Rogers LTE launching in more cities October 1

Rogers LTE launching in more citiesOh the difference LTE makes. Many of you have already told us how LTE has transformed your digital lives. And with some of the most exciting and hottest devices of the year coming to Rogers soon, we wanted to let you know we’ll be bringing Rogers LTE to even more cities by October 1.

LTE continues to roll out across Canada

We’re continuing to expand our LTE network at a fast pace, with a plan to cover approximately 60 per cent of the population by the end of the year. By October 1, 2012, we will launch in Kingston, Edmonton, Quebec City, Oakville, Burlington, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Barrie. Even more cities will launch in 2012 and throughout 2013. We’ll continue to keep you updated here on RedBoard. For a list of current, available Rogers LTE cities, check out our full coverage map here.

Why do we love LTE?

If you haven’t experienced Rogers LTE yet, here’s some of our top reasons why we love LTE speeds:

  • Stay connected with your family: Whether you’re away for business or out of town for the weekend, you can enjoy face time or video calling with your family at speeds you didn’t think were possible on a wireless device.
  • Work on the road: With an LTE Rocket stick, hub or hotspot, you can work on the road with ease. Send and receive large documents or conference call your colleague. With superfast LTE speeds, you won’t even realize you’ve left the office.
  • Entertain the kids: Use your device to stream videos and music in real time on those long road trips. Your kids will love you and you’ll enjoy a peaceful, quiet car ride for a change.

Get the highest speeds available

Rogers was the first to launch LTE in Canada and was the first to offer maximum network theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, available to the most Canadians, with typical experienced speeds ranging from 12 to 40 Mbps using an eligible device*. This means downloading apps, streaming video and music, storing files in the cloud, enjoying faster gaming experiences with virtually no delays or buffering, and even hosting wireless video conferences, can all be done on your smartphone, at speeds similar to what you would experience on your computer.

Not only that, we have the largest selection of LTE devices in the country and we continue to add devices to our LTE lineup all the time.

Keep checking back with us to see the latest of what Rogers has to offer on LTE!

Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard

Within Rogers LTE network footprint. Based on tests comparing data throughput speeds and on geographic coverage area comparison (in square kilometers) to Bell and Telus’ LTE networks.  See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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Rogers LTE launching in more cities October 1 , 2.7 out of 5 based on 27 ratings
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  1. Let’s see… LTE is only available in major and large cities. How can it benefit me when “out of town for the weekend” or “on the road”. Very misleading article.

  2. Squirrel Masher says: September 12th, 2012 a 4:46pm

    Thank you – makes sense since the new Apple iPhone5 will be able to take advantage of LTE, and Bell has been in these areas for a while. Glad to have a reason to stay with Rogers.

  3. Well its nice to see the “coming soon” option on the coverage map. But take a look at Saskatchewan, very very weak coverage and most of it is EDGE?????? Even with that the EDGE coverage is thin. Coverage map says Prince Albert is covered yet go inside any building and nothing. Why does Rogers seem to have forgotten Saskatchewan?

    • I totally agree! You rarely hear any Rogers CSR will repy to comments about Saskatchewan with a good reply. It’s always something like “we care about all our customers and are always working to improve our services.” However, if you look at Saskatchewans coverage map the majority of the province is on the Edge network! Very Sad! I’ve even spoke with CSR’s from Saskatchewan who have been pleading to get 3G coverage updated even before LTE. But please Rogers, if you do actually care, share some news or make some changes to Saskatchewans embarressing Edge network. As a customer in Saskachewan actions speak louder than words. Alough I doubt a Rogers CSR will even respond to this :(

      • There is a reason why if you read back through the comments the majority of Saskatchewan Rogers customers that comment here are leaving Rogers. There is only so much one is willing to put up with. It is pretty clear now that Rogers is only going to cover Regina and Saskatoon but as thinly and cheaply as possible. Im sure this is to help bolster their “largest network/95% of the population” type statements alive. I have posted it before but at the end of December when my contract is out I will be moving on. Possibly sooner if Sasktel, Telus or Bell put out a good plan.

  4. THANK YOU ROGERS!! Iphone is here soon and I was gettin ready to bail with no lte here.

  5. Hi,
    has Rogers implemented Voice over LTE currently without the switching?

  6. Hopefully coverage to Milton soon. On a side note, Rogers reception is horrible in Milton. I believe you only have 1 dedicated cell tower covering Milton with almost 100k population. I have 6 GB of data which I can’t use at home even if I wanted to coz calls get dropped all the time and my data is beyond horrible. On top of that, my clock has been recently 1 hour off even though I’m auto updating with Rogers network. Seems to only happen in Milton too. Poor reception is the sole reason I still have a home line unfortunately. Hope you guys plan at least another cell tower soon to service Milton (Consistently one of the fastest growing communities in Canada for 5 years !)

  7. Does this also apply to Fido Customers?

  8. We need LTE in Victoria BC in time for the new Black berry 10 devices!!

  9. Half a million people in niagara and still no LTE Thanks for that.

  10. When can we expect to see LTE in Winnipeg? Rogers keeps saying 2012, but there’s not much time left.

  11. I can’t find any updates about the LTE network in Winnipeg. MTS has already launched their LTE network, but not even an update from Rogers. They were originally going to share the network, but that must have fallen through. I have tried chatting and phoning with Rogers, but no one can give me any information.

    Please give us something!!

  12. Even if Rogers launches LTE in Saskatchewan it’s only in a tiny area “Regina and Saskatoon” The rest of the province is still edge network. To me as a Rogers cutomer is embarresing and shows that Rogers does not care about it’s customers in Saskatchewan. I won’t be renewing my contract with them even though I’ve been a customer for 13 years! Everytime I tried talking to someone at Rogers about them expanding the edge network to 3G I would get reffered to the coverage map. So frustrating!! Yes i’ve seen the coverage map. Sorry Rogers :(

  13. Man, it just keeps getting harder and harder to remain a Rogers customer in the coverage wasteland that is Saskatchewan on the Rogers network. I’ve learned to live with the fact my phone doesn’t work if I’m more than a half hour away from any city, but seeing that once again Saskatchewan is on the backburner of LTE rollout. Several cities in several provinces and nothing here. I think maybe it’s time to run my contract out and move to SaskTel

    • Move on ASAP, nothing is going to change. Rogers doesn’t care about Saskatchewan, if they did they would have done something about their “coverage” in the province.

  14. Where is Windsor in this launch?

  15. What I find curious is that the LTE network can provide users with theoretical download speeds up to 100Mbps whereas Rogers high speed Internet users can only get up to 75Mbps theoretical download speeds on a hardwired cable connection…weird!

    Also when is the issue with losing voice capabilities when switching back and forth from LTE to non LTE towers etc. going to be fixed? Sill an on-going issue that requires rebooting the phone to initiate a clean connection to whatever tower you’re using at the time to make a phone call.

    • Does this happen for everyone? That seems crazy!

      I went to Brandon the other week and had to reboot my phone because I wasn’t getting data out there. Once rebooted, everything worked fine, but I shouldn’t have to do that….

  16. I was hoping for this big leap for a while now.
    Can you please send me a LTE sim for my new
    iPad 3 64gb with wifi ??

  17. When will LTE come to Newmarket? I’m thinking of switching from Bell to Rogers but as of right now I can get Bell LTE in Newmarket but not Rogers… Holding me back for now.

  18. So if I went to by a car and the salesman said this car will reach theoretical speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, but for most people it will go 12 to 40 miles an hour, I am supposed to be excited? sheesh…………….

    • Hi Brian,

      Sorry to hear that you feel skeptical. Here are 2 links to a previous contest that we posted on Redboard. Participants had to take screenshots of their LTE speedtest and send it over to us. Feel free to have a look and judge for yourself.

      Redboard LTE Speed Test Contest Entries

      Rogers LTE speed test contest wrap-up

    • Brian, My car can theoretically go about 260 km/h but the theoretical speed makes no difference, the speed limit on the highway is 110 in most areas, so just because a car salesman tells you the top speed of a car doesn’t mean you are going to use it.

      LTE speeds will increase in the future but is is dependent on the network and the phone you will be using on it, phone hardware is just catching up and is one of the biggest reasons 100 Mbps is not possible yet.

  19. I’m a bit skeptical about the long term testing, and safety of putting out MORE wireless waves through our bodies and heads. I’m predicting cancer rates are going to be rising soon unfortunately.
    Does LTE use additional towers, or are they replacing / upgrading 3g or EDGE towers? Either way now were getting bombarded with an even larger frequency range,and MORE data is going to be blasted through our bodies.

    Personally I’d love having the option of NO cell phone towers radiating me day and night.

    • Hi Ben,

      Depending on the location, sites may be upgraded or new ones may come.

      We are careful to follow all processes, including any municipal government protocols as well as that of Industry Canada, the governing body. And more importantly, we are fully compliant with Health Canada’s safety regulations.

  20. When will LTE launch in sudbury?

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