Weekend Reading:Tech gift guide, tablet reviews, Windows 8, and mobile security Q&A

Some weeks are bigger news weeks than others, and this week was a great one for tech news – in fact, I had a hard time narrowing it down to my top picks this week! However, I finally settled on 4 I think you’ll enjoy – a gift guide for digital cameras, reviews on a top selling tablet (which is also sure to be popular this Christmas), and more info on Windows 8 and mobile security, which both remain hot topics as well.

Digital camera gift guide

Did you know: Christmas is only 37 days away?! As a result, we’re starting to see a lot of holiday gift guides being released, including a great one this week from Engadget. This week they released a gift guide entirely devoted to digital cameras, with emphasis on popular styles including point-and-click, mirrorless, and Digital SLR. Check out their list and start inquiring about what matters most to your shutterbug – since reading this you’re down to only 36 days and 23 ½ hours left for shopping!

Tablet Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

In our last Rogers Innovation report, we reported that 35% of youth believe tablets will replace textbooks within the next 5 years. We wanted to put that theory to the test so we asked La Lobana and Med Lab Maven to use the Samsung Galaxy tablet for a week and asked them if tablets could replace their textbooks. See how they fared in Lo Lobana’s post here, and Med Lab Maven’s post here.

See Windows 8 devices& read why you should upgrade

Connected Magazine recently put together two great guides for their readers – a hands-on introduction to Windows 8 devices, and another one highlighting the key differences between Windows 7.5 and 8. Start out by getting a crash course on the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung ATIVS, Windows Phone 8X HTC, and Samsung ATIV smart PC. Once you’ve got a better knowledge of the hardware, take a deeper look into the software by reading up on features like Kid’s Corner, SkyDrive, and of course, mobile wallet.

Mobile payments and security

Speaking of mobile wallet, this week we were fortunate enough to speak with two leaders in the mobile tech industry for a Q&A on security – the Huffington Post’s Dan Tencer, and Gemalto security expert Paul Bradley.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens to your personal info when your phone is lost or stolen, how apps are secured to ensure your banking and shopping info is safe, or how to keep track of what data third party vendors have access to, you’ll definitely want to check out our Q&A here.

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4 comments on “Weekend Reading:Tech gift guide, tablet reviews, Windows 8, and mobile security Q&A

  1. Bhupinder D

    I almost missed this weeks Weekend Reading…sorry!

    There are some really cool items to give this season as gifts. I think I have been on the nice side of the naughty or nice list this year! So if Santa is listening…I will like to ask for Nokia 920 … in any colour! ;)

  2. Chris

    Talking about the Lumia 920, does Rogers have any news to share about upcoming colors.
    What about YELLOW?

  3. Andrew

    Nokia Lumia 920 still on backorder after a week since release.


  4. Opie

    Please, Im begging for a different Lumia 920 colours!! Nokia is promoting vibrant colours and u guys just selling the black ones?? Are u kidding? Its like rogers are not serious about windows phone 8 at all!! I’m sure other Canadians are really pissed off with Rogers like me because of this.

    Again, i beg rogers to give us other colours by this Christmas.. Thank you