How to unlock your phone with Rogers

We get a lot of questions here on RedBoard about device unlocking. How does it work? What are the restrictions? What does unlocking even mean?

Here’s a quick guide.

So what is unlocking anyway?

By unlocking your phone, you can use your wireless device with a SIM card from another mobile carrier. This is a great benefit to customers spending extended time away in other countries that need to stay connected.

What are the restrictions?

When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

For those customers who are under a term commitment, we have made some changes to our device unlocking policy to give you more flexibility in the way you use your wireless device. In March 2013, we’ll be changing our policy so that you no longer have to wait until you complete your full term commitment – you can unlock 90 days after activating your device on the Rogers network. We’re also making it even easier for you to have your phone unlocked by bringing it to any of our Rogers retail stores.

How much will it cost?

You can unlock your device for $50 plus applicable taxes.

Update March 6th, 6pm: Hi everybody. We’re happy to announce that our new unlocking policy will be implemented effective March 28th.


Patricia is a regular Redboard contributor.

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183 comments on “How to unlock your phone with Rogers

  1. gwydionjhr

    It’s not $50 because if you’re not a Rogers customer you have to buy a SIM card which is an additional cost. Buying a device outright should come with an automatic no-charge unlock whether you are an existing customer, or not. Charging a fee for this would be like buying a car, and then having the dealer charge you extra to have the keys.

  2. Shaggyskunk

    That’s pretty sweet! Great to see that Rogers is paying attention to the customer!

  3. Jeff

    For those of us who are under a term commitment, does this mean we can unlock our device without paying the balance of our economic inducement?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Yes Jeff. Though you are still subject to your term commitment even if you unlock your phone.

      1. George

        Hi Rogers_Chris, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions so clearly, this really helps users and is a great customer relational piece for Rogers. I need you to clarify the above comment for me please and thank you:

        “For those of us who are under a term commitment, does this mean we can unlock our device without paying the balance of our economic inducement?”

        You answered yes but I got a different response from the Rogers Customer Service Department or perhaps I am not understanding what you posted.

        I was told that in order to unlock my phone and would have to “buy out” the phone first. This they explained means, I would need to pay the balance of the phone subtracting the months I have been on contract so far. I would also have to pay the $50 service charge as well. Therefore if I had an iPhone 5 for the required 90 days I would pay over $550 plus the $50 fee to unlock my phone they explained. No great deal!!

        Please clarify for me and if Rogers Customer Service got it wrong why are they spreading mis-information?

        Thanks again for your quick and informative reply.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        That would be our current – as of this day, February 24 – unlocking policy. The new policy will take effect sometime in March 2013 and it will be as described in this blog post. You will only be required to have purchased your device within 90 days from Rogers, and pay the $50 unlocking fee. There won’t be any “buying out” or paying the balance of your Flextab.

      3. George

        Thank you Chris,
        By the way I did ask them specifically about the new policy in March and even showed them the post on this Redboard! That is what they told me. Two more questions for you:

        1. When in March will this start?
        2. Can this be done at any Rogers Store and/or on-line by calling into Rogers?

        Thanks again Chris. I can’t believe how quickly you reply to our posts. This is the best feature at Rogers!!

      4. Rogers_Chris

        You’re welcome – to answer your questions, we don’t have a specific date when it will begin yet, and you’ll be able to unlock your device at any of our Rogers retail stores sometime in March. I believe you’ll still be able to it by phone or live chat as well.

      5. George

        Chris can I sort comments on this site so I can quickly find the newest comments? I click on the email notification for new comments but I cannot quickly find them in this page.

      6. RogersElise

        Hi George. If you go on the comments page, you can click on “newer” comments.

      7. George Voumvakis

        any news on the release date? when in March?

      8. RogersNicolas

        Hi George,

        Fresh news on that end: it’ll be effective on March 28, 2013.

  4. Dani Sar

    If someone purchases a Rogers handset at full price, I believe the unlocking should be free. Generally these unlock codes are used for carriers to control the subsidy, but since the subsidy is nil, there shouldn’t be an unlock code on the phone.

    I’m glad to see you are changing the terms to 90 days though. Finally, does this unlock code include iPhones?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Dani, thanks for your feedback. This applies to all devices we sell, including iPhones.

      We appreciate that some customers purchase devices at full price without a subsidy. When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

  5. Ben

    Hi Patricia, will this apply to the Fido handsets as well? Thanks! Ben

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Yes it will, Ben.

  6. jg

    Or you can get it done elsewhere for $10. Any phone that I pay full price for should come unlocked. First company to sell all their phones unlocked will be shocked at how many new subscribers that they get.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      jg, there is a lot involved from both a technical and administrative perspective to provide this value-added service for our customers. We’ve been getting positive feedback from our customers for years since we began unlocking devices. Thanks for your feedback.

      1. Bruce

        If it’s so difficult “technically and administratively” to unlock phones, why lock them in the first place?

        Oh yeah, and why does Rogers charge five times what the kid at the mall does to unlock a phone?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Because devices are optimized to work on the network for which they were purchased. Not all settings will work outside the carrier that certified the device.

      3. Timothy

        Incorrect. Locking the phone is simply a way to prevent customers from leaving Rogers and taking their phone to another company that provides cheaper and better service. The idea that a locked phone benefits the customer in any way is purely a figment of Rogers’ imagination. With very few exceptions, an unlocked phone can be used on every GSM network in the world quite well.

        And for those who purchased an unlocked iPhone from Rogers, you may as well have purchased directly from Apple and saved the $50 network unlock fee.

      4. Rogers_Chris

        You’re welcome to your opinion, Timothy. Unlocking a device may change the features on your phone/device and affect its performance on our network. Our devices are optimized to work on the network from which they were purchased.

  7. Andy

    How does one go about requesting this?
    Is it on the website or does it have to go through the callcenter?


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Andy, you can have your device unlocked at any of our Rogers retail stores sometime in March 2013.

  8. George Knight

    Why do I need to pay for unlocking if I buy my phone at full price? I bought my Galaxy S3 by paying full price ($733, tax in) and now I have to pay another $50 (probably plus tax) to unlock it? This is not fare!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback George. When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

      1. alex

        You arent responding to the question that was asked. He didnt ask when it can be unlocked, he asked why he has to pay $50 if he paid full price for his phone, and you respond with “you can unlock it immediately” but leave out the part where he has to PAY more money to do so.

  9. Paul

    Good job! It’s about time…but why does is still cost more than your competitor that charges only $35?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We don’t comment on competitors, Paul.

  10. Shahid

    Brilliant idea, although $50 charge is a bit steep. I think $25 would have been the right amount.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback, Shahid.

    2. yes u r right brother , its mustbe 25$ .

  11. Bee

    Would Fido customers also bring their devices to a Rogers retail store to unlock?

    Also, would the phone need to be on an active SIM, or that doesn’t matter? I’d like to unlock my iphone 4 which I don’t use anymore.

  12. Tony

    $50 is outrageous. $10 is all this should cost. What a joke Rogers

  13. Edd

    Is it going to be possible to unlock the phone without bringing it to some of the Rogers stores?
    In example, I want to unlock my iPhone 4, can this be done through iTunes with me providing IMEI, and Rogers billing me 50+$ to my account or some online payment service?

  14. Andy

    Hello there,

    I will be traveling to Asia by march 8th. Would service be in place before then???


  15. A Concerned Citizen

    Isn’t it illegal to unlock devices? Are the police going to shut this place down? I don’t think we should let people with money get away with breaking the law.

    1. jeff

      no it’s not illegal. Wow.

    2. Andy

      lol, what?! If you’re referring to the recent rule change in the U.S, that has nothing to do with Canada. And in that case, it simply says that you can’t unlock your device without your carriers permission. As long as they allow it, you’re fine.

  16. andy

    I bought a rogers locked phone but was unable to unlock it through you guys because I found out the previous owner still had a balance on his account. Any way to resolve this issue?

  17. Paul

    Chris, I know you can’t comment on your competition, but surely you know that their unlocking fee is cheaper. Why would you guys be more expensive? Makes no sense. If your responses are going to be simply that you don’t comment on competition instead of listening to people and trying to do what makes sense, then you’re going to upset many customers and lose them to your competitors whom you “can’t comment on”. It’s that simple. I must say that Rogers has become quite rude and full of themselves lately while their quality of service has deteriorated and become sub-standard.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Fair enough, Paul. All I can say of the fee is that it covers technical and administrative costs associated with providing this value-added service to our customers.

      1. jeff

        Robbers is always more expensive. That’s why.

  18. Youval

    If i buy for example an iPhone on a 3yr contract with the subsidized price of 199$ can i unlock it after 90 days with a 50$ fee?
    Or do i have to buy the phone at say 799$ full retail and then i’m eligible to unlock it for 50$?
    Because if it’s option number 2 then it makes no sense because i can just buy it unlocked at Apple directly for 799$ without paying an extra 50$.
    This is not very clear.
    I’d like a direct answer please.
    Existing customer.
    Hardware upgrade to iPhone 5 at 199$.
    Re commit to 3 years on my contract.
    50$ charge to unlock after 90 days.
    Yay or Nay ?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Option 1. So, yay.

      1. Youval

        So then it’s worth it.
        Thanks for the direct answer.

  19. Edd

    Is it going to be possible to unlock the phone without bringing it to some of the Rogers stores?
    In example, I want to unlock my iPhone 4, can this be done through iTunes with me providing IMEI, and Rogers billing me 50+$ to my account or some online payment service?

    Second try, maybe this time it will be answered.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      You should be able to unlock over the phone or through Live Chat as well.

      1. Edd

        Thank you very much for your response.

      2. Andy

        Hi…can we do this over live chat prior to March? I am leaving town in a few days.

      3. RogersNicolas

        Hi Andy,

        Customers will be able to do so in March 2013. We’ll share all the details soon.

  20. Voila

    Will a phone purchased at full price incur the $50 unlock fee?

      1. jeff

        what a joke. If you’re buying an iphone, just do so from Apple, and you get it unlocked to begin with, that way you bypass Rogers altogether and to to a competitor.

  21. Ann

    Maybe I missed this already, but when in March will this be available March 1st or …

    1. RogersSarah

      We’ll have more details soon, Ann!

  22. Matthew

    I was a Rogers customer for close to 8 years and ended up breaking my contract and leaving because of their old unlock policy. I guess this changes signals that I wasn’t the only one.

  23. Robin

    “Value added service” is a laughable thing to say, my friend – your customer has fulfilled his contract and should have the right to do what he will with the phone – a free unlock would be a real gesture of goodwill – I have been a loyal customer of Rogers since2005 – and Rogers does not exhibit loyalty to long-time customers. NOT a good long-term customer retention strategy! I challenge Rogers to show REAL goodwill!

  24. nick

    if you are on pay as you go can you still unlock your phone

    1. Rogers_Chris

      You can indeed, Nick.

  25. Brandon

    Is this the same as a factory unlock?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Brandon,

      Unlocking is a process that enables your phone to work with any carrier.

      1. Brandon

        Correct that I know, but there is a difference between factory unlock and software unlock. Software unlock can tend to slow your phone down. If i buy an unlock code from a website that is considered software unlock and would need to re unlocked it if I to a complete wipe to the phone. Is this the same case with the unlock you are offering or would it be the same unlock as if I were to buy it direct from the manufacturer?

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Once we’ve confirmed your device is eligible, we will provide you with an unlocking code and walk you through the steps to unlock your device.

      3. Brian

        Wow, that almost answers the question that was asked.

  26. Don

    If I buy a used Rogers device, can I unlock it after using it for 3 months through Rogers ?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Don, we’re only able to unlock devices that have been purchased directly from Rogers/Fido/Chatr.

  27. Chris

    When in March will this start ? I am going south March 7 and would love to have my iPhone 5 unlocked to use on a USA pay as you go plan for 3 weeks !

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hey Chris, it won’t take effect until sometime this spring, we don’t have a date to announce quite yet.

  28. richie kapoor

    Is the unlocking applicable to apple I phones as well. 4s and the 5? Thanks

    1. RogersNicolas


      It’s applicable to all devices.

  29. MikeM

    When can I unlock phones? I’m travelling to the USA on the March Break. I’d love to unlock my iPhone before hand.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Mike, we don’t have a specific date but it will begin sometime in March 2013.

  30. Bonnie

    Will this affect iphone users with AppleCare?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Bonnie,

      No it wouldn’t affect it.

  31. AndyM

    Does Rogers know when in March (beginning, mid, end, specific date) this will come in effect?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We don’t have a specific date to share, AndyM. Spring arrives March 20 so likely sometime after then.

  32. Michaer

    Why is it 50.00. I spent 600.00 on a phone with you people to purchase it outright and get told after the fact that it is 50.00 to unlock something I just bought. Come on Rogers, don’t you nickle and dime us to death already.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The fee covers technical and administrative costs associated with providing this value-added service to our customers.

  33. Brandon

    Why is the phone locked in the first place? If your buying it outright shouldnt it come unlocked? In the case of the z10 you cannot buy it from Blackberry yet so you can only get it from Rogers or a competitor. If i pay full price shouldn’t it already be unlocked?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Brandon, no because some settings or features may not function properly as they’re configured to the Rogers network.

      1. Matt

        Hi, can you be specific on exactly which settings or features may not function properly? I would like to get details on iphone and z10.

  34. Shaun

    About time
    Now if you would just deal with those ridiculous roaming fees we wouldn’t need to bother
    A definite step in the right direction

  35. Timothy

    Will this new policy apply only to new contracts or will customers with existing contracts be eligible for unlocking after 90 days from their start date?

    Great see Rogers finally getting on board with their competitors.

    1. RogersSarah

      Hi Timothy,

      This change will apply to all customers as long as their current device has been active on their Rogers account for a minimum of 90 days.

  36. Will

    Awesome! Definatly a step in the right direction! I think it’s a bit pricy but love that the option is there.

    I have a question that is tied to this. Sony Xperias (android phones) that are purchased from Rogers (or any telecom carrier) have a “Bootloader unlock allowed: No” found by typing *#*#7378423#*#* in the phone dialer, then go to Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. Unless the phone is bought directly from Sony, it will never say “Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes”.
    The “No” setting is from the phone being locked to the carrier. Is there any chance that the Rogers unlock method is able to change the “No” into a “Yes”?

    If it can change it to a Yes, I would gladly pay the $50 in a heartbeat to allow my phone to be used on Sony’s offical bootloader unlock site ( Or even if I can get permission to allow Sony in some way through a service center (or something similar) to change it to “Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes”.

    Please look into this! :)

  37. NiMo

    Will the service be available starting March 1? If not, on what date in March will the service begin?

    1. RogersNicolas


      We’ll share all the details soon. Thanks for your interest!

  38. Apoorv Chandra

    Would it work if I wanted my iPhone unlocked, given that I purchased it from another person instead of directly from Rogers. The phone is relatively new so I’m assuming the original buyer’s account status comes into play as well? Or as long I’ve been with Rogers for more than 90 days and have used the phone?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’re only able to unlock devices that have been purchased directly from Rogers.

  39. Sandra

    Why is the unlocking fee $50, even when paid for a device in full or when off term? According to Bill C-343 (Cell Phone Unlocking) it is supposed to be provided FREE OF CHARGE once devices are off term or purchased outright.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Sandra,

      The fee covers technical and administrative costs associated with providing this value-added service to our customers.

      Regarding the bill you’re referring to, here’s a link on the Parliament’s website to understand the legislative process: and this is the status on that:

      If you have any further questions regarding that specific topic, I’d advise you to contact the Parliament via their contact form:

  40. Michael

    I will be traveling to the USA March 12 and I want my phone unlocked BEFORE. I’m sure if I called customer service, they would make an exception for unlocking a couple days before the policy comes into effect. Do you think that would work?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Michael,

      I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to do so if the policy hasn’t officially started.

  41. Serhiy

    I have not a Rogers account. But I bought iphone 4 locked to Rogers. The contract was out. How I can unlock this Iphone 4 if I am not in Canada ? Thanks

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We only unlock for existing Rogers customers.

  42. Pedro

    RogersChris says:
    “The fee covers technical and administrative costs associated with providing this value-added service to our customers.”
    “Once we’ve confirmed your device is eligible, we will provide you with an unlocking code and walk you through the steps to unlock your device.”

    So Rogers staff, surely the technical and administrative costs (which no-one believes exists to warrant a $50 cost) are for an actually quite simple process which so many third parties can do for much less money, be it the kid at Pacific Mall for $10 or Bell for $35. Furthermore for $50 why do we have to do any work to unlock our phones as you mention you will walk us through the process? Will you pay us back some of that admin fee for doing this essentially ourselves?

    The fact is Rogers is reluctantly providing this service and is still imposing barriers for people to unlock. It’s corporate greed before anything else with Rogers, which most people can see clearly. Keep drinking the Rogers kool-aid and answering from the script Rogers staff, because this kind of nonsense is why many people will switch providers after they leave the shackles of the world’s worse cellphone contract terms.

  43. Ahmad Abu Bakr

    Hi Rogers.. I bought IPhone 4s from canada from someone and it locked by Rogers Company. and when i called Rogers Store to Unlock It they told me That the Seller Cancelled the Contract with Rogers. and I can not reach to that person and i am not in Canada I am In Egypt. I want to know what can i do to unlock my IPhone 4s officially. Thanks .. Ahmad

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We can’t help unfortunately, we only unlock phones for Rogers customers.

  44. Ali

    I was wondering. When Rogers unlocks in March. Do we just call and the reps will unlock on the spot. How long will take to unlock. Do we have to insert a different SIM card to make it work. Do we to connect to iTunes.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ali,

      We’ll give more details regarding the date shortly. And you’ll indeed be able to unlock it by calling or visiting a store. It’d be done in a timely manner.

  45. Ali

    I’m overseas plz help

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ali,

      When our new policy launches, you’d have to call in to be assisted with that.

  46. Bongra

    is it possible to unlock the phone from outside of Canada?

  47. Jimmy

    We are March 1srt, when your new policy will by available? I want to unlock my phone before going outside the country next week.

    1. RogersNicolas


      It’ll be released this month. We’ll advise everyone shortly!

      1. Michael

        When this month? I am travelling in the USA on March 12 and would like to unlock my phone before then. Thanks!

      2. RogersSarah

        Closer to the end of the month, but stay tuned for more details.

  48. Ann

    What is the delay or wait for the unlocking. Why do we have to wait if Rogers knows that it going to offer this service? Why annouce if weeks before and not know when?

  49. Apoorv Chandra

    Is the policy in effect yet?

    1. RogersNicolas


      Not yet but we’ll keep everyone posted!

  50. Ryan

    Will customers need to pay out the subsidy to unlock?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Ryan,

      There’s a $50 administrative fee but you wouldn’t need to pay out the subsidy.

  51. Any idea when we will be able to call in to unlock phones that are more than 90 days on a contract?

    1. RogersNicolas


      We’ll keep everyone posted as soon as there’s any info to share on that end.

  52. michael

    Hi Chris,
    I am a international student now, what if i brought a second hand Rogers locked Phone and i want to unlock it,is that possible or i have to prove by ID or sth else?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Michael. If you don’t have an account with us, unfortunately we can;t unlock your device.

  53. Gayle

    Well doesn’t everyone think this is just ridiculous. Rogers has an unlocking department. I was told by the unlocking department that they would do it March 1st. Of course, on March 2nd, I was told that the date was moved to March 28th. Why are the Rogers people on Redboard continuing to say “We will keep everyone posted” No one is answering the question “What is the delay” Why announce” Are they going to move the date once again?During the CRTC hearings, why did the Rogers rep reply to the chairman that “Rogers customers can unlock now in our out of a contract” That was, by the way, after much proding by the various chairmans. Rogers’ customers deserve better than that. If you don’t have the answer, let the higher ups know that your customers are not happy & deserve better service.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Gayle,

      There was actually no delay! Sorry if there’s been any sort of confusion. We said that it would be available in March but never meant on the 1st.

      It’ll indeed be available on the 28th!

      1. Bill

        It seems to be more a case of deception rather than confusion.
        Quote: “We said that it would be available in March but never meant on the 1st.” Must have known the date would not be March 1st. So why announce? Why not just say March 28 from the beginning!
        Why not just say what you mean, and mean what you say! It would possibly be a way showing the rogers hostages er uh customers that we are sometimes heard!

      2. RogersNicolas

        Sorry you feel that way, Bill. To quote the article on my end, it states “In March 2013″ and we’ve always commented that the date would be shared soon. Feel free to check the comment section.

        There’s more to launching a new policy than pushing a button on a computer, it’d include the integration to our system or training for instance. We chose to announce it ahead of time to give customers a heads-up. This said, I can definitely understand your impatience and it’ll be available in 3 weeks from now.

  54. RogersRob

    Hi ! If i purchase a used iphone that is under no contract, that is currently locked to Rogers, will i be able to unlock it thru Rogers in March? What will the cost/ terms be?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi there. If you do not have an account with us, you would not be able to do that. If you are an existing customer, then yes.

      1. Ed


        I have 2 active iPhones with a Rogers account.. However, I have a 3rd Rogers iPhone that is not active. I would like to have this one unlocked today. Can this be done?

      2. RogersElise

        Hi Ed. What do you mean by “not active”? Did you get a subsidy when you purchased this phone?

  55. Jonathan

    Quick question. If I pay the $50 fee to unlock my iPhone, and then I end up replacing my iPhone through Apple because it’s faulty, do I need to pay to unlock it again? Or will Apple recognize that it’s factory unlocked? And if not, will Rogers recognize that I’ve paid to unlock an iPhone tied to my phone number and not charge me again?


  56. Nicholas

    Typical Rogers, pre-announce and then string it out. Next they will say that it’s because of training or some such but seeing as they have been unlocking for years, no real reason to delay.

    Rogers, disappointing as usual

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Nicholas,

      Sorry to hear you feel that way. It will be available on March 28.

  57. Michael

    I will be traveling to the USA March 12 and need my phone unlocked. Can I call and get it done?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Michael,

      As soon as the new policy takes place on March 28, you’ll indeed be able to do so.

  58. Pedro

    It’s an obvious cash grab people. They have the ability to unlock right now, but some greedy decision makers “strategically” in their minds push the date to the end of March so that they can cash in on March break travellers who will have to pay for a vacation package to use their phones out of country. After all these restrictions and 3 year contracts are done with Rogers will lose a lot of customers who will remember these greedy tactics. Rogers Redboard mods please express the peoples digust at this. We want unlocking early in March and we know you can do it.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Pedro. Actually, it’s quite a lot of work to train our staff and ensure all our internal channels are prepared to support the new policy. We are working aggressively towards the March 28th implementation date.

  59. saurabh

    hi chris, myself saurabh, from india, 3 month ago I buy used iphone 4 from ebay that phone is temporarily unlocked but after updating I found it is lock with Roger..
    can I unlock that phone after paying $50, but I do’t have Roger account and I am living in india.
    please reply…

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Saurabh, unfortunately you need to have an account with us to be able to unlock your device.

  60. Ali

    So there’s no other way to unlock iPhone 5 until 28th not even a thrid party?

    How long does it take to unlock is it instant? What happend to the companies flaming they can for 100-130etc

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ali. I think it is taking place almost immediately. -Elise

  61. Dave

    What about Bill C-343?

    “If a consumer purchases a cellular telephone from a provider at a discounted price as a condition of entering into a service contract for the telephone with the provider, the provider must, on the request of the consumer at any time after the service contract has expired, remove free of charge any network lock that has been applied to the telephone.”

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Dave. This bill has not been passed.

      1. Troy

        I though Rogers would be more greedier than this. You would think they will jump at the chance to charge the $50 to unlock those iPhones because once Bill C-343 is passed, they would be required to unlock them as long as the contract has been fulfilled (3 years finished or early renewed or cancelled contract and paid Flex-tab out)

        Rogers would lose a huge revenue stream. All the people who would pay $50 to unlock their devices wouldn’t be paying a penny (nickel now since the penny isn’t being used anymore).

        Perhaps Rogers knows that Bill C-343 wouldn’t be passed for a long long time so they are not anxious to start collecting these unlocking fees.

      2. RobinS

        Bill C-343 is a private member’s bill, which by all reports are the kinds of legislation that have a very uncertain (and sometimes unlikely) road to passage – don’t hold your breath. I suspect companys like Rogers and their main competition would rather collect your money for the specious “value-added benefit” rationale they use than to do the right thing – which is to unlock your phone for free once your obligation is complete. I can accept a smaller charge for an early unlock – but the $50 unlock is the same that they were charging after you completed your obligation – so all’s they’re happy to do is get your money sooner than later!

  62. DingDong

    Why make us wait until the 28th?
    We’ve been through 4 service reps today giving us differing stories on current unlock policy.
    Still on the phone right now! (4hrs later..)
    They want 48$ + $50 to unlock mine, and over 350$ + 50$ to unlock my second user,
    We started our contracts at the same time, paid the same.. kind of silly…

    Rgrs customer for 6 yrs. 250$ in bills roughly.. usually more.. between two phones on account.
    3 handset upgrades each (6 handsets!)

    And getting an unlock from Rogers is the most convoluted phone dance in the history of phonefail.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi there. We’re working to ensure all our internal channels are prepared to support the new policy. We are working aggressively towards the March 28th implementation date.

  63. Wilson

    Hi! Rogers Rep

    I just sign up with Roger (prepaid sim-card) 3 days ago. My question are:

    1/ Can I use my Roger acct to unlock an iphone 5 (I bought with full price !! )… 1 month ago ?
    2/ Also Can I use my Roger acct to unlock another IPhone 4s which I bought long time ago ?


    1. RogersElise

      Starting March 28th, you will be able to unlock any device that has been activated for at least 90 days if these devices are Rogers devices and if you have an existing account with us. However, if you have purchased a device for full price, then you can unlock it immediately, as of March 28th.

  64. Ana

    Just got off the phone with Rogers. They seem to have no idea this unlocking option is happening. When pressed to check about it, I was told, “potentially” March 25th.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ana. We’re working to ensure all of our channels are ready for this new policy for March 28th. I can assure you it will launch on March 28th.

  65. Ali

    What about hardware upgrades… And if someone took over your account can you still unlock the phone?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Ali. I am not sure I understand your question about hardware upgrades. Could you give me more details?

  66. Harold

    Hi I’m just curious, will rogers unlock my phone if i bought it from another person for a back up phone? considering I am currently a rogers costumer on a 3 year contract. thanks in advance

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Harols. If the device is from another carrier, you’d have to ask other carriers to unlock it.

  67. Jo

    Hey, if I bought an iPhone from bestbuy mobile under a Rogers upgrade, can I still get the phone unlocked?

    1. Rogers_Chris


  68. Dan

    1. Would this new unlock policy apply to Fido customers too?
    2. If so, can a fido customer unlock the phone via Fido customer service on the phone ?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi. You would need to contact Fido about that.

  69. Kevin

    Glad to see Rogers making this move already. A question though, I was a gifted a Rogers iPhone from a friend (who is also Rogers customer) during Christmas, will that be eligible for unlocking as it is a Rogers phone but not under my name but has been activated with Rogers?


    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’ll be happy to ensure you’re eligibility come the 28th, Kevin.

  70. Ali

    What about the ppl who by Rogers iPhone on eBay and they want it unlocked no help ?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      This is a value-added service we provide for Rogers customers, Ali.

  71. chin le

    hello support

    i want unlocked IPHONE 4 8GB WHITE imei 012958000737671 ,Out of Warranty .

    thank you support rogers

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hello! Please reach out to us @RogersHelps or so we can assist.

  72. tekie Negusse

    I would enjoy traveling with my phone

  73. Lydi

    Hi Rogers Support,

    So if can I get my phone unlocked now, in anticipation of a trip a couple of months in the future? What if I misplace the unlock code in the time binge? Do you guys keep it on file so I can call back and get the same code? Or will I have to pay the $50 again to re-unlock it.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Lydi, please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions about unlocking!

  74. Paul Tantram

    I purchased an iphone on Kijiji and its locked to Rogers – can you unlock it for me.
    I am willing to pay the $50.

    1. RogersMike

      Hey Paul! Please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on They’ll be able to assist. :)

  75. axl

    I have an iPhone 4 from Rogers, contract is already over. What do I have to do to get it unlock? Will it cost?

    1. RogersMike

      Please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on – they can help. :) If your phone meets the eligibility requirements, they’ll be able to unlock it for you for $50 plus taxes.

  76. Glenn

    Hi will rogers unlock a phone on there network that I bought from a friend? Also can rogers unlock a phone that has had the wrong unlock code typed in multiple times .?

    1. RogersMike

      For more information, please reach out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or on Have a great day!

  77. Chris

    Hi Patricia,
    We bought an iphone 5s from someone and it is locked to Rogers. Our plan is with another carrier, so we need to get it unlocked in order to use it. If I take it to a Rogers store, will they unlock it for me, and is the charge still $50?

    1. RogersMike

      There are certain eligibility requirements that would need to be met before unlocking. For more info on these requirements, please reach out to our @RogersHelps team on Twitter or Best of luck!

      1. Chris

        I went to the Rogers store and I was told that I would have to sign up for a mobile account for 90 days before Rogers will unlock the phone I bought from someone who had a Rogers account. Is this true? If so, hiding behind the “eligibility requirements” statement is very misleading. Why not just spell it out? Are there any other options? I bought an iphone 5s for my daughter’s birthday, and she is still on another plan. I thought unlocking a used phone would be fairly straight forward, but Rogers is treating me like I am some sort of deviant.

      2. RogersMike

        The store is correct. For more info on unlocking, feel free to check out our FAQs here:

  78. Steve

    How can Rogers block me from unlocking my iPhone? My contract with rogers is finished and the phone is paid for in full so I am the sole owner of my phone, yet Rogers is somehow able to prevent anyone from unlocking it. How can this be legal when I own my phone? Again, I own my phone, not Rogers. If that’s not the case, then why did I have to pay for the phone at all. Unlocking is not on the SIM card so the cost of the card isn’t relevant, replacing the SIM is a cost I’ve already accepted, yet I can’t use my phone anymore. Is there no government regulation that disallows Rogers from hijacking my phone?

    Fed up Rogers!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Steve, please reach out to us @RogersHelps on Twitter or

      1. Steve

        I don’t want to deal with Rogers anymore, I want to unlock through an unlocking service, but Rogers whined to Apple and had Apple stop selling unlock codes to 3rd party unlockers. Why as the sole owner of this device has my right to choose who services my phone been taken away from me? I have already cancelled all of my Rogers services over this abuse of my rights, and have switched to an unlimited internet provider with TV service.

        Bye Bye Rogers

    2. Chris

      Steve, try contacting the CRTC. They helped me when I commented that Rogers is bending the rules by restricting their unlocking to current customers. I’m sure that was not the intent of the regulations that require service companies to unlock phones, but Rogers has certainly been using this tactic a lot and creating tonnes of ill-will in the process. I cancelled my cable over it and am very happy with Fibe and Fido. I will never go back to Rogers.

  79. Cesar Cabrera

    I need your support to unlock an Iphone3. Please guide me to the procedures. Thanks.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      You can reach out to us @RogersHelps or find us at