll share all the details soon!

  21. Thane

    Do you have an idea of a launch date yet?


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Thane,

      AMC in HD is now available to customers in Ontario.

  22. Chris

    Hi Rogers,

    Can you please confirm that AMC HD will be coming to Digital VIP customers here in New Brunswick and Newfoundland??

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chris,

      At this time, AMC HD is only available to customers in Ontario. We’re working on bringing AMC HD to our Atlantic Canada soon.

      1. Chris

        Well. I am glad my contract ends in May. No AMC HD, then I am outta here with the other thousands who have already left the worst HD line up on the East Coast.

  23. Mike

    Hope the HD is available soon, only 2 more Walking Dead eps left and I would like to watch it without all the ghosting.

    1. RogersNicolas

      We can’t refuse you anything, Mike. It just launched on channel 482!

      1. Just checked in NL and there is no AMC HD here yet. Channel 482 is an NHL related station. A search of all channels shows no AMC HD on my box and I am a VIP subscriber with both TMN and Super Channel.

      2. RogersElise

        Hi Doug. At this time, AMC HD is available in Ontario only. We’re working on bringing AMC in HD to our Atlantic customers soon.

  24. Jeff

    No sign of it in Atlantic Canada. What else is new?

    1. RogersNicolas


      At this time, AMC HD is available in Ontario only. We’re working on bringing AMC in HD to our Atlantic customers soon.

  25. Scott

    Is there a date and channel assigned to AMC HD?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Scott,

      You’d find it on channel 482.

      1. cjheeg

        Thanks again rogers for leaving Atlantic Canada in the dark ages.

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi cjheeg,

        We’re working on bringing AMC HD to our Atlantic customers soon. We’ll keep everyone posted!

  26. dave

    amazing great news

  27. Marc

    Any word on if AMC in HD will be making it’s way to Atlantic Canada?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Marc. At this time, AMC HD is available in Ontario only. We’re working on bringing AMC in HD to our Atlantic customers soon.

  28. Nick

    I agree with Chris
    Lets give the channel to Ontario only ?
    Explain the reasoning behind this ?
    As soon as my contract is up in July I’m leaving and not looking back.

  29. Eluder

    Just saying I’m happy AMC HD is finally available on Rogers, I just wish you were more vocal about the launch. I had to watch last night’s episode in SD because I had no clue the HD channel had launched already.
    Get your marketing guys in Cable to announce these sort of additions across more meaningful mediums. Twitter, Facebook and Redboard aren’t exactly far reaching IMHO unless you’re specifically looking at them all the time. Maybe you should have used the guide again like you did when AMC said you were going to cancel the channel.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. RogersElise

      Thanks for your feedback :)

  30. Norm

    Good day…
    This news release has gotten a ton of us atlantic customers pumped for this, especially since this station has most of my attention. And now that it has launched, it isn’t available to atlantic canadian customers. I would like to know when it will be released, as I’m seriously considering dropping all of my rogers services after this one. This is bad advertising, and I don’t feel like a valued customer simply because I live in atlantic canada. HD available to Rogers customers means, ALL of us, not just Ontario ones. Please clarify.

  31. Marc Antony

    I’ve been watching many previous episodes in this week’s “Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Marathon” in big beautiful HD and it is so absolutely awesome that words fail me! In fact, it is taking over my life. I can’t wait for Sunday’s season finale!

    Thank you so much Rogers! I am absolutely delighted!

  32. Mike

    AMC HD is now on channel 55 here in Toronto, I guess my HD box automatically pulls in the HD channel when I tune to the regular 55. It looks beautiful, I can’t wait to watch the season finale tonight!

  33. Ian

    And of course the only area that matter to Rogers is Ontario. If you could give them HD, why could you not give the maritimes HD at the same time? I’d really like to know why.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ian,

      Sorry to hear that. We’re working on bringing it to the Maritimes soon.

  34. Susan Rogers

    So it’s now a full 24 hours since episode 7-11 of Mad Men aired – which I missed – and it’s still not uploaded to the on-demand service! Why so slow Rogers??

    1. RogersMike

      AMC shows can take up to 4 days to be uploaded to Rogers On Demand. Apologies for the delay.

  35. Ron Robert

    When will amc on demand be available in London ont?

    1. rogershayleyf

      No news to share at this time, Ron. Stay tuned!