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  1. Hmm, I guess it does not matter what colour because Rogers doesn’t have the phone. I checked in the west edmonton mall and than I started calling stores in Edmonton and Calgary and they told me that it gonna be another 2 weeks before they gonna have it on stock. Hmm… What happened to the ” we gonna carry the phone first speech” B.S

  2. As put off as I am about no colours being offered by Rogers, I think there must be some back-end agreement with the manufacturer (Nokia), the OS provider (Microsoft), and the carrier (Rogers). Although it is “sweet justice” to see potential customers buying the Lumia 920 elsewhere to “stick it to Rogers”, I myself don’t want to go to the trouble of paying full price for an unlocked phone.

    Assuming we are stuck with black (or blahk), a good-enough solution would be for Rogers to offer a free good quality gel S skin in any choice of colour. Then, I can have some pseudo-flare on my bland black phone. It would be a real inexpensive gesture from Rogers, but at least it would show some favourable action on their part…


  3. Like most commenters, I don’t understand why all colours aren’t available to the Rogers consumer. Since Rogers hasn’t made an official statement, we can assume they are either working really hard to get all colours available, or are busy thinking up how to appease potential and existing customers. I was really expecting the rogers.com
    website to announce on November 12th (today) the availability of Windows Phone 8 devices.

    Nothing yet?

    For what it’s worth, I spoke to a rep at a Rogers store on November 10th and he/she said to expect to have the Nokia Lumia 920 in by November 13th (tomorrow).

    • RogersNicolas says: November 13th, 2012 a 3:04pm


      We don’t have any news to share at that time as far as the potential release of other colours are concerned but more devices will indeed arrive this week in store.

  4. Can someone tell me how hard is it to have the colour other than black?

    If you(Rogers) have a reasonable explanation on the difficulties of getting other colour then I might probably wait longer.

    • RogersNicolas says: November 13th, 2012 a 3:34pm


      As you can imagine, there’s more to it than just releasing it. At that time, we don’t have any info to share but we’ll keep everyone posted if/when there’s any news on that end.

  5. Bernadette Mcintosh says: November 13th, 2012 a 12:48pm

    I would like to see the Nokia Lumia 920 available to Canadians in the full range of colors. Why is it available to Americans in the full range of colors and we only get black. Doesn’t seem right we are at least as important.

  6. Why is iphone 5 the first thing I see when I go to Rogers.com considering the Lumia 920 is the most exciting phone currently on the market and also considering Roger’s so called “excitement to carry windows phones”? This thing is supposed to be available today and it’s still not being promoted on your website? Rogers, are you really excited about this phone or are you just playing games with us?

  7. I thank you for the wonderful update..:)

  8. I am off contract and wind is a very temping option right now!!!! I was about to resign for 3 years and wanted a yellow lumia 920….so much for that

  9. Hello, WPcentral.com just released this article regarding rogers potentially getting the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I am still waiting to buy a the nokia in hopes of more colour options.