Away over the holidays? Stay close to home with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. Left to his own devices, young Kevin McAllister manages to fend off house burglars Harry and Marv – otherwise known as the Wet Bandits – by setting a complicated series of traps, which they manage to walk into at every turn.

Like the Wet Bandits, many burglars across the country view the holidays as prime break-in season. As many Canadian families take off on vacation, houses are left filled with new gift items like electronics, jewelry and other valuables. That’s why protecting your home has never been more important.

You may already be aware of Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, a home monitoring and automation service that lets  you control sensors, cameras, thermostats, lights and small appliances remotely through your computer or smartphone. So whether you’re visiting the in-laws for a weekend, have taken off to Florida for Christmas break, or you’re skiing with the family this holiday season, you can keep a close watch on your home and be alerted the instant a problem occurs.

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring doesn’t just keep your house safe and secure from outside intruders. It is an ultimate in ‘peace of mind’ technology, monitoring everything from water seepage, carbon monoxide levels, to lighting, and now with a new feature, it allows you to tailor and personalize the system to meet your needs. So if you’re like me and manage to leave your hair straightener on every morning, you can turn it off remotely on your way to work.

And upgrades and enhancements are always being made to the product. Here are just a few new Rogers Smart Home Monitoring features:

  • Outdoor wireless night-vision camera: now stay alerted of activity in your own backyard
  • Appliance switch: remotely turn any appliance or lamp in your home on and off, with no extra outlet required
  • Free Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone Smart Home Monitoring Apps:  Available to all Rogers Smart Home Monitoring customers, these apps let you securely view and control your system from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet

We’ll continue to update you on news and new features of Rogers Smart Home Monitoring over the coming months. Not only that, we will keep you informed of how some of our customers are experiencing the system and how they’ve tailored Rogers Smart Home Monitoring to meet their families’ needs.

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How do you plan to keep your house safe this holiday season?

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