Weekend Reading: The Nokia Lumia 920 and future tech trends – mobile shopping, automatic phone silencing, and wearable tech

Only 18 days into 2013 and already there have been some big developments and predictions giving us lots to look forward to! This week we proudly announced that we’re adding additional colours to our Nokia Lumia 920 lineup. Also in this week’s edition of Weekend Reading, we’ll discuss what the future holds for tech when it comes to mobile shopping, phone features, and wearable tech.

In the news: The Nokia Lumia 920

Ever since its release the Nokia Lumia 920 has been one of the most sought after devices worldwide. Customers were eager to share their interest in the device with us, but also expressed a strong desire for a wider range of colours.  So earlier this week we were proud to reveal that in addition to the black one already available, Rogers would be carrying the Nokia Lumia 920 in red, white, and yellow as well! We even added a contest to the mix giving customers a chance to win a new Nokia Lumia 920 in the colour of their choice!

For those of you still wondering what all the hype is about, check out a 3-part review from The IT Nerd, detailing first impressions outside the box in part one, , specs and comparisons in part two, and what he thought of all the main features in part three. If you have any questions about the Nokia Lumia 920 and its capabilities, these detailed posts are sure to cover all that and more! Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 now.

Have mobile devices changed your shopping habits?

Are you one of the people who contributed to $25 billion in sales last year from phones and tablets? In a new study from eMarketer, people are more likely to be in a spending mood while lounging on the couch. Tablets in particular make it easier for online shopping now with larger screens and touch-drag technology that simplifies the experience.

eMarketer goes on to predict that by 2016, mobile will be $87 billion, or a quarter of all e-commerce, which isn’t too hard to imagine when you consider consumers are spending an average of $329 per transaction on tablets and $250 on phones. Read up on the full article here and share your thoughts in the comments.

Microsoft looking to silence your phone for you

In possibly the greatest intro this week, CNET leads into this story as follows: “You’ve just sat down to watch “Les Miserables” and Russell Crowe’s opened his mouth to bark, when the air is filled with the sound of… marimba?”

Moments such as this with a cellphone ringing in a crowded theatre are everyone’s pet peeve, which is why Microsoft has filed a patent that would allow your phone to silence itself in key situations. And that’s not all – it will dim your screen brightness when you get alerts too! Find out how GPS is making this technology possible in the full article from CNET UK’s blog Crave. What do you think of this feature – necessity or luxury?

Trend alert: wearable tech

It seems that wearable tech is becoming the latest fashion commodity. Fewer people are wearing watches that simply tell us time and date, and opting for one that integrates with their smartphone, ‘smartwatches.’ .Then there’s the  augmented reality eye glasses – ‘Project Glass’ – introduced by Google and that graced the runway during Diane Von Furstenberg show in New York.  With the rapid evolution of smartphone capabilities, people are more dependent on their devices than ever, making it something they want to have on them at all time.

Tech Zone 360 thinks a big part of this is attributed to the mobile app “ecosystem,” which has opened up a world of tools at people’s fingertips for health, shopping, socializing, and more on the go. As a result, we’re even more dependent on our tech these days and less likely to leave it at home, or tuck it away in our bags.

Check out their full article for more on the direction the industry is headed in, and anticipated sales forecasts over the next five years.

What do you think? What should be the next tech fashion trend?

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  1. Bhupinder D

    If I were going to get the Nokia Lumia 920, I would get it in yellow!

    I think “Microsoft looking to silence your phone for you” is quickly becoming a necessity.

  2. Mimi

    If I were going to get the Nokia Lumia 920 I would get it in red!

  3. George ma

    I am wondering when Rogers gonna have the yellow 920 in????!