5 reasons to love Rogers NextBox

entertainment experience. In light of today’s launch, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explore the top five reasons why I personally love Rogers NextBox.

Obviously, this new app is reason #1


1. Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app: Tablets are the perfect TV companion; with this new app you can do the following tasks on your second screen without interrupting what’s playing on your TV:

  • Use your compatible tablet or smartphone to search and navigate TV listings
  • Use your tablet or smartphone as a virtual remote control
  • Manage PVR recordings from your tablet and smartphone
  • Scroll through the interactive guide on your tablet, browser or smartphone
  • Live stream 25 channels in the home on a tablet, similar to the  Rogers Live TV experience
  • Real scenarios:  Tuesdays are my favourite TV nights; tonight I’ll make sure my PVR is set to record New Girl and the Mindy Project.   While my shows are on the TV, I can grab my tablet and browse through what else is on my TV, search other shows and set more recordings. I also enjoy the virtual remote control feature, mostly because I would like to start changing channels while I’m out and pretend my place is haunted.

Currently available for iPad and iPhone and coming soon to Android tablets and smartphones.

2. Advanced Search: I like my lazy Sundays, a.k.a. movie marathon sessions. Sometimes I feel extra picky and am in the mood for a film or series which includes a particular director or actor. With our enhanced search tools, you can click on the Guide and press * on your remote and type in what you’re seeking. This same search functionality is also available on the new app! For example, the other day I felt like watching something that featured my Swedish, True Blood mini-obsession, Alexander Skarsgard. A quick search on my TV reveals the available titles he stars in, for instance: Battle Ship, Melancholia, Straw Dogs… and Zoolander (what? I do not remember this appearance!)

3. Karaoke Playlists On Demand: My friends have come to expect some serious karaoke playlists at my place. Check out Rogers On Demand, channel 100 > Music > Karaoke On Demand and choose from a range of genres like rock or country or select by decade to begin building your personal playlist. I prefer rocking out to 90s hip-hop with hairbrushes in hand, but you can also amp up the experience by plugging in a microphone.

4. Whole Home PVR: Need to catch the last minutes of your recorded show while you’re trying not to snooze on the sofa? With NextBox whole home PVR functionality, you can benefit from follow me TV capability and seamlessly resume your program from the comfort of your bedroom.

5. Weather Application: Did you ever wonder what the purpose of the “D” button on your remote control was? For those of you who haven’t tested it out, it displays your weekly, localized weather forecast on your TV screen. When I’m watching BT, before I head out to work, pushing “D” will inform whether or not I should grab my umbrella. This little button can be a lifesaver.

How to get NextBox

If you become a Rogers Digital TV customer you automatically get the NextBox experience. If you’re an existing customer, you may already have an eligible set-top box (4642 and 8642 models). If so, in order to enjoy the benefits of the new guide and enhanced features call in or fill out an online form to get set up. If you do not have an eligible box, then call 1-888-Rogers1 or visit a retail location to purchase one.

What are your favourite NextBox features?

 Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

UPDATE: December 6th, 10:30am – Here’s where you can get your app, on your iPhone or your iPad. Enjoy!

UPDATE: January 22, 1:17pm – The Rogers Anyplace TV Application recently launched on Android. You can find the Google Market urls here: Tablet / Phone


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25 comments on “5 reasons to love Rogers NextBox

  1. Ajay

    Would be even better if you guys made an iphone/android app. I know the 8300HD PVR Series has one, but it isn’t compatible with the newer NextBox PVR’s.

  2. Sean

    Cannot see the app in the Play store, the iTunes store has it however.

    1. Sean

      Nevermind, not ready for android.

  3. Michel

    Would be nice if I did not get soo many errors. First, I get an error login into the server saying the connection timed out. Now that i past it, I get an Access error. Sounds too me this hasn’t been fully test?

    1. Michel

      So, he’s a coincidence for you… not 24 hours after I try using the app, my Netbox PVR completely and utterly dies – just inoperable.

      I don’t believe in coincidences.

  4. David

    I was really excited to see that Rogers has finally revamped the app, but sadly it is just as unreliable as before. Worked great this morning, but as of this writing the service has gone down and can’t even login from the iPhone app.

  5. Doug

    The Home Eddition app description looks promising, however keep getting error 804 trying to login. Almost looks like the servers are not available at the moment.

  6. Stephen

    Error 804.

    LOL, typical Rogers.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Stephen,

      What’s the link you’re having issue with?

      1. Stephen

        It was logging in. I tried it again the next day and it worked fine. Although I’m as fast to complain about Rogers as anyone, I actually think this new app is really good, don’t need to mess around with the controller or onscreen TV guide anymore. I’ll use it consistently from now on.

  7. Chris

    No love for the Windows Phone again… You would think that Rogers having the Lumia 920 as an exclusive they would make features like this available…

  8. Clarence

    Working fine now after some initial hiccups. But it would be awsome if I can stream the contents of my PVR to my iPad instead of the channels I can already watch on TV and eat up the modest download cap.

  9. Jason

    So i downloaded the upgrade app and I have no idea how to access my pvr or re add it. it’s an 8642 HD under pvr it lists two pvrs pvr 480 and [unavailable] there seems to be no way to delete or add a pvr to this app

    and anytime i try to access the unavailable pvr it says error general error

    1. Daryl

      I have the same issue with my explorer 8642HD. The app just shows per as unavailable. What do I need to do to get it working? The app looks like something ill use often on my iPad mini!

  10. Jason Bennett

    I really like the new version of the app, nice to see Nextbox finally integrated. Would be nice to see a few more channels for streaming, like the NFL package, all the Sportsnet stations, I know you will never get the rights to TSN or TSN2. But its much improved over last version.

  11. John

    App may be cause certain PVR’s to get Er 99. Had to have my PVR swapped out twice since I access through app in the last 3 days. Rogers told me not to use the app until they figure it out. I have 2 PVR’s, only happening on the 320GB Costco one!

    1. Michel

      If that’s the case then the App should be pulled. Let’s wait and see what Rogers say about that!

    2. JohnH

      Same thing here. I’m returning my second 8642 PVR today to Rogers in the past week. Accessed the PVR from the app and within a couple hours the PVR was toast! Stay away from the app for sure. Same goes for the web tool for viewing/scheduling the PVR.

  12. Heidi K

    I tried logging in, had to change my password and now I am getting error 804. What is this error and how do I fix this?

  13. SM

    When I try to delete a program it tells me that it is done but the program has not been deleted. Can be frustrating.

  14. Michael

    Why do I need to have the buggy, slow, new Interactive Programming Guide to use the app? Why can’t I use it with the older, more stable Interactive Programming Guide?

  15. Mike

    The app was working for a while, but now it has stopped updating the PVR contents under Manage PVR, it is showing old shows that were deleted days ago, and has none of the scheduled recordings for today. Something is wrong with this app.

  16. Chris

    I have downloaded the iPhone app and this is what I get – “GENERAL ERROR: Unable to reach the remote service, please check your internet connection and try again (804)” This has been going on for days now. I removed the app and re-installed which made no difference.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chris,

      You’d have to contact Customer Care so that they may look into it. They’re available on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook as well as traditional ways.

  17. AJ

    Just had my box spit out error code 99 after using the App. What the hell Rogers, pull the app if its causing these problems