Weekend Reading: CES 2013, more cool things you can do with your phone, and capturing people’s tech obsessed moments

It’s been an exciting week for technology with the CES wrapping up today – automatic cars, celebrity guest appearances, and keynote speeches from some of the industry’s biggest executives. We not only point you to the top news destinations for CES, but keep you in the loop on the little things you may have overlooked this week as a result, including more things you can do with your smartphone, and a blogger who finds beauty in people’s tech habits. Catch up in our latest Weekend Reading!

10 cool things you can do with your smartphone

In last week’s Weekend Reading, we posted about Mashable uncovering 9 things you can do online. This week they took it a step further and explored 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone. If you enjoyed learning about cool things to do online last week, you’ll dig these finds for your smartphone if you don’t know about them already!

For instance, did you know your smartphone can act as a level for home renovations? Or be used as a remote starter for your car on those cold winter mornings? How about finding an app to monitor your heart rate and keep you on track with your New Year’s fitness resolution? Your phone can do all these things and much more – but check out the other 7 in Mashable’s full post here.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES)

The International CES is the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology with over 4 decades of successful events. Every year more than 2,500 exhibitors travel to Vegas to show off their latest innovations in 15 product categories.

This year saw keynotes from Panasonic, Samsung, and Salesforce to name a few, with a surprise visit even from a former US president! The official website gives all those who couldn’t attend fantastic access to everything you missed, including news feeds, videos, trends, and updates. However, CNET has been covering the top stories as well with some great roundups for readers, including Top Tech at CES 2013, Big Booths of CES 2013, and their “Best Of” awards. Check out their full coverage here and share which story grabbed your attention in our comments below.

We never look up…

Admit it – you’ve been known to text and walk at the same time on occasion. But did you ever think someone would use this moment for art inspiration? That someone would find beauty in our tech-obsessed habits?

Mashable shone the spotlight this week on a blog that actually captures these moments and creates beautiful photography from them. “We Never Look Up” is a blog dedicated to documenting people and the “tech obsessed” phenomenon. Black and white photos occupy the blog, full of people on the move while gazing down at their devices. It’s a unique concept, but one any tech lover can appreciate. Check it out and see if you’ve become an unsuspecting muse to the collection!

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4 comments on “Weekend Reading: CES 2013, more cool things you can do with your phone, and capturing people’s tech obsessed moments

  1. Bhupinder D

    10 cool things you can do with your smartphone:

    My two new favs things to do with my smartphone are start my car & change the colour of the lightbulbs…how cool!

    The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES):

    Wow! I didn’t know that President Clinton was at CES…thank goodness for Weekend Reading to keep me up to date! ;)

    We never look up…:

    Cool idea for a blog. I wonder sometimes what people miss by “Never Looking Up” or not taking a moment to smell the roses.

  2. Chris


    CES is over and the Lumia 920 is still popular.
    Has there been any development concerning alternate Lumia colors at Rogers?

    We’ve been waiting for a fair amount of time now…

  3. Kevin O

    I’m really liking the Sony Xperia ZL – big screen, a sizable battery and other great specs. Is there any news on whether is phone will come to Rogers?