Keep calm and merry on: holiday essentials guide

keep calm and merry on The big day is a mere week away. The last minute purchases and hectic scheduling of holiday engagements prove that this is one of the most chaotic times of the year. I try to stay peaceful each holiday season by maintaining a handful of my own annual traditions. My top activity is simply being up north and trekking through the snow, and eventually heading inside to linger by the fireplace with a hot chocolate and classic festive flick in hand.

I also recommend these five holiday essentials listed below. They may help you rejoice in the festive spirit of the season, without getting too exhausted before the New Year.

1. Get the Fireplace (channel) burning (channel 204) – Sadly, I don’t have a real fireplace in the city, that being the case, this is the modern equivalent to lighting up that warm glow in your home. Did you know that it actually sounds like a crackling wood log.

2. Establish your musical mood- Galaxie holiday music channels on your TV – I always have music playing in the background and these channels are the perfect excuse to crank up the carols while I’m entertaining or feverishly baking away. Rogers digital TV customers can enjoy the following:

  • Holiday Favourites - channel 710
  • Franco Fêtes – channel 750
  • Smooth Jazz Christmas - channel 744
  • If you’re by your computer, click on the Holiday music video playlist here.

3. Holiday movie marathon mode- The Holiday Cheer collection on Rogers On Demand, channel 100 has the movies you’ve been eagerly waiting to re-watch while you’re snuggled up indoors such as Miracle on 34th Street (classic and remake), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and one my childhood favourites, All I want for Christmas. This year Ed Burns came into town for the premiere of The Fitzgerald Family Christmas. I absolutely fell in love with this film, which he wrote, directed and stars in. It’s also available on

4. Reconnect with loved ones – if you’re a Rogers wireless customer and have friends and family across Canada and around the world, sign up for Rogers One Number to extend your mobile number to your computer and compatible tablets.  Bonus: users have unlimited Canada-wide calling when using the Rogers One Number web phone on their computer or tablet. This way if your cousin abroad can’t make it to dinner or for the unwrapping of gifts, just save a chair for your computer or tablet and have them virtually present (I have yet to do this, but it does seem highly entertaining).

5. Rock out - Electronic dance music fans out West, check out Contact powered by Rogers; Western Canada’s largest EDM festival at BC Place in Vancouver taking place on December 26. Featuring Deadmau5 unhooked, Alesso, Nero and more. Rogers Wireless Box Office ticket holders get in early and Rogers pays the ticket service fees. If you’re shopped out, this is another great way to spend Boxing Day.

Wishing you a very merry next couple weeks!

I’m curious, what’s your favourite holiday film or song?

Kaili is regular contributor to RedBoard

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  1. Abigail Ann Young says: December 24th, 2012 a 10:24am

    Unfortunately the fireplace channel now has music instead of the crackling sound of the fire. Any way to find out who is responsible for this and complain?


  2. I LOVE the fireplace channel, but wasn’t thrilled with the addition of Christmas music to it today! I love Christmas music, but I like my own choice and this channel I could at least count on to just have the snap and crackle of the fire going! Hopefully that isn’t repeated…thank you!

  3. I love the idea of having a fireplace in the house without having to maintain the fire..I prefer the local rogers cable channel fireplace but wondered who shot this fire (best one I think, it looks real and you can see a hand!) Help please.

  4. Why have you replaced the fireplace crackle with music on channel 204?

    Not possible to have desireable music for all.