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  1. I’m very happen to see Windows Phone 8 support, but not offering the Lumia 920 and Window Phone 8X in multiple colours when that seems to be such a large part of their personality is a huge oversight by Rogers.

    If you’re planning to bring more colours later, please at least indicate that before launch (with an estimated timeframe) so that people willing to wait for them don’t settle for boring old black because they don’t know if more options are coming.

    • I meant “happy” and not “happen” in the first sentence but I still stand by my disappointment regarding the lack of colour options.

    • RogersMichelleL says: October 19th, 2012 a 3:36pm

      Thanks for your feedback Gordon. We’re always reviewing our device selection to ensure it’s meeting the needs and preferences of our consumers. We’ve announced that the device will launch in black, which is the most preferred choice by customers, but we have shared your interest in different colours with our internal team.

      • “which is the most preferred choice by customers”

        Which customers? Lumia Customers? Are you guys really this out of touch on what the Lumia phones have been about from day 1?

        I’ll give you credit for one thing. Rogers lack of knowledge of the Windows Phone customers saved me the money on the 900, cause I was all set to buy Cyan, but you didn’t release it until we found out it wouldn’t work with WP8.

        • I have to agree with Walrond. Windows Phones have always been about the brightful colors. Offering it in only plain black color definitely shows Rogers’ lackness of knowledge of the Windows Phone market and is absolutely a dumb move for marketing Windows Phone.

      • So which 5 customers did you talk to that said they wanted black? cause from what I can see the large majority want color. Take it as a hint and you’ll sell more phones:)

        • Not having colour is forcing me to purcahse my phone South of the border. Bad move Rogers.

          • RogersNicolas says: October 22nd, 2012 a 4:28pm

            Hi Brian,

            What device and what colour are you interested in?
            We’re always reviewing our services based on customers’ feedback and I’d be happy to forward your comment internally.

          • I hope you guys will release the red colour for Lumia 920. It’s the Rogers colour after all. Otherwise yeah.. south of the border I go.

          • RogersNicolas says: October 22nd, 2012 a 8:24pm

            Thanks for sharing your preference, Jem!

          • I would love to see Rogers offer the Lumia 920 in White… I will not be buying a black one.

            I’ve been waiting for the 920 before extending my contract another 3 years, but if I can’t get the colour I want then I will probably be buying an unlocked one elsewhere and not extending my contract with Rogers yet.

          • Glad to see that Rogers is seemingly listening to feedback here! I would purchase a Cyan or Yellow Lumia 920, in that order, if offered. If not, I will source it from somewhere else. I have been a long time Rogers customer and WP user, and while black is safe, it isn’t what Lumia is all about! We love color!

          • RogersNicolas says: October 29th, 2012 a 4:37pm

            Hi Chris,

            Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It’s much appreciated.

      • I completely agree with Gordon. Please, please, please release the Lumia 920 in Yellow. This is the first phone that is allowing consumers to show personality, and if other carriers (Telus, Bell, etc.) announced that they were bringing an actual selection of colours to Canada, then I would definitely wait it out to sign a contract with them instead. I am rooting for Rogers, but I hope that you can see from feedback on this forum and through numerous sources online that consumers are expecting more than just basic black. It would be a mistake to not order in addition colour options.

  2. What is the price of the Samsung Ativ Smart PC? Must I sign a wireless contract?

    • RogersMichelleL says: October 19th, 2012 a 3:38pm

      Hi Mike, specific availability and pricing for all Windows 8 devices will be announced in the coming weeks. You always have the option of purchasing the device outright or signing a contract.

  3. Hey Rogers, please tell us that it was Nokia or Microsoft that has forced you to make the bone headed move of only offering Black for the Lumia 920.

    FYI, Canadians are not Colour blind! Once again It would have been a day 1 purchase from you guys if you offered Canadians the same choices as our American counterparts.

  4. I’m all for the 920…but get more colors, otherwise I’m buying from elsewhere unlocking and using on your network. People want colors, do you understand?

  5. Remember that time we all bugged Rogers about them not offering the Lumia 900 in other colours aside from black? Yeah, that is going to happen again with the 920. I’ll talk to you guys in 2013 when you bring it out in yellow and cyan.

  6. Awesome. Now when can we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 up on the Rogers Reservation system? Other carriers such as Bell, Telus, Mobilicity have already done this, and I’m overdue for a HUP with you guys.

  7. Any update on pricing and release date?
    Also would Samsung ATIV Smart PC have LTE ?

  8. It’s so disappointing that the Nokia Lumia 920 is only available in black. The other colors (red, cyan, yellow, even gray) are so much more distinctive.

  9. Oh please, why black-only for the Lumia? People want difference / varieties. That’s the selling point of Lumia, isn’t it?

  10. Y u NO carry other colors ? @lumia920

  11. Rogers should come out with more colours for the Lumia 920.. I don’t want to switch from Telus to Rogers for a Black Lumia.. What about Red, Cyan, Yellow? I’ll switch for those colours!

  12. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I am looking at getting a Lumia 920, but am disappointed that it is only available in black. All black touchscreen smartphones look alike. ANY colour would be better than nothing at this point

  13. Is the lack of any pricing/availability information a decision made by Rogers, Microsoft, or the OEMs?

  14. I really don’t wan’t black. Maybe customers prefer black for Android or iPhone, but WP customers want colour options as evidence by the response on twitter, this blog and the Rogers forums. At least the 8X is blue, which if it comes to other carriers I may switch to them since Rogers is handling the 920 launch poorly. Also look at this website and all the Rogers red, you would think they would at least offer that?? 3 to 6 months down the road is too long in the cell phones business to wait for more colours as well.

  15. the next big thing doesn’t come until BlackBerry 10 launches in the new year.!!

  16. I’m mostly disappointed this thing is going to easily cost $400-500 when all is said and done even though I have less than a year left on my contract and have to resign for another 3! I’ll definitely be considering other options…I thought after 2 years your upgrade prices were at least close to new activation prices and didn’t include a $150 “early upgrade fee”.

    • Unsatisfied Rogers Customer says: October 19th, 2012 a 7:33pm

      !?!? Seriously ??? they have early upgrade fees now??? last time I upgraded (2years ago when WP7 came out) there was no such thing! …that is terrible!!! No choices in colour and now an extra $150… wonder how much this thing is unlocked from somewhere else… May justify paying 700$ if it means in less than a year I can jump ship… Seriously? C’mon man!

  17. I am super disappointed with the lack of colors for the lumia. Does anybody know if I can buy it directly from Nokia dot ca for choice of colors? Or maybe AT&T for the color offering? Lumia may be the next big thing but they’re not big in black.

  18. Martin Chamberland says: October 19th, 2012 a 5:55pm

    Hey ! Are yous serious…just black option !!!!!!
    Neeeedd Yellow !!!

  19. Wait, so Rogers will ONLY offer BLACK color for lumia 920?? Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m really hoping that Rogers will offer the other colors too on the release day as I’m eagerly wanting for the red Lumia 920. After all, the colorful theme is one of the factors that makes Lumia so special.

  20. Just want to add another voice to the list for other colour options for the Lumia 920. If I want black there are lots of phones that are black. Lumia is all about colour – look at their advertisements…