A nation of Nomophobes : 83% of Canadians smartphone users take their devices to the bathroom, 51% to bed

Our annual survey of Canadian technology trends and predictions, is back! We surveyed Canadian smartphone and tablet users like you to find out what you’ve been up to in 2012, and to get a sense of where you think we’re heading in 2013 and beyond. Check out our Rogers Innovation Report infographic below to how you compare to other Canadians when it comes to some of the more common “Day in the life” statistics. From taking your smartphones to bed (51%) and to the bathroom with you (83%), to enjoying your erotica on e-readers and tablets (10%) to streaming Gangnam Style on your devices (43%), 2012 clearly showed that technology has become an integral part of our lives. Why, some might even say we’re a nation of Nomophobes! *

* Nomophobia : noun. A state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one’s mobile phone.

Other interesting stats that emerged from the Rogers Innovation Report:

  • 67% believe that mobile payment will be the payment method of choice within 2 years;
  • 59% predict that within the next 2 years more Canadians will work from home thanks to developments in cloud technology and faster mobile speeds;
  • 82% believe that integrated technology systems that seamlessly connect 2 or more devices will increase in popularity in 2013;
  • 78% believe e-book sales will increase significantly in 2013. In 2011, that stat was 37%.

You can access the complete Rogers Innovation Report on Slideshare at slideshare.net/Rogers.

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10 comments on “A nation of Nomophobes : 83% of Canadians smartphone users take their devices to the bathroom, 51% to bed

  1. ElsieE Lewis

    I think this is soo cool:)

  2. Anilu7

    So true! BlackBerry by the bed, in the bathroom, at work during breaks etc. Very socially active on it. :)

  3. Bilal Ahmed

    My smartphone has pretty much replaced my desktop and laptop computer.
    Lets see, where this technology will take us next !

  4. Matthew Potter

    These are interesting stats and all but I’m curious to see how Rogers plans on taking this and applying it to the telecommunication industry. Canada has been proven to be one of the world leaders in innovations and new technologies. We’re only missing the support from a telecom of _constant_ connectivity for the average consumer within an average person’s budget as well as encouragement for the developer community to build innovative technologies. Partnerships with developer groups, incubators, influencers and innovation driven communities would allow for these stats to increase over a larger amount for 2013.