Rogers first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada with the Nokia Lumia 920

, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform Windows experience powered by our super fast LTE network.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nokia Lumia 920.

This device takes smartphone photography to a whole new level. With PureView technology, this device is capable of taking in five times more light than competing smartphones without using a flash. That means you can capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. And forget about blurry pictures. PureView technology compensates for hand movement.  It’s the perfect phone to capture your favourite band’s performance in a dark venue.

You can also view your photos and videos on its’ PureMotion HD+ bright display which is perfect for Nokia Maps mapping experience complete with Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and now Nokia City Lens, an augmented reality experience. The Nokia Lumia 920 also has built-in wireless charging making it easier to boost your battery without plugging it in. Just place your device on one of Nokia’s wireless chargers.

We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. We’ll be shipping more devices in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to RedBoard and @RogersBuzz for updates.

What is your favourite feature of the new Nokia Lumia 920?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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227 comments on “Rogers first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada with the Nokia Lumia 920

  1. Jack

    My favourite feature is that it comes in colour! Nokia even outlines that as a special thing on their website.

    Will there be colours when the phone begins selling in stores?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Jack,

      The Nokia Lumia 920 is launching in black this week. We’re always reviewing our device selection but we don’t have any further information at this time. Stay tuned to @RogersBuzz for updates.


      1. Gordon

        Sorry Katie, that’s simply not good enough.

        I personally want cyan. If I buy black now and you announce more colours later, I will be furious. Likewise, if I wait for 4 months and it’s clear that no new colours are ever coming, I’ll be upset that I missed out on 4 months of using the phone.

        With “stay tuned” I can’t make an informed purchase. The right action is to announce plans for each colour option *NOW*, even if you have to say “cyan will be offered in January, yellow will not be offered” etc.

      2. Dave

        Agreed with Gordon for all of his reasons, that canned response will not suffice. You need to allow us to make an informed decision, and we cannot do that without the vital information. Such disrespect for your customers, and it doesn’t even make sense! Why would you buy exclusive rights and not even have any options?? It’s as if you want it to fail!

      3. Dany Rodier

        Hi Katie,

        The Lumia 920 should be available in at least a few colours. This is simply unbelievable. I will need to get the Lumia 920 from eBay or else… Please make this wrong thing right as soon as possible.

        Dany Rodier

    2. Patrick

      Bad news bears

      The Canadian Nokia site shows only Black available while the US site shows all the colours. Looks like we get sided again. I’ll be picking up an ATT branded one from Buffalo at launch, sorry Rogers. Stop dropping the ball

      1. RogersSarah

        What colour are you most interested in seeing, Patrick?

      2. Dany Rodier

        Why are you asking only to Patrick? We all want coloured Lumia 920. Please correct this situation as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting so long for this awesome device. And now my only choice is in black. That’s so bad. Personally, I want a cyan 920.

      3. Dany Rodier

        Hi Sarah, Why are you asking only Patrick? We all seem to want coloured Lumia 920! Please correct this mistake as soon as possible. For my part, I’ll try to find a cyan one, be it from Rogers or from AT&T. Thanks.

      4. Steve

        LOL. I think RogersChris and RogersNicolas have asked that same question hundreds of times.

      5. Josh

        CYAN, please. Actually black is my last choice, apart from the OS, colours are one of the only differentiators. Please look at getting some colours.

  2. Bhavik

    Any available for in store pickup?

    1. RogersKatie

      Bhavik, you can visit your nearest Rogers retail location and inquire about stock levels. Existing wireless customers can also reserve a device through the Rogers Reservation System will be notified when their device is available.

      1. Robert

        Except, you’ve provided zero pricing for the device at all.. Even for those of us who you know reserved the things already.

        So you must of sent a extremely small shipment to your other reservations since you know, I’m position 85 and haven’t gotten a single email or communication (other than spam telling me about the RAZR) in regards to the reservation.

      2. RogersNicolas


        The pricing is $99.00 on a three year term or $549.00 outright.

      3. Martin

        I would just like to clarify this. When I went to the store to purchase it, they were selling it for 599 outright. Maybe 549 is M2M price? This was not a dealer but a corporate store.

      4. Mike Safioles

        Why is the device & pricing NOWHERE on your website? You only show the Lumia 710 & 900.

      5. Rogers_Chris

        We’re working on it, Mike, but it isn’t currently available for purchase on, it’s available in select stores only. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Joe

    Were shipments delayed everywhere in Ontario because of the storm? Where can I get one of these today?

  4. Tim

    My fave thing? The fact I can get one today! BUT WHERE?!!? Rogers, please tell me!

  5. Dave

    My favourite feature is that Nokia makes this phone in 6 colours! Can’t wait to pick my favourite! Oh wait.. what? What do you mean you’re only carrying black?

  6. Martin

    Is this strictly for people who have reserved the device? Or will there be limited availability in some stores as some recent news articles have suggested?

    1. RogersKatie

      Hi Martin – there are a limited supply of devices at select Rogers retail locations. You can visit your nearest Rogers retail location and inquire about stock levels or reserve a device through the Rogers Reservation System and you will be notified when your device is available.

  7. Aaron

    Really excited about the phone, but black only is terrible. If there is no news about additional colours in the next few weeks I’m off to Bell and getting an HTC 8X and if that’s the case, nice work Nokia and Rogers!

  8. CJ

    I’m thrilled! I have mine on reserve and am so excited to be one of the first people in the world to get this amazing phone. Way to go Rogers!

  9. shodamo

    My favorite feature of the lumia 920 is the colors :P.

    Seriously, carry white red and black (at a minimum).

    I will buy a white and red one immediately.

    I bet you will also sell than 200 some preorders.

    1. Dave

      Sign me up for white as well.

      I WILL get this phone in white, and I’m hoping it’s from Rogers, asap.

  10. Glenn

    It would have been nicer if the business reservation system works.

  11. Patrick

    What about other colours? The Lumia’s top feature (which is being heavily advertised) is its wide variety of colours

  12. Carl

    Still no news about the others colors despite multiple comments of disapointed customers on the first post about upcoming Windows 8 phones. I will be waiting for the cyan one to be available soon or I’ll be force to buy elsewhere. Customers want choices, and Nokia is advertising their choice of vibrant color on the Lumia 920, to me it’s a no-brainer I don’t want another black iPhone look alike. I hope Rogers will make the right decision.

  13. Gordon

    Does the native Wallet feature work with your new NFC secure SIM card for making mobile purchases?

    You would do well to update your customers on your colour options based on the overwhelming feedback in the last WP8 post. Anyone who runs out to buy a black 920 now only to find out in 3 months that you’re bringing in more colours will be rightly upset as they are stuck with a black phone for 3 years.

  14. Derek

    My favorite feature of the 920 is colour.

    1. Derek

      sorry forgot to mention – Black is not a colour !!!!

      1. Matthew Potter

        When it comes to pigmentation, yes black is a colour. It is only in the light spectrum that black is an absence.

      2. mr man

        when it comes to the actual definition of colour, no black is not a colour, its a shade. it will never have anything to do with a colour.

      3. Derek

        Black absorbs all colours and does not reflect any of them back so there is no colour to black…what we see is an absunce of all colour. So at the most it can be classified as a shade, but never a colour.

      4. NW

        Black absorbs all colours and does not reflect any of them back so there is no colour to black…what we see is an absunce of all colour.


        GOOD STUFF!




        CHEERS ALL…..remember…it’s just the colour of a phone :)

  15. Shane

    My position is 47 for the 920 in the device reservation. Is it possible for me to be the few that receives the 920 today or tomorrow?

  16. Joe

    hey just want to mention that I called the Microsoft Holiday store at Eaton Centre Toronto and they will be getting white, red and black.

    1. Dave

      I would love to know that other colors are available (since I want white). I would be furious to find out that Rogers was keeping this from us if it’s true.

    2. Jess

      Really? To buy outright or from Rogers as well? I can settle with a Red 920!

  17. Matthew Potter

    How about replacing a Samsung Galaxy S3 that has been the bain of my existence?

  18. Robert

    Called all Rogers Plus stores in Calgary and nobody is going to have it. Fake news release?

    1. Dawson

      Called a Rogers Plus store in Edmonton, and was told this “release” was to select stores in Eastern Canada, with Western Canada to follow “soon”. Why should I have expected anything less of Rogers? Hope this doesn’t effect my pre-order.

    2. Dave

      No, it’s true. I popped into my local Rogers store here in Ontario and they had 2 black 920s in stock, just came in apparently. That was at 12:50pm EST.

      1. Joe

        Where in Ontario. I’ve called over 10 stores and no one had them. I would really like to purchase one today.

      2. Dave

        Guelph, corner of Stone and Edinburgh (Plaza with Metro, NOT the mall location)

    3. Emil

      Actually this is not true Robert. I called sunridge mall yesterday and they had one unit in stock. Also read some blog posts of some guy buying one at the iron mills mall. But Sunridge didnt know when they would get more. Just said it might come a few units every day or it might not.

  19. Chuck Testa

    This is really an exciting WP8 phone to be launching, but why isn’t Rogers offering the phone in different colours? That’s one of the nicest aspects of this phone vs other WP8 phones is it’s design. Yellow and cyan are used in almost every marketing shot. When will Rogers be offering the phone in other colours like yellow or cyan? I don’t plan on upgrading until this is available, and if other carriers carry the yello or cyan then I may switch my business over.

  20. LondonOnLogic

    Clearly there is a need to know when the colours will be available. Come on Rogers, give us a date so that we can make an informed decision here.

  21. Terry

    I am curious if the stores will have display models out today for people to see, I would like to feel one before I buy the Nokia, I am worried it might be a little too big.

  22. Bhavik

    I’ve called two Toronto locations and been to the downtown Eaton centre location. Nothing. I’m anyway to give us a list of locations

    1. out2late

      Try Yorkdale… I just got one from there

  23. Nick

    Couldn’t find any stores in Victoria carrying this. In fact, they didn’t even know when it would be arriving. Guess I’ll be grabbing from the MS store when it comes available.

  24. Autofahrer

    Why is there no advertisement for this phone on your website? Are you guys trying to kill Nokia and Windows Phone?

  25. Mark

    Really want colour! Red would be amazing, so bored of all the black and white phones. I will just continue to use my black Lumia 900 until the colour options are available.

  26. Bhavik

    The one on Toronto at Dundas and younge by future shop has 2 but not avaliable for hardware upgrade or outright buying only new activation >:( stupid as hell

    1. out2late

      I got one from Yorkdale on as a hardware upgrade

  27. FrankM

    I want a red lumia 920. At the very least a colored one (red, cyan or yellow). Having only black is a deal breaker for me. I would be signing with Rogers right now if there was a red or colored one… Otherwise, I will be signing with another carrier and simply buy an unlocked one.

    I also agree with a previous comment… why not advertising on the main page? Nothing is listed at all. No advertising, only black color… ??… :(

  28. Matthieu

    Colors, Colors, Colors … Don’ t even ask for my preference. Look at the 150+ comments on the post about Windows Phone 8. (and please stop saying that you are reviewing blablabla).

  29. Bhavik

    Rogers inside Eaton centre let me buy it out right! I last one in stock there, and lucky :)

  30. PL

    I’m with LondonOnLogic and most of the others. People want color or at least have an idea if/when they will be available.

    From what Katie said, though, I would think black is only for the early release and maybe we’ll have colors in 2 weeks?

  31. out2late

    I just grabbed a 920 and Nokia Drive says that its not available on my phone??? Anyone else having this problem?

  32. Eric

    I just want to know why it’s not posted on your site yet…people need to see pricing and availability ASAP!

    Regarding the colours; considering the Cyan Lumia 900 was offered a while after the black one, I can only assume more colours are bound to come. If not, shame on you Rogers.

  33. Mike

    Since i had the day off, I went to 11 different rogers stores in the GTA and none of them have the phone. Can someone please let us know when exactly this phone is available, rather than all the nonsense PR lies.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear that. As mentioned in that article:
      We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. We’ll be shipping more devices in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to RedBoard and @RogersBuzz for updates.

      1. Dawson

        Actually I believe the first customers to receive the phones were the ones who walked into a store and bought one. This whole launch has been one crazy mess Rogers and all you’ve managed to do is confuse and frustrate PAYING customers. Lack of any specific information, with vague statements doesn’t help either.

  34. Bhupinder D

    The PureView camera is my favourite feature! Would love to give this phone a test drive for a couple of days!

  35. Dave

    Has anyone managed to get one of these? I called around to all of the Rogers stores in my area (St Catharines, ON) and I couldn’t find one.

  36. Matthew

    Would have been helpful if your staff were aware of this. At Rogers stores they said “no idea just keep checking the Redboard” and when I called in they said I would have to wait until the 12th to even reserve something. Pretty poor work especially with this big launch. I would suggest you make information more accessible regarding the product.

  37. Seppo

    Now, I would like to buy two 920s. One red for me, black for my wife. Colors please :)

  38. Paymun Ghaemi

    WOOHOOO, I get mine tomorrow!
    “We just wanted to let you know that the Nokia Lumia 920 Black you reserved is on its way to the store in a box with your name on it. ” BADASS!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

    1. Dawson

      Congrats! What was your queue number when the reservation was still open? I was #14 so I’m hoping to get mine soon.

  39. Chris

    Hear me again Rogers!

    I want a YELLOW Lumia 920 and my money is waiting to be spent. Also, although my patience is legendary, it is limited.

    Bragging to be the first to offer the Lumia 920 is fine but you should also know that almost every gadget lover sites are mentioning you only offer boring black. Almost every other carrier in the world will offer colors. You really screwed-up with this one!

    I’m really curious to see your turnaround time considering the amount of comments you had with this issue.

    Please, don’t bother to reply if it is to dump the canned answer.

  40. Nectar

    I really want a Lumia 920.
    But where are all those colours that were promised! This is a bad move Rogers, we’re starting to see some nice Nokia designs.

    You really have to support all the colours

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback Nectar, what colour were you hoping for?

      1. Chris


        Sorry to intrude in this discussion but, like all of us, he wants anything but black.

      2. Peter


        Have you read 150 comments under the original announcement? Hundred people have already told you guys that we need red, white, cyan, grey and yellow. Asking again and again and not delivering doesn’t help your PR at all

      3. RogersSarah

        Hi Peter,

        We have indeed read the comments and thank everyone for their feedback so far. We have forwarded the feedback internally.

      4. Gordon

        Sarah, it’s great that you’re forwarding feedback internally. Now how about forwarding the internal response back to us?

        We’d like to be able to make an informed purchase decision (we’re talking about $600+ or a 3-year contract here) and this non-response isn’t allowing that to happen.

        If you can’t offer any more info, then Rogers should be prepared to let anyone who buys a black 920 now trade it in for a different colour for free.

      5. Seppo

        If you really have to limit the order (from Nokia) to a few colors, you should simply put a Question on your Facebook account: “Which color of Lumia 920 would you love to get?.

        You would quickly get 1000+ answers and some actual statistics to go with…

        But again, to spell it out. Nokia Lumia 920 is the meant to be the new must have thing ala iPhone ca 2007. Technology aside, an important part of the buzz is all the bright colors _personalizing_ the phone. So if anyway possible you should order as many colors as possible, and perhaps just have some of them available via web (in limited quantities if so be it).

      6. Peter

        This is great Sarah. So, what’s the Rogers’ response to this feedback?

  41. Eric

    One big question I’ve been trying to find an answer to: does this phone, or any of the other Windows 8 Phones for that matter, have FM radio’s like the Windows 7 Phones…?

  42. J

    Either shipments have started, or 50 people canceled their reservations because I was #56 before the announcement, and as of yesterday I was up to #6!

    I can sympathize with all of you… I wanted a red one… I caved, drank the rogers cool-aid and bit on the matte black… maybe less finger prints? lol… I’m trying to justify my actions… depending on how they handle the release of the red 920 will determine my brand loyalty moving forward… as if they care ;-)

  43. random72

    Another awesome new product launch from Rogers- a handful of phones scattered across the country, only one out of six colours available and the usual lack of coordination between corporate and store staff, many of whom are completely clueless about this phone and when it’ll be available.

    None of these snafus prevent the usual marketing hype from being broadcast from the mother ship, however. Nosiree, this is the time- yet again- to remind the populace of the company’s eminent awesomeness.

    In fact, I’d say the hype here rivals the incessant noise over their mobile wallet deal (coming soon!), available only to the users of a specific Blackberry who also happen to be CIBC MasterCard holders. Wow-talk about reaching the broadest part of its subscriber base! Almost sounds like a co-branding exercise between Rogers and CIBC, doesn’t it? Nah, couldn’t be…

    Whatev…these deals are inevitably about branding, not serving the needs of the market. Gotta love how the PR staff handle the inevitable questions about colour availability. “Other colours? What other colours? What’s wrong with black?” Good luck getting this phone in another colour.

    Heck- good luck getting this phone, period.

    1. Mike Safioles

      It just blows my mind that they restrict colour choices. What possible reason could there be for offering only black?

      The only effect restricting colour choice is going to have is that you’ll sell less phones because people who want it in Red / Yellow / Anything else will not buy it.

  44. Grim22

    No luck in Edmonton. Their staff have no idea what is going on or when to expect anything. Ironically poor communications by a Telco. LOL. What a mess. They could not even supply one demo model per store at launch to get the consumer juices flowing. Instead people are fustrated and looking at other phones. Me included.

  45. RMB

    If you get a Red lumia 920, I’ll be there to get one. If not, you have given me no choice but to go somewhere else. Please don’t continue to ignore us.

  46. Sam

    I Just cancelled with Bell just to get this phone.

    I am happy with Black! – My question is when are you going to put the Nokia Lumia 920 on your website -> and when do you expect stores to be stocked accross the nation (or Ontario) rather then select stores which are impossible to find?

    Very excited. Been Waiting for 2-3 months and watchging very closely

  47. Kiran

    Hello Katie,

    Will Rogers sell the unlocked phone if I pay the full price and the unlock fee of $50? I called up customer service yesterday and they told be to buy elsewhere if I want an unlocked Lumia 920. I couldn’t believe it and I still that the customer service agent is misinformed.

    Could you please confirm if Rogers would sell an unlocked phone if I buy it outright?


    1. RogersSarah

      Hi Kiran,

      Yes, if you buy the device outright, you can pay $50 to have the device unlocked.

  48. Alex

    I sure hope as heck that initial batch is not part of your launch and you’re preparing a “real” launch very soon with ads on your web site and PROPER training for your sales employees. This is the hottest new phone right now and people want it in non-black also. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP… as I want one in gray.

    Rogers customer

    1. Derek

      talked to a rep, at one of the locations here in vacouver about training…he said it was all online and optional as to what they wanted to look at. So the training that they will receive is from people who know the OS like a lot of people on the redboard here:)

  49. PK

    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.
    WE WANT COLORS!!! White. Red. Cyan.

    1. Peter

      Yellow as well :-)

  50. Steve

    Question: the phone was released by Rogers two (2) days ago. Why is it not even on the website?

  51. Nicholas

    Used the Rogers Reservation System the first day this device was available in their systems…. I started off in the 71st position and now when I looked at it today I’m 20th in line… so yes this news is real since I’m getting closer and closer to it :D I love my Lumia 800 phone and I’m sure to love the 920 as well, for everyone complaining about color, simple swap out the cover for another color… it’s not hard, the Lumia comes bundled with the cover (all Lumia phones are black but they have covers of different color)

    1. Eric

      Nicholas, no. You’re thinking of the 820. The 800, 900, and 920 do not have covers at all. Solid polycarbonate.

      1. Nicholas

        Really? Mine came with it. Oh well still it doesn’t hurt for people to just buy a cover or skin for it.

      2. Dave

        Nicholas, the 920 does NOT have interchangeable covers like the 820. It doesn’t exist like that.

        Part of the appeal of the 920 is that it’s so solidly built that it doesn’t need a cover. No point in adding bulk (to what is a rather thick phone to begin with).

      3. Nicholas

        I was guessing that all Lumia devices would be the same since mine did came with an interchangeable cover (Lumia 800), now that’s just silly not to make the same as the rest. To be honest I don’t mind the bulkiness of it, since at least I can feel it in my pocket compare to say a more recent phone from a fruit that’s trying to be lighter and lighter by the “upgrade”.

        It doesn’t matter to me if it comes in Black only honestly, I use it for my profession so it helps to stay professional with it :)

  52. Dave

    This is straight from the Official Windows Phone Canadian Website regarding the Lumia 920:

    “It has a bunch of great new features and with so many vibrant colours, you can definitely find the one that’s made for you.”

    So Rogers, how’s that “Black Only” idea working out for you?

  53. Paul

    I received my Lumia 920 yesterday. First off, it is factory unlocked so there’s no need to pay $50 whether buying on contract or outright.

    My question for the Rogers reps here is when are we going to see the WP apps that were trumpeted a few days back? In particular Rogers Anyplace TV. It is not in the Store and was not preinstalled on the device.


  54. beyond

    Actually I’m more upset that Rogers hasn’t posted any advertising of the Nokia Lumia 920 on their site yet, and the first ad they showcase on each page is still the one for iPhone 5. I think its time to push the iPhone 5 ad to the subsequent pages and make room on the first for the new devices coming out (from HTC, Nokia and Samsung)

  55. vieagle

    An interesting side note, don’t know if it means anything…but each of the redboard people keep saying it’s launching in black “this week” but don’t say any further…here’s hoping that black is only for a week:)

  56. Belluser

    I’m a Bell customer but I’m leaning towards a 920 (thank God for number portability). But not if its in black only. Being Rogers, you’d think that if they could only have it in one colour they’d have picked red……..

    Makes me wonder about something though. A few other carriers have been coy about the Nokia lineup coming to them at some point. Rogers has an exclusive right now but rumours are that this will only be until the end of the year. I wonder if their exclusive is only for black and that carriers in general (Bell, Rogers and others) will see the coloured models only after the exclusive period is up.

  57. Joe


    I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the Lumia on the 30th. I was planning to buy it outright but I was told by the reps in the store that I could not buy it outright they made me do a hardware upgrade which cost me 520$ and I cannot even unlock my phone. Is there anyway to rectify this??

  58. Grim22

    Simple question given Rogers has exclusive initial rights to the new Windows 8 ohones. Can at rogers tell when I can find the Lumia 920, HTc 8X and Ativ S in my stores in Edmonton. No a hard question.

  59. Grim22

    Just phoned my local Rogers store again. Still no clue on when they will get phones. I have not been a Rogers customer before and think I will not be this times either. Not impressive in communicating with staff let alone potential customers. I will wait until the Lumia arrives eslewhere.

  60. Eric

    I spoke with a Rogers rep just today and was informed the Lumia 920 will be officially launched on Nov 12th, for all those who’re curious.
    I’m still confident about more colours coming to Rogers; they brought in the Cyan Lumia 900 a while after the only black one was launched, so there’s no reason they wouldn’t do the same with the Lumia 920. Don’t worry so much people.
    The only thing that bothers me is the fact that Rogers isn’t hyping this launch up, not even in the slightest…
    Get rid of those annoying (because they’re everywhere) iPhone 5 ads and start putting up the Windows Phone 8 lineup!!!!!

  61. Dave

    Usually when a company gets this much bad feedback in such a short period of time, they do everything in their power to correct their mistakes and please their customers asap in order to minimize damage. Not Rogers, though. Not a single informative response to any of us. Makes me feel like they really care, right?

    You have literally hundreds of upset customers between the 2 redboard posts regarding 920 colours and you still haven’t said a thing to inform your customers. It’s very difficult to be a happy customer under these conditions. I would like to make an informed decision about my purchase and you aren’t allowing me to do so. Very unprofessional.

    I’m not sure who work as your “internal” team, but apparently they don’t care. If they are the same team that decided on black only, I hope their superiors are following this situation closely. The bottom line is that this shows a clear lack of business savvy. No longer do you just have customers asking a simple question of what other colours will be available, you now have comments from customers that are threatening to take their business elsewhere. Let’s not forget that many of us have our cell phones, home phones, internet and cable with Rogers. That business is also threatened.

    Is this unnecessary secrecy really worth it, Rogers? Do you not want to please your customers? I don’t even know when you’re officially launching this phone and I have been waiting for months to get my hands on this (in white). I have heard Nov 12, then it was released in limited quantities in black, and now I still have no clue. I’ve checked your website to no avail, as there is no information there.

    I have been very happy with my Rogers services thus far and will be happy to continue with you, but if you want my money, all I ask is that you respect us enough to put this secrecy aside and work for your business.

    Thank you.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      We’ve announced that we’ll launch the device in black, Dave. Our policy to not comment on something we haven’t announced might be what you’re confusing for “secrecy”. Until we have something more to say, we can’t comment more than what we’ve said thus far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

      1. Matthieu

        Rogers_Chris, it’s Rogers which is confused. It’s not the 60’s anymore. Look at Netflix or others big and modern players when they announce a new product or a change and got a backlash online. They don’t hide behind the “no comment” policy, they communicate. You have 2 blog posts with hundred of comments, what do you need more?

      2. hunkyleepickle

        To say that the Lumia is not ‘announced’ is not really accurate now is it? You have announced it on the redboards, as well as numerous media outlets have reported on it being released ‘first’ from rogers. As well, we have solid reports of people purchasing and upgrading their contract with rogers, and are using this phone already. Sooooo, your argument doesnt really hold up does it Rogers_Chris….

      3. Rogers_Chris

        We’ve announced black – to announce another colour would be a different and separate announcement, so we can’t comment.

      4. Gordon

        Your policy is preventing people from making an informed decision.

        So unless you’re planning to allow anyone who buys a black Lumia 920 now to exchange it for the colour of their choosing in the future (assuming they are ever offered), your “policy” doesn’t work for customers.

        Either you’re planning to expand the colour selection or you’re not. It’s pretty clear this decision is up to Rogers and not a Nokia or Microsoft.

        Just come out and say it either way already.

        Why not sell black in-store and offer *all* of the other colours for online/special orders so you don’t have to carry a ton of inventory if you’re so afraid the colour options won’t sell?

      5. Rogers_Chris

        Sorry you feel that way, Gordon. We’ve announced we’re carrying the device in black, and that’s the only colour we can comment on.

      6. Gordon

        If I buy a black Lumia 920 today and Rogers suddenly announces new colours in 3 months, can I exchange my device for another colour at no charge?

      7. Addy

        I would like to point something out as part of your feedback to your boss/es. This particular website is where most (if not all) the innovators get their information on latest products and looking at the number of comments for a product which is not available to everyone(most stores don’t have it or either don’t know about it) is not good ESPECIALLY coming from a major network operator in Canada. As a student of marketing I’ve learned that the most effective way is word-of-mouth marketing (Its going downhill looking at all these comments).

      8. Dave

        Rogers_Chris, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t find your message slightly condescending, because my only goal is to get information. I assure you that I am not confused about anything. Let’s look at some facts before you accuse me of being confused.

        On October 4, AT&T announced they would be the exclusive carriers of the Lumia 920. At this time, they also announced that they would carry it in 5 colours. Since then, they have announced a release date of Nov 11, with a new possibility of Nov 9.

        That is how you release this phone.

        Rogers, on the other hand, has said they will launch with black. That is what they have said. Customers have expressed their disappointment with Rogers’ decision to launch with only black.

        Rogers has responded to this with “we will launch with black.”
        Customers “We would like to make an informed decision, will there be other colours?”
        Rogers “We will launch with black.”
        Customers “Yes we get that, but we would like to know if there will be other options. Like good customers, we have gone to your website, but there is no information. All we are asking is for a confirmation that black is the ONLY colour so that we can make an informed decision about waiting.”
        Rogers “We will launch with black.”

        Yet, I’M the confused one? If there are going to be other colours, you could have taken the “AT&T” approach of telling everyone upfront. You decided not to do that. THIS is where the confusion stems from, do not blame your customers for being disappointed by a lack of information.

        Chris, I realize that you are not personally responsible for this decision and that you are only doing your job. I also understand that it is probably very frustrating to not be able to say more. This, again, is not our fault. Please don’t blame your customers for the lack of communication.

        I will do my best to wait patiently until November 12. Thank you again for your time.

      9. Dave

        PS Not only are you just doing your job, but you ALL are doing a very good job with the limited amount of information you can release. Nobody blames you as individuals. Have a great weekend.

      10. Matthieu

        Can’t agree more.

      11. Peter

        My thoughts exactly

  62. Mike Safioles

    My favourite thing about the Lumia 920 is the colour choices, which is odd because Rogers is the only carrier on the planet intentionally restricting choice in that regard.

    Every single country on Nokia’s site that I checked shows the Lumia 920 in Black/White/Yellow/Red, at the very least. Canada is the only country getting one choice in colour, and I completely fail to see how that’s a sound business decision. Why would you NOT want to give your customers choice? What is there to gain by only offering black?

    It makes no sense. What if I want this phone in Red? Yellow? Do I just not buy the phone? I don’t understand the reasoning, and apparently neither does the rest of the world, because Rogers is the only carrier doing this.

    Also, why is there no mention of this phone ANYWHERE on your website?

    Nowhere to be found.

    I feel like Rogers doesn’t even care about this phone, which is a shame because it has some fantastic stuff that no other devices have.

    Very disappointed, Rogers.

    1. Eric

      I couldn’t agree more. There’s no reason not to have more colours at launch.

      I don’t think they care much about this phone at all. A huge opportunity is presented, yet you fail to take control of it. Rogers, if you really want to please your customers, you’re doing it all wrong.

      Get more colours for the launch, start advertising now, and stop beating around the bush when answering questions about this phone! FFS, people want to know now to plan ahead, and if you refuse them this opportunity, they’re gonna start looking elsewhere for their business. I know I’ve been looking non-stop lately. Your wireless plans are overpriced and missing key features. Why do we still pay extra for caller-id!?

  63. Nicholas

    Ok well apparently everyone is complaining about NOT HAVING NOKIA LUMIA 920 RAWR! Before even reading the article so let me quote on it because you all seems to have no read it in detail: “We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.”

    See you have to RESERVE the phone to get it, it is not available to public but only to the pre-order ones and if you did pre-order then check your number in line. Jez people learn to read.

    1. Dave

      Nicholas, I’m not sure if you’re serious or just trolling.

      -This discussion is about colour selection of the phone, not the phone itself.
      -Furthermore, the phone IS available for purchase in stores. I know for a fact, because I have gone to my local Rogers store and they had 2 in stock. Once again, the concern is about the lack of colours, as only black is available.

      “Jez people” named Nicholas, please be informed before accusing others of not being informed.

    2. Dawson

      Actually some stores are getting 2 or 3 Lumia 920’s while most of us who reserved the phone through the reservation system are still waiting. We read it, it’s just that what Rogers says is happening and what is actually happening is different.

      Plus, it was pointed out that reserving the device does not mean you get it first (from Rogers own FAQ) but in this news release they contradict themselves. If they were more clear then we would stop whining.

  64. Nicholas

    Too Long to Read; Short Summary
    I’m sorry of my miss use of my words and I agree that Rogers should be marketing this phone a lot more instead of iPhone 5. I didn’t knew people who didn’t pre-order got it first.

    Dave I am more than serious, looking at a dozen of comments says that they try calling Rogers store and they respond is either I don’t know or no. While the article clearly states that only Rogers customers who use the Device Reservation system will get it earlier than the supposed public release. However I wasn’t informed until Gordon commented (thanks Gordon) that customers who didn’t make reservations did get the phone and while yes I did read the FAQ of it. I find the reason behind it very idiotic. While the reservation system only existed for about 2 months now, Rogers doesn’t seem to prioritize customers who decided to shell out a deposit of 40$ to get it first. To be honest the closest Rogers “store” where I am is nothing more but a stand in a mall, so I understand if they don’t got it compare to say an actual store. I’m not accusing people of being idiots I’m just saying that reading something carefully will mostly answer your questions. It answered the question as of why not anyone can get the phone now. It doesn’t answer the colors problem and I agree it’s kind of sad to see they only offer 1 color, since Nokia pretty much marketed on how many colors the phone has. Like I wrote yesterday, I suppose people could just buy a color cover if they wish to change from black to say a more vivid color. While yes my “Jez people” seemed offensive, I apologize for my miss use of words. I just don’t understand why people complain about this, I mean do you want the phone just because of a color and not what it features? It’s rich exclusive applications? It’s operating system? It’s Carl Zeiss Lense camera? It’s so sensitive that a winter glove works touch screen? It’s great low lighting conditions camera, or the Nokia supporting their devices for a long time and trusted brand? Yes the Rogers exclusivity deal with Nokia to me sounds like a terrible idea but I guess people can wait less than a year for this contract to end. Sadly as everyone pointed out Rogers is still marketing the iPhone 5 and nothing else, you want to know why people buy it? BECAUSE THEY ONLY SHOW THAT! Seriously Nokia is a great brand everyone knows that yet Rogers marketing team is to stiff to market the Lumia 920 and all of it’s great features.

  65. Danny

    Rogers, I want colour selection for Lumia 920 and I will get a non-black one no matter what. Whether that’s from Rogers (if it’s offered) or from elsewhere.

    It’d be great if I’m the only one with a colourful phone, but I sincerely hope that Rogers also offer it in colour. When I talk to people about this phone, I’d like to be able to tell them that they can get it in whatever colour from Rogers.

    No other country on this planet is offering it only in black. I’m most disappointed with the decision to offer it only in black. Take a hint from AT&T’s approach and make certain colours only available online. That’ll help alleviate your inventory risk or concerns. If making things only available online is difficult, then how about just make limited number of colour versions available at select stores like you are doing now with the current batch of black?

    Rogers doesn’t need to restrict consumer choice to turn a profit on this.

  66. Grim22

    Gave it one last shot after work today. Didn’t expect a phone but by now expected the Roger’s staff to have clue. Three of them there looked and me totally confused. No idea when there will be phones. I don’t care about color and black is fine. I do care about a company that can communicate and are efficient in dealing with customers and releases. I am currently with Bell and was told many times that Rogers was the worst of the big 3. I now believe it. I will be getting the Ativ S from Telus. So long Rogers and the Lumia 920.

  67. Robyn

    I spoke with a Bell representative yesterday in Toronto and he said that Telus will definitely be getting the Lumia 920 in the next month or two. We’ve already waited this long, what’s another 60 days right?

  68. Billy

    I REALLY want this phone
    I had a really OLD qwerty keyboard phone for awhile and I’m loving this :)
    It’s exactly what I wanted

  69. Sai

    It’s actually quite embarrassing that Rogers, a Billion dollar “leader in Canadian telecommunications” company, can’t offer the Lumia 920 in more than one colour, when carriers in third world countries without sewer systems and clean water, offer it in a minimum of 4 colours. There’s probably a tribal African Zulu warrior with a yellow Lumia 920, and I bet his LTE connection actually works.

    1. Matthew Potter

      No, what’s embarrassing is the fact that there are this many complaints about “I can’t get the colour of cell phone I want” when there are places in the world that don’t have sewer systems and clean water. Your comment will ever go down as a “first world problems” statement.

      To everybody on this board. Get over yourselves. 90% of you are going to buy a case for it, carry it in your pocket, cover it with stickers, etc… Canada is not China or Japan, we don’t have cell phones for every outfit that we have. We pay hundreds of dollars for our devices and we use them for 2 to 3 years at a time. Having a single colour device for that long will only cause you to want to buy a different colour in several months when the season changes. Buy a black one, get a case of the colour you like and interchange that.

      “You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black”
      — Henry Ford (1909)

      1. PL

        You’re missing the point and thinking like an iPhone owner.

        Why would we want to add a cover to a phone that doesn’t need one?
        Many people buy colorful covers to hide their monochrome phone.

        And it’s already bulky, you want to make it even more bulkier with a casing?

      2. Peter

        “To everybody on this board. Get over yourselves. 90% of you are going to buy a case for it, carry it in your pocket, cover it with stickers, etc”

        LOL! Matthew, do you work for Rogers by any chance?

      3. Mira

        No, Matthew, your comment will go down as a falicious red herring. Sai says that it’s embarrassing that Third World countries have more Lumia 920 colour options than Canada. You counter by saying Canadians (First World) shouldn’t complain about lack of choice because some Third World countries (who have colour choice) don’t have sewer systems or running water. That doesn’t make any sense. EVERY SINGLE country on the planet that sells the Nokia Lumia 920 offers it in multiple colours except Canada.

  70. kenneth

    it’s a joke
    canadian network providers already charge TOO MUCH on their not so good service
    and now they think we are color blinded?cool then,why is rogers brand logo in red then? what is the point? why not just a black rogers logo?
    unbeilively people working for rogers, you guys need some new blood on the marketing,WHAT?! are you trying to say “we already import the newest phone to our customers” you think this is a special thing? it’s just a normal thing that you should do if you are running a networking company

  71. FM

    wow… still no mention of the lumia 920 anywhere on the web site, the phone isn’t even listed, no news for a colored one, nothing.

    Getting an unlocked one and will use it with another carrier, so long.

  72. Todd Jamison

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised by Rogers’ lack of consumer awareness … is this really surprising? They are Rogers! Rogers never has and never will care what their consumers want … they will do what they believe will be profitable for them with zero regard for what will make the experience for the consumers a better one. They have a long track record on this. Only reason I deal with them at all is because my company pays for my cell phone and they have a contract with Rogers.

  73. Addy

    Hello, I was wondering when is Rogers going to launch other colors in the Lumia. The last thing i want to do is get the black one and then Rogers announces that they are getting new colors. The same thing happened with Lumia 900. Already not happy about that.

    FYI i want the Yellow one. The actual flagship color of the Lumia 920.

  74. Derek

    Hey my last comment didn’t get posted. hmm, anyhow…BestBuy has it listed on their page for a $50 pre-order till the 12th. Still looks like black only, but here is the link.

    it is good to see at least one company putting a little bit of effort into advertising.

    1. vieagle

      confirmed went into a BB and double checked, Black only. Guess I buy it elsewhere.

  75. ali

    Hi Rogers,

    the device registration line is moving ever so slowly. I appreciate the soft launch, but at this moment could you please spare me the constant checking and just announce the official launch date.

    To be honest, i recognize marketing efforts, and when many Rogers employees do not even know about the phone I accept the fact this is just another “Rogers first” title for WP8. Just as a recommendation though, not all publicity is good – clear communication helps us appreciate your hard work.

    Device announcement -> carrier exclusivity -> soft launch -> official launch, that’s the road map just communicate it clearly, and we’ll respect you for what you have done. thanks.

  76. Charles

    If I buy the device outright, is it still locked to the Rogers network?

  77. Matthieu

    AT&T release the 920 on the 11/9, no comment, the page speaks for itself

  78. CJ

    Where’s my Nokia Lumia 920?! Stores have no clue when stock will arrive. Getting more and more annoying every day. :(

    1. RogersNicolas


      We’ll keep everyone posted shortly! Stay tuned.

      1. vieagle

        well to be honest unless Rogers announces colours by end of week I’ll be buying the 920 from AT&T this weekend (with a free charging plate).

    2. Nicholas

      Hey CJ, I just chatted with a Rogers support, she said that the official release date for it is November 12th and all employees are to be trained Friday for it. Pricing is 99.99$ for 3 years or 529.99$ for month to month. So no worries only 6 more days to go :)

      1. hunkyleepickle

        do we get the free wireless charger, like AT&T gets? Seeing as how we get that sweet 3 year contract, it only seems fair…..

      2. RogersNicolas


        Not at that time but we would keep everyone posted of any promotions.

  79. Jay

    Does the Rogers 920 come with the wireless charging pad? I read that AT&T will be giving theirs away for free with a 2yr plan.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Jay,

      We don’t offer any charging pad at that time but stay tuned on Redboard and Twitter @RogersBuzz for future promotions.

    2. vieagle

      Not 100% sure if this is for Canada also, but the below page is for free charging plates (site becomes active on the 16th). It’s a Nokia site also.

  80. Dany Rodier

    “The flagship Lumia 920 will sell for just $99.99 and comes in black, white, red, yellow, and cyan versions.” (Paul Thurrott). Well done, AT&T. Let’s just hope Rogers will learn from it and do accordingly.

  81. benny

    why black? red please..

  82. Grim22

    I spoke to Nokia directly. They have been receiving many complaints about the phone release with a particular carrier in Canada. They also indicated the phone may likely be carried with other carriers in Canada before too long. No guarantees, no dates….just my impression from their comments.

    Now the moderators should not reject this post as I never named any carriers and never said things were definite.

    BTW. the more people to contact Nokia Canada and complain, the better the chances to get more carriers and more colors.

  83. Matt

    I used device reservation for 2 920’s. They shipped on Oct 30th and have been sitting in my local store. No one called me and when I finally stopped by and asked they said they had my phones but couldn’t give them to me, because they are not in their system.

    Is this normal? This store did not receive a limited stock of 920’s, but it seems they should be able to give me my reserved phones. It’s very frustrating that they are just siting there for over a week now.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Matt,

      AS we mentioned in the post, we’ll be shipping more devices shortly. Hang in there!

      1. Derek

        I think you miss-read the post. The 920’s are in the store, they just aren’t in the rogers system so he has no way of picking them up from the store because they won’t give the phones to him. This is just another issue with this launch. But wait launch means that something is moving forward…this is not moving forward but stalling and failing.

  84. David Dizon

    Its okay guys AT&T selling the phone for $450 with no contract and unlocked with ALL THE COLORS :)

    1. Derek

      where does it show unlocked? I’m trying to find that out…cause the normal sites that provide codes are not showing AT&T for te 920.

    2. Henri

      I can confirm the “no commitment” price of $450, but I can’t see where it says it’s unlocked. The picture shows their logo on the phone and it comes pre-loaded with their crapware. If you click the pre-order now button, the first thing you’re asked for is a ZIP Code.

  85. Scott

    It is beyond disappointing the device is only coming in black, c’mon Rogers you guys are smarter than this.

    1. kenneth

      i disagree on your last comment
      they keep trying to answer people with the answer we know,”we have no further infromation we can provide because bla bla bla…”
      if the infromation is out, there is no point of answer it either ,also the question wouldn’t be exist
      they are smarter than ___?

  86. So when can we get our phones? It shouldn’t take this long to get a phone since it “launched” on Oct 30th with limited supply and not a single Rogers Plus store knows when there getting the phone. Can we get a firm launch date please?

    Or better yet when will the device reservation phones be sent out?

    1. Rogers_Chris

      The phone will be available next week.

  87. Yanic

    Do we have any idea when the Windows 8 devices will be available from Rogers? They start selling this week in the US so I was wondering.


    1. Rogers_Chris

      Next week, Yanic.

      1. vieagle

        Any word on the Colours that 90%+ of the people are asking for? or do we get the other canned answer or “We cannot comment on future released products or products that haven’t been announced yet”, which in itself is funny…because even in saying that you are commenting on an upcoming product. Try to change your policy to be “helpful”.

  88. Mike King

    I cannot believe the lack of information on what colours are coming out for this. I am looking to possibly start a family plan with Rogers and my family would like to get these phones but only if we have a choice in colours. Why can’t you offer your customers/future customers these options?

    It is looking more likely that going to a competitor on no term and ordering these from elsewhere may be another option. It doesn’t look good when you can’t give anyone answers on a colour of a phone what else will come up if we sign up?

  89. michael

    My favorite feature is……um….. oh wait… I don’t know what my favorite feature is because Rogers failed to post and news, advertising, or information about any of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices to their website!!!! And this is a few days before their release! When are you waiting for????????

  90. Nicholas

    Actually Rogers did show the 920 on the site it’s just it’s not having the same amount of attention compare to the iPhone.

  91. yves

    AT&T is offering it off contract for 450 with different colours and Rogers is only offering black colour for 600+ off contract . Please rogers have more colours .

    1. WP_rox

      Where did you see the $600 pricing from Rogers?

  92. Harley

    When is the Lumia 920 releasing fully!? I heard it was today (November 12th) but nothing has come of it. :(

    1. RogersSarah

      We’ll have more stock this week, Harley.

  93. Lutz

    I had reserved a 920 and was informed that it had arrived at the local ‘warehouse’ Oct 1. However apparently it has not been sent to the designated store and they have no idea when they will get it from the warehouse and what the price is.
    Any information on release date and price?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Lutz,

      We’ve already released the phone in limited quantities but more are arriving this week.
      In your case, the store you’re shipping the device to would be your point of contact.

  94. Mark M

    I called Rogers this morning asking about the phone and they have no idea what is this phone as there system only shows the Lumia 900. I thought it was going to be released today.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Mark,

      More devices are indeed coming in this week and will arrive in stores shortly.
      Feel free to call back the store later on this week!

  95. Eric

    So it’s Nov 12th, and now you can finally dig deep into the site and if you’re lucky you can find one half-baked page for the Lumia 920! Wow, great job Rogers! IF YOU GO TO THE PHONE PAGE IT’S NOT EVEN LISTED.
    Just continuing your downward trend. Pathetic.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Eric,

      As mentioned in the article, we were able to ship a limited quantity on October 30th but we’ll be receiving more devices from the manufacturer this week. You can also reserve a device through My Rogers.

  96. I just called Customer Service and was informed that they are unware of any Windows Phone 8 coming to Rogers just yet.

    Quite embarassing because I’m actually looking to upgrade my Samsung Focus. Battery issues.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Sorry for that experience. We’re getting more Lumia 920 this week and other Windows Phone 8 are coming soon.
      Feel free to give a call to your local stores!

  97. Grim22

    November 12th. Big release day. Guess what………No 920 advertised on the website…….Iphone 5 anyone? Still pushing that big time.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Grim22,

      The phone was already released in limited quantities on October 30th. This week, more devices will arrive to us (online and in stores), feel free to contact your local Rogers locations.

      1. Dave

        Nicolas, This actually makes things worse. Instead of being a day behind on the website, Rogers is 2 weeks behind. Again, this has been one poor release. No info on website. No colour selection or timeline. No phones in stock. No promotions like most major providers internationally (Free wireless charging pads from some providers, others giving away JBL speakers away).

        Is there a reason this release has been so poorly orchestrated? Honestly. Is this Nokia’s mistake, or is Rogers just really dropping the ball on this one? Don’t respond to this without an answer to this question, because this is poor and someone’s at fault.

      2. RogersNicolas

        Hi Dave,

        Sorry to hear you feel that way. Again, I’m afraid we don’t have any further details to share.

  98. Andre

    That’s great, but will Rogers carry the cyan version? That’s the one I want… black is too plain for me.

  99. Lara Alferez

    I’ve been waiting months to get my hand on a red one :(. Honestly,of all the colours I thought you’d pick, I would think at least you would’ve chosen red since it is the “rogers” colour. Come on, it’s obvious you have so many customers interested in buying the colour phones, why won’t you meet the demand? >:(

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Lara,

      We don’t have any info to share on that end for the moment but we’ll let everyone know if there’s any news.

  100. BeaverJuicer

    So if the “official launch” was on the 12th (yesterday) why is it that no stores have seen or know when they will be getting phones?

    1. RogersNicolas


      I’m afraid there’s been some confusion since we’ve already released it in limited quantities at the end of last month but we’re indeed getting more stocks this week. Feel free to call back your local store to see if they’ve already received the devices.

      1. vieagle

        Why is this release so bad?

        There was and still is pretty much 0 advertising, the phone is only in black which is not what the public wants, The page for all the windows 8 devices was hidden till today.

        The previous posts from the “rogers” people said that they would pass the comments for colour up, but that obviously has not happened (it’s still only black).

        A very large majority of stores that we goto or phone do not know anything about this phone or any of it’s features…Rogers has missed the boat.

  101. Dave

    Hey Rogers Team,

    I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but I’m really disappointed in this lack of colours. I have been waiting for months to get this phone and now I don’t want to get it, because I don’t want black, and I don’t want to settle then find out in 1 month that my colour choice is available while I’m stuck with a 3-year contract.

    I’ve already kicked and screamed on this forum enough, and frankly, it’s just upsetting that after the hundreds (thousands?) of comments, tweets, and emails from disgruntled customers regarding this issue, Rogers has shown no efforts to improve the situation. You still stand by “black only” and won’t give us any information to allow us to make an informed decision about a substantial purchase.

    I don’t want to buy a different colour from another source and “stick it to Rogers.” I just want to continue to be a happy Rogers customer with the product that I’ve been wanting for months.

    This entire release seems to be poorly executed. I went to my local Rogers Plus, Rogers Dealer, Best Buy Mobile, Wireless Wave and Futureshop locations yesterday, and not only did they not have any phones in stock for launch day, none of them had any knowledge of the release. One staff at the Rogers dealer in my local mall actually said that they only get information “for important phones.” Well thanks Rogers, for thinking that our potential purchases aren’t important.

    So what do I do now? Well, I wait. Indefinitely, because your team refuses to give any information about other colours. Perhaps I just buy another phone? Switch to Android? No, because I don’t have the information to make an informed decision about the 920. It’s very frustrating. To you, We’re just a bunch of comments on the internet. Yet, each of us are people. We aren’t rich, we’re trying to make good decisions with our money, especially on such long contracts. You just don’t give us any choice, so we come on here and leave more comments. Each time, we’re a little more upset, a little more frustrated, and it shows in our comments. Please show a little concern and respect for your customers and tell us what’s happening.

    At the least, say something like “Black will be the only option for AT LEAST 3 months. Beyond that, we will decide on more colours based on demand. We may still not provide other colours at any point.” At least give us that so we can proceed with an informed purchase, regardless of what we decide.

    Thank you for reading this,

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Dave,

      I truly understand where you come from. As I mentioned to others, we don’t have any further info to share as far as upcoming colours are concerned but we keep on sharing feedback internally.

      We’ll keep everyone in the loop ASAP if there’s any news on that end.

      1. Dave

        RogersNicolas, I’m glad it was you that responded, you seem to be the most empathic out of the bunch.

        However, this still doesn’t resolve my issue. What is the problem on your end? Why can’t you just say that, “yes,” that you’ll be receiving additional colours in x months? I don’t understand this. Are you worried that people won’t buy your current inventory of black units? Because people shouldn’t be tricked into buying black units if they want something else. That’s the only explanation that I can think of, and if that is correct, it makes no sense.

        You have NO IDEA how frustating this is. I’m desparate to get a new phone. I’m currently using an iPhone 3GS and my contract has been done since June. My phone is choppier than what is bearable. I have been waiting since then, because I wanted THIS PHONE, but in a different colour than black (white). Now I can’t have it. I have waited months, Nicolas. It’s painful that Rogers is holding me back now.

        Why can’t they just say something? Or at least say what I suggested before? That black will be exclusive for AT LEAST x months? Right now, there is no way in hell that I’ll buy a black one if you can’t tell me that white won’t be available next week. What a stupid predicament you have put your customers in, it makes no sense. Seriously, I’m tempted to take my money elsewhere out of principle, but I don’t want to do that for something that can be so easily remedied by your end.

        Who the heck has control on what you can say? Make them read this forum, the other 920 forum on redboard, all the tweets, all the emails, and then ask them wtf (what the flip?) they’re waiting for. Then show their boss how great of a job they’re doing at upsetting customers. The fact that nobody there is getting in crap for this is appauling.

      2. vieagle

        you guys need to update your policies so that they allow more communication throughout the company, as there appears to be a lack of that. Also to allow people to get a better idea on the products coming out so that they can make an informed decision…not just on Android devices that I see lots of advertising for…I have seen more from your company about the new Xperia T than I have the Lumia 920 or any of the windows Phone 8 devices.

    2. Grim22

      Why did Nicholas waste everybody’s time with yet another canned response, especially after the well worded concerns by Dave that said not to do that to us again. Listen, you are the face of Rogers, and in being that, you do have answers. Rogers dealt with Nokia on this launch and you know exactly why only black was released. In addition, you know exactly what is being considered for other colors. So, do some leg work at Rogers and give us the detailed answer.

  102. Graham

    How about featuring the phone on the front page of the Rogers site, or the Optimus G?……..nope still the lame iPhone 5 with its’ smaller screen and slower processor.

  103. Sam

    Just a recommendation.

    Why not say a date -> not ohhh check back maybe this week.

    Thats for rogers in general -> I would have preferred and exact date.

  104. LondonOnLogic

    Checked in with a non-Roger’s store that flogs several carriers. They had the 920 in one of the London locations but no at the north-end mall I was at.

    Oh, guess, what?! It’s available in black.

    The staffer there suggested that they should have other colours in ‘a few weeks’. Sounded a bit like wishful thinking to me.

  105. Rob

    Finally saw the 920 today in Victoria. Rogers didn’t have it, but BestBuy did. Waited a long time for this. Never even considered the Samsung ATIV or HTC 8X. But when I saw the black Lumia 920 and the blue/purple HTC 8X side-by-side, I really hate to admit it, but the black Nokia is really, really boring. If they don’t get some colors soon, I’m afraid Nokia may fail not because of Nokia, but because of Rogers.

  106. JimC

    I live in Edmonton and after phoning a fair number of Rogers’s stores and having no luck finding a Lumia 920 I took another readers suggestion and called a non Rogers dealer (Wireless Wave) and they had this phone for sale. (Just why a competitor would have this phone and not Roger’s is probably a subject for another posting) However my enthusiasm quickly dissipated when they told me it was a black only model. I figure that I have to be the type of customer Rogers would love to sign up because I have no current cell phone or commitments to any other mobile company. But despite needing a cell phone and knowing that the Lumia 920 is easily my first choice; I need to get more than the standard deal from Rogers. And I am prepared to be flexible. So Rogers if you want my business I must insist of either a choice of colour or a far better data plan. $75.00/month for 3 Gigs is not going to happen with me. So I am prepared to wait until their Christmas deals arrive in which there are hopefully more colours or promotional data plans. If nothing happens by the New Year, I’m going elsewhere.

  107. Dave

    Apparently, Yellow is headed to Rogers. While those of you that want yellow will be happy, I can’t wrap my head around this.

    SO MANY disgruntled customers asking for colours and Rogers’ response is to add only 1 more. And the brightest colour possible. WHY ARE YOU ONLY ADDING 1 MORE COLOUR?? Why are you still ignoring so many of your customers????

    So it’s either black, the least original cellphone colour, or yellow. Yellow does not work for most people working in a professional environment.

    I’m not saying that you should bow to my command, but add a couple more professional colours like white or gray, AND a couple bright colours. Or just let us pick from the entire range of lumias like many other wireless providers.

    I really hope this is just the first sign of many, and that you add the whole spectrum soon, not just yellow.

  108. vieagle

    Haha…and the end users find out first before Rogers makes any annoucements again. Yellow coming soon:)

  109. JimC

    Hi Everyone

    Maybe some good news! It has been reported at two different web sites that a yellow Nokia Lumia 920 may soon be release via Rogers.

    For myself; although not my first colour choice, it is certainly a big step up from the default black colour and good enough for me to purchase when available.

  110. PL

    For those who aren’t aware already, it looks like Rogers might bring the Yellow version shortly, according to the mobile syrup news.

    “Well, according to information obtained from Navifirm, a repository of Nokia’s firmware images, there are two software SKUs available for technicians to download: one for black Rogers Lumia 920s, and one for the same device in yellow.”

    If Rogers doesn’t want to let us know, we have no other choices than getting it ourselves elsewhere.

  111. Eddie

    The yellow color…
    Therefore Rogers has failed compared to any other country world wide…They may have been first but don’t care to inform staff about the phone and they disuade customers from buying windows phone…
    That being said, the news today is that Rogers SKU for a yellow lumia has been found…Therefore, holding out out that Rogers will announce some news about this so i don’t need to go buy unlocked from Europe or Asia.

    Thanks, Rogers, let’s make up for some of this shameful windows 8 marketing and representation…Still today, even after the phones release there is NO Lumia 920 link on homepage..Shameful exclusivity marketing for a windows 8 flagship phone that you were first in the world to get!

  112. JimC

    Hi Everyone

    I visited the new Microsoft booth in West Edmonton Mall on Saturday and asked about their Windows 8 phones, in particular the Nokia Lumia 920. They said they had a few for sale, at $550 and locked on Rogers. I then asked them if they had any colours and I was informed that they currently only had black but were expecting cyan coloured 920’s new week. No way to confirm any of this, but I will check again next week.

  113. random72

    Black Friday is this week. Most of us live within a two-hour drive of the US border.

    Figure it out.

  114. Andy Ramsay

    RogersNicolas – I upgraded to a Lumia 920 a few days ago (of course stuck in your 3 year contract now). Now I hear that yellow might be a colour option. Even still to this day it’s not real until you guys confirm it, meaning that me as a customer is in the dark on the actual truth.

    So, now that we’re clear that I’m just a customer who is relying ONLY on official information from Rogers can you tell me this.. When/If you release a yellow phone since I was never told it was a possibility so maybe I should wait, will Rogers exchange my black one for a yellow one when/if it comes to be official because the only reason I got a black one now is based on misleading or missing information to make a educated choice.

  115. LondonOnLogic

    Dear Rogers,
    Would you please tell your customers if you will be carrying grey/white/red/cyan versions of this phone? If so, could then really go wild and crazy and provide them with some availability dates.
    You know, so that they are able to spend their money with you and feel good about it so that they might repeat the experience.
    Losing-Faith in London

  116. paul jonacl


    My name is Paul I come from Germany and I want to ask for the ” Denim ” update for my Nokia Lumia 920 with Rogers branding.

    Is it possible to get it for my phone or is it still in testing?

    Greetings from Berlin\Germany
    Paul Herbert Jonack

    1. RogersMike

      Hey Paul! Our Lumia 920 Rogers-branded Denim update is available OTA for Rogers customers only.

  117. pal

    Will this phone Nokia Lumia 920. Work with MOBILICITY if unlocked. Please help.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi there, thanks for connecting with us today. If the device was obtained through Rogers, our support team can unlock the device for you. I can’t confirm whether or not the device will work through a Mobilicity plan though, best to check with them.