Introducing new wireless plans from Rogers: A new way to think about wireless Internet

It’s a pretty cool time to be a wireless customer.  Smartphones just keep getting smarter, networks keep getting faster, and virtually all the things you love to do on your home computer you can now do on your mobile device.

So, with more than 65 per cent of our customers now using a smartphone and 56 per cent of Canadian smartphone users accessing the Internet at least once each day, now is a perfect time to help you maximize the potential of your devices. Much of this comes with having the right plan to suit your smartphone habits and wireless Internet needs.

That’s why today, we are introducing new plans that better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future. We’ve redesigned and simplified our price plans with you in mind and are introducing Unlimited Talk and Text with new options for Wireless Internet. Most customers can now get more wireless internet and unlimited calling for only a couple dollars more than they are paying today.  These plans are available to new customers starting November 7th, but existing customers can update their plan to one of these great new options at any time at no cost to migrate.

Take a look:

New Rogers plansAs you can see, our new Talk Text and Internet plans are straightforward, offering Unlimited Talk and Text, letting you focus on all the things you can do with Wireless Internet.  And, to help you identify the plan that’s best for you, we’ve designed new categories to help you choose:

  • If you’re just getting into Wireless Internet and may surf a few web pages from time to time , you’re probably an OCCASIONAL customer
  • If you’re doing a bit more online: accessing wireless Internet for browsing, Facebook updates, email and some photo uploads, you’re likely a SOCIAL customer
  • If you’re an app lover, spending time online to stream music, download and upload video and play online games or use your smartphone for work, you’re most likely a STREAMER customer.
  • And, if you’re online most of the day, share Internet access between your tablet and your smartphone; download and upload photos, videos, music; send large attachments in emails and/or spend time accessing online or cloud storage, you’re definitely a CONNECTED customer.

So tell us, what kind of Wireless Internet customer are you?

Carly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Introducing new wireless plans from Rogers: A new way to think about wireless Internet, 1.2 out of 5 based on 120 ratings
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  1. I believe the streamer plan is $75 (according to the website)…As well, please explain what is meant by share ready, the website does not explain anything about sharing.

    • RogersNicolas says: November 7th, 2012 a 12:13pm

      Hi Dan,

      That’s correct. Share ready means that the plan enables data sharing between multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones.

  2. Are those prices right? Why would you pick Social when you can get 2GB more data for the same price with Streamer?

    • RogersNicolas says: November 7th, 2012 a 12:15pm

      Hi David,

      There’s currently an error that we’ll correct ASAP but the plans as announced in this article are correct.

  3. There should be a capital “I” on Internet.

    • Only sometimes. When you’re speaking of the Internet, as the globally connected network of computers, then yes. In this situation, Internet is being used as a proper noun. However, if you’re using it to refer to a network topology or technology, e.g. “an internet” or “wireless internet”, then it’s written in lowercase.

    • RogersNicolas says: November 7th, 2012 a 11:57am

      Hi John,

      According to the “Internet” capitalization conventions, you’re indeed right. I’ll share the info internally.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  4. …and a more expensive than ever…

    My Plan:

    200 minutes
    Unlimited E/W from 6pm
    Unlimited text video and picture msg
    Call Display and Voicemail 3
    6GB Data sharable and LTE ready
    50% off Employee discount


    No one these days calls a lot more then texting or using social media to communicate so I’m more than happy with plan.

    • Hey, great plan. 50% employee discount …

      Now we all know we pay too much..that’s just the verification …

  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive for today’s needs. That “Connected” $95 plan should be $65 AND include CD and VM. I’m sorry Rogers but these are terrible plans.

  6. Those prices are very high. The plans should at least include caller ID and VM, doing away with the extra $12 “value” pack.

    No other country charges extra for caller ID and even some of your Canadian competitors are including it in base plans. Don’t fall behind.

  7. Hah. These plans are terrible. What new customer in their right mind would sign for this?
    Maybe it’s the plans for iSheep who don’t know any better?

  8. Are you serious? Is this supposed to be a deal… Come on Rogers get with it… All these plans should be at least 20 dollars cheaper than posted. Horrible plans

    • RogersNicolas says: November 7th, 2012 a 12:20pm

      Hi Jason,

      Those plans are competitively priced and offer more value with unlimited voice and messaging features.

      Rogers customers also receive additional features such as Harware protection, phone finder, Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers One Number.

      • RogersNicolas,

        If I may jump in here -

        If you consider competition to be Telus, Bell and yourself perhaps, even then on some plans they can easily match it.

        In terms of competition in general, big fat NO. $95 for wireless in this day and age, you’ve got to be kidding. And notice Canada is the only G8 country with wireless prices this high.

        In terms of features:

        Hardware protection – Don’t care and Apple provides a warranty for iPhones
        Phone finder – Don’t care and again Apple and others provide this feature
        Rogers Anyplace TV – Don’t care
        Rogers One Number – Don’t care and besides that no longer a Rogers Wireless customers for reasons I’ve already stated

        So I’m sorry if my tone is strong and that marketing is your job but these rates and plans are junk and I suggest management goes back to the drawing board on this.

      • If more competition was allowed then Rogers would listen.

        * Inexpensive data so we can really take advantage of the phones, including Netflix, Skype, Maps with StreetView, etc
        * Recent phones now, not months after they are announced everywhere.
        * Nobody cares about unlimited calls and text. It’s not 90s, we use Internet to communicate. I guess it still matters for dumb phones.
        * Stop the roaming scam. $5, $10 per MEGABYTE? Are you kidding me? Well, this scam is not specific to one carrier, it’s across the board.
        * Allow people uninstall crapware (sorry, “additional features”) from their phones.

      • Don’t push anyplace tv as a feature – it only works on a handful of handsets – and its goal is to have you u$e more data – hardly a free feature eh? I love Rogers for its reliability and advances in technology, however, it’s rapidly placing itself as a luxury brand. You are pricing yourself out of our family’s reach. Wake up – a cell phone is no longer a luxury, it’s a fact of life. It’ll be back to pay per use for us and no data plan and NO MORE CONTRACTS and no reason to stay. Hoorah for free open wifi. Will you be telling us next that blocking data is no longer possible?

  9. I was expecting a much better offering with these “updated” plans.
    Although it is a promotion from your “Fido” branch, when you look at their “Futé 57″ plan, your falling way behind.
    We’re talking unlimited minutes in Canada, unlimited SMS and MMS, unlimited outgoing international SMS, 1GB data for 57$.

    Why can’t Rogers offer something similar?

    Also, don’t forget many of your faitful clients want COLORS for the LUMIA 920.
    Acknowledging their request and announcing something would show some leadership here.
    Doing before they buy their devices elsewhere would also be wise.

  10. Echoing what everyone has said so far. The plans are just too expensive. I don’t see why you are increasing the minutes and decreasing data usage. We all know that the average wireless customer is using less and less minutes and more and more data every day.

    If the top plan (Connected) was $65/$70 month and included Voicemail/Caller ID, then you would have an interesting product.

  11. Why do we even have long distance charges any more in Canada with most network infrastructure having been built on IP now?

  12. this is way too expensive…its a rip off….this doesn’t include VM and Caller ID ?

    i can’t believe they would release something like this as a insult

  13. Is there any way to get my 6GB plan added to the unlimited local plans.

  14. Hey guys, those plans do they include the top 10 or Rogers got rid of it?

    • Nope, they hacked away the My10/My5. Typical Rogers not giving a crap about their customers’ actual needs.

  15. I am so sorry…. This is the exact reason why I left your company 3 years ago and never looked back. $95 + Value Pack + Tax???? That is over $120 for a cell phone bill.

    Everyone should be aware of that buy your own phone and choose the cheapest service. Nexus 4 is a good example for just to do this!

    • I think they are trying to get rid of subsidiaries to encourage people to buy the full price of the phone. Bell just came out with same plans exact copy-cat.

  16. “what kind of Wireless Internet customer are you” Low usage! You are soaking the daylights out of low users to subsidize the heavy users. Those plans may look good to heavy users who regularly paid overages, but what about the low volume user? What occasional user needs 1000 minutes? Make it look like we’re getting tons – well, it’s tons that we don’t use. We’re paying thru the nose for limits we don’t need. $55 is insane for the smallest plan. Please consider the stay-at-home/one salary families and students – 50 minutes is more than plenty, with maybe 200 text, and we’re almost always on Wi-fi since we’re at school or at home, so data needs are low. And we’re on limited budgets. Rogers these plans may be user-friendly for heavy users, but it’s downright hostile to occasional users.

  17. This is ridiculous …. Another reason to make the switch to another company …

  18. Wow. Brutal.
    I was going to switch back to Rogers for the Lumia 920, but I refuse to spend close to $40 more per month for that “connected” package.

  19. ouch! these are pricy plans for such little data and don’t include VM, etc.

  20. I’m jumping ship to Fido ….. $57 all inclusive is a great deal. I’ll take my GNex and enjoy truly unlimited Canada wide talk, text and 1GB data.