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Weekend Reading: iPhone, Smartphone knowledge, Rogers Recruitment & baby “Hashtag”

This week we had some fun with our selection of Weekend Reading topics and decided to focus on some of the lighter stories we got a kick out of, including a baby named after social media, a smartphone quiz, Rogers recruiting, and iPhone 5 accessory gift ideas. Happy weekend everyone!

iPhone 5 holiday gift ideas

With the iPhone 5 only being a few months old, most owners are still fanatical about their new device and wanting every accessory imaginable to complement it! CNET simplified gift giving for all of us shopping for new iPhone owners over the holiday season. From the new lightning adaptor to custom gloves that allow them to use their touch screens in the cold – CNET lists some great ideas sure to be a hit with any iPhone lover.

Are you smarter than your smartphone?

If you weren’t smarter than a fifth grader, you may want to skip this quiz. Info World posted a quiz this week with 20 questions designed to test your mobile knowledge.  For example, do you know which company is credited with inventing the world’s first cellphone? How about what the dessert name of Android 2.0’s software was? If you think you’ve got what it takes to master this quiz, head over to Info World and let us know how you did! Can you beat my 80%?

Meet baby “Hashtag”

In a world where celebrities can name their babies “Apple,” “Jermagesty,” or “Audio Science,” naming one’s own child after a social media term seems normal in comparison! The first case was a man in Egypt who named his son “Facebook,” and this week the world got wind of baby “Hashtag.” Mashable shared the details earlier this week, but for fun you can also check out Cracked for their list of the 20 most bizarre celebrity baby names here. I wonder how long it will be before we hear about baby “Twitter” next!

Meet Rogers Recruitment team!

Career fairs are always a fantastic way to engage with new graduates to find out what they’re looking for in a career. The Rogers Recruitment team recently attended the New Grad Expo in Toronto to speak with youth and highlight why Rogers made Canada’s Top 100 Employers list. Check out our post from earlier this week, visit our careers site or follow @RogersCareers to find out how you can be part of our team.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Attending the New Grad Expo was a Success for the Rogers Recruitment Team

Rob Bruce, President Communications joins members of the Rogers team on the Enbridge CN tower Climb for United Way

Recently, our recruitment team attended the New Grad Expo, a career fair in Toronto that connects graduating students and recent graduates with employers on the Canada’s Top 100 Employers list. We talked to a lot of amazing young talent about what they’re looking for in a job. Here’s what some of them had to say on Twitter about why they’re eager to join the Rogers team:

Because Rogers is an energetic, innovative and respected company
- Lauren Kamuf , @laur_kamToronto

Well, Lauren won’t be disappointed if she joins us here at Rogers one day. We are a proud Canadian company that is driven by innovation, technology and passion.

Our goal? To provide the latest and most innovative products and services and our employees are the ones who make this happen. We have career opportunities coast-to-coast in everything from media, broadcasting and digital, to engineering, IT, call centre support, operations and more! Our opportunities range from entry level to director level and beyond.

Because you’re where I can be an impact player
- David Soued @FundingTheK, Toronto

We have an amazing team full of highly motivated, action-oriented people whose daily contributions make a huge impact. Our employees have the power to make things happen and creativity is the norm.

We’re always looking for ways to improve; we work collaboratively and share ideas. Employees are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas to management and leadership teams throughout the company.

Work hard, play hard
- Dan Howe, @dishwaan, Toronto

It’s true; our on-going success is a direct result of the efforts and contributions of our employees.  But it’s not all work and no play: There are so many things going on! Many of our sites organize appreciation and cultural events and there are trips to sunny destinations to be won by top performers. Our crew is also active: each year there is a national fitness challenge, there are intramural sports teams, and volunteer/fitness participation in events such as the 100 KM bike “ride the Rideau” that runs from Ottawa to Merrickville. Even Rob Bruce, our President of Communications, joins close to 11,000 climbers, including other Rogers employees during the Enbridge CN tower Climb for United Way.

Community involvement is important at Rogers. We volunteer with local groups through Rogers Youth Fund, Rogers Pumpkin Patrol, and the United Way, as well as other initiatives like collecting for The Mustard Seed in our Western regions.

Rogers is a prominent leader offering LTE Technology to all our Canadian wireless customers
- Brian Veeren @BrianVeeren, Toronto

We work to deliver the best to our customers and we were the first in Canada to launch a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. We strive to be extraordinary and innovation is part of our core values. We work to develop creative new approaches, products, and services.  If this sounds like your type of environment, visit our careers site to find the right opportunity for you. Thanks again to all the students and graduates who came out to visit our recruitment team at the Career Expo!

Tell me what are you looking for in a career, I’d love to hear!

Barb is a regular Redboard contributor.

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Weekend Reading: New inflight entertainment, online billing benefits & the best Black Friday sales north of the border

Weekend Reading from RogersWe know many of you will be out and about this weekend taking advantage of some great Black Friday deals, but in between rounds of bargain hunting, why not check out this week’s edition of Weekend Reading?  We’ve got some great stories to check out like online Black Friday deals, WestJet’s upcoming entertainment system, and switching to digital billing to monitor and make payments from anywhere.

You can now use your smartphones & tablets on WestJet flights

With the holidays around the corner, people are already looking into flights for their winter getaways. From a past Rogers Innovation Report, we found out that 39% of people sleep with their phones or keeping them on their nightstands so it’s no surprise devices rank high on the packing lists. In the same Innovation Report, 81% also believed tech will allow them to travel lighter as a result of virtual capabilities.

West Jet has taken note of the demand to use technology on flights and revealed on Tuesday that they plan to test a new entertainment system next year that will allow passengers to use their tablets, computers and smart phones to access inflight television and connect to the Internet. The Ottawa Citizen covered the story and noted a prototype could be expected to fly as early as the first half of 2013. More details in the full article here.

7 reasons to switch to digital billing

Another benefit of modern day technology is the ability to monitor your bills from anywhere – even while on vacation! This is just one of seven benefits Connected Magazine uncovered in their look at e-billing. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, here’s how to sign up:

  • Visit
  • Sign up or Sign in to your Rogers account
  • Under “Overview” and “Bill Information” you will see “Bill Type.”
  • Select “Change” and confirm your switch to online billing

Just another way to save you money, help the environment, and give you access to your account and bills whenever and wherever you want. Sign up here.

Black Friday – the kickoff to holiday mobile shopping

Don’t think we forgot to mention it’s the biggest shopping day of the year next to Boxing Day! This year, Canadian retailers are jumping on board this traditionally American event and there are TONS of sales going on this weekend.

For starters, Mobile Syrup found a “plethora” of Android apps on sale with exclusive content, free updates, and more! Get the full list here and start shopping right from your smartphone.

Red Flag Deals also has an ongoing forum thread with deals being updated regularly. View the deals or visit the forum to share your own deals you’ve discovered with fellow shopaholics.

The Globe and Mail published a roundup of the best deals for Canadians this weekend. Take a look at the full list here.

And, Cyber Monday is coming up so if you’re planning to hit up the online deals, read up on our Cyber Monday survival guide to make sure you and your computer are prepared.

Spot a great source for online deals? Share them in the comments below.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Cyber Monday survival guide: deals are virtually everywhere

Cyber Monday sales CanadaIt’s hard to resist a good deal. I ritualistically message my friends if I discover something I’ve yearned for and it’s suddenly a fraction of the cost (I usually attach the photo evidence!) We don’t always have time to go on shopping expeditions in the “real world,” which is why the internet is oftentimes the best place to spend away.

Cyber Monday, a.k.a. one of the biggest online shopping days of the year is around the corner. Millions of people will be scrolling through major discounts on their screen, with their credit cards firmly placed beside their keyboards. Considering we just upped our internet speeds and we doubled our top speeds, now up to 150 Mbps, online power shoppers will certainly have speed on their side.

Top reasons why you should love Cyber Monday:

  • Shop on your lunch break, or better yet, in your pajamas
  • Steer clear of long lines
  • Avoid fitting rooms
  • No need to deal with parking, traffic, gas….You get the picture

Just last week one of my best friends called me about an online deal she stumbled upon for a pair of winter boots. As a newcomer to the online retail world, she unfortunately didn’t do her homework and ended up being scammed. Her mistake was failing to Google the ‘retailer’ that was presenting this deal.

Here’s a checklist for Monday’s shopping extravaganza

  1. Have an idea of what you’re intending to purchase. At times I feel inclined to buy something because it’s a great deal, but I don’t necessarily need it.
  2. Do a mini background check on the company. As in my friend’s case, sometimes a deal really is too good to be true. People’s online comments can also shed light on particular brands.
  3. Get to the deals, even faster. There are a variety of factors that may affect your internet speeds, check out this site to learn how to optimize your internet performance. We recently announced our roll out of faster download and upload speeds for customers, click here to find out more about how Rogers is automatically increasing speeds for customers.
  4. Social networks can lead to hidden deals. I took this tip from Samsung here. Follow your favourite store on Facebook and Twitter; brand hashtags will surely bring some awesome deals to your attention.
  5. Block phishing sites and protect against online fraud. Shop safe and protect your personal information from being shared online with Rogers online protection premium
  6. Replace personal shoppers with personal tech experts. Make sure your computer is working in top shopping shape. A Rogers TechXpert agent is your go-to technology expert, available by online chat or phone on a 24/7 basis. They can remote into your computer to clear it of those harmful surprise viruses.
  7. “Password” is never a good password. Okay, most of you know this, but often we end up using the same password for logging into our computers, Facebook, or online banking– which claims can put you at risk for identity theft.

My tips wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share a few sweet deals with you, i.e. items on my Cyber Monday wish-list

  • 72% off charms and beads from Joseph Nogucci at Not only is that a steal, but it’s one my favourite jewelry brands. I wear those bracelets daily, my colleagues can attest to this
  • 63% off 2 Lego-Inspired Watches from I had to include these, they’re pretty cool.
  • Looking to gift some gadgets? The is a great destination for hot electronics gifts for anyone on your list. Don’t miss the really big deals when they are revealed at 7 p.m. EST – look out for 4 offers for Olympus, Garmin, LG and Nextbook.

Let’s not forget, today is Black Friday, Americans have relished in this day for a while, and now it’s quickly becoming one of one the biggest shopping days north of the border. If you’re looking for a deal on a new LTE superphone this Black Friday, Rogers will have the Samsung Galaxy S III on sale for $0.01 with select 3-year FLEXtab agreements in Rogers retail locations.

Are you going to be surfing the web for deals on Monday? Let me know if you find any bargains.

Kaili is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Accidents Happen: Rogers Device Protection now available

Rogers device protection plan for lost, stolen, broken phones

Remember the time you dropped your device and cracked the screen or when you left your phone in a cab? We’ve all been there. A missing, stolen or broken phone can make you feel disconnected, anxious and for some of us, totally lost. After all, for many of us, our phone is our lifeline. We feel your pain.

Now, you can rest easier with the option to purchase three new device protection services from Rogers to help protect and manage your device when it gets lost, stolen or damaged. You may remember that we launched our Handset Protection Guarantee back in 2010. These new services are different in a few ways: your device is protected against lost, theft and damage and for malfunction beyond your manufacturer’s warranty; you can now ‘anti-theft’ select devices; and you can receive 24/7 technical support provided by Rogers TechXpert For Wireless.

Let’s take a closer look at these new services designed to give you total device peace of mind:

Rogers Device Protection

The Device Protection Plan protects you outside the manufacturer’s warranty to safeguard your device from loss, theft, damage and malfunction. When you drop your phone in the toilet or it gets run over by a car, don’t panic. Simply call in your service request before 5 pm EST and in most cases, your same or comparable replacement device will be shipped out the next business day. In the future, you’ll need to register for this monthly service within the first 15 days of your device purchase, but from now until Dec. 31st anyone who has purchased or upgraded their device in 2012 can upgrade to the service during this period. Note that the Device Protection Plan is not available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and loss and theft coverage is not available in Quebec or Newfoundland. Check out for full Device Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, or stop by a Rogers store for additional information.

Rogers Anti-Theft

An add-on to the Rogers Phone Finder service, Rogers Anti-Theft, available on select BlackBerry and Android devices, allows you to alarm, lock, and wipe your phone through a secure web portal. Rogers Anti-Theft service includes an alarm feature that sends an audible signal to your phone, alarming the device until you turn it off. This may be helpful if you happen to be within the vicinity in which your phone was misplaced.  Using the web portal, you can also lock your device to help protect your personal information or wipe your device so that personal information is not accessible. Go to to find out more and to register.

Rogers TechXpert For Wireless

Building on the successful support that Rogers TechXpert currently provides to Rogers Hi-Speed internet customers, Rogers TechXpertFor Wireless is now available to provide extended support for your smartphone. Get the extra help you need beyond basic support to set up a Bluetooth device, download applications or sync and link your smartphone with a computer. It’s like having access to your own personal tech when you need it. The service is available at any time for new and existing wireless customers.

Rogers Device Protection, Rogers Anti-Theft and Rogers TechXpert For Wireless are available bundled together in the Rogers Device Protection Premium package; and different bundle combinations are also available. To learn more about pricing and eligibility, visit

Have you lost or broken your phone? We know everyone has a story. Tell us in the comments below!

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading:Tech gift guide, tablet reviews, Windows 8, and mobile security Q&A

Some weeks are bigger news weeks than others, and this week was a great one for tech news – in fact, I had a hard time narrowing it down to my top picks this week! However, I finally settled on 4 I think you’ll enjoy – a gift guide for digital cameras, reviews on a top selling tablet (which is also sure to be popular this Christmas), and more info on Windows 8 and mobile security, which both remain hot topics as well.

Digital camera gift guide

Did you know: Christmas is only 37 days away?! As a result, we’re starting to see a lot of holiday gift guides being released, including a great one this week from Engadget. This week they released a gift guide entirely devoted to digital cameras, with emphasis on popular styles including point-and-click, mirrorless, and Digital SLR. Check out their list and start inquiring about what matters most to your shutterbug – since reading this you’re down to only 36 days and 23 ½ hours left for shopping!

Tablet Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

In our last Rogers Innovation report, we reported that 35% of youth believe tablets will replace textbooks within the next 5 years. We wanted to put that theory to the test so we asked La Lobana and Med Lab Maven to use the Samsung Galaxy tablet for a week and asked them if tablets could replace their textbooks. See how they fared in Lo Lobana’s post here, and Med Lab Maven’s post here.

See Windows 8 devices& read why you should upgrade

Connected Magazine recently put together two great guides for their readers – a hands-on introduction to Windows 8 devices, and another one highlighting the key differences between Windows 7.5 and 8. Start out by getting a crash course on the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung ATIVS, Windows Phone 8X HTC, and Samsung ATIV smart PC. Once you’ve got a better knowledge of the hardware, take a deeper look into the software by reading up on features like Kid’s Corner, SkyDrive, and of course, mobile wallet.

Mobile payments and security

Speaking of mobile wallet, this week we were fortunate enough to speak with two leaders in the mobile tech industry for a Q&A on security – the Huffington Post’s Dan Tencer, and Gemalto security expert Paul Bradley.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens to your personal info when your phone is lost or stolen, how apps are secured to ensure your banking and shopping info is safe, or how to keep track of what data third party vendors have access to, you’ll definitely want to check out our Q&A here.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Mobile payment: Rogers suretap arrives in Canada

There has been a lot of discussion around mobile payments in Canada. Back in May we announced an agreement with CIBC to launch Canada’s first commercial mobile payment solution, allowing Canadians to pay with their CIBC credit card at the checkout counter using their Rogers “Near Field Communications” (NFC)-enabled smartphones. Two weeks ago, we achieved a milestone for mobile payments in Canada when we partnered up with CIBC and Simon Whitfield to make Canada’s first point-of-sale mobile credit card transaction using a secure SIM card inside an NFC-enabled smartphone – see our summary of the event hereAnd as of today, you can download the CIBC Mobile Payment App here.

At that event, we unveiled suretap, a new solution for our wireless customers that will let you turn your smartphone into a wallet. We have been working on this new technology for months and are beyond excited to introduce it.  Here is some basic information you need to know to get started with mobile payments and suretap:

What is Rogers suretap?

suretap is a new solution from Rogers that allows you to store an existing credit card on the secure SIM Card in your NFC-enabled device to make mobile payments. Also, suretap- ready devices are certified by payment networks and Rogers as secure and ready for mobile payment solutions.

How does it work?

suretap uses Near Field Communications (NFC), a secure, short range wireless technology that enables devices to securely communicate at close distances (typically less than 10 cm). To make a purchase, you will simply present your supported device at a contactless point of sale terminal.

What devices does it work on?

As of today, the BlackBerry 9900 is suretap ready – the BlackBerry 9360 will be ready in the coming weeks and Android and Windows 8 devices will be ready in early 2013.

How do you get started?

You can get started with suretap in three easy steps:

Step 1:  suretap- Ready Device

suretap ready” means the device has been certified by payment networks and Rogers as secure, and able to transmit credit card information.




Step 2: NFC SIM Card

Rogers suretap allows you to securely download credit card details to your NFC SIM card for use in mobile payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology.

NFC SIM cards can be purchased in Rogers retail stores or online at


Step 3: suretap Supported App

Visit App World on your device to download your credit card company’s mobile payment app and register your existing credit card information.


Where can I use it?

Any terminal that accepts VISA PayWave or MasterCard PayPass will also support suretap Today, thousands of retailers are ready to accept mobile payments. A list of merchants that accept Visa payWave is available here and a list of merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass  is available here.

To learn more about suretap and to order a secure SIM card, visit

If you want a refresher on the basics of contactless payments, check out our post on Redboard Biz.

Are you ready to start using your smartphone as a wallet? 

Allison is a regular contributor to Redboard.

UPDATE: May 9, 2013, 2:45 p.m.:  We’re happy to announce the CIBC Mobile Payment App is now available on suretap-ready Samsung Galaxy S III devices.

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First time for everything: Win $25,000 cash in Rogers Experience. First. contest

Rogers and Windows 8 Experience. First contestHave you ever wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving? What about travel to Africa and go on a safari? Maybe you’d like to sail around the world or take your family on a dream vacation.

As you probably know by now, we love firsts. Recently, we were the first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada and now we want to bring you another first – yours.

How does it work?

Just head over to our Facebook page and click on the Experience. First. tab. In 200 words or less, share with us a story of something you’ve always wanted to experience and you’ll have a chance to win $25,000 to help make your first a reality.

We have an esteemed judging panel that will be reviewing submissions and selecting the top 30. From there, we’ll open it up to public voting. The story with the highest number of votes at the end of the contest period will win the $25,000 cash to put toward their experience – whatever it may be.

Who are the judges?

We’ve got 5 awesome judges who will be reviewing the submissions. They are:

To enter, just head over to our Facebook page and click on the Experience. First. tab. We’ll be accepting submissions until November 21.

Good luck!

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Security & Mobile Payments: Q&A with HuffPost Canada’s Daniel Tencer and Gemalto security expert Paul Bradley

Mobile payment convenience and security go hand in hand. That’s a priority for us as we’ve worked with CIBC these past few months building our new mobile payment solution. We asked Dan Tencer, business editor of HuffPost Canada to challenge our team by sending his most difficult questions on the topic of mobile payment security our way.

We took Dan’s questions to a key member of that team, security expert Paul Bradley, Technical Director for North America at Gemalto. A leader in digital security, Gemalto secures the SIM cards that are used to store information for mobile payments on Rogers devices.

Here’s what Paul had to say:

Daniel: What happens if a phone is lost or stolen? What can you do to ensure I’m not cleaned out the first time I leave my phone on the bus?

Paul: All implementations are different, and obviously the individual mobile wallet application developer will have their own vision. Traditionally speaking, most mobile wallet implementations come with a security passcode which will protect access to the customers’ cards. The current payment network rules (Visa/MasterCard) are such that there is no PIN required to conduct a payment of up to $50. Essentially, mobile payments work the same way as a plastic card does today with one important plus — you also have the option to lock your phone (on top of locking your wallet), so no one can access your credit or debit cards or your phone service without entering your phone’s passcode in the first instance and your wallet passcode in the second instance. This means that it’s not possible to sign for a transaction where it’s permitted to by-pass PIN entry like you can do with a plastic card today!

We have also seen different mobile payment solutions emerging with an inactivity timer whereby if there’s no activity for a period of time or your wallet is running in the background for that period, you’ll be prompted to re-enter your wallet passcode to access your payment cards.  So the bottom line when it comes to mobile wallet security is that a thief would potentially have two passcodes to crack to be able to clean out your accounts whereas today with a plastic card there’s only one.

If you lose your phone or if it’s stolen, then Rogers will be your first point of contact.  Rogers will then let your bank(s) know what has happened and they will act accordingly. Rogers will not be able to cancel payment cards on your device, only your bank will have ability to do so. Banks can lock the application in their back ends, just like they would do for a lost plastic card, and Rogers will block your mobile phone subscription. The risk is identical to the loss of a plastic card.  Don’t write your PIN down, keep it with the device or use a common PIN number for your wallet passcode and your device PIN (see:

The procedure to have your cards re-provisioned on a new device with a new SIM card is seamless, as a new set can be downloaded easily once you receive your new device.

You’d be surprised (or perhaps not at all!), but people will typically realize that they are without their mobile phone quicker than noticing the loss of a card or their physical wallet which is an additional security measure in itself.

Daniel: Smartphones have apps that often send data back to their companies of origin. How can you guard against apps taking my banking and shopping records off my phone?

Paul: Gemalto and Rogers have put security at the heart of what has been implemented. There’s two parts to the solution: one part is the on-device application which manages the user interface, and the second is its counterpart on the SIM card which manages to securely store your payment credentials and any other application data necessitating secure storage.  A system called “access control” has been put in place to ensure that only valid user interface applications on the device are allowed to access their counterparts in the secure element (in this case the SIM card).

Daniel: If I pay for my groceries with my cellphone, will you ensure that supermarket doesn’t take any more data off my phone than I want it to — including keeping my phone number hidden? 

Paul: First, mobile payment solutions running on NFC-enabled devices use radio-frequency wave technology to power mobile transactions. This is the same technology used today with “tap-and-go” credit cards and it means that no wireless data is used with NFC-enabled smartphones making mobile payments.

When you present your mobile device to a contactless point-of-sale terminal in a supermarket, the terminal will only have access to an emulated version of your MasterCard or Visa credit card that you have installed on your device. In fact, point of sale terminals will now not know the difference between a contactless credit card and a mobile device emulating the same credit card on its secure SIM card.

Also, the point-of-sale terminal will only be able to interact with the payment card selected by the user. The details for this payment card are securely stored on the SIM card

Daniel: They’ve cracked Google Wallet, exposing users’ wallet passcodes. What will Rogers & Gemalto do better than Google?

Paul: Saying that Google has been “cracked” is perhaps not the right terminology. Google experienced challenges from some clever users using rooted devices as they rolled out their service, but the resulting lessons learned will only make the solution better. Now to answer the question, as mentioned before each implementation will be different, however mobile wallet passcodes on the Rogers network will be stored in a secure domain on the SIM, which holds the same level of security as the place in which you store the Visa or MasterCard applications on the SIM.  This certainly differs from other solutions, including the first release of Google Wallet referenced that cached the passcode information, albeit in a hashed form, in an application on the mobile device itself.

Thanks to Dan and Paul for their contribution to today’s blog post. Security is important to us at Rogers, and we want to be sure we’ve answered all your questions surrounding our new mobile payment solution.

Do you have any other questions about Mobile payment security?

Allison is a regular contributor to Redboard.



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Canada’s fastest smartphone, the LG Optimus G 2600 available in Rogers stores today

Imagine driving on a 10-lane highway with no traffic. Or riding the subway to work at double the speed with no stops between your pick-up and destination point.

Think of all the time you’d get back in your day.

Time is precious. And as technology advances, our tech gadgets and devices should be equipped to save us time. With the busy lives we lead, we want easy, fast access to information and content.

With the LG Optimus G 2600 smartphone – available in Rogers stores today and powered by the Rogers LTE network – you’ll notice a world of difference when it comes to what you can do on your phone in real time. This premium Android LTE-enabled smartphone will let you experience, perhaps for the first time ever, true, revolutionary speed.

What makes the Rogers LG Optimus G 2600 phone so fast? Our exclusive version of the phone uses our 2600 MHz (2x20MHz) LTE spectrum band, allowing you to experience higher speeds like never before. The advantage of 2600 MHz (2x20MHz) spectrum over other LTE bands is that it is able to deliver higher speeds over the same distance allowing you to do more with your mobile device at faster speeds – things like live streaming HD sports, downloading large files and streaming YouTube video clips and movies.

The Rogers LTE 2600 MHz bandwidth is available in most markets where we currently offer LTE. The Rogers LTE network is available in select Canadian cities; visit for coverage details. For more details on Canada’s fastest smartphone, check out our video here:

With so much time back in your day thanks to the LG Optimus G 2600, how do you plan to spend it?

Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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