Revolutionize your relationships: Introducing Rogers One Number

Introducing Rogers One Number. This new service exclusively from Rogers lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. By using Rogers One Number, all calls to Canadian numbers, video chats with other Rogers One Number users and outgoing wireless text messages are free.

How might you use it, you ask? Well, if you’re like me and you’re always on the go, family and friends can now call your number – the same one they’ve always used – and rather than leave a voicemail (again!) you can have it ring on your computer or up to five phones of your choice so you’re always reachable when you want to be. Or, if you spend a lot of time calling that special someone, you can switch the talking onto a computer with Rogers One Number and you’ll no longer use up your daytime mobile minutes. And, if you want to take it a step further and stare into each other’s eyes, you can seamlessly turn the call into a video chat with the click of a button.

To really understand how it works, you have to see it in action. So to help me do just that, I recently sat down tech expert Winston Sih, to give you the details. Check it out:

Rogers One Number is available for free to eligible Rogers wireless customers, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t head over to and sign up right now. Once you’ve given it a try, let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

How will you be using Rogers One Number?

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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  1. I tweeted Miranda this just now without checking the board first, I see its active in Rogers presence so I will ask here as well:

    I notice during the video that they state there’s no LD charges however in the Terms and Conditions – forgot which section, I think part 4 for webphone charges, it states there will be long distance charges applied if the call is made to another number out of the local calling error.

    Is this an error in the video, an error in the T&C, or an error in my interpretation of the legalese?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Great concept, looking forward to it being fully functional. After getting it all set up I was excited to see that it was working. Once I testing incoming phone calls it all went downhill. My phone is currently not ringing. Called into tech support and they escalated, but the rep told me that with ring simultaneously on the browser will only ring. Is that right? I was under the assumption that ring simultaneously would mean that both my cell and the browser would ring at the same time!

    Can’t wait for this to be fixed. No phone calls makes me concerned!

    • Yeah it should work. It does for me, however the flaw is that if you answer on the Web Phone and your phone was ringing too, then it registers a missed call on it.
      I guess that’s one thing to learn to expect since it’s a logical behaviour.

  3. Been using this since the Beta and I find it a great value add-on. Only reason why I have a Bell Home phone is strictly for work. That’s it. Hate dealing with them. However I do like this new Webphone with the Rogers One Number as I basically will utilize this now as my home phone. Doesn’t really bother me to use this through my computer. It’s perfect for what I need and compliments my current wireless plan quite nicely. I’m also a person Male 35 who takes part in technologial advancements such as this.

    One of the things with the application though on the RogersOneNumber site though is there should be a choice radio button to the left of the messages/email/text etc. and a select all button so we can delete multiple messages all at once as apposed to seperately. Finding it takes forever to delete all my messages. I’m really not one to keep a hold of my messages ever. But I do find this as a great back up however to accidentally deleting important messages from your actual handset device.

    In the My settings area, it’d also be nice to setup rules to apply to the webphone. Perhaps I’d like to have just my webphone ring during my daytime hours so I can keep my weekday minutes strictly for my handset while I’m truly mobile. This would be a great addition to the option of having either one or both ringing at the same time.

    Now if only I can get Rogers Internet in my area now and kick Cogeco out and also come out with competitive pricing to better themselves against 3rd party ISPs then I could possibly become an internet customer as well. But for now, I’m stuck with Bell for my internet.

    Great job on the RogersOneNumber!!!

    • RogersNicolas says: February 9th, 2012 a 12:28pm

      Hi Randy,

      Thank you very much for this extensive feedback. I’m glad to hear that you like it.
      I’m sharing your comments!

  4. Peter Hope-Tindall says: February 9th, 2012 a 11:36am

    Hi RogersNicolas,

    as Noah pointed out – the error isn’t a case of an unsupported email address domain for retrieval (you only support retrieval from gmail and yahoo, etc.).

    Rather – you have inappropriate edits on the email address fiels.

    Your developers (incorrectly) coded the web site as not allowing a hyphen in the email address fields.

    This is a perfectly legal character (in fact my Rogers My Account uses a hyphenated email!).

    I called this in on February 7th. After first telling me to make sure I rebooted my computer ;-), the tech tested her account and noted the same restriction/error.

    They told me that a ticket has been opened; hopefully this is true and someone is correcting this error.


    This field has an improper edit

    • RogersNicolas says: February 9th, 2012 a 11:59am

      @Ryan & @Peter: I’ll make sure to share that the information is shared on my end. Thanks to both of you for flagging!

      Did you get a chance to test Rogers One Number using a different address?

  5. Peter Hope-Tindall says: February 9th, 2012 a 12:17pm


    tested and working now. I’m a prior bell Primeline and single number reach user as well as Google voice.

    looks like a great product.

    the fact that it disabled on phone forwarding caught me by surprise.

    thanks for introducing this.

  6. I downloaded, installed and registered the program (running Windows) but then nothing happened. It was supposed to open a new window in my browser I guess? I go into my programs list and click on the Rogers One Number application and nothing happens.
    Did I do something wrong? Or, how long does it take to install/load?

  7. Tried to register for this; website wouldn’t allow it, giving me a laundry list of problems that may be the reason.

    I called in and was eventually informed that the service is not available in Manitoba.

    I guess when you say available to everyone you mean everyone except Manitoba?

    • RogersNicolas says: February 10th, 2012 a 9:10am

      Hi Sachit,
      It’s being rolled out in Manitoba and should be available soon.
      Sorry to keep you waiting!

  8. Matt Trafford says: February 10th, 2012 a 2:04am

    Hey there:

    I just registered for One Number and I couldn’t sign into the service because my phone bill hasn’t been paid yet. I get paid tomorrow so hopefully after paying off my bill it work. I guess my message to other people is to make sure your bill is paid before registering for this service. I can’t wait to get it up and running!

  9. Looks like it won’t allow me to register since I am self-employed and have my account registered under my company. Really unfortunate to exclude some of your best customers from being able to try out a great new feature.

  10. Big fail on your tech support side. It works when I tether my phone to my computer, but not when I connect my computer to my home network. I call Rogers One Number support and they can’t even tell me which firewall or router port settings to configure. They tell me to call Rogers Live Chat support, and they tell me they don’t support routers or firewalls.

    If you are going to block Google Voice, at least give us a product that works.

  11. This is a pretty good idea and we are happy that it is available for free but there is a major flaw at the moment, the Android app is not compatible with Rogers’ flagship Android phone, the Google Nexus. When can we get an update to the app so it supports Ice Cream Sandwich?


  12. Hi,

    I keep getting error EA400 since the day that I signed up. Any ideas what the issues could be?


  13. Hey there:

    I was just have a quick question. If we are using the Rogers One Number from our computer (ie: video calling and texting, etc) will that use up your data allowance for the month? I don’t want my data getting used up because i am using this service from my computer. Thank you very much.

    - Matt

    • Matt, a one-hour voice call will use at most 45mb, so it’s highly unlikely that Rogers One Number will use a significant portion of your data allowance.

  14. I can’t get the desktop app working. I’m on Win7 64-bit. The app launches, but after logging in (it does update to ‘logged in’), it just hangs. Haven’t been able to find any info anywhere. Tech support eventually suggested disabiling my firewall and plugging directly in to the modem to see if it was firewall/router problems, which it isn’t.

    Someone out there must have experienced this. Any help?

  15. Doesn’t sound too great from the comments, but I can’t test it on any of our five lines because we live in off market Manitoba.

  16. registration not working :-(

  17. Hi Rogers Helps people/Nicolas,

    Is this service why Google Voice isn’t happening in Canada? You guys were holding out for RON and not allowing a very similar competing service? Seeing as I can’t get Voice here, and I can’t use RON because I have a Galaxy Nexus, what am I supposed to do? I’m tired of getting the shaft like this.


    • RogersNicolas says: February 13th, 2012 a 4:09pm

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m afraid that’s a question that you’d have to ask to Google.
      We’re currently investigating the issue regarding the Galaxy Nexus. Sorry to keep you waiting!

  18. I was just wondering how this works with a family plan. I registered for one number but you can’t create a separate username/password from our shared Rogers account. So I would have to choose whether to change my family’s password to something only I know, or allow everyone on my plan access to all of my conversations. Also, how would you register two phone numbers from the same plan/account

    • RogersNicolas says: February 14th, 2012 a 3:25pm

      Hi Chance,

      Each account or each CTN (Customer Telephone Number) may have its own Rogers One Number Account. In your case, that means that each member of your family plan can log in with their own username and password.

      However, you can’t you integrate more than one account together, i.e. a parent and child with two phones.

  19. I can’t seem to register for this service. When I reach the final stage of registration (after verifying my 911 address), I click the button that says “Complete Registration.” After I do so, I get an error message at the top of my screen saying, “We apologize but a problem was encountered when we tried to register you with Rogers One Number. Please contact 1-877-856-9554.”

    I called the number listed (MULTIPLE times, lost count after the 6th call), but nothing seems to work. They tried:
    > Removing my Wifi calling option
    >Modifying my 911 address
    >Correcting a “conflicting code” with my account

    I’ve been trying to register for this service since it was launched last week. My patience is growing thin because I’ve been told I would be contacted with 72 hours with a solution, but 122 hours later no call. Any solution/follow up would be helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one stuck in this situation.

    • RogersNicolas says: February 14th, 2012 a 3:06pm

      Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry to hear about that. We offer customer support on Twitter @RogersHelps and Facebook.
      Feel free to contact us and we’ll look into this.

  20. First thing, I say… Wow, lucky for you B*hearing people!!
    Oh Great!! What about Deaf people??? It’s similar to Video Relay Service (VRS) that running in America. Deaf US citizens have real phone number to call hearing through operator/interpreter or deaf people on video screen on TV or mobile. Look at this Convo, deaf’s own business! ( Not only one, there are over 20 VRS companies since 2000! Deaf Canadians already fed up with Canada and there was protest last month. This is 2012, not old fashion machine – TTY (Teletyper) since 1980′s! Deaf’s first language is American Sign Language as more expression than English language as limit expression.

    Please develop one for deaf service to use this DAMN Rogers’ One Number!
    You will get profit from that! Come on!! You will be rich than Bell and Telus!

    Need more explain? Ask me. Thanks

    • RogersNicolas says: February 15th, 2012 a 1:00pm

      Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback. At this time the feature is not available, but our services are always open to evolve.
      And if/when it does, that’s definitely something that we’ll take into consideration.

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