Weekend Reading: Go-to devices, Blackberry 10, apps for kids, and apps created by teens

I’m always inspired to read about all the different ways technology is changing our lives for the better. It gives us so many more options as to how we access news and information, for example. Not to mention that it opens new and exciting opportunities for education. That it motivates some students to develop talents that lead to fulfilling careers is so great. This week we look at people’s viewing habits, why more developers should be focused on kids apps, and introduce you to the latest teenage whiz-kid developer.

What’s your go-to device?

When it comes to sourcing out your entertainment, programming and news, television still reigns supreme. But those habits are shifting, and according to a new study by eMarketer, your age plays a part in which device you prefer.

For instance, 28% of people 18 to 24 claim that their laptop is their main source of news and entertainment. TV remains the number one source for 30% of people from that same age group, but for how much longer? On the gender front, women are more likely than men turn to their smartphones or tablets to watch their favourite shows. Personally I’m torn – I still love watching TV and live tweeting and checking in to the shows I’m watching, but on the other hand, there’s something to be said for the convenience of accessing Anyplace TV on your tablet at the cottage too!

How about you? What’s your go-to source for news and entertainment? Read the full eMarketer report online to see how you compare.

The Blackberry Z10 is here!

Last week we brought you some of our favourite blog coverage from the Toronto and NYC events that introduced the Blackberry 10 platform to the world. This week we were proud to launch our first ever LIVE blog here on Redboard, capturing some of the first Blackberry Z10 sales in the world!

Catch the excitement filmed earlier this week in Toronto – were you one of our featured customers lucky enough to score a Blackberry Z10 on launch day?

Kids need more apps

When cellphones first came on to the scene, most parents were reluctant to hand one over to their kids. Those who did usually had restrictions in place to ensure the device was used for emergency purposes only. Though these devices are still handy for emergencies, parents are increasingly seeing the benefits of their kids utilizing them for fun and education too.

What’s also changed is how kids use their phone. While it’s true that gaming apps rank highest among kids 12 and under, educational apps were right up there with more than half using their devices for learning purposes too. Schools have even begun to take notice with 1.5 million tablets already being used by students in the US.

Upstart Business Journal referenced an eye opening infographic that app developers may want to capitalize upon – check out their post for more kid tech trends and share some of your favourite educational apps with us in the comments below!

High school student creates “Clipped”

We also stumbled across a fascinating interview with a 15 year old student who created an app in between homework and hanging out with friends. When I was 15 I was making mix tapes and experimenting with makeup!

Fast Company caught up with Tanay Tandon for a quick chat on how his app “Clipped” came together what this Flipboard competitor can do for you, and what’s next on his agenda.

It’s amazing what opportunities technology provides for teens today that can lead to such promising careers tomorrow. How is tech affecting you and/or your kids upbringing in 2013?

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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One comment on “Weekend Reading: Go-to devices, Blackberry 10, apps for kids, and apps created by teens

  1. Bhupinder D

    My go to source for news is Twitter, I am not a big news junkie. For entertainment it is my TV. I have done a little live tweeting myself, usually during sporting events, like the Raptors game or the Australian Open.

    I watched some of the BlackBerry Z10 Live Blog during the launch, looked like a great time!

    When I was 15, I was probably making mix tapes too. Boy do I feel old all of sudden! LOL! :)