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Your Rogers bill: Let’s go paperless together

Whether it’s bank statements or utility bills, paperless billing is becoming increasingly common. At Rogers, we believe that paperless billing is the way to go for a bunch of reasons. For one, it reduces paper, which saves trees and the environment.  You may have seen a bill message related to online billing with your latest Rogers invoice. Let’s have a look at what’s changing:


$2 Paper Invoice Fee

We implemented a paper invoice fee back in August 2011 for new wireless customers or existing wireless customers who made certain changes to their account. We recently reached out to any of our existing wireless customers who haven’t made one of those changes to their account and asked them to make a choice: (i) enroll in online billing for free, or (ii) continue with paper invoices for a monthly fee. Should you decide to continue with paper invoices, you’ll be charged a $2 per month paper invoice fee (plus applicable taxes) starting on your first invoice on or after April 9, 2013.

How do I enroll in online billing?

To switch to online billing, just set up and login to your My Rogers account and select “Enroll in Paperless billing.” For more information, go to

Is Online Billing Mandatory?

You always have a choice to enroll in online billing or continue with paper bills. Go to  to speak with a customer service representative or reach out to us on Twitter via @RogersHelps to discuss your options.

How do I know if online billing is the right option for me?

Only you know if you can do without your paper invoice. Know that by switching to online billing, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, you’ll also be able to take advantage of other benefits, like:

  • Anytime, anywhere online access, 24/7
  • Up to 18 months of billing history in one convenient location
  • Detailed billing and easily downloadable for further analysis

Why are you making this change?

As a company, we care about the environment and our goal is to reduce as much paper waste as possible. Encouraging customers to make the choice to go paperless is part of our ongoing effort to be more environmentally conscious. In fact, Rogers saved more than 992,000kgs of paper by issuing online versus paper bills in 2012. We’ve also reduced our own internal paper usage by 19 per cent in 2011.

We’ve also made significant enhancements to our online customer portal, and now offer additional tools and resources to help you better manage your bill and accounts online. Remember, you can always download and print your bill through the online portal.

If you’ve already made the switch, do you encourage your friends to go paperless? 

Brooke is a new contributor to the Redboard blog. Welcome Brooke!

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Rogers named one of Canada’s best diversity employers

We’ve been named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2013 by Mediacorp Canada Inc. The award recognizes companies for their leadership in creating a diverse environment for their employees, customers and communities.  We’re on the list and excited and proud to be there!

Diversity is integral to our overall talent management strategy. Hiring thousands of Canadians every year and building diverse high performing teams is an on-going focus and essential to the company’s success.  In line with this, we have a multi-year diversity plan that is developed and championed by the company’s most senior leaders as well as employees.

Focusing on Diversity helps us to build better teams and we’re always looking for ways to attract the best talent for Rogers.  Creating a culture of inclusiveness is important to ensuring our employees feel engaged every day when they come to work.

To help us achieve this goal we focus on many initiatives.  Here are a few we’re proud to highlight:

Talent Attraction

  • We recently partnered with Pride at Work Canada, and will be working with them to help us strengthen our initiatives in promoting inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) employees at Rogers.
  • OMNI Ontario funds the John Webb Graham Q.C. Rogers Multicultural Scholarship which provides four-year tuition to three first-year students in the School of Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University. Awarded annually, this entrance award is based on ethnocultural or native background, academic proficiency and career aspirations.

Employee Retention and Development

  • We’ve created the Rogers Women’s Network (RWN), a strong employee resource groups which focuses on helping female managers build the leadership skills and networks they need to transition into the next level of their careers.  The RWN works very closely with Canadian Women in Communications to bring additional resources to the women at Rogers.
  • In 2012 we created the Rogers Employee Volunteer Program.  As part of this program employees are invited to take time off work and use it towards a volunteer experience, either with an organization affiliated with our own Rogers Youth Fund or with another registered charity of their choice.
  • We offer a number of amenities for those who require alternative accommodation, designed to improve workplace diversity and inclusiveness for our employees in designated groups. Examples include family care rooms for nursing mothers, computer software systems to assist visually impaired employees, and faith rooms which allow for private observance.

What’s next?

We’re working on plenty of new initiatives to further promote and support a diverse and inclusive environment at Rogers.  We’ll be rolling out these initiatives in line with our Diversity roadmap and strategy and communication is one of our top priorities so expect to hear more from us in the coming months.

How do you stay connected with Rogers? Follow us @RogersCareers!

Liz is a new contributor to the Redboard blog. Welcome Liz!

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Save the zombies: Let’s keep AMC on Rogers

You love zombies as much as we do. We’ve seen it in your e-mails, your tweets, and your Facebook posts. Some of your favourite shows (and ours!) are on AMC – shows like The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

You want to keep AMC on Rogers. And so do we.

In fact, we have been negotiating with AMC so we can keep bringing you these great shows.  These types of negotiations with our programming partners are routine. Our goal is to keep costs down for you and that means negotiating to get the best possible rates on the best programming.

But last night, AMC surprised us with a campaign that alarmed our customers with allegations that AMC was about to go dark on Rogers.

Let’s be clear: We have no intention of dropping AMC. Negotiations are ongoing and we expect to reach a positive outcome. Let’s hope AMC is as committed as we are to saving the zombies on Rogers.

Update March 1: Good news! Under a multi-year deal, Rogers customers will be getting AMC in HD by the end of March. Full details are here.

Keith McArthur is VP of Social Media at Rogers

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Weekend Reading: HTC One, 31 years of cell phones, smartphones vs. PC’s, and business mobile trends

It’s been another exciting week for mobile tech with the announcement and preview of the upcoming HTC One, plus we take a visual look at the last three decades of cell phones, speculation on smartphones overtaking traditional PC hardware, and mobile’s effect on business. All ahead in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading. 

Hands on with the HTC One

This week HTC unveiled what is being hailed as one of the must-have devices for 2013 – the HTC One.

Earlier this week the device was showcased at an HTC event in New York City, where our friends at Connected Rogers were lucky enough to get a sneak peek. You can get all the details on the design, camera, and specs in their post here, plus a few other top industry sources including CNET, Network World, and iClarified (with video).

The HTC One will be available at Rogers this spring – stay tuned for more details! 

Infographic: 3 decades of cell phones

Can you believe cell phones have been around for a whopping three decades already? It’s true! The Next Web posted a fantastic cell phone timeline infographic this week showcasing just how far cell phones have come over the last 31 years. A few personal faves from the infographic include the Dynatac 8000x (aka Zack Morris’ phone on Saved by the Bell), and my very own first cell phone, the Nokia 5110.

Which blast from the past makes you most appreciative of today’s tech? Alternately, is there anything you miss about them or see a comeback for?

Smartphones to replace PC’s?

After seeing how far smartphones have come, how long do you think it will be until they fulfill all our tech needs and take over completely?

Writer Eliot Van Buskirk provided some insight in his latest article for The Huffington Post. After accurately predicting the success of the iPod before others saw its value, he’s fairly certain that his hunch on hardware peripherals will be next. His article outlines six things that point to smartphones becoming “the center of our digital lives,” including tablet keyboards, and The Cloud. Check out the full post and let us know your own predictions in the comments below.

Adopting your business to 2013 mobile trends

It may only be the second month into the New Year, but analysts are already making predictions about the effects on mobile tech on businesses. The Telecom Blog explored various reports recently suggesting that a mobile transition is happening amazingly quickly and if your business isn’t quick to adapt to mobile trends as are their customers, it could represent some challenges for them in 2013. Now, how is this this reflected on Canadian soil? A quick example could be how mobile is changing television. Canadians don’t limit their tablet or smartphone usage to browsing the Web. Turns out mobile devices are also great for watching TV, and especially for watching shows on demand.

One of our recent Rogers Innovation Reports also suggested an increase in mobile trends, with 80% believing more people will be connected to the web via mobile devices than desktop computers in 2013. I’m definitely one of the 80% using my smartphone for everything I can these days because it’s so convenient! It’s always on me, has instant LTE internet access, and a world of apps at my disposal.

Is your business ahead of the game when it comes to mobile tech? If not, are you shifting your plans for 2013 in that direction? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to know where you’re at.

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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Meet Harp Dhonsi – One of the first people in Canada to own a BlackBerry Z10

From splash to flash, Harp Dhonsi’s history with BlackBerry has given him a number of firsts.

It started in 2005 when Harp accidentally dropped the BlackBerry 7700 in a lake while on a camping trip. Despite the accident, his work gave him another BlackBerry, this time a 7500. After he left that company, the Whitby, Ont., resident continued to buy his own BlackBerrys.

“I have since avoided keeping them in my pockets when I’m near large bodies of water,” Harp admits.

Amidst a flurry of media activity, Harp was one of the first Rogers customers to reserve his BlackBerry Z10 on the Rogers Reservation System in December. He was also part of our event at Rogers headquarters on Feb. 5, when he became one of the first people in Canada to receive his Z10.

We caught up with Harp to see how he likes his new BlackBerry, what he thinks about the Z10 and why being a BlackBerry fan is sometimes like being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Q: It’s been more than a week since receiving your Z10, what do you think about the device so far?

A: So far, I’m enjoying the device.  I like the new user interface, the responsiveness when navigating the phone and the general “freshness” of the operating system .

Q: You were one of the first Rogers customers to reserve the Z10, why were you so excited about BlackBerry 10?

A: For me, remaining with Blackberry is a lot like being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  Just because they aren’t doing well, doesn’t mean you jump ship and start being a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, even though times may be tough.  I guess I have been rooting for them to make a comeback since they are a Canadian company.

Q: What’s the one new feature that you like best?

A: Multitasking.  It’s handy and convenient to be able to swipe into the BlackBerry Hub to check any incoming messages, while the application I was in remains active.

Q: How has the transition over to BlackBerry 10 been for you? Was it easy to pick up?

A: For the most part it was pretty easy.  Since all of my previous devices had a physical keyboard, it did take a few days to get used to typing on the virtual keyboard.

Q: Tell us what it was like to be a part of the event at the Rogers event on launch day.

A: It was great, although I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big event and to be in the media like that!

Q:  What kind of people would you recommend the Z10 to? Why?

A: I guess everyone!  Current BlackBerry users who are looking to upgrade will enjoy the new operating system simply because the older platform had become quite stale.

Q: This is the first LTE powered BlackBerry. What impresses you most about the Rogers LTE network?

A: The speed while browsing or downloading apps or streaming video is very impressive.  It’s great that it’s available in the major geographical areas across Canada.

How are you enjoying your BlackBerry Z10?

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Weekend Reading: Mobile dependency, kids and tech, and Rogers Hand-Me-Down program

How long can you go without checking your mobile device? Are you on top of all the latest trends and safety measures when it comes to tech and your kids? We explore these topics, plus point you to the Rogers Hand-Me-Down program for mobile devices – all in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading.

How often are you checking your phone?

By now we’re no strangers to the term “nomophobia” and have seen numerous studies done indicating how dependent we’ve become on our mobile devices. Collins Dictionary defines nomophobia as “a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone,” something Canadians are no stranger to. In one of our Rogers Innovation Reports, 65% say you’d feel naked without your smartphone and internet access, and 51% sleep with their smartphone in bed or on the nightstand.

It should come as no surprise then that The Daily Telegraph recently found that people are checking their mobile phones every six and a half minutes, which means we’re checking our smartphones 150 times a day on average! How do we find the time to do anything else? The report also narrows down how many phone calls and text messages people are receiving, and even how often we’re checking the clocks on them.

My own mother says my smartphone is “practically growing out of my arm;” I guess this would make me nomophobic! You’re only half way through this post, how many times have you checked your device?

Keeping up with kids and tech

If you don’t have nomophobia, with today’s mobile tech advancements, chances are your kids will! So how do you keep up with it all?

As Monica Vila (co-founder of TheOnlineMom and guest blogger for Mashable) recently discovered, keeping up with tech trends no longer means just being aware of parental controls and allotting a certain amount of time to gaming. These days it’s staying on top of the latest social networks and apps for their mobile devices too. To get parents on the right track, Monica compiled a list of best practices to enforce in the household, including tips such as monitoring your child’s behavior and installing filters and protection on the devices. More great advice in the full post here.

Tired of the device you have?

With technology changing so quickly, perfectly good devices sometimes get tossed to the wayside to make room for a newer one. Or perhaps your phone is great, it’s just not suited to your personal needs.

That’s where Rogers Hand-Me-Down program comes in. Instead of letting your old device sit and collect dust in a drawer, you can pass it on to a friend or family member. Connected Rogers  breaks the process down into 3 easy steps for you this month – just in time for Family Day on Monday for those of us celebrating it! You can also get more details at

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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Getting the most out of your BlackBerry Z10

You’ve got your Z10 — now what?

Fear not! We’ve got a great list of resources on where you can get help if you need it, and learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10 experience.

Rogers know-how

Rogers was the first to sell BlackBerry products more than 10 years ago, which means our staff knows BlackBerry inside and out. Pop in to a store near you to talk to one of our in-store reps who have been trained on BlackBerry 10 with your questions. We also offer in-store learning sessions. Stay tuned for BlackBerry 10 dates.

Looking for some quick tips and tricks? You can find them here.

Rogers TechXpert for Wireless

Rogers TechXpert for wireless is an exclusive service for Rogers customers which offers extended wireless device support live online or by phone whenever you need it. Rogers customers who bought their Z10 on select 3-year plans get 1 month free of Rogers TechXpert for wireless service.

How-tos from Connected Rogers

From setting up your Z10 to using the browser on BlackBerry 10 to using BlackBerry10 Time Shift Mode to get the perfect shot, Connected Rogers has you covered on BlackBerry 10 with all kinds of how-tos.

Ask the Rogers Community

Did you know Rogers has community forums where Rogers customers can chat with other customers to get answers to common questions, problems and issues? On our BlackBerry specific forum, users have been discussing the type of media card needed for a Z10.

The BlackBerry blogger community

There are many BlackBerry blogs and communities on the web where you can find information on the new operating system, and also a community of BlackBerry fans, just like you! Over at, they’ve posted a number of how-tos since launch day last week. BlackBerry OS also has a 101 section that’s full of BlackBerry 10 information.

BlackBerry on the web, Twitter and YouTube

Of course, BlackBerry has a support tab on their website, where you can get all help with your new device. BlackBerry also has a wide variety of videos available on their YouTube channel with tips and tricks, and even BlackBerry’s commercial from this year’s Super Bowl.

On Twitter? You’ll want to follow @BlackBerryHelp. Not only do they answer customers’ questions via this account, they also regularly post great tips on how to get the most out of your BlackBerry 10. You can also visit BlackBerry’s blog, Inside BlackBerry.

And of course, you can always share your tips and tricks here. What’s the best thing you’ve learned on BlackBerry 10 so far? 

Super Bowl is a registered trademark of The National Football League and is in no way affiliated with Blackberry or Rogers Communications. is in no way affiliated with BlackBerry. 

Sarah is regular Redboard contributor.

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Valentine’s Day slip your mind? We’ve got you covered with these five last-minute gift ideas

Were you forgetting tomorrow is Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

While it may be cutting it a little close to order a bouquet of flowers to send to your sweetheart, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to let your Valentine know you’re thinking of them. Here are five (from the heart) ideas:

A gift from the heart of the kitchen

Whether it’s cooking or a heartfelt craft, our friends at Chatelaine have some great last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas. Cook a special dinner or breakfast. Don’t have a significant other? No worries! Chatelaine has a great dinner party idea for you to throw with your friends.

Curl up with a romantic movie

After your meal, why not curl up on the couch with your sweetheart and throw on a romantic movie? Rogers Anyplace TV has a whole romance section to find the movie that’s perfect for the two of you. You can also check out our special Valentine’s Day movie listing on Rogers on Demand (Channel 100).

Make your love into a meme

Meme generator machines, such as can help you create a unique Valentine to email to your partner. Instead of a mushy drug store card, why not send them something like this?

After all, nothing says I love you like Grumpy Cat or Ikea Monkey.

Make a mixed tape

Sure, cassette tapes don’t really exist anymore, but you can take the teenage tradition of making a mixed tape full of songs expressing your love for your significant other into the 21st century by making a playlist. Use streaming sites such as Rdio, GrooveShark or Songza, or simply create one in iTunes with music you already own. Want to step this one up? Ask your Valentine to dance with you after your dinner.

Send a special photo album

Are you both on Instagram? Why not check out Lovestagram? The site was created by for an Instagram co-founder by his girlfriend a couple of years ago as a special Valentine. for his Valentine. The site uses the Instagram API to connect two people. After plugging in your username, and your partner’s username, photos that feature the two of you will appear. You can choose to send you partner all the photos or just one on one of three special Valentine’s Day themed backgrounds.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sarah is a regular Redboard contributor.

Update: Ooops! We got it wrong! It was Kaitlyn Trigger who developed Lovestagram FOR her boyfriend Instagram creator Mike Krieger, and not the other way around. According to TechCrunch, the marketing director learned to program in order to surprise Krieger with this special Valentine. Now if that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is!

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Have your say on a national wireless consumer code – Phase II

Last year we told you that the Canadian Radio- television and Telecommunications Commission (CTRC) was looking for comments on the idea of a national wireless consumer code and encouraged you to make your views known.

We believe that having a single set of standards across the country is important because it would provide equal protection for consumers from coast to coast no matter where they live.

Now the CRTC has taken the comments they received and made them the basis for a draft code that they’ve posted on-line to encourage further discussion.

We think the CRTC’s draft code is a great start and hope it will generate comments and suggestions from Canadians across the country.

When the CRTC released its draft code they highlighted four key areas to be included in the code: easy to understand wireless services and fees; reasonable unlocking policies; ability to set a cap on certain fees; and online tools to monitor usage and any additional fees.

We agree that these are important areas. In fact, we’ve already incorporated many of those key ideas at Rogers:

  • So you know what your monthly bill will be, our ads include all-in pricing, and we provide you with easy to understand cancellation fees.
  • You can choose a term commitment or no term. If you choose a term, we give you the option to leave at any time. With our Flextab program, you pay a low price for a smartphone and we spot you the rest. You can upgrade anytime just by paying off your device subsidy.
  • You can change your price plan, up or down, at any time during your term, with no fees and with no requirement to extend your term.
  • As of March 2013 you can unlock your subsidized phone after 90 days of service, as long as your accounts are in good standing.
  • You can easily track your usage. For example- when you travel outside the country you’re sent a text that outlines roaming rates and gives you the option to buy a package. We also send you texts to let you know how much data you’ve used and when your package has expired. You can go to myrogers anytime to track your data, voice or text usage.
  • And we’ve just announced that we will offer an easy, worry-free pay-per-use rate for roaming in the U.S. At $7.99 for access to 50 MBs of data over a 24-hour period, you’ll be able to do everything you do at home – surf, tweet, send photos and check maps –  without worrying about extra charges.

Join the online discussion now. The CRTC is accepting comments until 5 p.m. (PST) on February 15, 2013.

We look forward to providing our views at the CRTC’s hearings that start February 11. What do you think?

Patricia is a first-time contributor. Welcome to RedBoard, Patricia!

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Weekend Reading: Go-to devices, Blackberry 10, apps for kids, and apps created by teens

I’m always inspired to read about all the different ways technology is changing our lives for the better. It gives us so many more options as to how we access news and information, for example. Not to mention that it opens new and exciting opportunities for education. That it motivates some students to develop talents that lead to fulfilling careers is so great. This week we look at people’s viewing habits, why more developers should be focused on kids apps, and introduce you to the latest teenage whiz-kid developer.

What’s your go-to device?

When it comes to sourcing out your entertainment, programming and news, television still reigns supreme. But those habits are shifting, and according to a new study by eMarketer, your age plays a part in which device you prefer.

For instance, 28% of people 18 to 24 claim that their laptop is their main source of news and entertainment. TV remains the number one source for 30% of people from that same age group, but for how much longer? On the gender front, women are more likely than men turn to their smartphones or tablets to watch their favourite shows. Personally I’m torn – I still love watching TV and live tweeting and checking in to the shows I’m watching, but on the other hand, there’s something to be said for the convenience of accessing Anyplace TV on your tablet at the cottage too!

How about you? What’s your go-to source for news and entertainment? Read the full eMarketer report online to see how you compare.

The Blackberry Z10 is here!

Last week we brought you some of our favourite blog coverage from the Toronto and NYC events that introduced the Blackberry 10 platform to the world. This week we were proud to launch our first ever LIVE blog here on Redboard, capturing some of the first Blackberry Z10 sales in the world!

Catch the excitement filmed earlier this week in Toronto – were you one of our featured customers lucky enough to score a Blackberry Z10 on launch day?

Kids need more apps

When cellphones first came on to the scene, most parents were reluctant to hand one over to their kids. Those who did usually had restrictions in place to ensure the device was used for emergency purposes only. Though these devices are still handy for emergencies, parents are increasingly seeing the benefits of their kids utilizing them for fun and education too.

What’s also changed is how kids use their phone. While it’s true that gaming apps rank highest among kids 12 and under, educational apps were right up there with more than half using their devices for learning purposes too. Schools have even begun to take notice with 1.5 million tablets already being used by students in the US.

Upstart Business Journal referenced an eye opening infographic that app developers may want to capitalize upon – check out their post for more kid tech trends and share some of your favourite educational apps with us in the comments below!

High school student creates “Clipped”

We also stumbled across a fascinating interview with a 15 year old student who created an app in between homework and hanging out with friends. When I was 15 I was making mix tapes and experimenting with makeup!

Fast Company caught up with Tanay Tandon for a quick chat on how his app “Clipped” came together what this Flipboard competitor can do for you, and what’s next on his agenda.

It’s amazing what opportunities technology provides for teens today that can lead to such promising careers tomorrow. How is tech affecting you and/or your kids upbringing in 2013?

Kelly is a regular Redboard contributor.

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