Weekend Reading: Password protection, a social election, and more Windows 8 impressions

Were you one of many Twitter accounts whose passwords were reset this week? How did you hear about America’s new president? And have you seen the new Windows app store?

This week we update you on a Twitter security scare, how social media played a big part in the election earlier this week, and some great Windows apps headed your way!

The tweet that broke social media records

It was a big week for our American friends, as the world watched and eagerly awaited the news of who would be the next President of the United States.

Before social media, people would sit glued to their TV’s for hours on end awaiting the results, listen to the radio, or catch the highlights in the papers the following morning. This year was an entirely different story from the campaign to the winning results, starting with online campaigning encouraging people to vote, to presidential supporters showcasing their support, to the presidential candidates themselves tweeting to the people!

When the re-elected President Obama tweeted a picture himself and wife, Michelle in a loving embrace with the caption “Four more years,” it became the most tweeted-about political event in American history. According to Google, the tweet has been re-tweeted over 714,800 times as of mid-Wednesday, while the Facebook post with the same image and caption has garnered more than 3.5 million likes! We found more great stats in The Telecom Blog’s post on social media coverage as well.

Forbes called this “the first truly digital election.” What role do you think social media will play in politics in the next four years?

Twitter’s password faux-pas

Many people were affected this week by Twitter’s accidental reset of thousands of passwords after some accounts had been  compromised by a third-party site. When this happens, Twitter sends out an email warning you your account may have been compromised and automatically resets your password. It’s a good practice, except this week it led to more accounts being reset than were suspected to have been hacked.

Twitter has since issued a statement and apologized, but it’s another reminder that we need to be more diligent when it comes to online security. We noted similar points in our recent post on Cyber Security Awareness month in October, highlighting best practices for social networks, mobile banking and online shopping.

Twitter was also quick to point to their own tips on how to keep your account secure – if you have any tips of your own to share, let us know in the comments and help others benefit from your personal security measures!

Windows tips and tricks for navigating their app store

CNET put together a great piece this week not only reviewing Windows 8 and answering readers FAQ’s, but also highlighting some cool new features in the Windows Phone app store. After joining forces with Microsoft for Windows 8 devices with exclusive apps, we’re naturally anxious to share any additional tidbits we come across with our customers.

Boasting over 120,000 apps, CNET noted you can create a theme to customize groups of apps and the software will actually detect and make recommendations based on preferences and location as well. Want to know more? Check out their full article here and let us know other features you’re loving or excited about!

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7 comments on “Weekend Reading: Password protection, a social election, and more Windows 8 impressions

  1. Bhupinder D

    Were you one of many Twitter accounts whose passwords were reset this week? – Nope

    How did you hear about America’s new president? – Front page of National Post

    And have you seen the new Windows app store? – Not yet

  2. gwydionjhr

    So almost 2 weeks ago the most commented post ever made on Redboard was requests from consumers for the Lumia 920 in something other than Black. It’s the day before launch and this update does not address these questions in any way shape or form. Is Rogers listening, or just pretending? Do you have any actual information on this subject to provide to consumers besides canned answers?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’re listening, and providing the feebdack to the appropriate people internally.

      Also worth noting is that our iPhone posts from years past are exponentially more commented on! :)

      1. Alex

        You guys have such amazing customer service. /s

      2. Steve

        So it’s a competition about who can complain most about Rogers? iOS users or WP8 users?

  3. John I.

    It is sad to notice that you flter and drop comments, even though they respect the code of conduct.

    I understand the topic may be repetitive (colorful Lumia 920), but the channel is the only one we have to make ourselves be heard.

    We want colors and no boring black Lumia 920.

    It is also sad to see that, aside the canned response, you never provide answers. Although we understand you have to control some information for competitive purposes, announcing whether or not you will offers colors is not compromising Rogers in any way – you are the only carrier only offering black.

    About routing the redboard content to the appropriate people internally, one can wonder if the problem is not there. Food for thought.

    1. RogersNicolas


      Sorry to hear that you feel that way. As many other blogs, Redboard as a commenting policy that you may find here:

      For instance, any comment that is not relevant to the topic at hand will indeed be deleted. But please let me know if you were referring to a different scenario.

      I’m also sorry if you feel that you were once given a “canned response”, we do our best to answer everyone with all the information we have or that we can share. At that time, we don’t have any as far as a new colour is concerned but we definitely are listening to every feedback. In the past, we have reviewed our offering and policy based on what customers had to say and we’ll continue doing it.