Goodbye plastic cards: Rogers and CIBC bring mobile payments to Canadians today

Simon Whitfield uses the CIBC Mobile Payment App to make the first SIM-based mobile credit card payment on an NFC-enabled device in Canada, with David Robinson from Rogers and David Williamson from CIBC. 

Earlier today, we celebrated a milestone for Rogers and CIBC customers – we marked the official rollout of mobile contactless payments in Canada by making the first SIM-based mobile transaction on an NFC-enabled smartphone. Pan American Games and Olympic medalist Simon Whitfield, joined us to make the first transaction at Tim Hortons where he purchased a coffee with his BlackBerry enabled smartphone from Rogers.

On November 16th the CIBC Mobile Payment app will be ready for download and you can start using it to pay for coffee, groceries and other everyday purchases by simply holding your smartphone up to any contactless payment terminals in merchants across Canada. Depending on the retailer, contactless payments over $50 generally require a signature. You will need a NFC SIM card to use the new solution and as of today, you can order it online here.

How do you get started?

To use the CIBC Mobile Payment App, you will need:

  1. suretap Ready Device: As of today, the BlackBerry 9900 and BlackBerry 9360 are available. In early 2013, Android and Windows 8 devices will be ready.
  2. CIBC credit card: Visit CIBC to learn more or to apply for a CIBC credit card today.
  3. Rogers NFC SIM Card: Rogers NFC SIM cards may be purchased online at and over the next week, Rogers retail stores will also have stock available. Existing BlackBerry 9900 and BlackBerry 9360 customers will need to purchase a Rogers NFC SIM card for $12.99 and customers who purchase a new BlackBerry 9900 or BlackBerry 9360 will receive the Rogers NFC SIM card as part of the device at no extra cost.
  4. Download the app: Download the CIBC Mobile Payment app from BlackBerry App World on your eligible device. You will be prompted for your banking information to set up the app, so have it handy.

Where can I use it?

The CIBC Mobile Payment app will be accepted at tens of thousands of Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass contactless terminals across Canada and around the world. A list of merchants that accept Visa payWave is available here and a list of merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass is available here.

What is Rogers suretap?

We are thrilled to finally share details about suretap, our new service that turns your wireless smartphone into a mobile wallet.

To learn more about suretap and to order a secure NFC SIM card, visit  If you want a refresher on the basics of contactless payments, check out our post on Redboard Biz.

Are you ready to start using your smartphone as a wallet?

Allison is a regular contributor to Redboard.

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22 comments on “Goodbye plastic cards: Rogers and CIBC bring mobile payments to Canadians today

  1. Milton

    Rogers need to provide a mirco-sim-LTE-nfc sim card for when BlackBerry 10 is out!

  2. Paul

    Doesn’t Google Wallet already do this? I can just hear the new Rogers ads…”first in Canada with mobile payments.” Seriously Rogers, why don’t you start being “first” at something more important to wireless consumers like the first of the big 3 carriers to get rid of 3 year contracts.

    1. Brian G

      Google Wallet is not officially supported in Canada so good luck getting any support from them if you have any issues. Also Google Wallet is not able to pass on the rewards that some credit cards offer.

  3. random72

    Much ado about nothing- just free pub for CIBC, Blackberry…and Big Red, of course.

    Sorry, iPhone and Android users, they`re only interested in promoting old Blackberries which are only used by kids and old people in 2012.

    Typicaly `big news` from Rogers.

    Wake me when it`s available across all platforms and all of the big banks are participating- that`s when it`ll move from a marketing ploy and into the realm of game-changer. Till then this is a big yawn.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      RIM has been forward thinking in this regard by including NFC capability in their handsets. The solution is available on BlackBerry 9900 and 9360 devices on the Rogers wireless network. We expect Android and Windows 8 platforms to be available in early 2013. Currently, Apple does not offer a model of the iPhone with NFC capability, so at this time there are no immediate plans to add the iPhone.

      1. Derek

        plenty of Androids already have this but also the new WP8 hardware has it also, so not sure what your talking about 2013. Will be interesting to see if BB comes back from where they are today sometime in 2013. I hope the best for them.

      2. Fanboys?

        Rogers_Chris is talking about being supported as in being able to use it. He is not talking about NFC technology.

  4. Biggz

    Now come to TD Bank.. along with iOS support… (probably with an external add-on)

    1. Jim

      Other banks Yes, but No to iOS as iPhones don’t have NFC capabilities.

  5. Warren

    Funny, I’ve already paid with my Galaxy Nexus using Google Wallet @ McDonalds and Tim Hortons without paying any service fees!. Can’t wait until Google Wallet is officially available here!

  6. George

    Is this going to be CIBC exclusive? or is this coming to all canadian banks?

  7. Keith

    Yes, I have my bold 990 and although not with cibc, want to know when I will be able to use my Mastercard with my phone?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Keith – and also George who had more or less the same question: we are starting with CIBC to bring their mobile payment app to BlackBerry but our ultimate vision is to create an open wallet for our customers where they can store multiple cards from multiple banks and card issuers.
      Our goal is to make this a reality in the next year.

  8. Bryant

    Why do we have to pay for a NFC SIM CARD?

    This is absolutely crazy. NO ONE will use this service when you have to pay $12.99 to get this to work.

    #rogersfail (again)

    1. RogersElise

      Hi. Only existing customers with a BlackBerry 9900 and 9360 need to replace their SIM card, simply because before launch, the NFC enablement didn’t come with the SIM card.
      However, new customers as of Friday immediately get the new NFC enabled SIM card.

    2. RogersElise

      Sorry – I just want to add something to my previous comment.
      You have to use an NFC SIM card because NFC is the technology used to transfer wirelessly the credit card info from the SIM to the contactless payment terminal.

  9. Bryant

    Great announcement, however poor implementation as any existing rogers 9900/9360 customer is forced to pay $13 for a new “nfc” simcard.

    If its a free service, why charge exisitng customers to use it? (New users will get the nfc sim free).

    Also, why is this sim more expensive than the regular sim?


    1. Brian G

      The NFC SIM is more expensive because it is has the added secure NFC functionality. If you cannot afford this nominal fee, maybe you can try placing your contactless credit card between the case and the back of your phone or tape the card to the back of the phone.