Rogers first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada with the Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 from RogersRecently, we announced that Rogers joined forces with Microsoft as the preferred wireless partner for Windows 8. At Rogers, we’re proud to bring you the newest technology first. Today, we’re thrilled to ship the first Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones to customers across the country and to further expand the largest selection of LTE devices available from a Canadian carrier. With the Nokia Lumia 920 and the launch of Windows 8 last week, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform Windows experience powered by our super fast LTE network.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nokia Lumia 920.

This device takes smartphone photography to a whole new level. With PureView technology, this device is capable of taking in five times more light than competing smartphones without using a flash. That means you can capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. And forget about blurry pictures. PureView technology compensates for hand movement.  It’s the perfect phone to capture your favourite band’s performance in a dark venue.

You can also view your photos and videos on its’ PureMotion HD+ bright display which is perfect for Nokia Maps mapping experience complete with Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and now Nokia City Lens, an augmented reality experience. The Nokia Lumia 920 also has built-in wireless charging making it easier to boost your battery without plugging it in. Just place your device on one of Nokia’s wireless chargers.

We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. We’ll be shipping more devices in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to RedBoard and @RogersBuzz for updates.

What is your favourite feature of the new Nokia Lumia 920?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Rogers first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada with the Nokia Lumia 920 , 3.9 out of 5 based on 31 ratings
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  1. Hey Rogers Team,

    I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but I’m really disappointed in this lack of colours. I have been waiting for months to get this phone and now I don’t want to get it, because I don’t want black, and I don’t want to settle then find out in 1 month that my colour choice is available while I’m stuck with a 3-year contract.

    I’ve already kicked and screamed on this forum enough, and frankly, it’s just upsetting that after the hundreds (thousands?) of comments, tweets, and emails from disgruntled customers regarding this issue, Rogers has shown no efforts to improve the situation. You still stand by “black only” and won’t give us any information to allow us to make an informed decision about a substantial purchase.

    I don’t want to buy a different colour from another source and “stick it to Rogers.” I just want to continue to be a happy Rogers customer with the product that I’ve been wanting for months.

    This entire release seems to be poorly executed. I went to my local Rogers Plus, Rogers Dealer, Best Buy Mobile, Wireless Wave and Futureshop locations yesterday, and not only did they not have any phones in stock for launch day, none of them had any knowledge of the release. One staff at the Rogers dealer in my local mall actually said that they only get information “for important phones.” Well thanks Rogers, for thinking that our potential purchases aren’t important.

    So what do I do now? Well, I wait. Indefinitely, because your team refuses to give any information about other colours. Perhaps I just buy another phone? Switch to Android? No, because I don’t have the information to make an informed decision about the 920. It’s very frustrating. To you, We’re just a bunch of comments on the internet. Yet, each of us are people. We aren’t rich, we’re trying to make good decisions with our money, especially on such long contracts. You just don’t give us any choice, so we come on here and leave more comments. Each time, we’re a little more upset, a little more frustrated, and it shows in our comments. Please show a little concern and respect for your customers and tell us what’s happening.

    At the least, say something like “Black will be the only option for AT LEAST 3 months. Beyond that, we will decide on more colours based on demand. We may still not provide other colours at any point.” At least give us that so we can proceed with an informed purchase, regardless of what we decide.

    Thank you for reading this,

    • Hi Dave,

      I truly understand where you come from. As I mentioned to others, we don’t have any further info to share as far as upcoming colours are concerned but we keep on sharing feedback internally.

      We’ll keep everyone in the loop ASAP if there’s any news on that end.

      • RogersNicolas, I’m glad it was you that responded, you seem to be the most empathic out of the bunch.

        However, this still doesn’t resolve my issue. What is the problem on your end? Why can’t you just say that, “yes,” that you’ll be receiving additional colours in x months? I don’t understand this. Are you worried that people won’t buy your current inventory of black units? Because people shouldn’t be tricked into buying black units if they want something else. That’s the only explanation that I can think of, and if that is correct, it makes no sense.

        You have NO IDEA how frustating this is. I’m desparate to get a new phone. I’m currently using an iPhone 3GS and my contract has been done since June. My phone is choppier than what is bearable. I have been waiting since then, because I wanted THIS PHONE, but in a different colour than black (white). Now I can’t have it. I have waited months, Nicolas. It’s painful that Rogers is holding me back now.

        Why can’t they just say something? Or at least say what I suggested before? That black will be exclusive for AT LEAST x months? Right now, there is no way in hell that I’ll buy a black one if you can’t tell me that white won’t be available next week. What a stupid predicament you have put your customers in, it makes no sense. Seriously, I’m tempted to take my money elsewhere out of principle, but I don’t want to do that for something that can be so easily remedied by your end.

        Who the heck has control on what you can say? Make them read this forum, the other 920 forum on redboard, all the tweets, all the emails, and then ask them wtf (what the flip?) they’re waiting for. Then show their boss how great of a job they’re doing at upsetting customers. The fact that nobody there is getting in crap for this is appauling.

      • you guys need to update your policies so that they allow more communication throughout the company, as there appears to be a lack of that. Also to allow people to get a better idea on the products coming out so that they can make an informed decision…not just on Android devices that I see lots of advertising for…I have seen more from your company about the new Xperia T than I have the Lumia 920 or any of the windows Phone 8 devices.

    • Why did Nicholas waste everybody’s time with yet another canned response, especially after the well worded concerns by Dave that said not to do that to us again. Listen, you are the face of Rogers, and in being that, you do have answers. Rogers dealt with Nokia on this launch and you know exactly why only black was released. In addition, you know exactly what is being considered for other colors. So, do some leg work at Rogers and give us the detailed answer.

  2. How about featuring the phone on the front page of the Rogers site, or the Optimus G?……..nope still the lame iPhone 5 with its’ smaller screen and slower processor.

  3. Just a recommendation.

    Why not say a date -> not ohhh check back maybe this week.

    Thats for rogers in general -> I would have preferred and exact date.

  4. LondonOnLogic says: November 13th, 2012 a 9:59pm

    Checked in with a non-Roger’s store that flogs several carriers. They had the 920 in one of the London locations but no at the north-end mall I was at.

    Oh, guess, what?! It’s available in black.

    The staffer there suggested that they should have other colours in ‘a few weeks’. Sounded a bit like wishful thinking to me.

  5. Finally saw the 920 today in Victoria. Rogers didn’t have it, but BestBuy did. Waited a long time for this. Never even considered the Samsung ATIV or HTC 8X. But when I saw the black Lumia 920 and the blue/purple HTC 8X side-by-side, I really hate to admit it, but the black Nokia is really, really boring. If they don’t get some colors soon, I’m afraid Nokia may fail not because of Nokia, but because of Rogers.

  6. I live in Edmonton and after phoning a fair number of Rogers’s stores and having no luck finding a Lumia 920 I took another readers suggestion and called a non Rogers dealer (Wireless Wave) and they had this phone for sale. (Just why a competitor would have this phone and not Roger’s is probably a subject for another posting) However my enthusiasm quickly dissipated when they told me it was a black only model. I figure that I have to be the type of customer Rogers would love to sign up because I have no current cell phone or commitments to any other mobile company. But despite needing a cell phone and knowing that the Lumia 920 is easily my first choice; I need to get more than the standard deal from Rogers. And I am prepared to be flexible. So Rogers if you want my business I must insist of either a choice of colour or a far better data plan. $75.00/month for 3 Gigs is not going to happen with me. So I am prepared to wait until their Christmas deals arrive in which there are hopefully more colours or promotional data plans. If nothing happens by the New Year, I’m going elsewhere.

  7. Apparently, Yellow is headed to Rogers. While those of you that want yellow will be happy, I can’t wrap my head around this.

    SO MANY disgruntled customers asking for colours and Rogers’ response is to add only 1 more. And the brightest colour possible. WHY ARE YOU ONLY ADDING 1 MORE COLOUR?? Why are you still ignoring so many of your customers????

    So it’s either black, the least original cellphone colour, or yellow. Yellow does not work for most people working in a professional environment.

    I’m not saying that you should bow to my command, but add a couple more professional colours like white or gray, AND a couple bright colours. Or just let us pick from the entire range of lumias like many other wireless providers.

    I really hope this is just the first sign of many, and that you add the whole spectrum soon, not just yellow.

  8. Haha…and the end users find out first before Rogers makes any annoucements again. Yellow coming soon:)

  9. Hi Everyone

    Maybe some good news! It has been reported at two different web sites that a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 may soon be release via Rogers.

    For myself; although not my first colour choice, it is certainly a big step up from the default black colour and good enough for me to purchase when available.

  10. For those who aren’t aware already, it looks like Rogers might bring the Yellow version shortly, according to the mobile syrup news.

    “Well, according to information obtained from Navifirm, a repository of Nokia’s firmware images, there are two software SKUs available for technicians to download: one for black Rogers Lumia 920s, and one for the same device in yellow.”

    If Rogers doesn’t want to let us know, we have no other choices than getting it ourselves elsewhere.

  11. The yellow color…
    Therefore Rogers has failed compared to any other country world wide…They may have been first but don’t care to inform staff about the phone and they disuade customers from buying windows phone…
    That being said, the news today is that Rogers SKU for a yellow lumia has been found…Therefore, holding out out that Rogers will announce some news about this so i don’t need to go buy unlocked from Europe or Asia.

    Thanks, Rogers, let’s make up for some of this shameful windows 8 marketing and representation…Still today, even after the phones release there is NO Lumia 920 link on homepage..Shameful exclusivity marketing for a windows 8 flagship phone that you were first in the world to get!

  12. Hi Everyone

    I visited the new Microsoft booth in West Edmonton Mall on Saturday and asked about their Windows 8 phones, in particular the Nokia Lumia 920. They said they had a few for sale, at $550 and locked on Rogers. I then asked them if they had any colours and I was informed that they currently only had black but were expecting cyan coloured 920’s new week. No way to confirm any of this, but I will check again next week.

  13. Black Friday is this week. Most of us live within a two-hour drive of the US border.

    Figure it out.

  14. RogersNicolas – I upgraded to a Lumia 920 a few days ago (of course stuck in your 3 year contract now). Now I hear that yellow might be a colour option. Even still to this day it’s not real until you guys confirm it, meaning that me as a customer is in the dark on the actual truth.

    So, now that we’re clear that I’m just a customer who is relying ONLY on official information from Rogers can you tell me this.. When/If you release a yellow phone since I was never told it was a possibility so maybe I should wait, will Rogers exchange my black one for a yellow one when/if it comes to be official because the only reason I got a black one now is based on misleading or missing information to make a educated choice.

  15. Dear Rogers,
    Would you please tell your customers if you will be carrying grey/white/red/cyan versions of this phone? If so, could then really go wild and crazy and provide them with some availability dates.
    You know, so that they are able to spend their money with you and feel good about it so that they might repeat the experience.
    Losing-Faith in London