You Spoke, We Listened – Rogers is bringing you Red, White and Yellow Nokia Lumia 920s

In October, we were excited to be the first carrier to launch Windows Phone 8 devices, beginning with the exclusive launch of the Nokia Lumia 920. We’ve seen great interest in this device from our customers like you who are enjoying the new Windows Phone 8 experience. You’ve told us you’re now easily able to share content across the Windows ecosystem, that you can use the PureView camera to snap photos and quickly upload them with the Rogers LTE network.

And many of you told us that you wanted us to carry the Nokia Lumia 920 in a range of colours. Here is what you had to say to us on RedBoard:

I want a red lumia 920. At the very least a colored one (red, cyan or yellow) – FrankM

I would love to see Rogers offer the Lumia 920 in White – Dave

I completely agree with Gordon. Please, please, please release the Lumia 920 in Yellow – Jess

So Frank M, Dave and Jess, we’ve listened! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering the Nokia Lumia 920 in red, white and yellow. These devices will be available in Rogers stores in the coming weeks and are also available on the Rogers Reservation System now for existing customers to reserve.

To thank you for your patience over the last few months, we want to give you a chance to win one of the new colourful Nokia Lumia 920 devices, including a red, white and yellow device.  To be entered, all you have to do is tell us in the comment section below, before noon on January 31st, what colour are you most excited about and what are you looking forward to do on your new Nokia Lumia 920. We’ll randomly select three winners, one for each colour, immediately after the closing of the contest on January 31st. For full contest details and rules, go here.

Update January 31, 5pm: Thanks to everyone who participated in our Nokia Colours Contest! The contest is now closed, the prizes have been drawn and we’ll be contacting the winners by email soon. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Katie is a regular RedBoard contributor.

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1,728 comments on “You Spoke, We Listened – Rogers is bringing you Red, White and Yellow Nokia Lumia 920s

  1. PL

    Wow I wasn’t expecting it anymore. Now I can spend money!!

  2. joshua marten

    i bet the red ones take the best pictures. so… red please!

  3. PL

    I am looking forward getting a Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 so I’ll be able to do remote work for office with it!

  4. MrDisco

    I’m interested in the white and i would take lots of photos!

  5. Sung Eun Park

    So excited for the yellow! I would take awesome photos with the PureView camera on the Lumia 920.

  6. Sam

    I would love a Red Nokia 920. I would love to snap amazing pictures of my beautiful family and share them with all my loved ones.

  7. Katherine G.

    Red! (Although purple would be pretty cool, too.) I’m looking forward to using the camera for night shots, and using the tiles to keep track of what’s happening in my social circle. The tiles are info-at-a-glance and pretty great.

  8. Justin

    I would love to win a yellow 920!!

    I already have a win8 pc and a surface! This will be the final piece to my puzzle!

  9. Red!!! And I’m most excited about having an actual windows phone 8 device since my Lumia 800 won’t be getting upgraded to WP8 :(

  10. Sebastien

    Yellow! I want this phone to stand out from the crowd and for everybody to notice how beautiful the industrial design is. Best feature: Cinemagraph! It allows you to créate and share to create your own animated GIFs using the camera! Oh, and being able to use the phone while using Winter gloves, priceless when it’s -15 degrees!

    1. Matthew

      ^^ This guy deserves the win.. LOL

  11. Mike

    The yellow one looks awesome!

  12. Marlene Tecson-Golfinopoulos

    I would like the red one and I just can’t wait to upgrade!

  13. Alex K

    Excited for the Red Nokia Lumia 920!! Looking forward to using the 8.7 megapixel camera capable of taking amazing low-light photos. This will take over as my concert camera! Scratch that – it will replace all of my cameras.

  14. Peter

    Red all the way

  15. Dave

    I’m most excited for the white lumia 920 and I’m looking forward to trying out the wireless charging capabilities and the 8mp camera with the Carl ziess lens!

  16. Chris

    I just have one thing to say: FINALLY!

    Thanks Rogers. It seems you actually care about comments. You can get my money now, I’m ordering right away!

    1. Chris

      I forgot…
      YELLOW is my color.

      Thanks again!

  17. Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc

    Good move Rogers! I’m certain it’s going to be a success in stores.

    I hope to get the Red one and obviously I want to use the Lumia to take georgous pictures of Cats :)

  18. Mischa Price

    I am defiantly most excited about the yellow Lumia 920. I have an amazingly colourful wardrobe and this phone would perfectly give me a splash of accent colour every day. I think I like yellow best because it is bright like the sun and is also most noticeable at a glance and very different from any other phone out there. I also want the Lumia because the perfectly coloured live tiles are also a great expression of how I am feeling. I love the customizability from the colours of the tiles and the multiple sizes of live tiles. The camera is also the other reason I really want the Lumia. With the amazing low light performance and optical image stabilization the pureview camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 is best in class.

  19. Tennille

    Rogers you’re always on top of the device releases! Fantastic. :D
    How fun is that!? I’d be all over carrying around a yellow Nokia Lumia 920!

  20. Finally, Rogers! I’m most excited about the yellow Lumia 920. Going to take amazing night time photos with it!

  21. gwydionjhr

    I AM CANADIAN! And I want a phone to reflect that. I’d love a Red or White 920!

  22. Lawrence Lee

    I’m most excited about the red Lumia 920 so I can use the PureView camera to take incredible pictures.

  23. martin

    I would like a yellow model…looks awesome! Use it mainly for the job…

  24. @davedreilich

    Brilliant Yellow!!!
    Love it! My daughter loves the live tiles and the biliary to resize them any which way her heart desires! She has such a contagious and beautiful smile….I would love for to have a YELLOW Nokia Lumia 920 to match it with :) !

    BTW – We love the service Rogers wireless gives our family!

  25. The Candian flag, Roger’s livery, fall colours, Ferraris, roses, Valentine’s Day – yeah, red for me…

  26. Natalie

    Pretty in Red!

  27. Nancy

    The only and best colour is yellow ! Why, you ask? Because you need yellow in the fall/winter to enhance a dull day and you need yellow in spring/summer to complement Mother Nature.

  28. Rae Seaman

    Yay…. So excited about all the colours but yellow would be my fav! Sharing photos between my Windows 8 laptop and the phone would be my key thing I would do if I had the Nokia Lumia 920

  29. Aaron

    Yellow please, so I can surf reddit at work with LTE!!

  30. Nadeem Khan

    I’d like the red lunmia because its fierce and it matches the Rogers colour scheme.

  31. Jigar Shah

    Awesome! I held out, as I previously called Rogers to upgrade my phone (which contract comes to an end in 2 weeks) to a NOT-BLACK Lumia 920, and its great that they’ll be coming in soon. I am definitely interested in the streamlined experience for my office docs/skydrive and the exceptional camera included with this hardware. While I am excited about the NOT-BLACK, if I had to choose one, Yellow. Bright and Bold.

  32. Corina

    Awesome news, Rogers! I just couldn’t wait to get a Lumia 920 in a coloured version, so I bought it in Black from you back in November (though I did want a different colour, to be sure). I LOVE all the features of the phone and the Windows Phone 8 OS! My husband is super jealous, so if I win a coloured one from you, he’ll be happy to have my Black Lumia 920. ;) I’m most excited for the White one.

  33. Francis

    I am excited about the Yellow Lumia 920! It will go well with my Yellow Bang & Olufsen headphones. It’s going to be the perfect match!

  34. Zorbsie

    I’ve wanted the red 920 ever since it was announced. It looks so good. Most excited about taking pics with the pureview camera. Looks like it blows everything out of the water.

  35. LO

    Which color I am most excited about? Let’s see Red, ummm Yellow…. Definitely Yellow.
    What I am looking forward to doing the 920? Web browsing, emails, social networking, and pictures, and video recording of my kids events.

  36. phil

    I got a black 920 for Christmas, but I would love to upgrade to a red or white.

  37. Ser

    Thank you Rogers…its about time …Yellow Nokia 920 is my Fav…

  38. Ed Lo

    Love the yellow one! Looking forward to take lots of great pictures with that preview camera!

  39. Chris Drummond

    I’d really love a red Lumia 920. I’m looking forward to using the phone as my primary music player as well as using the fantastic built in camera to take better photos on the go.

  40. Meshach David

    I’m most excited about all the hardware that comes with the Red Nokia Lumia 920. The camera, Nokia Drive and Transit are enticing.

  41. Randall

    Very pleased to see this. It is great to know that Rogers was listening.

    The yellow Lumia 920 is the one that I’m going to get. The wife wants a red one. My son can’t decide.

    1. Randall

      I’m looking forward to trying out the “Family Room” with my Yellow 920, taking great pictures and great videos.

  42. Bobsteriffic

    Easily the most excited for the red. It stands out so much compared to the standard black on most smartphones. :D

  43. Tom

    Save a yellow Nokia 920 for me pretty plz!

  44. Michael

    I’m sorry but, this is what you listen to? Of all the complaints regarding the various services Rogers offers, you claim to listen by offering a phone in other colours? I can say that’s rather insulting to somebody who pays $112/month for a single line of service.

    1. Rogers_Kelly

      Hi Michael,

      This is just one of many changes we’ve implemented based on customer’s feedback. We can’t always accommodate everyone’s needs, but we do listen and share all feedback internally. If you have a specific issue, please reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps or on

    2. Phil Kessel

      Many customers looking to upgrade to WP8 and a Lumia 920 were extremely frustrated that Rogers only sold black on launch. People flooded the redboard with complaints. So yes, this is actually Rogers listening to customers. It’s not a replacement to a proper launch, but is at least a step in the right direction. Don’t assume that because you didn’t care about this launch/product, that hundreds of others didn’t.

  45. Dawson

    I really want a Yellow one!

  46. A Manson

    I look forward to taking great photos and sharing them with family and friends easily on my white Nokia Lumia 920. I also plan to keep up with my email, browse the web at lightning-fast speeds, play Wordament on that beautiful big screen, listen to a few tunes, navigate around the world using Nokia Drive and read some e-books. That’s on the the first day. On day 2…

  47. Noah

    I have the black one now, but the one I want the most is the red one.

  48. Charles

    I so want and am excited about the yellow Lumia 920 !!!!
    I will take pictures like there is no tomorow !!! :)

  49. Lisa Wang

    I want a yellow one!

  50. Looking forward to the Ferrari… I mean Rogers red Nokia 920. :)

  51. Victor Cheng

    I’m really looking forward to getting the cyan Lumia 920.

    The Windows 8 platform is a refreshing look over the Android system on my current HTC. Having an amazing camera on the L920 is a big selling point for me, since I take lots of pictures of my kids. Speaking of kids, the Kids Corner on L920 is a fantastic option when they play around with my phone. Nokia Maps, City Lens, Nokia Music and Microsoft Office are also all great apps to have on-the-go. Thank you Rogers for bringing in these new vibrant colors!

  52. Francine Chan

    Wow! This looks like an amazing phone! I love the new Windows 8 and have always wanted to own a red phone!
    So excited to try the wireless charger lol :) sounds silly, I know, but I really don’t like being tied down by cords.

  53. Eric

    Finally! Great news, and I’m sure this will make many customers a bit happier.

    I would love to get my hands on a red 920…been looking to upgrade to WP8 for a while now; I really want that wireless charging and super sensitive touch screen!

  54. Bons

    I’m most excited about the YELLOW Nokia Lumia 920 phone. I’d be looking forward to chatting with my friends on this new phone and taking many wonderful photos!

  55. Bilal Khan

    I’m very excited about the Lumia 920 in white. It’s winter, and what better way to celebrate those little winter moments than to take memorable photos (with PureView) on a gorgeous winter-themed device.

  56. Zohaib

    I wanted to get a red lumia 920 because it looks hot. I’m looking forward to use Skype, camera and Nokia drive on it. Let’s see if I win one
    Best of luck everyone

  57. Maksood Issa

    Would love the 920 in any of the new colors. Looks good already & the colors would just make it POP even more. Welcome back Nokia & Thank you Rogers!

  58. Mike C

    I couldn’t wait for the colours, and got a 920 right away. However, my wife has been waiting for a more colourful phone, and this will make her day!

  59. Eugen Petrusca

    been waiting for ever…for a RED version:) made my day , knowing I ll be able to have one soon:)!!

    Thank you Rogers!!

  60. Clark

    I want a yellow lumia 920, can’t wait to take low light pictures in Toronto downtown

  61. Anthony C

    I wanted the red Lumia 920 but couldn’t hold off on getting that phone in my hands so I settled for the black Lumia 920 and purchased a red case. Sadly it isn’t the same :(

  62. Francis

    I reallllly want a yellow one!

    1. Francis

      I will be able to bring only my phone and no camera on my next trip because of the quality of the stabilization!

  63. Paul

    White! Can’t wait to take some epic low light pictures with the Pureview camera while wearing my gloves ;o)

  64. Alexandre Cyr

    I would really enjoy a Nokia Lumia 920 In Red or Yellow so I could play Xbox Live game on my cellphone.

  65. Mark Moreira

    I would really like a red one. The one standout feature for me is the super touch display, its cold out so it would be nice to he able to use the phone without having to take off my gloves.

  66. Mitchell Leitman

    Red. Red for Rogers. Red for Canada. It’s a no brainer!

  67. Ryles

    Yellow Lumia 920, get in mah belly! No seriously. Yellow. Pirates prefer yellow.

  68. Sebastiano Tantalo

    The white Lumia 920 is pure hotness! I would love to upgrade my current WP7 device as it is showing its age. I’m most looking forward to snapping some high quality pictures with the PureView camera.

  69. akash

    i would love to have a yellow one because i love that color and i love too the Windows Phone experience.

  70. Leanne

    Yay! Of the choices my fave is white.

  71. Jarret

    Well, you listened, thanks, I guess. And you’re going to listen more once the new colors are released. I bought a black phone exactly one month ago today because my old one was failing – I HAD to get a new phone and you wouldn’t tell us when colors were coming. I wanted a red one and had to settle for black. This is going to be a fun customer service call.

  72. I am most excited about the Yellow Lumia 920. This is the phone that sold me on the Lumia and I was very dissapointed when it was announced that Rogers would only carry the black model. Unfortunately I was not dissapointed enough to wait so my hopes now are to win a Yellow model to replace my black one.

  73. Thanks for offering more colour choices in the lumia 920 line. I hope you guys keep doing so In the future because all black phones are boring and played out. Btw, the people that choose the colours of the phones need to talk with the advertising dept, Because you would think Rogers would be pushing a red lumia 920 in all their commercials.

    Btw I’m one of those peeps that been holding out for a red 920. I’m currently using a black 900. W00t!!

  74. Dillon

    I’m so happy that you guys are finally bringing different colours

  75. Mike Ramsaran

    I’d love a white one and I’m looking forward to using the new camera on the 920 with OIS.

  76. Bee

    I wanted a yellow Lumia 920 since it was first announced in November, and two months later… maybe I can finally get one in a few weeks through Rogers.

    Of course, the sad thing is, Nokia will likely release the next Lumia eight months afterward

  77. Myles

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for the yellow Lumia on Rogers since these phones were announced. Such a refreshing change from black and white gadgets.

  78. Steven Raymond

    I’d go for the white! Nice and clean look! Thanks!

  79. John

    I warned you Rogers. I asked very nicely several months ago if color versions of the 920 were going to be coming. I was stonewalled. No mention of anything. As it was impossible to make an informed decision I said I was going to take a leap of faith and assume the company I’ve been supporting for years would help me to make that informed decision regarding upgrading to a Lumia 920. I’ve done everything I can think of to be a good customer; I reserved the black Lumia 920 as soon as I could. (I was number 23 I think?) I was on theses and other forums asking, no, begging for any kind of indication that more colors would be on the way. You were getting my money either way. But since not a single person from Rogers would even hint at anything then I assumed that black was going to be the only option and warned you if more colors came out in a few months that I would be very vocal about it. However as I knew would happen, you ignored me and let me spend my money, locking myself to a black 920. Now everyone who has been sitting around NOT supporting your company are being rewarded with all sorts of color options. This is NOT how you treat dedicated customers. You reward those who don’t support you and punish those who do. At this point i’m just giving you the heads up to expect my call to the office of the president and also to the BBB and whoever else I can vocalize it to. I was very clear this was the route I would go if colors came out a few months later, and yet no one bothered to even hint that colors were on the way. Not cool Rogers, not cool…

  80. Glen

    I’m most excited about the white Lumia 920. Looking forward to using it as my default camera while still being able to open Excel spreadsheets.

  81. Jeff

    would love the 920 in white! really wanting to take advantage of that great low-light camera.

  82. Brandon Starcevic

    I am most looking forward to the Nokia 920 in yellow, and I would love a phone that will jive perfectly with my new Windows 8 desktop OS!

  83. Rogers does it again. The only (and therefore best) company to release these colours. Blue would be lovely but you have to go for the Canadian red 920!

  84. Xiongwei Ying

    Thanks Rogers to listen to us. I really like the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920. It can enable me to take wonderful pictures for my girlfriend.. Please pick me up!

  85. Troy Lytle

    I NEED a red one. I would like to use the wallet app!

  86. Ange

    Definitely Red! Can’t wait to wirelessly charge my phone! Charging cords were so last year!

  87. Kramay Patel

    I asolutely LOVE the yellow lumia 920………..est phone EVERRRRR and THANK GOD rogers finally decided to carry it !!!

  88. Ali

    I have to say I am most excited about the yellow Nokia Lumia 920. WP8 looks like a great OS and am looking forward to testing out the amazing camera! This is one tough and sexy phone!

  89. Hypersoup

    Clearly Roger’s red. ;)

  90. Nic bloomfield

    My wife will be happy. She’s been very envious of my 920 but refuses to have another black phone.

  91. Jonathan

    White would be awesome. I look forward to making calls to my family!!

  92. Jason Brown

    Would absolutely die if i had a yellow lumia 920!

  93. Andrew W

    I’m most excited about the White Lumia! I plan on taking shake free videos with it and awesome low light pictures!

  94. Chris

    I would love a yellow Lumia 920. I would chase my kids around all day in style with that awesome-camera’d beauty.

  95. Dan

    Glad I waited, planning to get a White one. I’m looking forward to using the camera to take pics/videos of my kids.

  96. Wayne

    I’m looking forward to a Red Nokia Lumia 920 to use when I’m on the move. Taking great photos with the excellent PureView camera, using it in the winter cold with my gloves on, and catching up on work using the integrated Microsoft Office apps and SkyDrive! I can’t wait!

  97. Zhiping Wu

    They are finanlly here in Canada. I love Yellow Lumia 920

  98. Dave

    As a current Lumia 900 owner, I’d love to upgrade to a 920. Most excited for the PureView Camera technology in this phone and would love to have it in Red.

  99. KOsKOs

    I’ve been speaking out. Many people have been speaking out. When we see that nokia has the colorful devices that we could not get, we speak out, on Facebook, on Rogers’ forum, on many other forum. And Rogers you prove yourself one of the best carriers in Canada because you listen to our opinion. And now all I need to do is to wait for my fovorite Lumia 920 Yellow to launch the market, or maybe I will win one in this contest? Surprise me Rogers!

  100. Brad

    I’d love to win a YELLOW Lumia 920, and experience some LTE speeds and that Pureview camera. Thanks Rogers for the colour options and for this contest.

  101. Tyler

    I’m looking forward to the to the larger screen, more tile sizes, and additionaly tile colours! Love my Lumia 800.

  102. Caleb

    I’m most excited about the yellow colour. First thing I would do is to give it to a friend who has been waiting for the yellow Lumia for quite awhile!

  103. Mark Schmeisser

    I would love a Yellow Lumia 920 so I can watch the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series on the Rogers Anyplace TV app! LETS GO BLUE JAYS

  104. Jirong Yu

    I am fond of yellow one. And I think I’d like to use Nokia Lumia 920 to deal with my office documents. It’s nice to work on the way.

  105. Chris Hernandez

    Finally! I can’t wait to see the red one in person, it only makes sense for Rogers to have the red Lumia 920. It’s certainly the one I am most excited about since they announced the colours.

  106. Eugen Petrusca

    Finally!..I so much want a red one!

  107. Jason B

    I’d like the Lumia in white. I want my son to have a cellphone for safety and the Lumia has great features such as Win8 and an 8MP camera. Its also a great phone for the social network tie-in. Perfect for all the silly Facebook pics he’ll show off :-) Thanks!

  108. I think the Yellow 920 is the sweets of all the colours…. It is very distinctive and a rock solid device and OS.

  109. I am most excited for the white 920! its a blank slate for me to fill.


  110. I stop by the rogers store every day to play with the display Lumia 920, and lament it only being in black (as I hate the matte finish). Yesterday I helped the store sales person sell two Nokias to people, showing them the benefits. I’ve got a Samsung Focus (WP7.1) and it fell in the snow the other day so now the phone keeps dinging over and over and I need a new phone.

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. I’ll take any of those three, since they’re all the gloss finish.

  111. ramona

    Already have the black 920. The white would be the perfect complement for the hubby.

  112. WPAddict

    Which color am I most excited for? White, and what I can’t wait to do is obviously posting on the Rogers forums! But in all honesty, I opted for the Samsung Ativ at release, and sm now having serious buyers remorse haha, Nokia for the win!

  113. I really love that red and yellow one! I recently developing the windows phone 8 application, hopeful getting one for my development.

  114. travis

    I am looking forward to turning heads on the street if I win a yellow one!

  115. Mike

    I am so happy to hear the news! I love the bright yellow colour! As an owner of the first Samsung Focus, I have been converting people over to the Windows Phones since 7.0. With a beautiful Lumia 920, I can work on converting people to Windows 8! (as well as take great pictures, videos, have an awesome gps, etc)

  116. Eugen Petrusca

    Really want a Red one!…pick me pick me!:)

  117. Nathanael

    I’m definitely looking forward to the Yellow Lumia! The feature I’m most excited for is the PureView technology. I’m definitely going to be doing some low-light mobile photography!

  118. Diane

    I like the red one! its just so different.

  119. Lawrence

    I am most looking forward to the red nokia lumia 920!

  120. john vriniotis

    Lumia in yellow for me. Live tiles in yellow look amazing.

  121. Good move Rogers! I’m considering upgrading to a yellow Lumia 920. I could finally take nighttime pictures without having to worry about them being all blurry/grainy.

  122. Seqian Wang

    I am most excited about the white Lumia 920! Looking forward to take great pictures under low-light situations :)

  123. alexander bosch

    I cant wait to get a yellow one. It looks so neat, like A powerful phone in a yellow rubber rain jacket. Would be the perfect start into The windows 8 Experience!

  124. Scott B

    I think the Lumia 920 would be great in classic white. I would look forward to taking pictures with the awesome camera!

  125. A Manson

    I look forward to taking great photos and sharing them with family and friends easily on my white Nokia Lumia 920. I also plan to keep up with my email, browse the web at lightning-fast speeds, play Wordament on that beautiful screen, navigate around the world using Nokia drive and read some e-books. That’s on the the first day. On day 2…..

  126. Laurent

    Hesitating between Yellow and White…. Anyway, I’ll use it to develop apps for this awesome platform!!

  127. Calvin Dallimore

    I would love to have the red handset. It really stands out and declares that I am a rogers customer and unique! I want my phone to be tailored to my business and Windows Phone 8 is exactly that. I am most looking forward to getting my whole family on the Rogers LTE network!

  128. Alvin

    I’m looking forward to the yellow version! Should do well taking pictures.

  129. Steve

    I would love to get a red one! Take some nice photos (great low light shoots) and awesome GPS.

  130. Alex

    I think the white 920 is awesome! Would like to give Nokia Maps a try…. I’m sure it’s better than BB Maps.

  131. Rob W

    I think the white one looks best, it contrast the black screen. Just looks beautiful. I want to use it to take amazing low light photos. Thank you Rogers

  132. skinnypig

    The white 920 looks great! I’m looking forward to using that awesome PureView camera!

  133. NC

    I love Yellow ones. I would give the Yellow one to my wife.

  134. bytemybits

    A nice bright yellow one sounds nice. I’d like to check out how good that camera really is.

  135. Kelvinatory

    I can’t wait to get the white one. Cinemagraph all the way!

  136. Dharti

    I would love to have the phone in red! I currently have the Nokia 710 and I am hooked on what Windows 7 offers! I use the Nokia Drive program all the time, and it would be wonderful on a bigger screen. The red version of the 920 is such a joy to look at! It is definitely one of the best looking phones out there!

  137. mark v

    Id love the white one that I can use to keep up with all my family on social network sites.

  138. Lowell

    Red is the color for me; glad to see it will be available in Canada now! What will I do with it? Even more than on my Lumia 800… plus use it to demonstrate Windows Phone 8 to new customers.

  139. Camila

    Great news!!!
    I’m looking forward to use Skype and take wonderful photos (PureView camera).

  140. Josh

    White! Take some awesome pictures with an awesome camera!

  141. Carter

    I’ve been a happy Rogers customer and Nokia fan for years, so a yellow white Nokia Lumia 920 would really make my day. It’s great for eBay sellers because I can take professional, clear pictures with the camera and upload them directly from the app:)

  142. Valerie Theberge

    I’m most excited about the yellow Lumia 920 in red! Maybe I’ll change my old phone!

  143. Valerie Theberge

    I’m most excited about the Lumia 920 in red! Maybe I’ll change my old phone!

  144. Nick P

    Great to know that our voices go unheard at Rogers! I would love to upgrade to a Red Lumia and take stunning photos with the Lumia’s camera to coincide with the eBay sellers app!

  145. Jackson

    Most excited about red. It is the Canadian colour and Roger’s main colour. I can’t wait to use the 920 create some awesome cinemegraphs.

  146. Jeff G.

    I am excited for a red Nokia Lumia 920 I can’t wait to surf the internet at blazing fast speed.

  147. Dmitry

    I’ve been waiting for a replacement for my two year old Focus for a while and Lumia 920 seems like a great choice! The red one looks amazing, one of my favourite colours, plus it’s the colour of Rogers.

  148. Felix van Oost

    I’m extremely excited for the Lumia 920 in yellow so I can take great pictures wherever I go!

  149. chris phan

    I am a huge fan of the red Lumia 920! I am looking forward to using the pureview camera with optical image stabilization and also using LTE on the rogers network to get zoom zoom speeds :).

  150. Darrah Bailey

    I am a new gadget FREAK!! I would LOVE a chance to check out, game, blog, facebook, tweet….ect on one of those AMAZING , very ATTRACTIVE Nokia Lumina 920s!! I would especially LOVE the YELLOW one but RED is cool too :) Thanks for chance!

  151. Kris Labotne

    RED! it be cool, and of course id use it to text

  152. John H

    I can’t wait for the white Nokia Lumia to match my white car! I’m looking forward to using this phone in the winter time with my regular gloves! No need to buy special gloves!

  153. Jennie

    I love the yellow device! I would use my device everywhere I went :)

  154. Alex D'Aquila

    Excited for the Red version; I wanted to get the black one a while ago but then everyone had it so I’ve been waiting for the new colors :)

  155. FrankM

    I wish for a red lumia 920… after all, red is the color for love and passion and I’ll certainly love my new lumia! I want to use it to take magnificient pictures with its PureView camera, watch the stockmarket and some Rogers TV!

  156. blessedta

    I like the White one. Going to take pictures with it.

  157. WAYNE

    Yellow looks sick! I would watch all the videos of my girls being silly on the Nokia Lumia 920. thanks.

  158. Massimo C.

    I would love to win the YELLOW Lumia 920!!

    This would be great since my contract is up and I need a new phone to record videos of my newborn BABY GIRL. The Optical Image Stablilization would definitely help keep wonderful memories of my little angel as she grows up :)

    Keep up the good work Rogers!

  159. Matt

    Looking forward to a yellow lumia to take lots of pictures with!

  160. Nick B

    I’m super excited for the white! Can’t wait snap some pictures with it.

  161. Man Chan

    I want Red and will sure use Kids Corner a lot.

  162. Michael Bryenton

    Yellow Lumia for me – Most excited about the Nokia Smart Shoot app included on the 920.

  163. Antony

    I would like a yellow one. Just looks cool. I would use it to take great quality pics of my kids.

  164. Jean-Paul Faubert

    I’d like a white Nokia Lumia 920, black is boring. Can’t wait to start taking pics with that great camera

  165. Very exciting!

    I would love to retire my blue Lumia 900 in favour of a white Lumia 920 — it’s by far my favourite phone for traveling.

  166. m.m

    I would like the white one,because it matches the color of my car and attire. can anyone say PIMP?

  167. psl

    They yellow one sure look bright, white is too basic. I definitely want to have a red one, it also means good luck. Good luck everyone

  168. Gabriel C.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a red Lumia 920. I am a huge fan of what Nokia is doing. Let’s bring some color and excitement back to mobile phones!

  169. Nicholas Pauloff

    I would love a white lumia. I am very excited for the new Windows Phone 8 platform. Being disappointed with my recent phone’s operating system I would love to get a chance to win one with my favourite OS.

  170. Jeff

    I think the yellow 920 looks awesome! I’ve got a 900 now but I’m looking forward to check out the PureView camera tech on the 920.

  171. cam

    windows phone 8 is the best mobile operating system out there, and the Nokia 920 knocks it out of the park with amazing features like city lens and Nokia drive. I have been waiting for and wanting a Nokia 920 in white for months now. I am thrilled rogers is going to be selling them soon, I will be first in line when they come into stock!

  172. Kara Young

    I can’t wait for a yellow to replace my plain old iphone!

  173. Ming

    Lumia 920 in white looks so slick!
    I’d like to see a carbon fiber matte skin as well!

  174. Mia

    Been a Rogers cust since 90’s (Cantel) would like a NEW Yellow Lumia 920 to replace a w810i dumb phone been using since 2006!

  175. Julien

    I’d love to get the yellow one, it’s so fresh !
    What I’ll do on my Lumia 920 ? I’ll take amazing photos with its PureView camera of course !

  176. ANITA F

    I just love the red lumia 920. Totally awesome!

  177. mat pipher

    The colour I am most excited about is white and I am looking forward to experiencing the new Windows Phone 8 and staying connected with friends and fam.ily

  178. Alan

    Yellow of course. Sold out worldwide, can’t believe it’s available in Canada.

  179. Lawrence Guevara

    The white one looks the best and I think it’s going to be the best seller out of all of them. White Nokie Lumia 920 please!

  180. Jean Verhas

    I want to win!

  181. jay

    I would love a colored one which will standout in those moments I do not rmember where I put it. Likely the Yellow would be best for my hectic life. What would I do with it? Connect with work and home, take tons of photos and smartly keep in touch with loved ones far away.

  182. Andre Charron

    Red, white or yellow… Great!

  183. Moarij Ali

    WOW finally really looking forward the red Nokia Lumia 920 to incorporate with the bright color scheme I have plus won’t forget the classic Rogers colors with in this case is red can’t wait really looking for the red lumia 920 :-D :-D go Nokia and Rogers :-D

  184. Julie Nicholls

    I love the yellow!

  185. Chris Marentette

    Epic! A red Nokia Lumia 920 is all I ever wanted. Thank you Rogers!

  186. Catharine

    Love the yellow. I can’t wait to see how clear the pics will be

  187. Gary

    I would love mine to be yellow color because it’s very sharp color and people would notice it from distance.

  188. Stephanie

    Pretty in Yellow!!!

  189. Martin

    love the Red.

  190. Dal

    Argh, I just got a black one less than a month ago. I wish I’d known you guys were bringing in different colours – I would have gotten a yellow one.

  191. Conan Ward

    Most excited for the red, though just the general choice is great. I’m looking forward to being able to take better pictures than my focus is capable of and the xbox music compatibility (as a win 8/xbox user, it’d complete the ecosystem in ways wp7.5 can’t).

  192. Rita

    I think red is the best one. I’ll probably just do a lot of browsing the internet. :)

  193. Leo Siu

    I like white. I will use the 920 to take awesome photos.

  194. Derek

    Ooooh I’ve been waiting so long for this. Rogers, you almost made me switch carriers! White one please, I can’t wait to get rid of my point and shoot camera for this awesome beauty!

  195. Donna

    all the colors sound great, but I still favor white electronics they look really sleek and clean…

    Thanks for this great contest!
    …fingers crossed to get me a new White Nokia windows phone!!!

  196. Anthony Belmonte

    Looks good.

  197. michelle cloutier

    Rogers-red, I am verry excited for the red, wow!

  198. Kevin

    My very first Nokia was red and it was an awesome phone. I would like to use the Lumia 920 for gaming, seeing as phones have come a long way since I started playing Snake.

  199. Tanis

    The yellow is a different color – I’d pick that one! I’d to try the camera features on it! Thanks!

  200. Finley Bond

    I want any color but I would prefer yellow I love the lumia 900

  201. Amber Mitchell

    I am most excited about white!

  202. Finley Bond

    I would love the yellow lumia 920 because I have the 900 in blue and I really want to take pictures in better quality

  203. Damon Jacobs

    I like the red colour and I’m looking forward to using Twitter on the phone!

  204. Paul Laberge

    A Haiku stating my case for a Yellow 920:

    Yellow Lumia,
    Stands out and brightens my day,
    Trendsetting is cool.

  205. Spamouflage

    I couldn’t be more excited about the Red Nokia Lumia 920. I’m looking forward to the turn-by-turn navigation but what excites me the most about the phone: it’s uniqueness in a market deluged by black phones that all look alike.

  206. Cindy

    Love the yellow. Definitely a stand out colour. Would totally take pictures wherever I am.

  207. Serena Debolt

    I am most excited at the Yellow color – its so bright and I wouldn’t lose it in my purse. I am looking forward to downloading the apps that help me stay connected to my family and the apps that help me stay organized – I am always trying to improve my time management

  208. Tyler Farmer

    I am beyond stoked for the RED Lumia 920. It’s the best phone on the market and now sports our county’s color, and Roger’s too.

    With my Lumia 920 I am looking forward to capturing every aspect of Halifax’s buzzing night life with my friends with that insane pureview camera in the 920. While during the day my productivity will certainly shine with Office and One Note, can’t beat that offering.

  209. remy

    red please. Red is my favorite color

  210. Boro M

    This is great news, as I’ve been patiently waiting to upgrade to the Lumia 920. I’m torn on which colour I prefer, but RED is probably my favorite. How will I use it – there is a lot it can do, but listening to Xbox Music Pass and the Nokia Drive navigation will be really important to me. Thanks!

  211. Sean Tomlinson

    Red it is. Can’t wait to coordinate!

  212. chester

    white… I want white

  213. Chris Jackson

    I really wanted the red when this phone came out. Amazing low light camera and a phone that feels like a jet, I want this thing.

  214. DeeDee

    I am most excited about red because I am always losing stuff and I think this would stand out! I look forward to taking pics of my grandson to instantly share with friends and family.

  215. Michelle

    While I love red and yellow, my favourite is definitely the easy-to-match white. It’s compatible with the rainbow of Windows Phone theme colours and looks great with light or dark backgrounds. As you can see, I’ve spent time admiring the pictures.

    That camera! It solves my #1 gripe with “point and shoot” cameras: blurriness, because I disable the flash. It just looks ghastly. I look forward to taking low light pictures, not only at night but also indoors in a perpetually dark and rainy city.

  216. Penny R.

    I would really love a red Nokia Lumia 920. I would love to be able to take photos with this phone.

  217. Marwan S

    Wow wow and another wow. I am so excited to hear this, I want the red, a man in his 40’s with a red phone, just imagine the people’s comments but who cares I love windows 8 so lots of work emails will be sent from it

  218. Olivier D

    I’m crossing my fingers for the white one so I can try out the camera.

  219. Farzad

    Yes! I’m excited about the yellow 920!

  220. Taizhi

    I would love to have a yellow Lumia 920 and travel around the world with it. Nokia Drive+ will get me to places and when I get there, Nokia City Lens will show me what’s around and the PureView camera will always be there to capture the memories, whether it’s day or night. If I’m going somewhere cold, the screen works even when I’m wearing gloves!

    Of course, the battery will last more a whole day and the 32GB memory is more than enough for taking pictures and videos. I can easily go out with my Lumia 920 knowing it will not let me down.

    But even if I’m staying home for the day, the Lumia 920 will still shine. With wireless charging, NFC, and Bluetooth audio, paired up with the JBL PowerUp speaker, the phone will keep its battery full and play music all day long – without any cables!

  221. Harjinder C

    I’m more excited about the white one. I’m looking forward to experiment with all new features the Nokia Lumia 920 has to offer. The wireless charging is an amazing feature, also HD camera for top-notch picture quality. However, since i love music so much, my personal feature i am looking more forward to trying is Streaming Music With Dolby. arrrrr (homer drool). This indeed is something that music lovers can never afford to miss. Thank you for additional colors and for this contest. Hope i win :-)

  222. Jonathon Squires

    I really like the Cyan. Nice Colour and a bit funky.

  223. Darryl

    Yellow would be great! And I would use the phone to talk to people, crazy I know!

  224. Daniel

    I’m definitely most excited about the red colour!

  225. paul monk

    red Nokia Lumia 920 to match my car, and not getting lost using the GPS!!

  226. Jess

    Thank you, Rogers!!! Like I said in October (you even quoted me in this article!), I have been waiting for sooo long for the Yellow Lumia 920! It will be my FIRST EVER smartphone – have been using a slide-out keyboard talk-text phone for years now – and I will use it to finally start a Twitter account, take beautiful pictures with, finally be able to check out new restaurants and never get lost; this phone will be my new best friend. I have never signed a contract with any major provider, but would sign a 3-year contract with Rogers for this beautiful phone. Thanks again Rogers, and pick me!!!

  227. Yellow! Striking Nokia design.

  228. Lorilee

    Yellow is awesome!!

  229. Tracy Martin

    I want a red phone. I will feel important like Batman! Remember the batphone in the old tv series.

  230. Danny

    Wanted a white Lumia 900 but there wasn’t one! Now if I can win a white or yellow Lumia 920 all will be well. Those are awesome colours.

    Looking forward to using Nokia Drive to travel and use the awesome camera to take some photos!

  231. yves

    Red looks good and I love the pureview camera for taking great shots. Red for Rogers and TS Red Tour.

  232. Paul M

    I wanted this phone almost pull the trigger a few times if it wasn’t for the black. Even went into AT&T stores a few times. Finally Rogers has come true, I will be picking up the White one, thank you!!!

  233. Darren

    Wohoo! I’ve been waiting for the yellow Lumia 920 to become available. With that amazing camera, NFC, wireless charging, super sensitive screen, and great Nokia apps, what aren’t I going to do with it?! ;)

  234. Charles Wang

    i want the yellow one because it’s underrepresented in phone colours

  235. bluevektor

    I’d love a white Nokia! It would be so classy.

  236. Craig

    Looking forward to the red 920 and the ability to take awesome photos and share them easily across the rest of my windows 8 devices.

  237. Michael Ellis

    I would like to see it in white!! Woohoo!! :)

  238. Marcus B.

    I’m most excited about the white and can’t wait to try out the 8mp camera!

  239. jessica nugent


  240. L. Byrne

    The red one for me please, it would be fun to show it off wherever I go. Thanks for this contest!!!

  241. Laura C

    Y-E-L-L-O-W Please:)

  242. Jonathan W.

    It’s nice to see some more colours coming, even though I wanted black all along. Gotta love red though….I mean, it’s Rogers!

  243. David

    I think I’m most excited about red, but it’s great to finally see more colours. If I win, I’d use it to take cinemagraph animated pictures!

  244. Grace Vittoria

    I would love to have the yellow Nokia Lumia 920.
    All the colors are really cool and I would love one of each!

  245. Terry Schultz

    I would like a Red one, so I can show it off to all my friends and family that have an iPhone and compare them and show them just how antiquated their devices are compared to this great phone. I then would go over to my other friends who have a Galaxy phone, ask them how the update swere going, then I would show them jsut all the great apps that Nokia has and how wonderful the picture taking and video quality is. Of course I will need to get a wireless charger just to top it off.

  246. Jason G.

    VICTORY! I started this forum post on Rogers Community forums a while back to rectify this and they listened! I’m so stoked to own a red Lumia 920!

  247. Yana Vasershtayn

    I’ d love to have a red Lumia, I’d do everything on it. Play games, serf on internet, watch movies

  248. Alexey

    Finally I can get the RED one to match my company name (! ;))

  249. Michael

    I had been waiting and waiting for the yellow Lumia and it never came, so I ended up taking my cell phone elsewhere. Nice to see it finally arrived, but it’s a little late now.

  250. William

    I wasn’t in the market for a smart phone but after I played with a colleague’s white Lumia 920 for a bit, I was hooked. So I went to a Rogers stored but was disappointed you didn’t offer anything other than black. White really complements the beautiful and colourful screen. I decided to wait and now looks like my patience is going to pay off!

  251. Robert Parr

    I think i would like the Red one, so i could keep up to date with what’s happening in the sports world.

  252. Dan M

    I really excited about a Red Lumia 920 so I can take some awesome low light photos and share em on Facebook

  253. Brett Henderson

    I’m excited about the red colour, it looks great! I’m excited to try the new interface and show it off to my friends! What a nice phone!

  254. Benjamin

    Rogers should offer the Nokia device in Smexy White! xD

  255. Kimm Lambert

    The yellow looks awesome!

  256. Jean-Nicolas Pelletier

    I’m really happy that Rogers finally release different colours. Even if I would have take Cyan ( AT&T version), a white one can be nice too! Stromtrooper style!

    WP8, HD+, Pureview with OIS are just amazing.

  257. Karen Lambert

    Love the red!

  258. Jefferson Nhan

    I’m most exited about the one in white!

  259. Hero

    Noooooooooo! I just got a black one last month! Swap mine with a red or cyan!

  260. Gabriel

    Definitely want the red one!!! That way it would match the Rogers colour. lol



  262. Gordon

    I’d love to take beautiful nighttime photos with a yellow Lumia 920.

    Though I was really hoping for cyan or grey, I’m glad that Rogers is finally offering some choice.

  263. Robert

    l like the red lumia 920

  264. Naomi Lindstein

    Pink powers everything that I do. From soft pink, to bright and vibrant pink, this is a color that makes my soul sing. Pink inspires me to design and create as many things as I can. This is a truely unique and inspirational color.

  265. Lawrence

    Yellow all the way! I’d be pumped to take amazing night-time photos with it.

  266. Pawan

    Would love a red for my wife. Looks cool.

  267. Poonam

    Prefer the yellow myself. It’s certainly different.

  268. Varun

    Being kind of conservative, I’d prefer the white.

  269. Rishun

    I think the white would be good for me.

  270. Francois Lavoie

    I like white, like snow… except when i am shoveling it :D
    White it is !

  271. Elvis

    White for me! -I’d where out that pureview camera!

  272. Tracy Saddul

    Hook me up with a red one please.

  273. Sonia F.

    The WHITE one is beautiful!

    The camera on this phone would be very helpful when taking videos and pictures of my little darling. I have an old BlackBerry, so this would definitely be a huge upgrade for me. It’s such nice looking phone.

  274. PSinclair

    Red is best. Warm colour, doesn’t show the dirt like yellow. Exciting.

  275. Garrett

    I am looking forward to getting a Yellow Lumia 920! I love the wireless charging because I can just place it on to the pad instead of fumbling with the cable.

  276. Horven

    I really want a white Lumia 920 so i can take quality pictures of my 1 year old son’s antics. When we’re out and about i never have a DSLR with me and i want to capture those moments in better quality pictures and video. Running around my shots/videos get really blurry and it can be frustrating when you miss something exciting. My current phone just doesn’t keep up with my son.

  277. Mick

    We live in a color world so why not carry some of that around with us. Nice one Rogers & nice one Nokia – what a great partnership!

  278. Aaron D

    Yellow reminds me of Pokemon lol.

    I’d use it to emulate some Pokemon games.

  279. Tao

    RED! like the Canadian flag.

  280. J H

    Most excited about Red! Looking forward to trying the camera!

  281. Tracy Dixon

    Love the red!

    1. Tracy Dixon

      And I can’t wait to be mobile with my Lumia!

  282. John Dowdell

    Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! I am going to impress all my friends with my fantastic new phone!

  283. Jeff

    Glad to see this phone’s gotten popular enough for Rogers to carry more colours! There are so many great features of the Lumina 920, let alone WP8 in general, that it’s tough to list just one… Nokia has done a great job of bringing amazing apps to the platform that are exclusive to Nokia devices; which bring their phones to the point where you aren’t really missing much versus the other mobile O/S’s on the market. They have really contributed to the progress of the Windows Phone platform! Between that, wireless charging, a camera that can’t be matched, and that awesome Yellow finish the Lumina 920 is easily my device of choice!

  284. Kamal

    I love the red lumia 920. I can’t wait to take some pictures with it.

  285. Stefano

    Yellow! I can’t wait to use Nokia City Lens, and Nokia Drive.

  286. Elizabeth V

    I love all the colours, but if I had to choose one it would be yellow. And it would be amazing for taking photos with the PureView camera.

  287. p buckley

    Most excited about the red lumia, and looking forward to trying out the new pureview cam!

  288. Richard Chong

    I look forward to taking awesome quality pictures on a red Lumia 900!

  289. Manuela

    The yellow is gorgeous and sets it a part from all other phones iIve seen! I’d use the yellow Lumia to take great photos to make into graphics.

  290. Andrew Fraser

    yellow lumia 920 looks best

  291. Janna Fraser

    i like the red lumia 920

  292. MAkhdar

    I am extremely excited about the yellow Lumia 920 it’s as if it glows and seems to be fluorescent. It has a personality of its own and it screams “Look at me!” :)

  293. Lee

    I want a yellow lumia 920 and power it with LTE!!

  294. Matthew Hon

    Finally the Yellow Lumia 920!!!!
    I can finally experience the curve screen and wireless charging!!! Not to mention the awesome videos and pictures i’ll take.

    Asian food taking ftw!

  295. Mary W

    Yellow looks sleek, Red looks sick, and white is my favourite so white please

  296. Sam

    I’d love to get it in white as it is a common smartphone color that sticks out. I’m really happy Rogers has decided to carry it. I can’t wait to use all the features on it as I’m a windows person. Also, the camera looks like it’ll be great to use!! Thanks for carrying the different colors!

  297. Karine

    I think the white one looks great!

  298. Michael W.

    A white one please, gonna take lots of pics and videos since lumia 920 has the best camera

  299. Ben Lehtovaara

    I want a Lumia 920 in Yellow. Looking forward to Xbox Music and Skydrive!

  300. Jonathan K

    I want the white Nokia lumia 920! I wannna play around with the awesome interface and try out the 8.7 mp preview camera to see how great floating lens technology really is.

  301. julie g

    I’m excited about the yellow phone. Can’t wait to update my old dying phone.

  302. Ian

    I would like the Yellow 920. I am a developer and would like to complement my 800 and port my applications from 7.5 to 8.

  303. Karen

    The Red 920 is my color. I am going on vacation in Feb and would love to be able to use the great camera in the 920 for my vacation pics!!!!

  304. Sagar

    Yellow… no less no more
    Once I have this will dump my camera and GPS for sure. I love this as I can use it with my Gloves…all canadians will love this :-)

  305. kyle h

    I am looking forward to the yellow one. I would use it to take pictures and make calls

  306. Debbie Bashford

    Most excited about the yellow colour and I want to take advantage of that LTE speed and dual core processing to play some games, watch movies and videos and check out the newest apps

  307. Alain

    I would like the red one !!! Looking forward to use the amazing camera and the wireless charging !

  308. Huy

    I want a RED Lumia 920 phone because it has the same color of Canada and Roger!

  309. Gord

    I wanted a White phone since the beginning but had to settle for Black. Still love the phone though.

  310. Ali Atrvash

    I’d love to have the yellow one.
    I’m excited about PureView camera and going to take nice photos with it. Nokia maps is another great feature which I can’t wait to test it

  311. Dmite

    White please – can’t wait to use the great camera.

  312. Lisa

    yellow all the way

  313. Ted

    I want the white one, ill take lot of awesome pictures with it

  314. Marvin

    I like the red one. The Pureview camera would come in handy trying to take pictures of my 4 year old daughter!

  315. Philippe Ferron

    I would go for the yellow, it’s such a striking color for a phone. I’d go around taking pictures with the nice camera while people ask where I got the sweet yellow phone.

  316. magda s

    I would love a red Nokia. I would download top-notch apps to befit my classy new phone

  317. I am personally excited about the Yellow Lumia 920! Finally a phone which supports all the new modern smartphone features with Windows Phone live tiles, and not to forget the PureView camera! not to mention I won’t be able to misplace this phone among others.

  318. mrcs

    I need a yellow one so I don’t keep losing my phone

  319. Aaron K

    I would love a red Nokia Lumia 920 so I can take some amazing pictures.

  320. B Ha

    Would love to have a yellow one and upload large photos with the LTE speeds

  321. Robin Seeger

    The red Lumia 920 so I can finally snap some good pictures.

  322. Kevin Taylo

    I have wanted a rich red phone for years, but could never find one that fit my needs so wonderfully. I have had my eyes on the Nokia 920 since it was announced. The second that the red one appeared online I knew that that would be the phone I would have one day.

    RED LUMIA 920

  323. jessica s.

    the yellow is awesome! I’m most excited about the GPS…how convenient!

  324. Tanya S

    I like the yellow and am exicted to use the Cinemagraph

  325. Vong

    Thank you Rogers, finally. I’m hoping the new colors will have the same bands as the black one.

    Looking forward to having the Yellow one, as it stands out the most. Can’t wait to see the yellow one in a crowd of black.

  326. Yong

    I would love a yellow one! Cyan will be good, too.

  327. Elizabeth B

    I would love to win a red nokia lumia 920 so that I can finally have the latest state-of-the-art phone and fit in with everyone I know! Connecting would be tops on my list!

  328. Al

    Yellow and I would take advantage of it’ great camera

  329. Aaron K

    I’d love a white Lumia 920. Can’t wait to experience all of the social features — and brag to all of my friends on Facebook and Twitter. :)

  330. jen

    I’m excited about the yellow. Neon colors have been hot recently and it just screams looks at me. If I won I’d downloading games and trying it out.

  331. Tracey

    I am most excited about taking photos on the White Nokia Lumia 920.

  332. Scarlett

    The red, like my name, has to be the best. I would love to preserve my family memories in photos with this. Loving Lumia.

  333. Brittany Langstaff

    I would love a yellow one. Looking forward to using apps and the cool camera

  334. Eddie Leung

    i wouldn’t mind winning the red nokia phone

  335. Bilal Saeed

    like to win

  336. David Monkman

    Red one please!

  337. MiniMaestro

    White so I can put some Leafs branded stuff on it because Hockey is BACK! Woo!

  338. susan b

    My son has a blue one and loves it. I would love the red one!

  339. david simand

    I would love to have the yellow one!

  340. Jinnan Li

    I would definitely choose the yellow one, so chic!

  341. andrew siman

    I am excited to listen to music on my white nokia lumia!

  342. Alex Delon Daniel

    I’m excited for the yellow color it’s my next choice after cyan. The first thing I want to do with the phone try the City Lens and purchase a wireless charging plate to charge it lol.

  343. Donald

    I would love to make a ‘buzz’ the year with a brand new yellow and black Nokia Lumia 920 waking me up in the mornings.

  344. Don Draper

    This will probably get buried in the contest spam, but is there a more precise timeline than “coming weeks”? When can we expect to see these rolling out in stores?

    While I have your attention, I’m definitely excited for the yellow Lumia, although it’s a shame Rogers couldn’t secure Cyan. I’m looking forward to using the amazing camera, wireless charging, NFC (if Rogers ever gets around to activating it), and Nokia apps.

  345. Andrei

    I’d love the Red one, Red just stands out more than any other. Really missing my old Nokia N-Series phones and the new Lumia’s look to be even better. The PureView camera’s are in a league of their own when it comes to mobile.

  346. Bruno Normandin

    Katie, you’ve just made my day. I am a proud owner of a black Lumia 900 with Rogers as my carrier. I went to Florida in December and had the chance to play with the Red Lumia 920 ! Since that day i’ve visited at least 10 rogers store and i’ve been bugging sales people to order a red one…I’ve never seen a phone as good looking as this Red beauty. Reminds me of a beautiful red Ferrari and combined with Rogers LTE network i betit’s even faster ! Anyway it matches Roger’s own colours and i would bet it’s gonna be a big winner ! Thank you and best regards, Bruno Normandin

  347. Jacob Janzen

    OMG. Finally! Thank you Rogers! I want my Red 920! I install custom wood working and am looking forward to be able to take pictures of my work on site with the amazing camera!

  348. Robert MacNeil

    I would definitely love a yellow one, to brighten up my day!

  349. vieagle

    good day, would love a red one:) the thing I’m most looking forward to is the camera…with the ois built in…I want to take bounce free movies:)

  350. BRIGHT YELLOW! I’d take tonnes of photos with it!

  351. Matthew Cho

    The yellow definitely is the most excited one for me. While the white and black are timeless classic, the yellow injects a new level of freshness into one of the best smartphones available today. Other colours are fresh as well, but the yellow stands out more for me.

    I most look forward to access the fastest LTE network in Canada with the phone available at Rogers so that I can share all the top quality pictures and fantastic videos (with the help of the OIS) that I take through the people hub feature!

  352. John Sam

    this is the best phone ever, yellow just screams attention and makes everyone jealous that its the coolest phone and they cant have it

  353. Bryan Chow

    I’m looking forward to the white one! Can’t wait to try out the camera on the phone!

  354. retrophiliac

    Red is my favourite colour, so definitely red!

  355. Marc-Andre Taillefer


  356. Marilyne Lavoie


  357. Christine McGee


  358. Barb

    I would like to pick up a red one, to show I am Canadian. The feature that I’m looking forward to would be the camera as we just had a new girl come into our family and I don’t want to have to grab for the point and shoot or DSLR if it’s just a quick shot at something cute.

  359. Kelsey

    Definitely most excited about the white one. It looks the cleanest and sleekest of the 3 new colours. I bet taking pictures on it would be even more awesome!

  360. darrell

    want a red one. looking forward to paying the highest rate and max out everything for 3 years.

  361. Hamza Faran


    Cinemagraph; GIFs will be made.

  362. Mitch Estrada

    I am stoked for a white one! Can’t wait to pull it out and snap some pictures with it!

  363. Bonne

    Definitely the red one.

  364. I dont think ive ever seen anyone with a yellow phone… to be different i’ll go with yellow and hopefully be taking some of those ultra fast pictures of my newborn daughter

  365. Lorne Tontegode

    Red please. Hot rods are always in red.

  366. Mickey

    Being a good Canadian it can only be the “Big Red” for me. About to ditch that stand alone
    camera for good and make the jump from my First Generation Windows Phone 7 Device.
    Bring it on!

  367. martin h

    I would love to play with a red or white one because those are the colours of my countries : Canada and Poland!

    1. martin h

      oh and using the apps for it!!

  368. Liisa

    I am most excited about the white Lumia 920. I’m looking forward to taking videos of my kids as they run around the house.

  369. shannon heitt

    i would love red. I am most excited to share across windows

  370. Barbara Parr

    I am most excited about the Nokia in red.

  371. Lori Glebe

    Nice hardware

  372. David Lauder

    I would love to own a yellow device because its bold and bright and windows phone 8 is the best. I want a device that will make people look twice and one that is not the typical black, blue or white. I want something original and new!

    Thank you!

  373. Daniel St-Louis

    The white Lumia 920 is the coolest. If I win it I would offer it to my wife for Valentine’s day, she loves the red theme on her old Rogers Samsung Focus and would love how her favourite theme color looks on a white 920 as much as she loves me. On the other hand, a red 920 is the color of love, and how to better showcase that you’re with Rogers than holding-up a red Lumia 920, right!

  374. Henry C.

    The red one looks awesome. Looks like a winner. Can’t wait to put it through its paces.

  375. Soroush Nazari

    Guess what! My favorite color is red. And we all know what comes in red now; The Nokia Lumia 920! let us imagine that the network provider for this red phone is going to be Rogers as well; the concept of having red on red is driving me insane. As a loyal all time Rogers costumer, this is going to be literally fantastic!

    It has to be mentioned that I like the phone’s technology as well, especially the wireless charging option! MIND BLOWN!

  376. That yellow one is pretty great!

  377. Ken Tang

    I really want a “Yellow” Luminar 920. I have been waiting for this one for a few months. I really like the camera function and the capability to shoot 1080p movie. I will use it to record my happy moments with friends and family.

  378. Tracey Ilnisky

    I would love the red one – my favourite colour

  379. Greg Donovan

    Can’t wait for the white Nokia Lumia 920 and the amazing camera

  380. Katie Olsheskie

    I’m most excited about yellow, and I would love to play media on it!

  381. cristina

    I’m really exited for the red one!! It looks awesome! :D. I can’t wait and look forward to texting on my new Lumia since I had a really small phone before! I mostly look forward to taking great pictures with the phone! ;)

  382. Peter Reid

    Yellow one please! Very well done Rogers!

  383. Marian

    white would be nice

  384. cristina

    I’m really exited for the red Nokia Lumia 920! It looks awesome! :D I really look forward to taking pictures with the amazing PureView camera! I also love the big screen! I look forward to texting too! ;)

  385. Cristina M.

    Im really exited for the red Nokia Lumia 920! It looks awesome!! :D I can’t wait to take pictures with the PureView camera! I also look forward to,texting and watching videos on the big screen! Most of all, I look forward to having an awesome phone! ;)

  386. Andy Liao

    I would love a Yellow Lumia 920, been excited about the Pureview camera since it’s inception and love the low light images it’s able to take. I’m glad to see more colors are finally added :D (So much I want to do with the phone too, super sensitive touch screen/kids corner/wireless charging/etc and the absolutely awsome WP8 @@)

  387. Cristina

    I can’t wait for the white Lumia! It looks great! I’m so exited! Can’t wait to take pics and try out the Nokia apps!

  388. Dirk

    I kind of like the white. Reminds me of stormtroopers. I think I would use it to take pictures of star wars figures on that top notch camera!! :D

  389. Cid

    oh man, why no mate grey :(… I’ll have to settle with white. Awesome that you guys are bringing new colors. I’m definitely getting white and slapping a high contrast theme on it. Sexiest device on the market…

  390. Paul

    Yellow please! Can’t wait to easily pair devices with NFC!

  391. Omar Mhaimdat

    Well I have to say that my favorite colour is white ! so I want a white Nokia 920

  392. Yang

    I’ve been waiting for the red Lumia 920 ever since its release. The color just makes perfect sense to me, not too flashy and yet outstanding!

  393. Anthony Castro

    Red is red hot! Love that colour. :)

  394. Omar Mhaimdat

    Well I want a white Nokia 920 !

  395. Shane Anderson

    this thing is off the hook!

  396. Jo

    Excited about RED – looking forward to HD screen

  397. alex

    I would love the red or the yellow, for it’s amazing gorilla glass II , low light camera and polucarbon case and win 8 as a bonus…:)

  398. Kam

    Red! Would love to take pictures with this!!!

  399. Pete

    I’d like the yellow one, to take pictures in low light with.

  400. PijoeOP

    Wow, a great announcement. I really want a RED Lumia sooo baaddlyy

  401. Ross

    I would love to have a white Lumia 920. I couldn’t wait for other colours to arrive, so I bought a black one in early December. It is awesome! If I win, I will give the black one to another member of our family plan.

  402. Stuart Roberts

    I don’t care what color it is, I just want one

  403. jasmeet singh

    The yellow :D For starters, I want that color because it is just sooo amazing. The color combination is the first of its kind and I like different. Also my first phone was nokia, I feel so attached to the brand :)

  404. Donna Vey

    Yellow would go with a lot of my outfits, but I’m sure I could find something to go with red and white :)

  405. Steve

    I’d love to have a white one! Business ready, yet stands out in a crowd. WP8 Rocks!

  406. cole baiker

    Love Red!! as in Rogers Redboard! Looks Awesome, you guys rock!

  407. Heather Holmberg

    I am most excited about a yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I am excited to use it and have EVERYONE look at me in awe :)

  408. Nicky

    white! i wanna take photos with it (can’t do that with my current device!)

  409. Linda Kollybaba

    Bright shiny yellow great to take pictures with.

  410. Jenna

    Most excited for white !! Looking forward to snapping some amazing photos

  411. zahra premji

    I would like white. I think its probably looks the classiest.

  412. Mary T

    I’m digging the yellow colour! The Nokia Lumia 920’s Windows® Phone 8 sounds amazing – everything at your fingertips!

  413. Stanley Wang

    The red phone looks gorgeous. I would love to have one of those.

  414. RICHARD F

    The Lumia 920 in Yellow absolutely rocks!

  415. Debbie D.

    I would love the red Nokia Lumia 920. I’m looking forward to just making a call without using my old outdated flip phone.

  416. Sharon K

    Like the white…would like to try the camera

  417. judy clarke

    would love a white one to try out the windows 8!

  418. Luke England

    I would love a Yellow Lumia 920. I switched carriers as soon as Rogers announced that they would be carrying the Lumia 900 series phone a year ago. I’ve been extremely satisfied so far and would love a 920 to take photos of my young children.

  419. David

    I would LOVE to own the WHITE Lumia 920! Contrast with black and white is stunning, live tiles, and my friend is making me jealous with his night time shots – I want one badly! So many times my current phone takes such dull and blurred night shots, this one creates such rich colors, looks better than reality! :)

  420. Kunaal Jagtianey

    Rogers Red.

  421. Colin Balgobin

    I’m excited for red, my favourite colour !!!

  422. Jo Ann Moffatt

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BRIGHT YELLOW!!!! What I am most looking forward to is that you can use the PureView camera to snap photos and quickly upload them with the Rogers LTE network. Awesome!

  423. GISELA F

    Lumia 920 in Yellow all the way….super cool!

  424. Hel

    I would luv a Yellow Lumia 920. It will be my perfect companion for my vacation trip to South America!!!

  425. Chetna

    I would rock the Yellow Nokia as I use it to text and keep in touch with my peoples!

  426. Michael Ip

    Man, ever since Rogers was selling the Nokia Lumia – I was stoked. BUT then I was disappointed that Rogers didn’t offer any colours! So I didn’t get one. Now that Rogers is offering more colours, I am really excited!

    I would LOVE to have a Yellow Nokia Lumia – and I am most excited about using Nokia’s wireless charging capabilities (if I win, I will instantly buy a wireless charging accessory)!

  427. Randy Preston

    I would really like to see an aquamarine color to match the ocean and my blue eyes.

  428. Sean

    I’ve always liked red so that’s what I’ll take mine in.

  429. Thuy

    I would pick yellow! Bight and sunny like me. First thing I probably would do is play around with the camera or record a video.

  430. Angelo Lavanga

    I love a white Nokia 920!!!

  431. Carla

    I’m excited for the yellow one and look forward to Windows 8!

  432. kellie Nehring

    Lumia 920 in White would be great to take tons of pictures with!

  433. wes

    Yellow would be my choice.

  434. Graham

    Definitely the red. And I’m looking forward to synching Xbox Live on my phone. That would be awesome!

  435. mike

    excited about the colour red, my favourite colour

  436. Dayna Woodbury

    Love the yellow, never seen any in that color!

  437. Josee B

    Yellow!!! I would take plenty of photos onmmy sunny vacation!

  438. lawrence

    Great to win

  439. Avishek Somani

    I am super excited about “Red” Lumia 920. I look forward to going around GTHA, snapping pictures and uploading them with my Lumia 920. Who needs a DSLR when you have a lumia 920. #SwitchToLumia

  440. Royce Fu

    I am excited to get a yellow Lumia 920 so I can finally operate a phone with my warm gloves (not those terrible touch gloves that don’t keep your hands warm), finally eliminate blurry photos of my kids on action with the OIS camera, and let my wife tether her iPad for those long car trips!

  441. Brandon Forsyth

    I’m most excited about the red Nokia lumia, and I look forward to listening to new music on my new Nokia Lumia.

  442. Chad Westcott

    Yellow is my favorite. I would use it to keep in touch with my wife while she is at work, and when she goes out.

  443. Garnet Leib

    I love the yellow and the white one. Can’t decide which one is best!

  444. Natalie

    The red looks gorgeous! And I bet it takes great pictures and makes social networking easy.

  445. Rachel

    I am most excited for white.

  446. Danny Warren

    Most excited for the white Nokia

  447. Heather Simpson

    I would love to win the yellow phone because it would brighten my day! I would love to use the touch screen, because I’m still living with a flip phone.

  448. Michael

    I’d love a yellow one because it would always be easy to spot rather than my current black phone which often appears to be camouflaged.

  449. Colin Rouse

    Red would be awesome!!

  450. Michelle Rouse

    Mellow Yellow for me….

  451. Matthew

    Want one in white!!!

  452. Diane

    I would love to win any color of such a wonderfule camera, but would choose white for its clean, crisp look. I can use it to take pictures on our next vacation. Hope I win it in time :)

  453. S.M

    Red please! Amazing photography awaits

  454. johanna m

    Red for sure…..would always remind me of a great win from Rogers!!!!!

  455. Jeff

    I’m most excited about the red; I think it looks sharp. And I’m looking forward to exploring the WP operating system and playing with LTE.

  456. Gregory

    That yellow colour is great. I’d probably buy it even if I didn’t win.

    Would be nice to finally own a mobile WIN8 device that I can make apps for. My friends will probably think I’m crazy flashing it around and bragging, but it’s all good.

  457. Donna Connors

    The yellow one – my favorite color. So excited to use this.

  458. Caveman

    ummmm im not with Rogers …….I would come out stone age for yellow 920 :)

  459. I would Love to win a RED Nokia Lumina 920 Looking forward to the Camera feature, Rogers LTE network,.The New Windows 8 also. Thanks for the chance!!

  460. Valerie Yantha

    my favorite colour is blue

  461. Andrew

    A red one to play games.

  462. Rachel Moir

    Would love the Yellow, can’ t wait to use all the windows features that windows 8 has

  463. Brian Virtue

    For me the Red Nokia Lumia 920 is my first pick. When Rogers got the first Nokia Windows phone I was very excited as I am a long time Nokia fan. Got my Nokia Lumia 710 from Rogers, had to order a Cyan colored back from the UK as no one had them in North America. I was a little disappointed when the Nokia Lumia 900 came out on Rogers a few months later. But I’m most excited about taking pictures at night with a Nokia Lumia 920; the Optical Image Stabilization is just amazing!

  464. Kathleen

    Yellow, definitely.

  465. Xiaoquan Mao

    I can’t wait to try this Lumia 920s.

  466. Xiaoquan Mao

    I can't wait to try the white Lumia 920s and take pictures with it.

  467. Kristy K

    Red is my favorite and I am excited about playing with all of the features of windows8.

  468. Robert Fraser

    Love the colours

  469. Matthew

    I gotta say, great move Rogers! As a person with a Lumia 920, it’s hands-down the best phone out there!

  470. debbie lappin

    White goes with everything!

  471. Adam Kohn

    Most excited about the yellow (I like my phone to stand out).
    Looking forward to taking pictures of my meals and posting them online with the beautiful 8MP PureView camera.

  472. Wayne S

    I want a yellow one (because I love to stand out), and I would use it to stay connected with friends and family via social media while I’m traveling on business!

  473. Paul T.

    I would love the Yellow. I would watch my movies on the subway ride to work.

  474. Darshan

    I am aching to get the Yellow one in my hands. Its my choice of color to have because, the phone stands out even more; and not to mention about the actual features of the phone. Thank you! Rogers!

  475. Steve A.

    I’m not a Rogers customer but I do own a Cyan Lumia 800 and love it. If I were to win a YELLOW Lumia 920 I’d become a ‘turncoat’ in no time. First thing I’d do is hold up the phone for all to see and proudly proclaim “Hey look at this fantastic Windows Phone I won from Rogers!”.

  476. Diana Plavins

    I want the yellow one bacuase maybe I wouldn’t lose it right when I need to email someone!

  477. Marlon

    Thanks for offering other colours. I am very excited for the RED Nokia Lumia 920. I have used my wifes Nokia Lumia 920 and I am definitely very excited to have one myself. I love the Live Tiles. Camera is second to none. Because it’s a Windows Phone 8, it has no issues synching with my work Exchange Server, Office documents, and even Sharepoint Server via Office 365 and SkyDrive. XBox integration is great, I can see my achievements and even control my XBox. Great phone!

  478. Gerard

    I would love a red Lumia 920! I’ve been holding out for one. I can’t wait to use it to take pictures of my wife and kids, to listen to music, and to work during my train ride to and from the office. Thanks for the contest!

  479. Dzoie

    Very happy with this. I am excited for the Red Lumia 920. Would love to have a phone that can integrate with my other Microsoft apps and devices.

  480. Francine Legare

    I prefer the white colour, but they are all lovely.

  481. Francine F.

    ooh- I’d love a red one – my favourite colour!

  482. Donna

    So exciting to win! White would be beautiful. Endless photo opportunities ahead!

  483. Sharon

    I definitely need red to match my purse.

  484. joyce shane

    I like the red. It’s eye catching.

  485. Luciano DiBacco

    I like the color red because it is bright and very easy to see.

  486. Candice Youngdale

    yellow would be awesome!!!

  487. Zaid

    I’m most excited about hte Red Nokia. I’ve always been a Nokia fan and the sleekness of this phone is just terrific. I want to be able to use the different types of apps and games. Picture quality is also AMAZING!

  488. Ashley Lyn

    I’d love to win a Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow, so that I could look stlyin’ and also film high quality videos for my youtube channel with it! I’ve seen reviews on this phone and I’m amazed at how clear the videos come out :D Nokia is also my fave cellphone brand! :) I never really got into the whole craze of iPhones and apple products and I’m currently using an old phone that I’ve had for about 5 years now, so I could really use an upgrade.

  489. Mikael D.

    I’m looking forward the red version! Can’t wait to try out the amazing camera with its killer low light performance. Also, WP8 is a really refreshing and nice looking mobile OS!

  490. Dave

    Most excited about the white colour and testing out the PureMotion HD+ screen while wearing gloves!!

  491. fan gao

    I want a yellow lumia 920. I will use the phone to take photos with my friends.

  492. TJ

    I am interested in the Banana Yellow Lumia.

  493. Kevin Low

    I’m going with Yellow. When you’re living in a place like Vancouver, anything that reminds you of sunshine is a good thing. ;)

  494. Penny Bland

    I’d love a yellow one–bright and cheery like sunshine. The first thing I’d do is brag to all my friends about my new Nokia Lumia 920.

  495. Mireille Fournier

    in yellow and listen to videos!

  496. Donna L

    Red! It’s my fave colour. The white would be pretty snazzy too

  497. kristina santos

    The red phone is the one I am most excited about. The whole phone itself looks amazing and I have never owned a nokia so I am most excited about learning all the cool things it does. Thanks Rogers!

  498. Francois P

    Red! It’s Rogers, it’s Canada :D
    Can’t wait to play with WP8 with my indestructible Nokia phone!

  499. Kezghan

    Yellow, its bright and playful.

  500. Wasif

    So glad you’re coming out with new colours. The Lumia phones really put themselves out there with its bright colours. Would love to use the yellow Lumia, and take some fantastic photos with Pureview on my backpacking trip this summer!!. Plus it would really help to be able to use the phone with my gloves on during the winter.

  501. Sunshine Gudlaugson

    Red – it’s lively!

  502. Connie

    Nokia Lumia 920 in white would be my first choice

  503. Angela

    Grey!! Err, I mean White! Cant wait to use city lense & Nokia drive.

  504. Justin

    I’d love a white one so I can take some night time pictures with the awesome camera!

  505. Victor

    Yellow! Can’t wait to take low light shots with my girl when we are on a night out and nokia music will be using up all my data for sure!

  506. David Cunningham

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the yellow Nokia 920!

  507. Amy

    I’m undecided between the iphone5 or the lumia 920. Camera performance is important; I don’t want to miss another moment like when my 1 year old gave his big sis a hug. I was amazed with some of the pics people took using the Nokia, especially in low light. Other highlights of the Nokia are the beautiful screen and OS, ability to use gloves and wireless charging. I think the iphone has the advantages of much greater app selection and being lighter and easier to use with one hand, plus it is available in white! Now with white being available for the Lumia, I’m leaning towards the Nokia!

  508. Jess Billingsley

    would love a RED one!

  509. Cosimo

    WOOT! i can finally get a shiny yellow Nokia Lumia 920! been waiting months to hear this announcement. its a good thing i waited. Time to Add some colour to the phone space! Thanks Rogers!

  510. Joel

    I am most excited about the Lumia 920 in RED, as RED is my daughters favorite colour, and this amazing device would be a present for her.

    She is looking forward to using the incredible camera, as she is a pre-teen in love with photograpy.

  511. Cosimo

    Shoot, i forgot to mention the thing Im most excited about , is to use the live tiles and Xbox music rocking shiny yellow earphones to match yellow Nokia Lumia 920!

  512. Mary I

    I would love the yellow. it is so bright and cheery.. Just want I need in the middle of a Manitoba Winter

  513. I love white because it goes with everything

  514. Bev Sayers

    Love it in colours. Red or yellow for me!!!

  515. Randall Wong

    Yellow of course. What I would do with is go back to Paris and take some night shots of the Eiffel Tower.

  516. Christine Dube

    I would like the red one and I would take lots of pics of my family !

  517. Mary

    I want the yellow one! I am looking forward to playing games on the new phone.

  518. Edmond Leung

    Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! I like the yellow color. It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs prize to work and eat again. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  519. JoeM

    since “we all live in a Yellow submarine.. ”
    Yellow for me!

  520. YT

    I am excited more colours of the 920 are coming. Personally would love to have a yellow one. I will definitely bring it around with me everywhere just to show others the awesomeness of the phone, aside from doing the usual pictures taking, web browsing and such.

  521. Deepak Murthy

    Rogers is the best company for any kind of connectivity.

  522. Brenna

    I am looking forward to the white. It looks like these take great pics.

  523. Zamir Chatur

    I’ve been with Rogers for a very long time, and over the years i have noticed a trend, i was never able to choose my “options” on a phone that i have wanted. Now i can finally pick a colour that i want with no exceptions and to top it off, its a phone that I’ve been wanting since the rumors first leaked of a phone that can do it all. I have been using Nokia phones since symbian. I have had a silver Nokia N8, black N9, blue Lumia900 and now, after a long wait, for the first time i will have a Red Lumia 920. I think I’ll call the colour Rogers Red. The reason why i want the 920 so much is quit simple. i have always had to choose between two things when it came to picking a phone, either better quality camera, or better OS. But witht he 920 there is no need to choose, i really love windows phones. the fluidity of the OS is so smooth and the live tiles grabs everyone’s attention when im using my lumia 900; pair it with the 920’s amazing camera capabilities and you have THE phone that i have been searching for so long. Once i get my hands on a Red Lumia 920 then i can finally say, ” I have my phone”.

    1. Zamir Chatur

      sorry, my last post was over 150, here is my new entry:

      I was never able to choose my colour on a phone that I have wanted. Now I can finally pick a colour that I want with no exceptions. After a long wait, for the first time I will have a Red Lumia 920. The reason why I want the 920 so much is quite simple. I have always had to choose between two things when it came to picking a phone, either better quality camera, or better OS. But with the 920 there is no need to choose, I really love the fluidity of the OS and the live tiles grabs everyone’s attention; pair it with the 920′s amazing camera capabilities and you have THE phone that I have been searching for so long. Once I get my hands on a Red Lumia 920 then I can finally say, ” I have my phone”.

  524. sofiane benzaza

    I am more of a green person but not very popular phone wise. How about that yellow?! It is so shiny and clean that it makes it so distinct.

    Fruit Ninja on my Yellow Nokia Lumia 920? I will go Bananas!!!!!!!!

  525. Allison

    I’m most excited about the yellow 920. I’m looking forward to being able to use the family room to share my work and social calendar with my husband as well as take some great photos while out with the ladies.

  526. Maegan Morin

    I am most looking forward to that gorgeous yellow!! Love how bright and vibrant it is!
    Im most looking forward to actually having a smart phone! Can you believe that I dont have one :S

  527. Beata D'Agostino

    I would love to have a red lumia 920 and I am excited to take some pictures and upload them with Roger network. Thanks for giving us a chance to win this amazing product.

  528. Chris

    No doubt about it, the red version is the best! Would really like to try out that great camera on the 920!

  529. laurel jones

    cherry red please

  530. julien roberts

    I have never owned my own phone but lately I have been seriously considering getting the nokia 920, One of the problems is I actually won’t get black. The vibrant colours are something that really attract. People will ask what kind of phone and I will be proud to tell them its a rogers, nokia lumia 920, windows phone 8.( No blue? :,( … still loving the new colours)

  531. Brenda Penton

    Most excited about the red one. I am looking forward to keeping in contact with all my friends with my new Nokia Lumia 920

  532. Rob

    Red looks the best, and xbox integration in windows phone looks amazing!

  533. Stephen Shim

    I’m most excited for WHITE.

    I can’t wait to start taking pictures on the Lumia 920.

  534. Sandi DeGeer

    Iam most excited about the yellow one! So vibrant! The first thing I will do is send pics!

  535. Melanius McBain

    Red – looks racy, and trendy.

  536. Bryan

    I would like a Cyan one… but given the available choices a Red one would do…

  537. David MacInnis

    Im excited for the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920, and using the PureView camera to snap photos and quickly upload them with the Rogers LTE network. :)

  538. Francis Thibault

    I want the red :D

  539. Mike McGee

    I want the RED!

  540. Bernadette Barter

    I like ‘em all! Very cool and thanks for the chance to win one! xxx

  541. Caleb Shaw

    I would like to be entered

  542. Shaun

    I like the red, and I’m most excited about using all the wireless features in the 920

  543. Lorin Dyck

    I really like the yellow one, as it is easier for me to find when I drop in the snow.

  544. Cristina medeiros

    RED! Its my favorite colour. All my electronics are red minus my phone. I would love to take awesome pics on my RED Nokia 920.

  545. Russell Porter

    I am looking forward getting a Yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I’m looking forward to trying out the wireless charging and some night shots with the camera..

  546. I can’t wait to play with the best smartphone cam on the market! 1080p at 30fps, DAMN! It pwns all the rest! I would looooove to win the yellow! Just sayin… :D

  547. I just lost mt phone in a bucket of water it took great pitchers. I need one of theis so I can take great pitchers and more

  548. Sean

    I would have to pick a yellow device, they seriously look awesome and stand out from the normal crowd of blacks.

  549. Sandra Rooke

    Love the red one! I would play games on mine!

  550. Bob Cooper

    I have been waiting for the yellow lumia 920 since September when they were announced. I can’t wait to use all the features of windows phone 8 and I am sure it will look fantastic on the lumia 920’s top of the line display, pure view camera is also amazing. Also not having to take my gloves off outside is a huge plus in our lovely winters.

  551. Knarf

    Oh yeah, spicy Red baby!!
    Can’t wait to record some live performances myself with that stunning image AND sound quality!

  552. terry villeneuve

    Love love love the yellow one!!!!!

  553. Kevin

    I would love to win a white Lumia 920 as I feel that it suits me personally. The design of the device would look amazing in white!

  554. Bonny Dixon MacIsaac

    Love the red..although the yellow is nice too. But if I had to pick just one red would win!

  555. Cody Hansen

    I am ecstatic for the Red Lumia 920! Red is hands down my favorite colour, and its a rare find with mobile devices. First thing I would do if I won is boot it up and start taking pictures! I played with one in the store and its camera is incredible! easily the best on the market right now. The ability to take pictures at night and have them show up clear as day is amazing! Also I love the feature they added that allows you ti make GIF’s with your video footage.

  556. Nicole

    Yellow is my favourite colour :) Since I only have an old flip-phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 would be an upgrade and I could get a data plan to connect my facebook/email accounts

  557. C K WONG

    I LIKE THE YELLOW Lumia 920, because only Nokia have it..

  558. Elisa

    I’m most excited about the red Lumia 920, it looks so stunning. I’m excited about being able to easily connect with my friends and family on the phone, and accessing my social networks easily.

  559. Red would look pretty cool. I would use it basically as a mini pc that takes awesome pics.

  560. Jorge M.

    Looking forward to the yellow so that I can hide it amongst the bananas…..oh and to take amazing photos……of said bananas

  561. Glenn MacRae

    A red Nokia Lumia 920 would be awesome mostly because I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features in Windows 8 and using lte!

  562. Jeff

    I want to finally get a real banana phone :D

  563. Aileene

    Red is my lucky color so Red Nokia Lumia please…It would be a great birthday gift for me on the 31st..I love taking pictures of my son and record memorable moments of my family. Sharing it on Facebook will be so easy with this smartphone.

  564. Shari B

    I would love a Red Nokia 920. I would love to be able to snap incredible pictures of my nutty family and friends.

  565. Lavan Varatharajah

    I am really looking forward to upgrade my black lumia 900 to the white lumia 920.

  566. Joseph Chung

    I have been following the introduction of this beautiful phone from Nokia. Was specially excited by the colors available.
    I was a bit disappointed that not all colors were available at first with Rogers.
    I have been waiting for the yellow one, because it stands out. It is bright yellow and special. Only HTC has copied Nokia on this.
    The phone is a fashion statement , should be in different colors. I am sure my wife will want one too…the lipstick red !

  567. Silvia D

    I would love the red one! looking forward to getting rid of my old phone and being able to keep contact with friends,family..the world with a new Nokia Lumia 920!

  568. Joseph Chung

    Sorry, forgot to say that the Lumia 920 has the best camera and video technology in it.
    And of course, I love the friendliness of Windows Phone OS. I have Win 8 at home. A uniform look across devices is such a great idea.

  569. Tia GERELUS

    Hi, how I would love to win “Nokia Lumia 920 devices”


    1. Trish

      Well – i would love to win these as well!

  570. Owen

    I’m excited about the red Lumia 920! I want to run around with City Lens.

  571. Vince

    I think it is awesome that you finally got colors, I am very excited for the Red one, and hope to get one in the next couple of months.

  572. Loving the red thx so much and look forward to working on my new phone cause I cant on my phone now :)

  573. Felix

    Red! I would love to take amazing photos during the night! =)

  574. Terry Bail

    Use the super duper camera

  575. Andy Chmilenko

    Yellow seems like a really snazzy colour, it screams uniqueness and it just pops! I really want to try the new camera on the 920 too, that thing looks so awesome. Making some cool apps would be great too, I got some ideas, I just need a device to test on….. :O

  576. Terry Bail

    Use the super duper camera on a red 920

  577. Greg Murphy

    I think yellow is the best colour, it would take the best pictures and with WP8 you can connect to your office exchange quickly and easily. Also with Bing maps you never get lost, and local scout show everything you need to know about your surroundings.

  578. Paula Goodman

    Yellow is and always will be my favourite colour!! :)

  579. Azam

    A red one would be nice. I’m glad windows phones are coming out in different colours to shake things up.

  580. Babak Behdarvandirad

    I am looking forward to the red colour. I am also looking forward to listening and downloading music on the Nokia Lumia 920.

  581. Theda Stoppel

    For me it can and will always be red. First of all it goes very well with my blonde complexion and second it’s the color of blood that means life to me!

  582. Chew

    I want a beautiful white Lumia 920. I want to take amazing pictures in all lighting!

  583. Mike Safioles

    So, what happens to those of us who had to settle for black?

    I received no indication that there were going to be other colours available, so I compromised and got the phone I wanted, in the colour I didn’t want – black.

    Now suddenly there’s colours available. The only way to get the phone I wanted in the first place is to pay upwards of $500 (‘upgrade’ to it).

    That’s pretty lame.

    Will there be any sort of exchange program, or … Anything?

    Anyways, here’s my contest entry:

    I’d use my RED Lumia 920 to take awesome pictures, use it with gloves on in the winter, and stream Xbox Music over LTE.

  584. Alex Tang

    I’m most excited about the Yellow Lumia 920! Black and Yellow is perfect for my black suit and yellow tie! Can’t wait to use the awesome camera, especially in low light conditions!

  585. Sylvie Keringer

    Would I be that lucky? I sure hope so! Good luck to me!

  586. Darin

    I would love a white one that would stand out immediately. I am anxious to try Windows 8!

  587. Manna

    I like the yellow 920. The feature that excites me most is the OS itself. I have never tried one of these new Windows Phone 8 devices!

  588. Mike

    I’m most excited for the yellow one, It would match this delicious Banana I’m eating. Then I would go to the grocery store, and take high resolution pictures of Bananas. Then post it to Facebook. Then I would thank Rogers for the beautiful phone, and the wonderful picture of Bananas that was only possible with the Nokia Lumia 920.

  589. debbie p

    I would love to win a RED 920!

  590. Justin Wilkinson

    The red ones look fantastic!

  591. lorne harvey

    i like the red one. goes with the calgary flames and stampeders.
    woo hoo.

  592. Susan Hanley

    I would love to win the yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I want take pics and share them with my family and friends.

  593. Stacey

    Would love to try out the Cinemagraph on a red Lumia! Oh, and the wireless charging capabilities too! :D

  594. Chris Jaspers-Fayer

    I’m most excited about the WHITE Nokia Lumia 920, and mostly I’m just excited to explore the platform.

  595. Tyron

    I while I’m typically more of a black/dark colour fan, I think yellow stands out from the crowd and says vibrant as much as the Nokia design and new WP8 interface. Looking forward to my new yellow phone! :)

  596. Aubrey Young

    Yellow and I would love to show it off, and, flash it arround. Be Cool! Be the Coolest!

  597. andrew

    I am interested in white. I would be interested to use the map feature.


  598. James Kroll

    Would love to win a red one :D Love Windows Phone!

  599. Ryan

    I think white is a great color…

  600. JT

    Red for me.

    Hell, it could be reason enough to switch from Bell to Rogers…

  601. I’m most excited about the white Lumia 920 and the amazing camera is has! Finally a phone that I could replace my point and shoot camera!

  602. Debby Kulchar

    the red would be simply stunning to own – I would be the envy of all my friends and associates!

  603. I am excited for the white model because i am a basic guy who doesn’t have a phone!

  604. Peter Russell

    I’m most excited for the Yellow Lumia! I’m most looking forward to using the camera to capture incredible memories of my newborn this August!

  605. I’d love a Yellow Lumia 920 and would be excited to try out the wireless charging.

  606. kristine hibbs

    I love yellow! how exciting!

  607. Janet Simon

    Where do I go to enter the contest?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Right here Janet! Leave us a comment! “To be entered, all you have to do is tell us in the comment section below, before noon on January 31st, what colour are you most excited about and what are you looking forward to do on your new Nokia Lumia 920.”

  608. Chris

    So stoked if I got a Red phone!

  609. Catherine Brown


  610. Katie

    I would love to use the red Nokia Lumia 920 for texting and sharing photos with all my friends.

  611. Irsa Shoukat

    YELLOW!!!! sunshineeee yeeeellloowww :)

  612. Ramanan

    Dear Rogers,

    I would love a Red Nokia Lumia 920.

  613. Stephanie

    Red! Love the color! It would such a great conversation piece and super technology to have!

  614. Jaimon John

    Would love to get a yellow.

  615. Kelvin

    I would love the Lumia 920 in red! It would match my Ferrari fan collection! The thing I would probably spend the most time doing is using the Pureview camera. Best camera on the market, IMO.

  616. Hi I would love to to have a Nokia Lumia 920 red phone with Windows 8 on it , sure would be nice i could do lots with it????

  617. Chris Salewski


  618. Raymond

    I want the white one because than people will notice the device and ask me questions about it, which I’d love to answer! With white, I won’t feel obligated to colour the LiveTiles the same colour as the phone, either.

  619. Mark DCunha

    Definitely RED. It’s the ONLY way to not lose my phone when I put it down. It’s a bright red brick, very visible and btw denotes how #PASSIONATE I am about my phone :)

  620. Marc Noel

    I think the red Lumia 920 would be awesome!

  621. James T.

    I’m most excited about the red Lumia920! – it’s the colour most representative of being a Canadian as well as a proud Rogers customer. I’m looking forward to being able to use the integrated Skype, integrated social networking like Facebook, and its Live Tile updates to keep connected with my family and friends.

  622. Well this is exciting, when I got my 900, I was pretty much forced into the black one. But having these options I’d be very tempted for the white one. Absolutely love WP7, but WP8 has far more features that I need plus, the camera on the 920 and the wireless charging are basically must haves for me, who no longer wants to carry around multiple devices.

  623. Elina

    I would love to have the phone in RED! The camera is amazing and it is the feature that I admire the most about this phone. Definitely looking forward to using this amazing phone camera to replace my existing camera (one less thing to carry!)

  624. Red is a color of power and also signifies a cheery atmosphere ,so RED it is!

  625. David

    I like the white version of the 920 because it looks so clean and slick. I’m looking forward to watching videos and online content on that huge HD screen!

  626. Matthew

    I like the phone in white! I look forward to using this phone for its social networking integration capabilities and taking photos with its stunning camera.

  627. David Arrowsmith

    I have wanted to get the Yellow Nokia 920 since the announcement by Nokia, and would really love to get this particular color of the fantastic Windows8 phone. Many of the apps and especially the camera on this phone are phenomenal and significantly better then any phone on the market!

  628. Nixon

    RED so i can take lots of pictures

  629. Nourus

    I drive a blue car and I am in need of a white 920. Keeping that Toronto Maple Leafs spirit alive…obviously watch Rogers live TV on it, Go leafs Go!

  630. Dian Anderson

    I would iike the white one. The other colours might clash with some of my outfits. Hmm, not really, any colour would be great
    Best feature for my likes would be : Cinemagraph the low light performance and optical image stabilization on the pureview camera on this Nokia Lumia 920 is best in class. Carl Zeiss lenses are what I have on my DSLR pro camers, so I am really inpressed to find them on a phone
    Gorilla glass front, and turn by turn navigation are both a big plus for me, and windows 8. and with all this I still have a colourful phone. what else could a girl want

  631. Sandy Bottineau

    I am exited about the yellow Nokia Luminia 920, it shines like the sun.

  632. Andrew Chobaniuk

    I think the White one looks sleek! Kid’s corner would be great for my niece!

  633. Lucas Krale

    Check out what my wife has for sale online,and hope it isn’t mine.

    1. Lucas Krale

      I forgot to say If it is mine Id be seeing red.

  634. Darlene Seymour

    I’m interested in the red and i would take lots of photos!

  635. Judy

    I would love a Nokia Lumia 920 in red or white.

  636. daniel amantea

    I can’t wait to stream Xbox music pass music music to my phone all day

  637. Barbara DeFrance

    New phones are always exciting. Never really thought about the colour before tho. Quality of the phone is more important.

  638. Patrick

    I want the yellow one so I can look flashy when I take pictures.

  639. Frederick Edwards

    Red one. Looking forward to showing it off, which will be the first thing i’ll do with it. :)

  640. Chris Galbraith

    I’m excited about the red and the ability to slowly raise my GS by playing more XBox / Windows phone games

  641. Kurun

    So excited for the yellow lumia 920. Its gonna be my nokia n8 upgrade. Cant wait to try the pureview camera and the augmented reality apps City lens.

  642. Dan

    I want the white one because simple and clean looking.

  643. Anil P

    I would love to have my hands on red Nokia lumia. I started my relationship with Rogers with a Nokia E61 and it would be perfect to return to Nokia with this strikingly bold and beautiful Nokia lumia 920…I would love to take awesome pics with it

  644. OQ

    Nokia is my favorite. I like RED one.

  645. Neil Guerrero

    I’m looking forward to the yellow Lumia. Funky, original, and flashy! :)

  646. JL

    Most excited about the black one. Looks classy. I’ve been using windows 8 so I’m looking forward to the start screen on the WP8.

  647. JL

    Most excited about the white one. Looks classy. I’ve been using windows 8 so I’m looking forward to the start screen on the WP8.

  648. Sean Rosairo

    I love my Nokia Lumia 710, I would love to have a Lumia 920! it’s probably the best phone on the market right now, and I would love to have one!

  649. val

    I would love the red one beautiful and so functional and fun I don’t hace a cell phone so i would be so Blessed to win one

  650. Michael O'Driscoll

    I am most excited about yellow. It will be great to make and receive calls on this new sleek device

  651. Tina

    I really want a red Lumia 920 because red is my favourite color. It also happens to be Rogers’ theme color, so I guess we have something in common — good taste. I want to whip out my phone during those harsh cold Canadian winters and use it while wearing gloves, knowing that the people around me don’t have the super sensitive screen of the Lumia 920. Beyond that, I would really like to stand out from the crowd in a sea of boring black phones. I want to show the people around me that I am unique!

  652. Bruce Ramage

    I would love to have a yellow Lumia 920.

  653. merna steen

    Looking forward to texting and use internet with larger screen easier to see and manouver

  654. kathryn

    I would love to win the yellow one, no one I know has a yellow phone.
    I can’t wait to take an upload awesome pictures

  655. Arjun Rudra

    Excited about the Red Lumia 920. Looking forward to using the 8.7MP camera.

  656. Rick Roussel

    looking to win

  657. thomas mayne

    I hope to win this :-)

  658. debbie starkey

    Love them all but yellow would be my top pick!

  659. Gurnishan

    another colour i would love to see you guys sell is grey

  660. Michael McCrea

    I would love to have a Windows 8 Nokia 920 in Safety Yellow to use in my job as an OHS Coordinator this is a true “Super Phone”

  661. Destiny

    Like most people I’d be most excited about the camera. I’m tired of having to carry around my camera in my purse if I want to take good pictures. The dual core processor will also make the picture taking a breeze so that I can take pictures quickly. By the time my current phone finishes taking a picture I’ve already missed a great shot. To be honest I’d be happy with anything but white, but I’d be pumped to get a red one.

  662. Awsome phone! I wanted red thinking that only black was avail. Can I switch? Sure like those colours!

  663. Elaine

    Definitely red! I’m looking forward to taking amazing picture with it!

  664. Love the yellow one, will go with my Ferrari very nicely.

  665. Barry

    White always gets dirty, yellow is a little too bright so I’m going to say red. Can’t wait to take great pictures and send them to friends and family!

  666. Lana

    I like the white one, will take photos with it and use social networks and lots of other stuff!

  667. Aimila

    Finally! It was totally worth the wait for color ones. RED, my favorite! Roommate is yelling Yellow from the other side of the room :P Going to show off some high quality night time photos – now it gives me a legit reason to party!

  668. Debbie Petch

    I have always been a big red colour lover!

  669. Mia

    I would be thrilled to have a white or yellow lumia! I’ve been a proud owner of a windows 7 phone and have been looking forward to this lumia launch for so long! I am excited to use this phone’s unique personalization features to customize the interface to my lifestyle and use the amazing camera features to take perfect photos of my life and travels!

  670. Emilia Turner

    Yellow is the one I am most excited about. I travel a lot and I like to find it fast . I am also keen on the charging pads

  671. Crisp WHITE one for me please. I would love to win one to take awesome photos anywhere and anytime.

  672. Arlyn

    Yellow looks awesome.

  673. Deo Lee

    I’m most excited about the white Lumia 920, and use the City Lens when I’m travelling to different places.

  674. EJ

    Ferrari red Lumia === the perfect smartphone. Please hook me up!!!

  675. Looking forward for the yellow version of the Nokia 920. I am mostly excited to use windows OS and using live tiles on the home screens.

  676. syed

    i want white thanks

  677. Narek Mirzoyan

    Finally the colors are available. The white one I think is the sexiest so white one please!!!! Pretty please!!!

  678. Eric Clermont

    All the Lumia colours are gorgeous, but for me, the one that stands out the most is Yellow (my favourite colour).

    1. Eric Clermont

      Use: Create apps for WinPhone8

  679. Ken

    Looking forward to a White Nokia 920 as it will have the best camera on a phone with pureview and a fresh new OS Windows Phone 8! Love the live tiles experience…

  680. The Yellow one looks so soo nice!! I’d love to set up sky drive to see all my documents and pictures from my windows 8 PC. Love it!

  681. Cynthia Booton

    I would be thrilled to have a red Nokia Lumia 920 so that I can take my photography to the next level.

  682. Erika

    Red is definitely my fav and I’m most looking forward to the ease of sharing content!

  683. Amari

    I would a red phone. Maybe then I could locate in my purse faster.

  684. I would really like to win a nokia lumia 920. I think they are far superior than other brands.

  685. Pearl

    I would absolutely love a red Nokia Lumia 920 to replace the blackberry that I currently have. It has been insufficient in my needs due to one of my courses at school which relies heavily on pdfs, ppts and word docs that I have to access online. So, with the new Windows 8 OS, it would enable me a more smooth viewing of the resources that I need as well as a better internet browsing experience. I am also into photography and I’ve heard the phone now has Carl Zeiss lens too which is a bonus! I love the sleek and very modern design on the exterior as well as the system itself! The phone overall is gorgeeeous. Thanks, Rogers!

  686. Matthew

    White. I look forward to being able to take and share incredible photos with the Lumia 920’s PureView camera.

  687. Alex Eryuzlu

    I’m most excited about the yellow phone because it really stands out. I’m most excited to take plenty of great pictures!

  688. DWW

    I would love to get a Red, Yellow, or White Lumia 920 and use it to become a Windows Phone ambassador and show people how good Windows Phone is on a premium device.

  689. Robert

    Yellow would be different for a phone and Windows 8 would definitely be different than my BB.

  690. Jason

    I am pumped to ROCK the yellow Lumia 920! The pure view camera is an exceptional addition to the suite of of products offered by Microsoft. Combining business and pleasure in A yellow Nokia Lumia 920 would allow me to stand out from the crowd at work and among my friends.

  691. Bryce

    White would be cool! I could lose it in the snow =[

  692. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    love yellow and cant wait to show it off to my friends

  693. Laurie

    I would take the white I like white and just having a new toy would be amazing

  694. Shawn Langley

    why not a black one

  695. Melissa

    The RED Lumia 920 is my favourite! It’s a hot color and really stands out. Takes amazing photos, intrigued by the live tile concept, and would be my very first windows phone. Pick me please! :)

  696. Hao

    Ready to take great pictures with a white Lumia 920!

  697. mike S

    cant wait to get my hands on a red Lumina 920 as it represents Rogers and Canada

  698. Brian Nguyen

    I want white, because it represents a clean new start with the Nokia Lumia!

  699. Rebecca

    I would love the red one, to take on my trip to Belize!

  700. Shaun Haxton

    I would definitely be most excited to show off my yellow 920 against any of competition out there. It would be nice to hold my yellow phone next to a boring iPhone and watch as the envy enters the iPhone owner’s eyes.

  701. Stephanie

    I would like the yellow one. It’s so unique! I bet I could take better pictures of my toddler with it! He might actually look at me when I am holding it for a photo!

  702. mikesigs

    I am most looking forward to the yellow 920! Although white would be really slick too! With a 920 I’d be using it with my Xbox via Xbox SmartGlass, as well as wirelessly charging it while at work, and snappin tons of pics of my little one to share with family and friends.

  703. Michelle Bradley

    I am very excited about the yellow phone but any colour would do. I would call up my daughter and ask to speak to my 3 year old grandaughter, Amelie. I would love to see her face in the pictures I will take of her on our outings to the zoo.

  704. Erika Rowe

    I am most excited about the white and am looking forward to exploring the phone to see all the cool things it has to offer!

  705. Aaron

    A white or red Lumia 920 for my wife would nicely complement my black Lumia 920. Good to see the addition of more colours, my buddy has been waiting for yellow.

  706. palka sharma

    Definately RED One…..though my son wants me to comment for Yellow 920… if i win red its mine ….yellow will be my sonst…as promised….ya for all those photography sessions with family and ofcourse video watching

  707. Edmark D.

    Always loved the colour red, so I’m quite excited to see a red Lumia 920. And I keep hearing great things about the camera, especially low light quality. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, so it would be nice to have an awesome camera!

  708. Nav Pannu

    I am most excited about the white colour! I look forward to connecting with my friends using the awesome group features on windows phone. I also want to take advantage of Nokia’s great PureView camera!

  709. Samantha

    I’m most excited about the white colour! the first thing I would do on my new Nokia Lumia 920 would be to snap a photo of my excitement receiving the new device!

  710. Gurcharan Rup Roy

    I would really like a yellow Lumia 920. I’ve been waiting for one since the launch but I didn’t want to get one since it wasn’t available in yellow (my favourite colour) but now its available so I would really like one especially if its free

  711. Elaan

    Yellow of course! It is so bright and cheerful. I look forward to staying more connected… in style!

  712. LK

    I’d like a white one to replace my white One X.</