Rogers RevUp recap: Tackling your tough questions about mobile wallet

, Technical Director, Gemalto Mobile Communications North America.

We invited you to ask your toughest technical questions about mobile wallet technology and security and you didn’t disappoint. Our experts answered dozens of questions on everything from how Near Field Communications (NFC) work to data and transaction fees related to mobile wallet.

Here’s some highlights from the Q&A:

Morlan asked: Do you have a list of the vendors that will be supporting this technology and ready to go, once Rogers has officially launched mobile wallet?

Answer: Mobile payments on Rogers devices will be accepted at PayPass and Visa payWave contactless terminals that today – you can find merchant lists here:

Gblahaut asked: Are there any transaction fees associated with mobile payments?


  1. There will be no additional fees for our subscribers.
  2. Originally the contactless limits defined by Visa and Mastercard was set at $15 – and over time it has increased to $50, in some cases the merchants themselves decide to increase that limits, I believe that some merchants have increased the limit to $100, which is great for contactless and NFC adoption, but we feel that the current limit of $50 is adequate for most purchases so a potential increase in transaction limit is an added bonus, and my gut tells me that it will eventually happen.
  3. The service that Rogers is supplying is an enterprise service, which means we are offering these capabilities to banks and obviously there are commercial agreements associated with this, we will however not be notified when or where you use your wallet, nor will we have access to data around your wallet use in general.

James asked: How does LTE affect the performance of NFC technology? Is there a large difference in the time it’ll take to process a transaction when on 3G vs LTE? 

Answer: NFC is really a proximity service similar to Bluetooth, but more secure obviously, so when you make a payment at a retail location it will not utilize your data connection for the payment. Think of this as having a real plastic card on your phone, but in a digital format.

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8 comments on “Rogers RevUp recap: Tackling your tough questions about mobile wallet

  1. Peter P

    What phones will have nfc?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Peter. Select BlackBerry devices will be NFC enabled, and we’ll have more details about other devices before end of year.

  2. wasiq

    great link to keep up and get informed with what is happening inside and outside of rogers.

  3. Garrett

    When will I get JELLYBEAN for my galaxy s3? Rogers

  4. Adam

    Really disappointing that Rogers will not facilitate Google wallet here. But at least this is a step in the right direction.. Apart from the only phones initially included being that of a dying handset maker, but that’s obviously due to some sort of partnership.

    When will this mobile payment solution be released?

  5. Felix

    When will Rogers stores have these NFC SIM cards available… Have been calling around and nobody knows :)

    Is there Rogers or CIBC app that needs to be downloaded in order to have this working?