Tech Essentials at your fingertips!

We recently surveyed Canadians like you about their knowledge of technology, curious to find out more about their comfort level.

While 60% of Canadians give themselves a B grade or higher for overall tech savviness, only 4% actually earn that grade. When tested on online security, data usage and roaming, 64% got most of the online safety questions wrong, 60% are stumped by data usage and 47% don’t understand roaming. The good news is that 87% of you are interested in learning more, with  83% of you open to using a website dedicated to helping consumers improve their tech knowledge.

You asked, we delivered. Today we’re launching Tech Essentials, a new program that provides Canadians with a deeper understanding of how to safely and properly use today’s technology. Tech Essentials provides information ranging from how to make smart and safe digital choices to resources for parents managing their child’s online use.

Tech Essentials content can be accessed through your laptop or on your mobile device, and includes how-to videos that you’ll want to check out. Here’s one on Safe wireless habits for kids:

From roaming to billing, to choosing the best device for your needs, Tech Essentials covers the must-know subjects that are relevant to most Canadians. Since online safety is important to us here at Rogers, we’re working with non-profit organizations MediaSmarts and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to promote safe technology use through this program. We’re also proud that the Tech Essentials site has been accredited by the independent organization Parent Tested Parent Approved.

Why not test your own Tech Essentials knowledge right here and now? Did you know:

… that roaming charges are applied to text messages? Neither did more than one quarter of Canadians (28%)

… that text messages are separate from data allotment. You’re not alone: 82% of Canadians were unaware of this fact

… that your device’s security settings and software determine how safe you are when using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet? More than two-thirds (68%) of Canadians did not know or believe this fact.

How tech savvy are you? Take our online quiz at to find out!

UPDATE: January 21 2013, 9:40 am. You can access our Tech Essentials Communications Technology Savviness Survey Summary Report on Slideshare, for more information on our survey and its methodology.

Michelle is a regular RedBoard contributor.


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4 comments on “Tech Essentials at your fingertips!

  1. Brandon Starcevic

    Oh wow.

  2. Brandon Starcevic

    The biggest thing that I had to learn the hard way is, text messages while roaming. That’s ok though, now when I go to another country, I buy a text package. Usually a really big one will save me a ton of money!