Weekend Reading: The Year in Review

Well folks, 2012 has been a blast and I hope you’ve enjoyed our Weekend Reading series as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them. With the holidays upon us, we’ve decided to take a short break – this is our final edition for 2012! Don’t worry Weekend Reading will resume January 4, 2013 bringing you trends, hot topics and stories from around the globe.

Since this is the last Weekend Reading of the year, we thought it might be appropriate to take a look back on some of the top stories that were shared online in 2012. Facebook, Twitter and Google all came out with reports this week on what was being shared, tweeted and Googled worldwide, while Time Magazine and Mobile Mag both expressed their opinions on the top gadgets and innovations of 2012 respectively.

So sit back with some cocoa or eggnog by the fireplace, and review the past 12 months with us – Happy Holidays everyone, see you in the New Year! 

2012 online year in review

With only 2 weeks left in 2012, some of the biggest names synonymous with social started releasing their year-end reports on some of the hottest trends this year.

On Wednesday, Facebook posted a look back at the people, moments and things that created the most buzz in 2012. Categories included events, songs, movies, check-ins, public figures, books, tech, politics, TV, sports, and memes – now that was a mouthful! Check out the comprehensive list here and see how many you posted about.  Interestingly, you can also create your own “Year in Review” to see your own 20 biggest moments you shared with your network.

Twitter also posted their “Year on Twitter” where people can check out Golden Tweets, Pulse of the Planet, Only on Twitter, Trends, and New Voices. Unsurprising, a lot of the topics mirrored Facebook’s results as well – but who could have guessed #throwbackthursday would be such a hit, coming in at #9 in Conversation Starters! You can also check out your personal year on Twitter at Visify.

Mobile Mag also devised their own Top Mobile Technology Innovations of 2012 revealing what they thought were the most innovative mobile technologies making their way into the “mainstream” this year. Wireless technology and NFC technology made the cut in Mobile Mag, while in a similar report, Time Magazine ranked the iPhone 5 as its Gadget of the Year.

But what was Canada in particular interested in this year? According to Google’s Zeitgeist 2012, Toronto is the most searched city in Google Maps, bacon is the most searched Canadian food, and teacher is the most searched career/job. More quirky stats in the full report here.

What stood out for you in 2012? Any surprises?

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One comment on “Weekend Reading: The Year in Review

  1. Bhupinder D


    Year in Review: Facebook:

    Not a big Facebooker myself, but what I found interesting in their lists was that “Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye” was the second most popular song…OMG…I can’t stand that song! Also, “The Hunger Games” was their top movie…I didn’t enjoy that movie at all. My sisters tell me that they books are way better!

    I just realized why I am not a big Facebook user, I don’t agree with the lists!

    Year In Review: Twitter:

    I agree, strange to see #ThrowbackThursday in the top 10. What I found even more strange was the TV category, and that Fresh Prince and Boy Meets World were 9 and 10 respectively???

    And how was “Think Like A Man” number 1 for movies?

    I love twitter regardless of these top 10 lists!

    Thanks for the Weekend Readings! Have yourself a Happy Holidays too! See ya in the new year!