Rogers increases internet speeds to provide you with our fastest connections to date

doubled in speed from up to 75 Mbps to up to 150 Mbps, and is expected to be available to a majority of customers by the end of the year. And, starting November 7th, we’re increasing speeds for Extreme Plus, Extreme and Express customers in Ontario with a DOCSIS 3.0 modem– so you can take advantage of our fastest internet speeds yet! This isn’t the first time we’ve ramped up the speed. In fact, our most popular tier, Express, has had a speed increase of 150 per cent since mid 2011.

Did you know that Canadians spend more time online than any other country in the world? And as we approach the holidays, we’re set to get even more connected as many of us may be putting a tablet, gaming console or PC on their wish list. Our internet speeds will get all your gadgets operating at peak performance.

What does speed mean to you? How many songs or movies can I download with the new Ultimate?

With download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and a monthly data allowance of 250 GB- you can expect to:

  • Download a song in about one second. Download an SD movie in about 37 seconds
  • Customers can download up to 120 HD (2GB) movies, watch 760 hours of HD video or download 64K (4MB) songs, per month

Starting November 7, 2012 Rogers will begin automatically upgrading Express, Extreme and Extreme Plus internet tiers for customers with DOCSIS 3.0 modems. If you have a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, head into your local Rogers retail location and upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and service plan to take advantage of the new speeds.

What you can expect:

  • Extreme Plus: download speeds will increase from up to 32 Mbps to up to 45 Mbps
  • Extreme: download speeds will increase from up to 28 Mbps to up to 35 Mbps
  • Express: download speeds will increase from up to 18 Mbps to up to 25 Mbps

As a film junkie, a faster internet experience is great for my home movie marathons on Rogers Anyplace TV. What does a faster internet experience mean for you?

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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85 comments on “Rogers increases internet speeds to provide you with our fastest connections to date

  1. Walter

    It this really an increase, since the price went up about $22 a month at the same time the speed increase was available? More like a new tier.

    And please consider increasing the bandwidth caps. With a family all using the Internet, even 250GB gets used up before the month ends, and I find myself limiting use because of it.

  2. My download speeds are fine, what I want are UPLOAD speeds from this decade! Bell has plans that offer 10MBps upload speeds, almost every other first world country has broadband plans available with at least 5MBps upload and yet Rogers customers are still stuck on 1MBps which was low 5 years ago. I am trying to do live streaming and YouTube content and have to do the streaming at my office where we have a fibre connection because Rogers still can’t enter this decade when it comes to upload speeds. Get your act together! Faster download speeds when you have lower caps than you did a decade ago are meaningless. Give me 5-10MBps upload soon or you’re going to lose my business to VDSL. If Bell can do it, you have no excuse.

    1. RogersKaili

      Hi there, in addition to the increasing the download speeds for Express, Extreme, and Extreme Plus tiers with Docsis 3.0 capabilities, the upload speeds are increasing too, I’ve included the upload speed increases here for your reference.
      Express – from up to 512Kbps to up to 2Mbps
      Extreme – from up to 1Mbps to up to 3Mbps
      Extreme Plus – from up to 1Mbps to up to 4Mbps

      1. Ohhyeaah

        Wow! Thanks Kaili. That is some good news!

  3. Sanj

    Question: Does the DOCSIS 3.0 modem come with a built in WIFI router? If so, isn’t that an extra charge vs a modem without the built in WIFI router?



    1. Stephen

      Yes it is a wifi router – however it does cost $7 a month

      1. Tom

        Unfortunately the D3 routers currently provided need to be put into bridge mode with your own router hooked up to work properly. The built in wifi suffers from both poor range and dropped connections.

    2. RogersKaili

      Good question Sanj-, as Stephen mentioned below as well, our Docsis 3.0 home networking modems are a 2 in 1 device with modem and built-in Wifi router : )

  4. Jonah

    Fast speed is one thing, but you still have caps on how much people can download. In New Brunswick we can get a Fibre OP connection with no caps.

  5. Yasin

    If I currently have a DOCSIS 2.0 modem and upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem how much is the increase in the modem rental charge?

    1. RogersKaili

      Hi Yasin,

      Our Docsis 3.0 home networking modems are 2 in 1 device with modem and built-in Wi-Fi router. We have several models, depending on your current Docsis 2.0 modem model and rental fee, the difference would most likely range from $1.50 to $4.00 more per month. Hope this helps answer your question.

      1. Marc


        What if I have purchased my modem? Do I need to purchase a Docsis 3.0 modem to take advantage of this?


  6. Paul

    Thanks Rogers but what about Upload speed? I’m an Express customer and still stuck on the awful 512k upload. I work from home a lot and do a fair bit of uploading, so I would love to see an increase in upload to at least 1Mb. Moving to a more expensive tier that includes a faster upload is not feasible since well…it just doesn’t make any sense for me to pay that much more for additional download speed and an increased cap that I’ll never use. Please please please increase the upload speed for your customers on the lower tier packages. Your competitors are already offering much faster upload speeds.

    1. RogersKaili

      Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment. Good news, the upload speeds are increasing too. You mentioned you’re an Express customer, upload speeds are being re-sped from up to 512Kbps to up to 2Mbps. : )

      1. Paul

        Oh excellent news! Thanks Kaili!

  7. Chris

    Means I will blow through my 120GB even faster… :P

    I am happy for the speed increase, now just bump the bandwidth to 300GB :) Or offer unlimited between certain hours.

    1. RogersKaili

      Thank you for the feedback Chris!

      1. John

        No thank you! Our feedback does nothing! We have asked for more bandwith for years and all we get is increase in speed so we can go over even faster and charge us even more for going over ($100)!!! Like seriously $100 for going over???? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS!

  8. Matt

    Your prices,speeds and data caps are ridiculous and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Wasim

      Sure there is lot to compare out there …but com-on now ROGERS be very practical about the internet caps…. we r living in 2013 and I am sure ur big execs realize that in today”s day and age every little device in your household is connected to internet ..smallest example would be ur smart home thermostat light switches,camera, tablets,cell phones,computers dvd,smart TV”s and gazzilion other things…So u think meager 80 gb-120 gb caps are sufficient in today’s busy households???? Not exactly..At least you can do for all consumers including me is to up the cap to a respectable 300GB and upwards…U have kept ur caps so low for longest time and over the period seen a meager 10-20 GB cap increase is like milking the cash cow consumers….And please spare me “thanks for ur feedback” and instead feedback ur exec team who can make such decision…Rogers u can be 1st doin this change as well….

  9. alexander mollison

    I have a SMCD3GN is that ok? I have ultimate now/

  10. Tom

    I would be willing to upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, but only when you provide a decent one. Your current line-up of D3 modems, to put it mildly, is not very good. When will you provide a decent stand alone D3 modem?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Sorry to hear that, Tom. As you know, we wouldn’t comment on the potential release of a product but we’d definitely let everyone know of our latest news.

  11. Fred

    Sure Rogers loves speedy internet. But the customers love unlimited internet more.

  12. Donelop

    As much as I dislike Rogers for capping the interwebz, you got to give the redboard some credit. Sure they moderate the comments but they don’t block all the negative comments. Most of the comments here are always negative and they can easily reject whatever they don’t like.

  13. Paul

    You know what would really set Rogers apart from the competition?…if customers of both Rogers High Speed Internet AND Rogers Wireless could pool the data cap to be used by both services – e.g. 80GB/month as a shareable data plan to be used for Internet and Wireless!…pay one fee for the plan and use the data however I want with whatever “Internet-based” Rogers device I own! Now THAT would be awesome…unfortunately pigs would have to fly before that would even be considered let alone implemented ;)

  14. Zachary

    I also agree that their caps are ridiculous, the whole reason I left them was because of the high price low caps.. Good to see their upload speeds are finally increasing though, that is always a welcome upgrade..

  15. Jay

    I come and visit this website once in a while, and every time Rogers announces faster speeds, posters come on here and ask about other things such as faster upload speeds, and more monthly bandwith.

    It seems as though Rogers is just doing what they want, and not keeping in mind what us customers want.

    If you can offer higher speeds, it means your network can support it. If it can support higher speeds, you can support giving us more bandwith. You CHOOSE not to offer more bandwith because it’s more profitable to have people go over and incur fees. I’ve posted numerous times asking about higher bandwith, and my feedback goes nowhere. BANDWITH, BANDWITH, BANDWITH!!!!!!

    1. mujo

      Rogers is doing only what their shareholders want. The bean counters bow to them, and only them. That’s business. The poor customer no longer matter in this day and age.

  16. Dave

    Will those with the higher upload speeds (7 Mbps for Extreme Plus) get the new download speed and still keep their 7Mbps for their upload speed?

  17. Greg

    I own my modem, a Motorola SB5101N DOCSIS 2.0 that is capable of up to Mbps. I’m on Express so will I see my speeds go up automatically or do I have to phone up and request it?

    Also, I’m supposed to have 80GB of bandwidth but my plan says I only have 60GB. Why is it not as advertised?

    1. Greg

      Edit: I own my modem, a Motorola SB5101N DOCSIS 2.0 that is capable of up to 51 Mbps.

      1. Dan

        When I spoke to them about my current docsis 2 modem they said I would not get the 80gb and faster speeds until I upgrade to the docsis 3 modem

  18. Randal

    Is the upload speed for the “OLD” ultimate tier increasing as well? I would like to assume that it will be if the Extreme Plus is going up to 4Mbps

    1. Randal

      I REALLY would like a response to this from anyone in the ‘know .

  19. Jon

    Cool story guys, so does this mean you will stop adding splitters to my line murdering my signal to noise ratio and make my internet actually usable for more then a month without me needing to call support to remove the splitters, only to have you come put them all back again when my neighbours complain about the same problem??

    Better news would be that your current customers are going to have proper working lines, with signal quality within spec, rather then attempting to shove faster speeds down a rusty pipe…

  20. Michael

    Will these increases be given to people from New Brunswick as well?

  21. David

    The docsis 3 modem is an issue. Many of us already have wifi routers, and don’t want or need one built in to the modem. And don’t want to pay yhe extra for the built in router. Either Rogers needs to supply a decent docsis 3 modem without a router at the same cost as current modems, or let us buy and use our own docsis 3 modems.

    1. Tom

      I have been saying the same thing for the past 2 years, but Rogers will not listen. They continue to supply these gateways and continue to receive complaints.

    2. Sanj

      Yeah. Rogers. I am going to stick with my old non WIFI router even if I don’t realize these new speeds. Don’t want to pay extra for a built in WIFI router that I clearly don’t need.

  22. Scott Johnston

    Is it necessary to upgrade to Docsis 3 from Docsis 2 knowing that Docsis 2 and 3 both have the same base speed on a single channel of up to 42.88Mbit/s? Is Rogers provisioning more than one channel on Docsis 3 for speeds under 42.88Mbit/s, namely Extreme @ 35Mbit/s and Express @ 25Mbit/s which both fall under both Docsis 1.x and Docsis 2 standards. Is Rogers looking to force sales/rentals for Docsis 3 just for profit? Also, rumor has it that Rogers will no longer activate a self purchased Doscis 3 modem that are readily available for sale. Is that true as well to force people to by solely from Rogers?

    I and many others would like to know the answers to these questions.

  23. Dan

    I currently have a purchased docsis 2 modem. Can I go and buy a docsis 3 modem (not from rogers) and have this work? Or do I HAVE to use the Rogers docsis 3 modems??

    1. Tom

      You have to use the Rogers D3 modems Dan. They will not provision 3rd party modems, despite the fact you will find ones out there that would be an improvement over what is offered by Rogers.

  24. Sash

    Are we going to see an increase in the bandwidtch CAP as well? I have HSI express with a Docsis 3.0. Is it going to stay at 80 gb?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We haven’t announced any increase in usage allowance, Sash.

      1. Wammy

        That’s the problem Chris, Rogers never does.

        Not Keeping Pace.

  25. Simon Tonekham

    I currently use my Motorola Surfboard modem that I had for 5 years. I use that modem along with my own router (which is the Linksys E2500 router).

    I wonder if the new wi-fi modem will be an improvement to one of the “controversial” models that Rogers once offered and supported..?

    1. Tom

      None of the D3 gateway (wifi) modems will be an improvement over your Linksys E2500. If you get a D3 modem, no matter what model, be prepared to have it placed in bridge mode and to use your own router. This is why so many of us want to see a stand alone D3 modem. Come on Rogers – just think of the customers who will convert if you offer us what we want!

  26. Rob McDougall

    Here’s we go again. There were lots of comments last year ( about having a standalone docsis 3.0 modem option. It’s over a year later, and still no option. Despite the large number of people who prefer this option, Rogers has made no progress on this in over a year.

    I’m very disappointed and will not be upgrading to docsis 3.0 until I have an option where I’m not paying for functionality I will not use.

  27. Curt

    $71.99 – 45 Mbps – 150 GB

    $51.99 – 30 Mbps – 500 GB

    Call me crazy but this is a rip off. These are the new for NB.

    1. Garrett

      I just called in and downgraded to Extreme. It is a much better deal with the 500GB cap and 10 Mbps upload speed. Especially since my 50% promotion remains intact.

  28. Richard

    So when are the new ultimate speeds gonna be available everywhere?

  29. Ron

    It would be nice to know what speed increase if any customer’s on the DOCSIS 2 modem would be seeing.
    If there is an increase on the DOCSIS 3 modem, there has to be an increase on the DOCSIS 2.
    Please advise

  30. Internet

    Thanks for the extra speed Rogers, I can now use up my monthly data cap in 7.5 hours, a new record!

  31. Wammy

    Pay no attention to the caps. Look at our speed!

    What good is a Rogers Ferrari if we can’t take it out of the driveway?

    Disgusting. It’s why I’m leaving Rogers for a TPIA.

  32. Jason M

    Do I have to exchange my DOCSIS 2.0 modem for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to get the increase in download and uploads speeds? And do I have to pay anything extra?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers on DOCSIS 3.0 capable Express, Extreme, and Extreme Plus service plans will receive the faster download and upload speeds at no extra cost.

      1. Dave

        You will have to pay extra. You’ll have to replace your DOCSIS 2 modem with a DOCSIS 3 gateway, and Rogers charges extra for that.

  33. Wammy

    Why does Rogers offer more reasonable caps in other provinces but not in Ontario? Why is there a 500Gb option in New Brunswick?

    If it’s all about paying for what you use, what makes NB different?

    Rogers… you keep holding on to caps as a means of keeping us away from streaming media, but it’s going to bite you in the end.

  34. Allan

    I will wait till Rogers provides a stand alone DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I have been patient.

    1. Tom

      I agree with you Allan, but my patience is running out. Rogers refuses to listen!

  35. Paul

    When will these speed increases be in place/completed? I’m an Express customer and still seeing 0.5Mb upload!

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Most customers will see these beginning December 1.

  36. Shayan

    Any news about when the upgrades will be completed? The article only mentions they will start to upgrade the speeds on Nov 7th. When can everyone expect to see the upgrade?

    P.S. North York here

    1. Rogers_Chris

      By Dec 1 many Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers on DOCSIS 3.0 capable Express, Extreme, and Extreme Plus service plans will be automatically upgraded to faster download and upload speeds.

      1. Tom

        So Chris, when are we going to be provided by Rogers with a decent D3 modem? Or is something you do not wish to address?

  37. Sarah

    My Rogers internet service has been terrible since this so-called upgrade – slowed to a snail’s pace. I can’t comprehend why something packaged as an improvement would actually slow down my internet service. I’ve resorted to going to Starbucks for wi-fi. And I have no desire to wait on the phone for an hour for customer service. This may be the last straw that encourages me to finally cut my ties with Rogers for good. Perhaps the $77.96 I pay for internet would be better spent elsewhere.

  38. Dave

    I spoke with Raj in Rogers Customer Retentions this afternoon. When questioned specifically on the topic, she stated that Rogers WILL activate a customer-owned DOCSIS 3 modem. I asked her for the list of compatible or known-approved modems so that I wouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing something that was not approved. She put me on hold briefly while she consulted with someone in technical support. When she returned, she advised that D3 modems from Cisco, Hitron and SMC were compatible and type-approved. Unfortunately, she was unable to give me specific model numbers. (in theory, any D3 certified modem should be compatible – that’s the whole point of the DOCSIS standards created and validated by CableLabs for the industry).

    In any event, I reiterated with Raj that if I procured my own D3 modem (from Cisco, Hitron or SMC), Rogers would activate it on their network. “Yes” was her reply.

  39. mike

    quicker download and upload speeds just means possibly going over the already super stingy monthly usage allowances faster

    these increases in upload and dowload speeds are useless if no increase in monthly usage allowances also

    NO REASON to celebrate here, without increased monthly usage allowances also , you will just go over your cap quicker

    do you all honestly think rogers is raising the upload and download speeds to be nice to all us good customers? you’ll just go through your monthly usage allowances quicker and pay rogers what you go over each month and this is exactly what rogers hopes happens.

  40. Amrit

    Hello I am in Ontario and I have the Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I have not noticed these changes yet. I ran a test on and my download is speed is about 18MBPS and my upload is 0.26mbps. I have the express package. When will these changes take place.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Amrit,

      For the Express package and as described in the post, download speeds will increase from up to 18 Mbps to up to 25 Mbps. Depending on the results of your previous speedtest, you might want to contact Customer Care so that they look into it via Twitter @RogersHelps, Facebook or over the phone.

      1. mike

        why dont you answer comments about increasing bandwidth?

        i have been a loyal and promptly paying rogers customer for years

        i cannot believe you treat your good and loyal customers this way

        add me to the list that will be cancelling my internet services and going elsewhere

        i cancelled my home phone last month , might as well do the internet this month

        what you dont realize rogers is that there are tons of cheaper options out there now

        meet us in the middle if you want to keep us all or we one by one will all be going bye bye all over rogers greed

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi Mike,

        Sorry to hear that you feel that way.
        We don’t have any info to share on that end but we’re always open to review our offering.

  41. Darren

    Will customers be notified when the speed is increased for them?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Darren
      You should have received a notification on your bill, if not, you will get one.

      1. RogersElise

        Hi Darren. My bad! You will actually get notified by a pop-up notice if you’re an existing customer (which I assume) when you surf the internet on a web browser prior to the changes. You will also receive emails regarding these speed changes.

  42. Jason M

    Is there be a stand alone docsis 3.0 modem? I do not want to pay extra to replace the docsis 2.0 stand alone modem for a docsis 3.0 with wifi when I already have a router.

    1. RogersNicolas


      The specific model needs to be certified on our network, for instance the SMC D3GN-RRR, the Hitron CGN2, and the Cisco 3825 are all certified on our network.

      1. Tom

        There are no stand alone D3 modems Jason M. Should you decide to get one of the gateways though, do not throw away your old router – you will still need it. The gateways have poor range and suffer from dropped connections.

      2. Jason M

        ok, that does not answer my question. I guessed I phrased my question wrong, lets try this again. Do you offer customers a stand alone docsis 3.0 modem? If not, can I keep using the docsis 2.0 modem?

        I do not want to know about which gateway modems you offer. I do not want to use a gateway modem, especially after reading about the issues people have with the ones you guys offer.

      3. Tom

        Rogers may not have answered your question, but I did. There are NO stand alone D3 modems offered by Rogers. Yes, you can continue to use your D2 modem, just as I do. Just as you, I do not want any part of their gateway modems, but I will switch when they offer a D3 stand alone modem.

      4. Jason M

        Hey, thank you for answering my question Tom. My second post was posted up late. Your post wasn’t up yet when typed it out last night, and they didn’t post it till this evening, weird.

        Anyways thanks again, and hopefully Rogers won’t make their customers wait too long for a stand alone D3 modem.

  43. PotentialCustomer

    Can someone expand on what all this “Up to” terminology actually means?

    Is it Rogers’ way of saying we don’t guarantee you will always gets these speeds are are they including the SpeedBoost in these numbers?

    For example Express is now “Up to 25Mbps”, does that 25Mbps number include what you would get with SpeedBoost or can one expect an actual 25Mbps connection?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      “Up to” means that’s the highest speed you can theoretically achieve under optimal conditions. Speedboost isn’t considered in these speeds.