Introducing new wireless plans from Rogers: A new way to think about wireless Internet

It’s a pretty cool time to be a wireless customer.  Smartphones just keep getting smarter, networks keep getting faster, and virtually all the things you love to do on your home computer you can now do on your mobile device.

So, with more than 65 per cent of our customers now using a smartphone and 56 per cent of Canadian smartphone users accessing the Internet at least once each day, now is a perfect time to help you maximize the potential of your devices. Much of this comes with having the right plan to suit your smartphone habits and wireless Internet needs.

That’s why today, we are introducing new plans that better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future. We’ve redesigned and simplified our price plans with you in mind and are introducing Unlimited Talk and Text with new options for Wireless Internet. Most customers can now get more wireless internet and unlimited calling for only a couple dollars more than they are paying today.  These plans are available to new customers starting November 7th, but existing customers can update their plan to one of these great new options at any time at no cost to migrate.

Take a look:

New Rogers plansAs you can see, our new Talk Text and Internet plans are straightforward, offering Unlimited Talk and Text, letting you focus on all the things you can do with Wireless Internet.  And, to help you identify the plan that’s best for you, we’ve designed new categories to help you choose:

  • If you’re just getting into Wireless Internet and may surf a few web pages from time to time , you’re probably an OCCASIONAL customer
  • If you’re doing a bit more online: accessing wireless Internet for browsing, Facebook updates, email and some photo uploads, you’re likely a SOCIAL customer
  • If you’re an app lover, spending time online to stream music, download and upload video and play online games or use your smartphone for work, you’re most likely a STREAMER customer.
  • And, if you’re online most of the day, share Internet access between your tablet and your smartphone; download and upload photos, videos, music; send large attachments in emails and/or spend time accessing online or cloud storage, you’re definitely a CONNECTED customer.

So tell us, what kind of Wireless Internet customer are you?

Carly is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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119 comments on “Introducing new wireless plans from Rogers: A new way to think about wireless Internet

  1. Dan

    I believe the streamer plan is $75 (according to the website)…As well, please explain what is meant by share ready, the website does not explain anything about sharing.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Dan,

      That’s correct. Share ready means that the plan enables data sharing between multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones.

  2. David Hayes

    Are those prices right? Why would you pick Social when you can get 2GB more data for the same price with Streamer?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi David,

      There’s currently an error that we’ll correct ASAP but the plans as announced in this article are correct.

  3. John

    There should be a capital “I” on Internet.

    1. Mike

      Only sometimes. When you’re speaking of the Internet, as the globally connected network of computers, then yes. In this situation, Internet is being used as a proper noun. However, if you’re using it to refer to a network topology or technology, e.g. “an internet” or “wireless internet”, then it’s written in lowercase.

    2. RogersNicolas

      Hi John,

      According to the “Internet” capitalization conventions, you’re indeed right. I’ll share the info internally.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Kid.Canada

    …and a more expensive than ever…

    My Plan:

    200 minutes
    Unlimited E/W from 6pm
    Unlimited text video and picture msg
    Call Display and Voicemail 3
    6GB Data sharable and LTE ready
    50% off Employee discount


    No one these days calls a lot more then texting or using social media to communicate so I’m more than happy with plan.

    1. Ken

      Hey, great plan. 50% employee discount …

      Now we all know we pay too much..that’s just the verification …

  5. Paul

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive for today’s needs. That “Connected” $95 plan should be $65 AND include CD and VM. I’m sorry Rogers but these are terrible plans.

  6. Gordon

    Those prices are very high. The plans should at least include caller ID and VM, doing away with the extra $12 “value” pack.

    No other country charges extra for caller ID and even some of your Canadian competitors are including it in base plans. Don’t fall behind.

  7. Mortimer

    Hah. These plans are terrible. What new customer in their right mind would sign for this?
    Maybe it’s the plans for iSheep who don’t know any better?

    1. RogersNicolas


      While we may have promotional plans, this is more than a promotion. We also offer a wide selection of smarphones and provide additional valued of fast, reliable networks.

      1. Raff

        You mean smartphone?

      2. RogersNicolas

        Yes, Raff. The “t” didn’t work. +1 for your sharp eyes!

  8. Jason

    Are you serious? Is this supposed to be a deal… Come on Rogers get with it… All these plans should be at least 20 dollars cheaper than posted. Horrible plans

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jason,

      Those plans are competitively priced and offer more value with unlimited voice and messaging features.

      Rogers customers also receive additional features such as Harware protection, phone finder, Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers One Number.

      1. Mike


        If I may jump in here –

        If you consider competition to be Telus, Bell and yourself perhaps, even then on some plans they can easily match it.

        In terms of competition in general, big fat NO. $95 for wireless in this day and age, you’ve got to be kidding. And notice Canada is the only G8 country with wireless prices this high.

        In terms of features:

        Hardware protection – Don’t care and Apple provides a warranty for iPhones
        Phone finder – Don’t care and again Apple and others provide this feature
        Rogers Anyplace TV – Don’t care
        Rogers One Number – Don’t care and besides that no longer a Rogers Wireless customers for reasons I’ve already stated

        So I’m sorry if my tone is strong and that marketing is your job but these rates and plans are junk and I suggest management goes back to the drawing board on this.

      2. Peter

        If more competition was allowed then Rogers would listen.

        * Inexpensive data so we can really take advantage of the phones, including Netflix, Skype, Maps with StreetView, etc
        * Recent phones now, not months after they are announced everywhere.
        * Nobody cares about unlimited calls and text. It’s not 90s, we use Internet to communicate. I guess it still matters for dumb phones.
        * Stop the roaming scam. $5, $10 per MEGABYTE? Are you kidding me? Well, this scam is not specific to one carrier, it’s across the board.
        * Allow people uninstall crapware (sorry, “additional features”) from their phones.

      3. JJS

        Don’t push anyplace tv as a feature – it only works on a handful of handsets – and its goal is to have you u$e more data – hardly a free feature eh? I love Rogers for its reliability and advances in technology, however, it’s rapidly placing itself as a luxury brand. You are pricing yourself out of our family’s reach. Wake up – a cell phone is no longer a luxury, it’s a fact of life. It’ll be back to pay per use for us and no data plan and NO MORE CONTRACTS and no reason to stay. Hoorah for free open wifi. Will you be telling us next that blocking data is no longer possible?

  9. Chris

    I was expecting a much better offering with these “updated” plans.
    Although it is a promotion from your “Fido” branch, when you look at their “Futé 57″ plan, your falling way behind.
    We’re talking unlimited minutes in Canada, unlimited SMS and MMS, unlimited outgoing international SMS, 1GB data for 57$.

    Why can’t Rogers offer something similar?

    Also, don’t forget many of your faitful clients want COLORS for the LUMIA 920.
    Acknowledging their request and announcing something would show some leadership here.
    Doing before they buy their devices elsewhere would also be wise.

  10. Craig

    Echoing what everyone has said so far. The plans are just too expensive. I don’t see why you are increasing the minutes and decreasing data usage. We all know that the average wireless customer is using less and less minutes and more and more data every day.

    If the top plan (Connected) was $65/$70 month and included Voicemail/Caller ID, then you would have an interesting product.

  11. Jeremy

    Why do we even have long distance charges any more in Canada with most network infrastructure having been built on IP now?

  12. dren

    this is way too expensive…its a rip off….this doesn’t include VM and Caller ID ?

    i can’t believe they would release something like this as a insult

  13. George

    Is there any way to get my 6GB plan added to the unlimited local plans.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi George,

      I’m afraid those would be separate plans.

      1. George

        So I cant use my standalone 6GB plan and add an unlimited talk plan to it?

  14. Tino

    Hey guys, those plans do they include the top 10 or Rogers got rid of it?

    1. Eric

      Nope, they hacked away the My10/My5. Typical Rogers not giving a crap about their customers’ actual needs.

  15. D Allan

    I am so sorry…. This is the exact reason why I left your company 3 years ago and never looked back. $95 + Value Pack + Tax???? That is over $120 for a cell phone bill.

    Everyone should be aware of that buy your own phone and choose the cheapest service. Nexus 4 is a good example for just to do this!

    1. Tino

      I think they are trying to get rid of subsidiaries to encourage people to buy the full price of the phone. Bell just came out with same plans exact copy-cat.

  16. JJS

    “what kind of Wireless Internet customer are you” Low usage! You are soaking the daylights out of low users to subsidize the heavy users. Those plans may look good to heavy users who regularly paid overages, but what about the low volume user? What occasional user needs 1000 minutes? Make it look like we’re getting tons – well, it’s tons that we don’t use. We’re paying thru the nose for limits we don’t need. $55 is insane for the smallest plan. Please consider the stay-at-home/one salary families and students – 50 minutes is more than plenty, with maybe 200 text, and we’re almost always on Wi-fi since we’re at school or at home, so data needs are low. And we’re on limited budgets. Rogers these plans may be user-friendly for heavy users, but it’s downright hostile to occasional users.

  17. Chad

    This is ridiculous …. Another reason to make the switch to another company …

  18. Brandon

    Wow. Brutal.
    I was going to switch back to Rogers for the Lumia 920, but I refuse to spend close to $40 more per month for that “connected” package.

  19. jp

    ouch! these are pricy plans for such little data and don’t include VM, etc.

  20. craig

    I’m jumping ship to Fido ….. $57 all inclusive is a great deal. I’ll take my GNex and enjoy truly unlimited Canada wide talk, text and 1GB data.

    1. Terry

      You do realize that Fido is owned by Rogers.

  21. Nick

    I hope these plans are a joke because they really are pretty terrible deals and are entirely out of touch with how people want to use their mobile devices.

    Why push a super-fast LTE network if you can consume the entirety of your data cap in a single day? What am I supposed to do for the rest of the month?

    Yes, there’s some unlimited voice options here, but really, nobody cares any more. People want to use data. I don’t want to be scared of streaming music over iTunes Match or of watching a show on Netflix. These are things people want to do today but don’t because the plans are prohibitively expensive and restrictive. This is especially true if you compare these plans to any plan outside of North America (or even outside of Canada).

    I wish Rogers would pay attention to what people WANT to do today instead of what they ARE doing today because of expense and restrictions.

  22. Graham

    I am very interested in porting my number to Rogers from Fido to gain access to better phones. I feel these plans make it impossible without incurring too great a loss. No company should charge for caller ID and they don’t have reasonable build your own talk and data plans any longer. Without a retentions offer, customers will migrate elsewhere.

  23. Jordan

    Rogers please hear me, you HAVE to add CID/VM to these plans. $100 a month and no Call Display? How can you even possibly lie and say this is “value” or “competitive”

    This is just sad. Good on Telus for including CID/VM in everything (so far lately)

  24. Terry

    These plans would be great if you could use in Family situation. E.g. take the $95 plan and then add your spouse and daughter. But I’m assuming, as usual, that does not apply here.

  25. Troy

    So $65 for 1GB of data and I assume you still need to add Voicemail and caller ID? Wow, no thanks.

    “we are introducing new plans that better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future”
    Really? That’s why your lowest plan only includes 200MB of data and 1000 minutes of voice? I only have 150 minutes of day time voice on my current plan, and I never even hit that, but the lowest amount of data I could get at the time was 500MB, which is a whopping 2.5x what you offer in your base plan, and it costs less than this currently does.

    If these are my only plan options when my phone reservation comes in, I’ll highly consider eating my $40 reservation fee and riding out the last 3 months of my contract until somebody else gets the Lumia 920.

    These plans are absolutely awful, and I have a hard time believing these are anything close to reflective of what customers are actually looking for as far as features and price point.

  26. nk

    These plans should include caller ID & voicemail. The competition includes them for the same price or lower. The $65 plan should include at least 2 GB for that price. These plans are moving backwards not forward.

  27. David Hayes

    I’d much prefer to see plans with more data and 0 or low Voice and Messages. I probably use less than 30mins voice a month and a handful of texts but I come close to my data limit every month. I’m definitely going to look elsewhere when my current contract ends.
    Brandon: I’d seriosuly look at the HTC 8X, the 920 although a nice phone (loving mine so far) is pretty big and heavy

  28. Jordon

    Can you switch from a family plan (2 phones) to 2 individual plans? I know everyone is giving you guys a hard time but thanks for speaking with us, the community

  29. Eric

    “…better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future.”
    Lol that’s a joke right, Rogers? There isn’t a single person I know who uses 1000+ minutes on their cell phone in a month, let alone the usual 200. People need the long distance and data, plus caller id and voicemail. The My10 plans were perfect with <200 local minutes. Why get rid of that? And why are you charging so much for data!?
    Please try again…

  30. hackr

    Thanks for convincing me to switch providers as soon as my contract is up (I’d probably save money by cancelling early). These plans are over-priced for what you get. They are only competitive in a market where companies like Bell and Rogers are price fixing.

  31. Graham

    I have a hard time finding a suitable plan.
    All I need is unlimited evenings and weekends, text messaging, caller Id and 2gB of data.
    NO voice mail, maybe 100 daytime minutes and nothing else. A plan of this nature should be $55 but doesn’t exist of course.
    The future is heavier data use and low talk requirement but no one listens. They want to maximize how much is paid for data, give away text and talk and act as though it’s a gift……we don’t need it, and it’s frustrating.

  32. Shawn

    This plan is a complete joke to consumers and the whole wireless industry. $55 you only get for 200mb? Who in their right mind is dumb enough to spend $95 ($110 if you add caller I.D. And voicemail) on the unlimited Canada plan? Rogers knows that the average person uses about 300 minutes a month worth of calling a believe, so they know that they can have unlimited calling with their plans now without losing money.
    People want more data for a fair price.
    But these plans are an insult to customers.


    @RogersNicolas, you must be in complete denial if the think these plans are remotely “competitive”.

    1. hackr

      Their “competitive” in the sense that Rogers and Bell are price fixing their plans to be identical. Bell announced identical plans to these ones.

      1. hackr

        And now Telus has announced identical plans. Time for government regulations. Force these service provider to offer affordable plans.

      2. Peter

        Just allow more competition CRTC! This is not funny.

  33. Denis Lemire

    …but will you still charge $8 to not erase my caller-id in transit?

  34. ConsumerBeware

    Did the folks at big red truly convince themselves that consumers would actually be happy paying more for the services they are less likely to use, and receive less of the features they really want?

    I was seriously considering switching from my current provider to Rogers in order to get the Lumia 920. Looks like ill be staying put and buying my phone outright somewhere else.

    Another good job from Rogers disappointing Canadian mobile users.

  35. Kelvin

    these prices are so ridiculously high anybody paying for this is being robbed.

  36. Shawn

    Hey Rogers, as you can see from this board, twitter, and other tech sites like MobileSyrup, customers are outraged by these new plans. Now that the customers have talked, are you going to listen?

    Listen to your customers and not your investors for once.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Shawn, if you’re an existing customer, you won’t be switched or forced to take these new plans. Customers who are on existing plans will continue to receive these plans.

      1. hackr

        No, your only ripping off new subscribers.

      2. Nick

        The existing plans are pretty terrible too. We are telling you this loud and clear. Here is the opportunity to make things right and give people something they actually want. Saying we don’t have to change is pretty meaningless.

        “If you don’t like our new terrible plans you can feel free to stick with your old terrible plan!”, this is what I’m hearing from your comment.

        Why not just make plans that are in touch with what people want to do today that people can feel good about?

      3. Rogers_Chris

        You’re welcome to your opinion, Nick. We’ve redesigned and simplified our price plans with our customers in mind. As Nicolas said, these plans are very competitively priced.

      4. Nick

        Yes, I’m welcome to my opinion. Myself and everyone else in the country. What’s relevant here is that my opinion is far from unique. In fact, it’s shared by most Canadians. The issue here is that Rogers isn’t listening to these opinions even when we shout them loud and clear. Further, it seems that when introducing new plans Rogers is actively ignoring what customers are asking for in offering plans that nobody but Rogers feel are fair and competitive.

        How many Canadians need to share their opinion before Rogers will listen?

  37. Shawn

    @Rogers_Chris. I know I won’t be forced to switch my plan. My rant is on how Rogers and the other big two companies continue to screw their customers with these ridiculous plans. You guys are obviously not listening to your consumers.

    1. Tom

      Rogers has proven time and time again that they do not listen to their customers. With Rogers, it is their way or the highway!

  38. peter

    These plans are way too expensive

  39. Graham

    Just in time to rip off people over the holidays……amazing!
    Just two years ago Fido and Rogers offered 6 gB to existing customers renewing their contracts for roughly $50 if you negotiated (that was with 200+ daytime, 5pm unlimited and 2500 text messages…..also fee for vm and CID waived)
    Now it’s double that price but people get a bunch of minutes they don’t need anyway. How stupid do they think we are?

    1. Scott

      That’s the plan I have =)

  40. Ken

    200 minutes
    Unlimited E/W from 6pm
    Unlimited text video and picture msg
    Call Display and Voicemail 3
    6GB Data sharable and LTE ready

    This should be the plan that’s available to all at around $60/ month incl. all fees
    But we can dream

  41. Ken

    “That’s why today, we are introducing new plans that better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future. We’ve redesigned and simplified our price plans with you in mind ”

    I would like to know which customers you guys have in mind here. These plans and most current offerings hardly represent 2012 needs.. Simplified, yes. Good value, no.

    All smartphone plans should including VM and call display,unlimited text/pic messaging. Options for data should be 3GB or 6 GB… Keep unlimited evening/weekends on voice.
    Minimum 200 day mins, go up on option packages..

  42. G

    I don’t know how but Rogers always seems to find the right words to make a PRICE INCREASE sound like the best thing ever

  43. Phil

    Yeah, it’s pathetic that adding voicemail and call display costs so much. This should come standard on EVERY plan. Take $15 off every plan and include basic voicemail and call display and only then you would START to sound reasonable.

  44. Dale

    Just keep making it easier “Rogers ” for me to move my 5 lines on my account to a different carrier.

  45. Don

    Wow, $55/month for 200MB of data and NO call display or voicemail. These plans are an embarrassment. Good thing the CRTC is finally on our side (by the sound of things) and hopefully this type of gouging and collusion will finally end.

    1. Kelvin

      Can you provide a link? I’m eager to see justice in the making.

  46. Riz

    Rogers plans are not good enough. The data I use far exceeds 6 GB/ Month and I conserve it alot.

  47. Paul

    Vote with your wallets and take your business elsewhere. It’s the only way this ridiculous company is ever going to learn and listen.

    1. Nick

      With government granted monopolies on spectrum, there aren’t really any good choices for alternatives. The closest is Wind Mobile in my experience but the only spectrum they have access to is 1700MHz which, conveniently, is the only major band not supported by the iPhone.

  48. Alph

    Rogers still can’t get past their greed.

    Rogers says they want to reflect 2012 usage, but the data plans need to be DOUBLED to support things like TV usage on LTE. If prices were also reduced by about 20%, then I might start to believe that Rogers was interested in a satisfied customer..

    Are those obnoxious monthly Government Reg Recovery Fees on top of all this in the fine print somewhere?

  49. wewewi

    I think this time they pushed it too far.

    All 3 companies releasing the same friggin’ plans on the same day at same prices.

    It has to stop. Politics is the only way to solve the problem and go past their (yours, ROGERS) disgusting greed.

  50. Karim

    Will be cancelling my contract and switching wireless service provider. Rogers plans are way too expensive.

  51. Ross

    I can’t wait till august to get rid of rogers. Contracts done and i’ll be gone.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Sorry to hear that, Ross. Is there anything we can assist you with?

      1. hackr

        Try reading most of the comments here. These plans are too expensive for what you get. Your customers have spoken, pay attention.

  52. Bret

    Ridiculous. 1000 minutes? do the analysts at Rogers have head trauma? Text, mms 10 nationwide numbers, and heaps of data. Maybe evenings, weekend and call display/vvm..and like 100 minutes.

    That is what smartphone users want. Price it competitively and Rogers would dominate the Canadian smartphone niche with no competition worth mentioning.

    These plans are, to be frank, insulting.

    1. Eric

      Precisely this. NO ONE needs 1000 minutes. 100 minutes is plenty for the average smartphone user.

  53. Warren

    Nice plans! What year are we in, 2001? RIP OFF!

  54. Ron

    Wow these plans are way overpriced! How can anyone promote this? “Hi I have a 2001 Honda Civic with 200,000kms I would like to sell to you and we have a great promotion on right now…it can be yours for $45,000.00 + shipping”. We need more competition!!!

  55. Dennis

    “customers can now get more wireless internet and unlimited calling for only a couple dollars more than they are paying today.” Actually I would be getting less wireless internet and seeing as I only use 40 out of 200 minutes a month why would I be interested in a 1000 minutes? You can put lipstick on a pig Rogers, but it is still a pig. Who ever sold you on this being a good idea should be fired. Were not idiots please stop treating us like we are.

    1. Dennis

      Sorry, that should read, “We’re not idiots please stop treating us like we are.”

      1. Rogers_Chris

        Then by all means, keep your plan Dennis!

      2. Peter

        What about me? I was hoping to get a yellow Lumia 920 and switch to your network. Now, no yellow Lumia and no affordable plan, thank you very much, Merry Christmas

      3. Dennis

        Can’t wait till my contract is up I’ll be going to a service provider that can provide the service I want for a price that’s reasonable.
        P.S. Being smug is not good customer service

  56. random72

    More Canadian ‘competiton’ at work.

    So, dear customer, what’s it going to be? Expensive, really expensive or stupendously expensive?

    At Rogers, we pride ourselves on town-by-town LTE, new smartphones available in one colour, store staff who’ve never heard of the hot, new phone you want to buy on launch day, monthly bills with 10 different charges/fees/taxes and other ‘hey, don’t blame us’ expenses, and on top of all that we also offer expensive phone plans in Canada.

    Oh yah, we’ve also launched a mobile wallet…for customers who bank with CIBC…and have a CIBC MasterCard…and own one of two ancient Blackberries with tiny screens and zero apps…some conditions may apply. Impressed, aren’t you?

    Hey, thanks for basking in our awesomeness, and remember all this ‘creating world leading Internet’ stuff ain’t cheap- especially when you’ve got a bunch of wealthy shareholders to please. All those BMWs and private islands don’t pay for themselves!

    So keep the money coming. Chop, chop let’s go…don’t argue and just hand over your money.

    Big Red out.

  57. kirk

    Horrible! horrible! horrible! Run away and do not use Rogers; they are an evil company! This is my only way to let you (Rogers) know that i cancelled my plan with you via, a new service provider on September the 30th 2012. Stop billing me for services and fictitious fees for my discontinued service agreement with you!

  58. Scott Strickland

    Hi Rogers,

    Guys I worked in customer service and docial media. The job is an unenviable one. Especially when you are tied down by corporate idiocy.

    The plans aren’t great. That’s the truth. With that said I ask that everyone here remember these Rogers reps are people like you and me who are paid to keep us happy whose jobs and families rely on us being happy.

    Rogers reps please communicate the communities feedback. Please also let your bosses know we would love it if you were alliowed to speak to us like human beings instead of like corporate mouthpieces.

    I’ve been there. I understand. But social media demands humanity. You guys probaly think the plans blow too. Rogers needs to let you speak on the level. Be advocates for BOTH the company and us your customers.

    Please relay this. Rogers Redboard is a great social media push. All that is missing is the Rogers reps ability to say what they really think.

  59. Scott Strickland

    Also a spellcheck would be nice for comments made while drinking ;)

  60. Scott Strickland

    For the record I pay 60 a month for 500 min weekends and evenings free, 6 gigs data, free network calling (both FIDO and Rogers), voice mail, 2500 text messages, call forwarding and call waiting. Retention deals I had to fight tooth and nail for and I STILL think I pay too much

  61. Tina

    I usually don’t comment on these posts but this enrages me. Rogers, you need to start catering to the NEEDS of your customers. NONE of these plans “reflect how [your] customers are using their devices in 2012.” Whoever is doing your research for your company needs to be fired because in this day and age, your customers need more data, NOT more minutes. This is especially true (and EVIDENT) since the mobile world is being taken over by new, powerful smartphones. What’s the point of having a smartphone if I can’t make the most out of it? Seriously Rogers, get with it. Soon enough, all your dissatisfied customers will be running to providers, like Wind, who DO care about their customers. They’re expanding fast enough so you better make a run for your money ’cause you won’t be making much of it when you lose all your customers.

    1. Kelvin

      Tina, Rogers has done its homework. It’s law of supply and demand. The demand is in data, not with voice (and for the record, texting is very cheap). The demand for voice is low, so they offer unlimited voice and text knowing people will use a relatively insignificant amount of it. Its good for marketing too. Unlimited markets well. The demand for data on the other hand, is very high, so they can charge more for it knowing we’ll pay. Rogers has done its homework, and they’re going to make alot of money.

  62. Graham

    Here is what people want for $65:

    200 daytime (100 would even be fine)
    unlimited nights and weekends (5pm)
    text unlimited
    VM, CID
    2gB data

    This is a reasonable price (not even amazing, but COMPETITIVE).
    If this were available, I would port my number, get a Lumia 920 and sign today.

  63. Bri

    These new plans are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. I am looking to do a hardware upgrade, but Rogers will not let me do so without updating my current plan. My current plan is base $50 which includes unlimited text/picture messaging, my5 Canada wide, 500MB data and unlimited social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and unlimited BBM. Of course I had to add the Caller ID & Voicemail value pack for $12 (WHY IS THIS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PLAN?). Anyway, the next closest comparable plan to what I have now will end up costing me over $100 per month. That’s $30 more than what I pay now. I find this absurd, and I feel that Roger’s is not keeping the customer in mind with these plans.

    I, for one, RARELY use my phone for calls and benefit greatly from the my5 or my10 option. And now, the only thing that comes close to that is adding a $10 value pack to one of the base plans. The new base plans do not include enough data and enough features to even be worth the price.

    I am no longer considering the upgrade. I am buying out the remainder of my contract and switching providers indefinitely.

    Good luck, Rogers!

  64. Matt

    These are terrible prices. No amount of saying “this is a great deal” will make it so. Please pass it up the chain of command that whoever decided on this needs to give their head a shake.

  65. Merrill

    These plans make little sense. I’m currently on the 6GB Super plan and have two devices sharing that data. I’m already bumping up against this limit so moving down from 6GB to 5GB is not an option. This $95 plan should include at least 10GB of data; actually, it should be unlimited as well. Moving forward, I’m not going to be using less data, I’ll be using more as, I suspect, is everyone else.

  66. Imagine Engine

    I’d like to see Rogers match the competitors by including call display in all plans not as an add on. Then revamp the plans to include more data, no minutes and no messaging as the user will use a Rogers One Number app for VoIP calls using the included data. Several apps already use data for sms/mms such as iMessage. Ideal plans would be $30/month for 5 GB data, caller ID with name display and visual voicemail or $50/month for 10 GB data, caller ID with name display and visual voicemail. As it is now when I text or send a picture it’s over data. As well when calling family or friends I call over data using third party apps. Instead of using several third party apps I’d like Rogers to include their Rogers One Number app on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. this would make it less of a hassle, keep cost low for customers while still generating them revenue by customers paying and using data.

  67. Jordon

    Hey guys thanks for not answering my question. Its funny, I even defended you guys.
    Okay let me ask again..
    I have a shared plan (2 handsets) I would like to know if I can desperate that into 2 individual plans. Is that possible? Can J get an answer this time?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jordon,

      Sorry for the wait. Seems like we’ve missed your last comment, we apologize for that.
      I’ll forward your message to our Social Media Customer Support team and they’ll be in touch via email.

      Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with!

  68. Dan

    So, to some things up…..All we all want is:
    7 minutes of voice
    2 billion text messages
    1 terabyte of data
    Full voice mail
    Visual caller id
    A new phone every 6 months (free)
    All for $19.95 month

    Done, thank you

  69. John

    Where is the $40 /month unlimited data plan? If we were to use one of the latest greatest phones rogers sells to watch 2 hours of hd video per day for 30 days we would eat 130GB of data on their “generous” connected plan… What a joke!!!

    If they were car dealers they would be advertising all the cars they sell that all drive at least 300km per hour, you just have to pay the fines and insurance to do it.

  70. George

    Wow, you guys just keep on gouging the very people that will pay for good service.
    Rogers your way out of touch, stop ripping people off and offer deals with no hidden fees or conditions.
    Sorry you fail again.

  71. I’ll give you $50 for the connected plan, after you through in CID and voice mail.

  72. preston piper

    so your telling me ive been getting riped off this whole time from rogers and then they cut me off and leave me with no phone hook me up

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Preston, please reach out to our customer service team on Twitter @RogersHelps or for assistance.