Are you ready for the next big thing? Rogers welcomes premium Windows 8 devices with exclusive apps

Like you, we’re always excited about embracing what’s next in technology. Rogers was first to bring Canadians the BlackBerry, first to bring the iPhone, and the first to launch an Android smartphone.

So what’s the next big thing? Today, we’re excited to join forces with Microsoft to bring you the largest selection of Windows 8 devices from a Canadian carrier all powered on our blazing fast LTE network.

Across all Windows 8 devices, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform experience making it easier to switch between devices to easily access your best friend’s phone number from your tablet, grab your photos from last night’s party from your PC or quickly email your late assignment from your smartphone. Windows Phone 8 also includes great features such as multi-core processing, improved display resolutions, NFC, microSD storage expansion, and lenses for getting creative with your pictures.

Select Windows Phone 8 smartphones and an exclusive Windows 8 tablet will be available on Rogers LTE network and launching in the coming weeks. Here’s a rundown of what to get excited about:

  • Nokia Lumia 920: Offered exclusively from Rogers in black, the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 captures the best pictures and video ever seen on a smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 920 makes it possible to take clear, bright, professional-looking pictures and video indoors and at night.
  • Samsung ATIV Smart PC and ATIV S Smartphone: Samsung is releasing a line of Windows 8 OS devices including a tablet – the ATIV Smart PC (available exclusively to Rogers customers) and the ATIV S smartphone.  The ATIV Smart PC was designed with a classy, sleek finish, and you’ll get the same Windows 8 experience you’re used to on your PC with the portability of a tablet. The S™ smartphone is a high performance device with a range of content sharing and productivity options.
  • Windows Phone 8X by HTC: Available from Rogers in a Blue 16G and exclusively in a Black 8G, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC offers Beats Audio™ technology provides authentic, studio-quality sound whether you’re listening to music, playing a game or watching a video.

Existing customers can reserve the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC Windows 8 now by using the Rogers Reservation System in MyRogers on

We’re also very excited to provide Rogers customers our exclusive applications on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform like:

  • Rogers My Account on Windows 8 tablets: Launching with the Samsung ATIV smart PC available exclusively to Rogers customers, My Account allows you to manage your wireless account directly through an application on your Windows 8 tablet. With My Account, you can quickly select and activate a mobile internet plan, check your plan usage, plus view your account balance and make payments without having to call customer care or visit a Rogers retail location. For more info on the app, check out our blog post here
  • Rogers Anyplace TV Live for Windows Phone 8 and Rogers Anyplace TV (on demand) for Windows 8 Tablets: With the Rogers Anyplace TV Live app for Windows Phone 8, you get live games like Barclays Premier League soccer, Blue Jays baseball, Raptors basketball, hockey and tennis, and real-time news like CityNews. Rogers Anyplace TV Live is a mobile app with a $5 per month/5 hour subscription. Currently there is a special promo waiving overage charges until April 30, 2013. With the Rogers Anyplace TV (on demand) app for Windows 8 tablets, you get on demand channels, including Citytv, CBC, W Network, TMN, Treehouse, Teletoon, Family Channel, free movies and  trailers, and more. Rogers Anyplace TV is also currently available on Xbox to Rogers customers.
  • Rogers One Number for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Tablet: With the Rogers One Number app on your Windows 8 tablet, you can use your existing wireless phone number to talk, text and send picture messages and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your tablet. Sync your contacts with the Rogers One Number app on your Windows Phone 8 to seamlessly synchronize all of your contacts no matter where you are.

We’ll continue to update you on pricing and launch timing here on RedBoard. You can also follow our Twitter account, @RogersBuzz for more information and the latest updates. Stay tuned!

What Windows 8 device are you most excited about?

Michelle is a regular contributor to RedBoard

See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage.

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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320 comments on “Are you ready for the next big thing? Rogers welcomes premium Windows 8 devices with exclusive apps

  1. Gordon

    I’m very happen to see Windows Phone 8 support, but not offering the Lumia 920 and Window Phone 8X in multiple colours when that seems to be such a large part of their personality is a huge oversight by Rogers.

    If you’re planning to bring more colours later, please at least indicate that before launch (with an estimated timeframe) so that people willing to wait for them don’t settle for boring old black because they don’t know if more options are coming.

    1. Gordon

      I meant “happy” and not “happen” in the first sentence but I still stand by my disappointment regarding the lack of colour options.

    2. RogersMichelleL

      Thanks for your feedback Gordon. We’re always reviewing our device selection to ensure it’s meeting the needs and preferences of our consumers. We’ve announced that the device will launch in black, which is the most preferred choice by customers, but we have shared your interest in different colours with our internal team.

      1. RWalrond

        “which is the most preferred choice by customers”

        Which customers? Lumia Customers? Are you guys really this out of touch on what the Lumia phones have been about from day 1?

        I’ll give you credit for one thing. Rogers lack of knowledge of the Windows Phone customers saved me the money on the 900, cause I was all set to buy Cyan, but you didn’t release it until we found out it wouldn’t work with WP8.

      2. Jem

        I have to agree with Walrond. Windows Phones have always been about the brightful colors. Offering it in only plain black color definitely shows Rogers’ lackness of knowledge of the Windows Phone market and is absolutely a dumb move for marketing Windows Phone.

      3. derek

        So which 5 customers did you talk to that said they wanted black? cause from what I can see the large majority want color. Take it as a hint and you’ll sell more phones:)

      4. Brian Wray

        Not having colour is forcing me to purcahse my phone South of the border. Bad move Rogers.

      5. RogersNicolas

        Hi Brian,

        What device and what colour are you interested in?
        We’re always reviewing our services based on customers’ feedback and I’d be happy to forward your comment internally.

      6. Jem

        I hope you guys will release the red colour for Lumia 920. It’s the Rogers colour after all. Otherwise yeah.. south of the border I go.

      7. RogersNicolas

        Thanks for sharing your preference, Jem!

      8. David

        I would love to see Rogers offer the Lumia 920 in White… I will not be buying a black one.

        I’ve been waiting for the 920 before extending my contract another 3 years, but if I can’t get the colour I want then I will probably be buying an unlocked one elsewhere and not extending my contract with Rogers yet.

      9. Chris

        Glad to see that Rogers is seemingly listening to feedback here! I would purchase a Cyan or Yellow Lumia 920, in that order, if offered. If not, I will source it from somewhere else. I have been a long time Rogers customer and WP user, and while black is safe, it isn’t what Lumia is all about! We love color!

      10. RogersNicolas

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It’s much appreciated.

      11. Jess

        I completely agree with Gordon. Please, please, please release the Lumia 920 in Yellow. This is the first phone that is allowing consumers to show personality, and if other carriers (Telus, Bell, etc.) announced that they were bringing an actual selection of colours to Canada, then I would definitely wait it out to sign a contract with them instead. I am rooting for Rogers, but I hope that you can see from feedback on this forum and through numerous sources online that consumers are expecting more than just basic black. It would be a mistake to not order in addition colour options.

  2. Mike Lee

    What is the price of the Samsung Ativ Smart PC? Must I sign a wireless contract?

    1. RogersMichelleL

      Hi Mike, specific availability and pricing for all Windows 8 devices will be announced in the coming weeks. You always have the option of purchasing the device outright or signing a contract.

  3. RWalrond

    Hey Rogers, please tell us that it was Nokia or Microsoft that has forced you to make the bone headed move of only offering Black for the Lumia 920.

    FYI, Canadians are not Colour blind! Once again It would have been a day 1 purchase from you guys if you offered Canadians the same choices as our American counterparts.

  4. Derek

    I’m all for the 920…but get more colors, otherwise I’m buying from elsewhere unlocking and using on your network. People want colors, do you understand?

  5. Paul Edwards

    Remember that time we all bugged Rogers about them not offering the Lumia 900 in other colours aside from black? Yeah, that is going to happen again with the 920. I’ll talk to you guys in 2013 when you bring it out in yellow and cyan.

  6. Peko

    Awesome. Now when can we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 up on the Rogers Reservation system? Other carriers such as Bell, Telus, Mobilicity have already done this, and I’m overdue for a HUP with you guys.

  7. ICUH

    Any update on pricing and release date?
    Also would Samsung ATIV Smart PC have LTE ?

  8. Matthieu

    It’s so disappointing that the Nokia Lumia 920 is only available in black. The other colors (red, cyan, yellow, even gray) are so much more distinctive.

  9. briho

    Oh please, why black-only for the Lumia? People want difference / varieties. That’s the selling point of Lumia, isn’t it?

  10. sohaib

    Y u NO carry other colors ? @lumia920

  11. Austin S-R

    Rogers should come out with more colours for the Lumia 920.. I don’t want to switch from Telus to Rogers for a Black Lumia.. What about Red, Cyan, Yellow? I’ll switch for those colours!

  12. Steve

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I am looking at getting a Lumia 920, but am disappointed that it is only available in black. All black touchscreen smartphones look alike. ANY colour would be better than nothing at this point

  13. Dawson

    Is the lack of any pricing/availability information a decision made by Rogers, Microsoft, or the OEMs?

  14. Aaron

    I really don’t wan’t black. Maybe customers prefer black for Android or iPhone, but WP customers want colour options as evidence by the response on twitter, this blog and the Rogers forums. At least the 8X is blue, which if it comes to other carriers I may switch to them since Rogers is handling the 920 launch poorly. Also look at this website and all the Rogers red, you would think they would at least offer that?? 3 to 6 months down the road is too long in the cell phones business to wait for more colours as well.

  15. taylor

    the next big thing doesn’t come until BlackBerry 10 launches in the new year.!!

  16. A User

    I’m mostly disappointed this thing is going to easily cost $400-500 when all is said and done even though I have less than a year left on my contract and have to resign for another 3! I’ll definitely be considering other options…I thought after 2 years your upgrade prices were at least close to new activation prices and didn’t include a $150 “early upgrade fee”.

    1. Unsatisfied Rogers Customer

      !?!? Seriously ??? they have early upgrade fees now??? last time I upgraded (2years ago when WP7 came out) there was no such thing! …that is terrible!!! No choices in colour and now an extra $150… wonder how much this thing is unlocked from somewhere else… May justify paying 700$ if it means in less than a year I can jump ship… Seriously? C’mon man!

  17. PK

    I am super disappointed with the lack of colors for the lumia. Does anybody know if I can buy it directly from Nokia dot ca for choice of colors? Or maybe AT&T for the color offering? Lumia may be the next big thing but they’re not big in black.

  18. Martin Chamberland

    Hey ! Are yous serious…just black option !!!!!!
    Neeeedd Yellow !!!

  19. Jem

    Wait, so Rogers will ONLY offer BLACK color for lumia 920?? Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m really hoping that Rogers will offer the other colors too on the release day as I’m eagerly wanting for the red Lumia 920. After all, the colorful theme is one of the factors that makes Lumia so special.

  20. Boro

    Just want to add another voice to the list for other colour options for the Lumia 920. If I want black there are lots of phones that are black. Lumia is all about colour – look at their advertisements…

  21. Doctor Parnassus

    Yeah, no one is going to buy a black Lumia 920, unless you’re completely stupid. $100 says Rogers won’t sell more than 100 of these Canada wide on it’s first weekend of availability.

    I would have bought it on day 1 in grey/slate or cyan, but Rogers does not understand the concept of giving the customers what they want. for a new generation of devices. And STILL there’s no price. That’s just idiotic.

    I went to a Save-On foods and saw a Rogers store almost next door, so I went inside and asked about the Lumia 920. She had no clue what I was talking about. No one cares about Windows Phones, least of all salespeople who just want to sell iPhones or Galaxy III’s.

    I ordered an iPhone 5 from apple when I heard the only colour on Rogers would be black and I’ll be moving from Rogers when it’s delivered in early november.

    Or if I can find an unlocked 920 on the web, I’ll be gone sooner. :)

    1. Dawson

      Well I want the black one (which is why I reserved one), but I completely feel for everyone who wants a colour other than black. One of the draws to the Lumia line is the colours, which gives people a more personalized touch. Rogers doesn’t seem to really want to push Windows Phones to people I think.

      1. RogersNicolas

        Hi Dawson,

        Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear that you enjoy the black one.
        We definitely have love for Windows Phones and are always open to review our offering based on what customers have to say.

    2. Jeremy Tang

      I too am very disappointed with the lack of colors – I’m holding out for yellow, but Doctor, if you’re serious on that bet of $100, for no more than 100 phones being sold Canada wide – I’ll take you up on it any day!

  22. Zhiping

    I was considering a switch to Rogers for a Yellow Lumia 920. But if only black one is available, I will buy an unlock one and stick to my current carrier…

    1. briho

      Same here. I was ready to switch and hand over my money to Rogers. Not any more. They have dropped the ball big time.

  23. Rob

    If you go to Youtube you will find an ad that Nokia made slamming Apple for lack of colour choices. So now Rogers decides to launch the subject of that ad with no colours?

  24. wy

    I am ready to wait for another color…

  25. Dao

    ” black, which is the most preferred choice by customers”? Does Rogers really believe that? I haven’t seen anyone dancing in the streets because the black 920 is available on Rogers. Nor have I seen any blog posts saying that they live the black. Good luck selling these black non-descript phones Rogers. It’ll be an unlocked cyan 920 for me either from AT&T or from the Microsoft store if they sell them (fingers and toes crossed).

  26. Phil

    Chiming in my disappointment at the lack of colours as well. I may actually want to switch carriers depending on colour selection (of all things really!) just because it’s such a gross oversight with regards to what customers want.

    There is historic proof in customers wanting other colours because of the situation with the black only 900. I’m all in waiting for a cyan or yellow 920 but I definitely know I’m not waiting for one if it takes 4-6 months to get to Rogers.

  27. Pulkit

    I was really looking forward to upgrading my phone this holiday season but the lack of color options is a deal breaker. I’m not sure how you guys did you research but it is pretty obvious to me that the majority of people looking to buy this phone want it in a color other than black (seriously, not even red, which happens to be your company colour?). I’m sure most people DO buy a phone in black color from you guys but you do realize that you only offer them in those colours? The cyan Lumia 900 outsold the black one by a mile on AT&T and Telus did well with the Lumia 800 in three colors – that counts for something. Very disappointed in this decision and won’t upgrade until other options are available or someone else offers this phone in other colors.

    And that early upgrade fee is ridiculous. Judging by the amount I pay every month, that subsidy should be gone within 1.5 years so I don’t see why I have to pay you guys another $100 TO SAY WITH YOU AND PAY YOU FOR ANOTHER 3 YEARS.

    That said, very happy with the offerings from Rogers. Probably the best of all three big ones right now.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Pulkit,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      We’re always listening to customers and what they have to say. What’s your favorite model?

      1. Pulkit

        Hi RogersNicolas,

        Thanks for the reply – just the feedback from you guys has been positive on this topic. Very much appreciated.

        I’m looking at the Lumia 920. I have two accounts due for an upgrade (ones already due, the other expires in January) and am really looking forward to upgrading to the Lumia 920 but I won’t be doing so until I can find it in a color other than black. I’m sure this sounds a little ridiculous and overly fussy but I’m going to be with this device for the next 3 years (and will be paying the subsidized cost for it) so I’d really like something of my choice and the colors being offered by Nokia really make this phone stand out.

        Looking forward to a positive step from you guys,
        Thanks for listening!

  28. JM

    Another Rogers customer looking for colour selection on the lumia 920s. Want to upgrade from my samsung focus (love the OS, hate samsung build quality) but REALLY don’t want another black phone. Would think rogers red, white and black would at least be on the menu, if not cyan and yellow.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll forward it to our internal team.

  29. Mac

    So disappointed that Rogers will only be offering the Nokia Lumia 920 in black.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Mac,

      We’ve announced the black version but we’d like to know your thoughts.
      What’s your favorite model?

      1. RWalrond

        Announce Cyan, Yellow, Red! Give us Canadians some Colour choices. Colour is one of the selling points of the Lumia Lines. To not offer the choice of colours is not a smart move by such a large carrier.

        Hey Rogers how about this, I don’t need my phone on day one, so even if you don’t want to stock the other colours, make them a special order so I can still place my order on day 1 and wait 1 week to get my Colour Choice (CYAN).

        Canadians are not Colour Blind!

      2. Mac

        Hello Nicolas,

        I am looking to buy the Nokia Lumia 920 in Cyan. I am sure most people would buy it in Cyan, Yellow or Red. Kind of surprising Rogers doesn’t even have this phone available in their signature red colour.

      3. RogersNicolas

        Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated!

      4. Mac

        I will most likely go to the states and buy the colour i want if Rogers won’t offer it. Hopefully Rogers changes their mind and brings some colour into this dark situation.

  30. Joel

    Seriously? Just in Black? I’m kind of hoping that exclusivity is for the Black colour, and not the entire 920 line. Because if Rogers have screwed an entire country by only getting the 920 it Black, I will be highly pissed.

    I hope somebody is reading this, because once you remove the troll comments, it’s pretty much a 100% message that enthusiasts want the 920 in ANYTHING BUT BLACK.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Joel,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Do you have any preference?

      1. Joel

        To paraphase Henry Ford “Any colour, so long as it isn’t Black”

        Cyan would have to be my first choice, followed by Red, White or Grey.

        BTW – Like another commenter above I would have bought the 900 on launch day if it had been available in Cyan. Once the Cyan was available, it was too far along, and knew that there was no upgrade path to WP8 so I opted for the 710 in white instead.

        Rogers had better hurry up and say something on lauch day about other colours, or us enthusiast types will be using other avenues to get a coloured 920.

      2. RogersNicolas

        Thank you! I’m sharing your feedback as well as others’ with our team.

      3. PK

        The preference is ANYTHING BUT BLACK. Why is Rogers offering more colour choices on the 8x and not Lumia? Consumer PREFER choices. That’s why Nokia advertised colors in their commercial. So give your costumer the freedom to choose. Who knows, if that customer is rich enough, he or she might even buy two or three colors: one for each occasion or one for each member in their household. Heck even iPhone have choices of two colors. This is obvious that Rogers does not like Nokia. Rogers is not helping Nokia market their lumias. If I was Nokia, I would go immediately cancel the partnership and make colours available for all carriers. Now that’s CHOICES!!!

      4. Camila

        Red and Yellow

  31. Jarret

    Just adding to the voices of others… I would buy a Lumia 920 the second they’re released, but I’ll likely be going down South to get one because Rogers is only offering black. I’d prefer a red or yellow.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks, Jarret. I’ll share your comment internally.

  32. skinnypig

    It’s been said a million times but it’s worth repeating, offering the Lumia 920 in black only is such a dumb decision. Not even in Red? You know, ROGERS’ and CANADA’s colour??

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi skinnypig,

      Black is the version that we’ve announced so far but we’re always open to review our offering based on what you have to say. I’ll forward your feedback internally.

  33. Nathan

    Just like everyone else says… no colour = no sale

    After your exclusivity runs out (hopefully it’s only a month), it’ll be good to see your competitors offering it in all available colours… especially cyan!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Nathan,

      As I’ve mentioned to others, we’re always open to review our lineups based on customers’ feedback.

  34. Camila

    Oh no! Why Lumia 920 in black only???? It’s so disappointing! We want more colors!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Camila,

      What colour(s) would you like to see?

      1. Camila

        I want yellow… and my husband red!

  35. Sean

    Also add my disappointment in lack of colour options. I’m on SaskTel and considering switching, even though Rogers coverage is abyssmal in Saskatchewan, just to get the 920, but my purchase will be slower and may now come in the form of an unlocked phone so I don’t have to switch.
    Oh, because I’m a bit surprised by other comments, colour is one factor, but that’s icing on a cake that brings the best screen in a smartphone, best camera in a smartphone, NFC, wireless charging, Dolby Headphone, Nokia exclusive apps including the best navigation app in a smartphone – THOSE are the reasons I want a 920 over the rest!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Sean,

      We’re always reviewing our offering based on customers’ feedback. Take the Lumia 900, we originally offered it in black before bringing in the Cyan one.

      What’s your favorite colour?

      1. Dave

        No disrespect, Nicolas, but how did Rogers not learn a lesson last time?? People were upset then, people are upset now. Bringing other colours to the market 3 months later is useless. The people like myself… those people that have been following the L920 progress for months, the early adopters… We don’t want to wait until 3 months later, and we don’t want to be stuck with black.

        More colours from Day 1, that is the ONLY solution.

      2. Gordon

        Yeah but you brought in Cyan too late after people settled for the Black version thinking other colours would never come. You also brought it out after it was revealed that it wouldn’t be compatible with Windows Phone 8.

        With those 2 points, i imagine sales of the Black version were stronger, leading to the 920 decision, but that’s unfair because of how the 900 Cyan launch was botched.

  36. Matthieu

    Rogers can do an informal poll here to have some feedback about the color choices: Black, Cyan, Gray, Red and Yellow.

    My preferences: Gray, Cyan, Red, Black.

    1. Dave

      Don’t forget white!

  37. Karim

    Will be buying my phone unlocked due to lack of colour options from Rogers. Very disappointing…

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Karim,

      What is the colour you’d like to see?

      1. Vincent

        I’m debating between either yellow or white, but I shouldn’t have to tell you which colours to bring in. You should make all of them available so that I can make my own decision. Who knows, I might even change my mind and go for cyan.

        Here’s something to pass on to your team. One of your Roger’s reps said you would not be carrying other colours because the 900 did not sell well and therefore the 920 wouldn’t sell well and therefore there’s no point in bringing in other colours.

        Seriously? Is that the kind of logic that gets thrown around at HQ also? Or is this kind of thinking reserved just for your front end customer service reps?

        As other people have said, the reason most customers buy black phones is because there is very little choice. The reason the 900 cyan didn’t sell well is because you didn’t make it available until it was already known that there would be no upgrade path to ver 8.0 so most people decided to wait. And not only that, but by that time most of the people who really wanted the cyan had already purchased a black because they didn’t have a choice at launch. The reason the 900 is not selling well now is that everybody’s waiting for the 920. So to think that current slow winphone sales are a sign of things to come is seriously dumb. If anything it’s a sign that people are waiting for the newer version.

        And finally, to predict future results based on past results is incredibly short sighted. So many things have changed. This phone is 10X better than the 900. The OS is 10X better than the previous version. And the competition is not nearly as exciting as it used to be.

        I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at how popular these new windows phones are going to be. And for Rogers to offer this phone in only black means Rogers is going to miss the boat as most people will be ordering online or driving south. What a missed opportunity for you guys. Whoever’s making the decisions over there should be replaced.

      2. Rogers_Chris

        Thanks for your feedback Vincent.

  38. j

    920 in red or yellow. black? Nope. I will just get one elsewhere and unlock it.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi j,

      Customers’ feedback is always welcome. What’s your favorite model?

  39. Moe

    Unfortunately for the Canadian market, it is heavily influenced by the presence of the two tone iPhone devices (black or white) which is fine, but it leaves little to no innovation to allow other manufacturers to crack the market and do something different IF CHOICE is driven by the ISP’s just like Rogers is doing.

    I am greatly disapointed by the lack of color options for both the Lumia and HTC devices provided by Rogers. Color variations are the driving distinction of Windows Phone 8 devices, and it seems that Rogers is failing at doing its own research. Someone is playing the guessing game.”uhhhh…. Black??”

    P.S. I am a current Rogers customer with a Samsung Focus and It looks like I will also grab my Windows Phone 8 device from south of the border.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Moe,

      Thanks for sharing. What’s your favorite colour?

      We’re always open to review our offering evne though we originally announced the black version.

      1. Moe

        Thank you for replying Nicolas. I don’t think it’s about a favorite colour but more about giving the customers options.

        If I had a choice, I would pick White, Red, or Silver for the Lumia 920 and red for the HTC 8X.

        Anything but black.

  40. Daniel

    I really want the lumia 920, but I don’t want black. I want cyan or white. make it happen rogers. otherwise, the lumia 920 will fail, and it’s not nokia’s fault, it’s not Microsoft’s fault, it’s your fault for not providing variety to you customers.

  41. Rob

    Thanks Nicolas for looking into this. There is a lot of buzz about this phone. Would be nice to see Rogers get it right with all the colors and all the accessory charging pads, etc.

    For those asking for Cyan, the Nokia-announced colors for the 920 are black, white, red, yellow and gray. My vote is for YELLOW (gloss) or GRAY (matte). By the way, for those who missed it, here is a link to the Nokia ad mocking Apple 5 for the lack of color choices:

    1. Gordon

      Rob, Nokia has announced a Cyan 920 with AT&T in the US and it’s even matte like the 900. I see no reason why this couldn’t be made available in other countries.

      Make it happen, Rogers!

  42. Andy

    So Rogers…. 73 comments, 50+ of which are people complaining about the lack of colour choices. And all you can say is “black is the preferred choice”?! Think you dropped the ball?

    I was set to buy two Lumia 920s on launch day, one for me and one for my wife. Now I’m buying them unlocked elsewhere and I’ll look into switching when I do.

    What a boneheaded move.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Andy,

      I’m sure you’ve seen my previous comments. We’d like to know what you want.
      Is there any specific colour you’re interested in?

      1. Andy

        I would buy a blue or white for my wife and a yellow for myself. But here’s a thought… Instead of doing stupid polls and asking what people want so you can throw in one more colour, why not just offer ALL the colours and let people choose? If Nokia is making it in 6 colours, offer 6 colours! Don’t arbitrarily choose colours and force customers to get something they don’t want.

        As much as you guys come on here and pretend like you’re “listening to customers”, I’d be willing to bet good money that absolutely nothing will be done about this. And to prove my point, once the Lumia gets released and is still only available in black, I’ll come back here and post a big I TOLD YOU SO.

        The ball is in your court. Prove me wrong.

      2. PK

        A perfect response. I second this!

      3. Andy

        Well, here we have it. The Lumia 920 has officially been released and is now shipping from Rogers. Only in black. My comment, as promised:

        I TOLD YOU SO.

      4. Andy Ramsay

        Right on Brother! and from another Andy who is a rogers customer not on contract and was waiting for a Yellow L920, I’ll tell ya you most likely lost me as a customer from signing a new contract. And if I’m going to go to a different wireless provider it’s a 99.9% sure thing my cabe TV, internet and phone are going with it. I don’t see how any huge company like rogers can’t see to carry 6 (SIX!!) measly colours for a flagship phone line like this. I’m so disappointed and shocked it’s unbelievable.

      5. Keith

        My order of preference in colour is: cyan, yellow, red. I’m not interested in black or grey.

  43. Nal

    its clearly people want colorful phones just offer Lumia 920 and 8x with cyan and red you win and your customers will be happy

    and thank you for offering best windows phones to your customers :)

  44. Its pretty clear from all the feedback your getting on Twitter, Facebook, Other news sites and on here that customers want the other color options!

    Its like buying a new car and you can only get black while the brochure clearly says it comes in 5 other colors!

    I would love a cyan but wouldn’t mind a red one either, after all it is Rogers’ color and Canadian as it gets!

    You have about 2 week left to fix it! Please do so :)


  45. Karim

    Hey Rogers Nicolas,

    Would be nice to see red, cyan and yellow. My preference would be red. Appreciate the fact that someone from Rogers is actually reading this message board.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for the feedback! Not only reading it, we’re also sharing what you have to say with our internal teams.

  46. Dave

    Just want to say “Me too” to this issue of no colour selection. Please read all of the comments above and you’ll know how I also feel.

    The L920 is all about choice. If you’re going to force every Canadian to use Rogers (L920 exclusivity) for this, don’t screw us by not even giving us colour choice. Completely unfair. (Note, I’ve been with Rogers for years and I was completely happy until I heard about this “black only” nonsense. My contract is done, if someone else had other colours and you didn’t, I’d be gone).

    As someone mentioned above, don’t you DARE say “black only” and then add colours 2 months later. If I get attached to another 3 year contract (no other country has 3 year contracts) with a crap black 920, then you release colour variety 2-3 months later, I’ll be furious and you can say goodbye that same day.

    SOLUTION: Stop screwing your customers. Add all colours on Day 1 and you’ll make many customers very happy.

    PS RogersNicolas has been doing some great crowd control, let’s hope his forwards to “internal” help! Thanks, Nicolas.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the extensive feedback. As I mentioned to others, it’s really appreciated.

      I know where you’re all coming from and I’ll continue sharing your comment with our teams.

      1. Dave

        I didn’t have a chance to tell you my colour choice!

        White all the way. I know white is usually boring and comes on many phones, but the white on the Lumia 920 just looks incredible.

        As do the other non-black colours. ;)

      2. RogersNicolas

        Thanks for sharing. It’s much appreciated!

  47. Steve

    No offense RogersNicolas, but when everyone is telling you they want another colour for the Nokia 920, and you keep asking “what’s your favourite model?”, it sounds like you’re not listening and just towing the company line.


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Steve,

      We want to know more because we’re definitely listening. I’ve been forwarding every single response we’ve received internally. I might indeed ask “what’s your favorite model?”, “what colour would you like to see?” or even “which colour would you prefer?” but ultimately, you are right, there aren’t 1,000 ways to ask the same question but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. Feel free to share your feedback on that end!

      1. Matthieu

        Sorry RogersNicolas you seem to care but it’s also appeared as a one-way conversation. It has been 3 weeks now that the Social team of Rogers is forwarding the concerns about the lack of colors (here, on the community forums and on Twitter). So please share with us the result of your “fowardings”.

      2. RogersNicolas

        As you know we wouldn’t make further comments on a device that hasn’t launched yet but we’ll share with everyone if/when there’s any news on that end.

      3. John

        No comment needed. Just a simple yes or no will do for most of us… Will Rogers be selling Lumia 920’s in any color other than black in the next 6 months? Answering yes will make many many people happy and keep them in your camp or maybe even move them to your camp. Saying nothing at all is just as bad as saying no and will cost you customers. So just be honest. Keep us in the loop. Be straight with us and we’ll be straight with you. Quit filibustering and toss us a frickin bone already! (Also please realize this is directed at Rogers the company and not you personally Nicolas. Thank you for at least creating the illusion they are listening.)

      4. RogersNicolas

        Hi John,

        At that time, we have announced the black version and we wouldn’t comment on the launch of upcoming models. Note that this position is not specific to this device in particular. This said, we’d definitely keep everyone in the loop.

        Thanks for sharing!

      5. Dave

        John’s comment about “a simple yes or no”

        I fully agree, although I’d say within the next 2-3 months at most. In 6 months, Nokia will already be promoting whatever is next. The sooner the better when we’re stuck with 3-year contracts. Phones are always completely outdated by the end of a Rogers contract as is.

  48. David

    Seriously, I have not met anyone who has used a Windows Phone (even though only 7.5 versions) that has any interest in a black device. Even everyone I know who has an iPhone, always wants to have them in White (even though typically hidden by a protective shield of some

    Rogers really needs to ensure that they have the additional Colours, and if it is Nokia causing this on ‘initial release’ month, they need to wise up as well. The big thing with the Windows Phone is to make them stand out…..currently you couldnt tell the difference between a Samung Focus Win7 device and an Samsung Android device (not including screens when on of course!).

    I love my Windows Phone, and would upgrade (paying through the nose I am sure as I have only had one for under 2 years) but not if they are only in boring black…..and at least let us know in advance, if a ‘wait one month for Red/Cyan, etc’ type thing is going to be the case!

    Please reconsider the colour options!!!

  49. patrick

    More colors for Lumia 920 please!!!!! What’s the point of selling a black lumia 920????

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Patrick,

      Which colour(s) in particular would you like to see?

  50. John

    I’m a long time Rogers customer and have reserved my black L920 as that seems to be my only option. However for the love of all that is holy, please let us know if more color options are on the way. I WILL take my business elsewhere if you make me sign a new 3yr contract (which i’m okay with) for a black 920, then slap us dedicated customers in the face by offering all the colors 2 months later! Why punish us who are at the front lines supporting your company? If colors are limited then release the colors as limited editions from day one then downsize to just black as supplies run out. Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned! Or something along those lines…

  51. dentaku

    The colours of Nokia’s phones is what makes them stand out in stores. It also adds that extra push that makes people want to upgrade/switch.
    Offering only black does nothing to get people excited.
    The classic Cyan is great, the yellow is quite unique and the red would be perfect for Rogers.

  52. J

    I pre-ordered the black… but was hoping for the red… I think I’ll be ok until I see someone with a red one and then I will probably feel remorse :-(

  53. ICUH

    Enough with Lumia phone…
    I want to know more about ATIV smart pc.
    1) Will it have 4g (LTE) capability?
    2) Will rogers offer ATIV smart pc PRO?

    1. RogersNicolas


      It’ll indeed be LTE capable. At that time, we don’t have any info to share regarding a PRO version.

      1. ICUH

        I am quiet disappointed.
        I would have waited to buy ATIV PC pro with LTE from Rogers
        But now its availability is vague, I am beginning to consider other retailers for purchase.
        Just to remind you Rogers, people will be please to buy when they have option to choose from just like Lumia color option.
        And I believe Pro version has better rating than non-pro.

  54. Philip

    Sign me up for a yellow lumia 920. If it’s black, I’ll send it back!

  55. Rushan

    Asking us what colour we’d like to see is a misunderstanding of the situation. I’d personally like either a White or Red one. Many others want Cyan or Yellow. Some want Grey. Others want Black. The marketing behind the Lumia is choice and variety. By limiting that, you’re already going against the branding Nokia has been working on.

    Why in the world did your company bid to be the exclusive carrier of a product they don’t seem to want to work together with the OEM to sell? I’d rather have purchased from one of your competitors and unlocked it to use until my contract with you ran out if this was the case.

  56. Darren

    I would also like to chime in that the big draw of the Lumia phones is the colour. People may prefer black when all they have to choose from is BLACK and WHITE but I want something different, that is why I am waiting for WP8 and Nokia Lumia devices. I don’t want black or white. I was very excited about the Lumia devices coming to Rogers but I will wait until it is available in colour. I can’t believe you think people only want black.

  57. Matt

    I already had to buy the Lumia 900 in the states because you didn’t offer it in cyan from the start. Please don’t make me have to do this again for the 920 and offer it in RED or YELLOW! Thank you!

  58. DenisM

    you can get any color you want as long as it’s black

  59. Chris

    ROGERS, stop your boring color offering and give us some choices.
    Nokia pushes the design enveloppe and you keep bringing only black. What is wrong with you? Are you scared of being stuck with unsold inventory because of the radical colors?
    This is not fun anymore because if you do like with the Lumia 900, your early adopters are disadvantaged since you’ll bring the fun stuff later.

    1. Chris

      And before you ask me, I want a yellow one.

      1. RogersNicolas

        Thanks, Chris!

    2. Chris

      And, to conclude this topic, you’re exactly doing it wrong with this color issue.

      Considering the fact that this phone is penta-band, there is absolutely no problem with getting it unlocked from the USA and putting on your network. And if you don’t act fast enough, this is what is going to happen for many of us.

      Your conservatism on this topic is disapointing and I wish Rogers shows some leadership in this area.

  60. Jordan

    The whole marketing campaign for the Lumia revolves around the different colour options. It CANT cost Rogers any more money to offer some of the other colours, so I don;t really understand why its only in black. I wanted to get the grey one, but now Im not sure what to do. I think people really just want to know WHY black is the only option.

  61. TheDoros

    I’m going to have to chime in with the rest and agree that black only is quite disappointing.

    Also as someone else had previously mentioned with this phone being pentaband can easily be purchased over the border, unlocked, and used here. I can see myself more seriously exploring options and plans with other carriers if such is the case.

    Oh and red or grey would be nice. (need to be up close and personel first to decide)

  62. Jonathan

    I am currently paying monthly with rogers as I wait for the 920 but again I am frustrated by black. If yellow is offered up in short order I’ll gladly snag one – yellow looks very nice when you change the UI colour to match as well. I might be pursuaded to jump on another colour but not grey or black.
    First carrier to put up yellow at a normal price will get my dollars.

  63. rogers customer

    I’m pretty choked by the lack of color as well. Was hoping for yellow or blue. My contract is up, so I guess I’m out. Apparently I won’t be able to get the phone I want, the way I want from Rogers. Very poor! This was the exact reason I didn’t buy a 900 either by the way.

  64. Kevin

    Please please release the cyan model for the Nokia Lumia 920!

  65. Aaron

    My colour preference would be Cyan first followed by Red, Yellow, White. I’m can probably wait till sometime in December, but if it is 3 to 6 months later that no good.

  66. Ken

    The Lumia is all about the colours, why would Rogers only limit the availability to only Black? I was goning to to give up my Black company supplied phone to go to my own simply for the colours, but now I don’t think so. I’d like to see the available colours (in order of preference) Cyan, Red, Yellow, White, Grey and lastly Black.

  67. Gerald

    Sign me up for a Yellow Lumia 920. So happy when Rogers announced they would carry the phone. Then I was frustrated again when they said it would only be coming in black. I’ve seen Rogers carry 8 different colours for Blackberries before. Why can’t you do the same for the Lumia? I’ve been waiting 2 years to get rid of my Blackberry. I can wait longer if I know you’ll carry the yellow 920 down the road. Do me a solid and carry the other colours. Otherwise, I’ll be looking online for the best offer on a yellow Lumia 920.

  68. Jeremy Tang

    Anyone know where we can get unlocked phones with the color we want?

  69. Calvin Diggs

    I’m with the million of other potential customers out there that think this is an epic fail by Rogers. Not offering a choice of colors means that someone on your team didn’t do their homework. I’m looking for my phone as soon as it’s available south of the border.

  70. Keith

    You might have converted me from Bell had you offered the 920 in more colours but no way I’ll ever own another boring black phone in my lifetime and I’ll be glad when they go the way of the beige computer.

  71. Ben

    Also hugely dissapointed to see black only. Nokia release a cool european add campaign knocking other smart phone manufacturers for sticking to black and now canadians don’t get to enjoy that same choice.

    I’m so sick of being left behind as a Canadian.

  72. Shan

    You absolutely need colour options for the Lumia 920. I was planning on getting this device as my first smartphone but that won’t be happening if I have to get it in black. If you offer either cyan or red I’ll get it in a heartbeat.

  73. Jingles

    Will the Lumia 920 come in cyan eventually?

  74. David

    are u guys seriously only offering black as the single option? this is ridiculous. i am only buying it when there is an yellow option

  75. Dean

    The whole marketing point of Nokia’s Lumia is to “stand out” of the crowd, that’s why they offer beautiful colours. To own a Windows 8 phone, in itself, is to be unique, since more people own iPhone and Android devices. To only offer black is insulting. I really wanted this phone. I was willing to switch to Rogers, but I will not settle for black because Rogers only wants to cater to a statistical demographic. If Rogers was a car dealer, would they only offer black cars to their customers?

    Frankly, it’s embarrassing as a Canadian that Third World countries without running water have more Nokia Lumia 920 colour options than we do.

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Thanks for your feedback everyone, we’re listening and sharing it internally!

      1. John

        But is it changing anything?? Is anyone there fighting our fight? Or do they just shrug and say “meh” when you share this internally with them?

      2. Vincent

        I also would like to know if any of this feedback is having any impact. How many weeks now have people been screaming in your ear that they want color choices and still Rogers can’t say “o.k. we understand you want colors so we will be offering all colors”. How hard is that?

        The fact that Rogers still has not responded to all these requests tells me that they’re still not convinced. What’s it going to take for Rogers to understand and admit that THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT WE WANT?

        What’s going on inside of Rogers? We know what’s going on out here, but despite your vague assurances it does not appear that anybody at HQ is actually listening. It’s like talking to a brick wall that’s been programmed to say “Thanks for your feedback. We really care!”. Yeah, right. Prove it!

  76. G

    Black is SOOOO boring Rogers. I’m actually looking to buy an unlocked version for full price from the US or international model, rather than get a coring black one.

  77. Dmo

    Please add me to the list of people who are disappointing by the black only option on the Nokia Lumina 920. With all the marketing showing (pushing) the colour options of the phone, it feels like we are getting kinda screwed over with the black only.

    I don’t think this exclusive is having the positive effect on Rogers probably intended… its like screwing *everyone* over… not just Rogers customers.

    For me, I’d like Yellow.

  78. Mac

    When will rogers be releasing more information regarding the Nokia Lumia 920 launch? Pricing etc?

  79. Reuben

    Its a red 32gb lumia 920 or bust for me. Please for the live of God get some colour choices for the lumias, or I will be going elsewhere.

  80. Michael

    Any color other than black for the HTC 8X would suffice. Would prefer the purple or the neon.

  81. Kevin

    Hi Nicolas,

    I am sure you are sick of hearing the same thing over and over again, however I think this forum proves that there is a rather large following of Windows Phone users here in Canada that really want more options than the lackluster offerings from Apple and Android.

    Despite the fact that I would love to have ALL colour options available to choose from, I think it’s pretty obious that I can speak for the rest of us that Red and Yellow would be the most obvious – that being said, I would take anything except for black. I’m currently using a Lumia 900 in black, and although I don’t mind it, I certainly need a change.

    For those of you who think that Nicolas is simplying replying for the sake of replying, I’ve been working in Social Media for a few years and we take client feedback very seriously, as I’m sure Nicolas and the rest of the Social Media team do also.

    Keep up the great work!

  82. Dave

    Kevin, great comment, but please don’t “speak for the rest of us” and say red an yellow.

    I’m all for white, then cyan, grey. The message we need to get across is that they should carry all colours as Nokia intended. AT&T is carrying all but grey, 5/6 colours ain’t bad!

    1. Kevin

      Hey Dave, I was only basing it on the comments that I read through. I would personally prefer the white.

      I read one comment that suggested that Rogers could release a couple of colours and then make the additional few “Custom Order”. It may be too much to ask that Rogers carry all six, however I think this is an excellent idea, and will help deter Canadians from looking to At&t, Expansys etc.

      I was incredibly surprised that Rogers decided to release it with only one colour option, especially since this concern was brought up with the Lumia 900 – resulting in the release of the Cyan.

  83. Peter

    Yes, I’m ready for the next big thing… in colours! Bringing this phone only in black is a crime. Getting my yellow lumia would be enough reason to switch to Rogers… but I guess thiw won’t happen.

    1. RogersNicolas

      To quote a public Canadian personality: never say never. We definitely want to know more about what you think as we’re always reviewing our offering based on feedback.

      1. Peter

        It is absolutely critical to bring variety of colours at launch. I’m not waiting; I’m getting my yellow Lumia as soon as it’s out. It’s not about bringing them _eventually_. It’s about bringing them when they are released. I don’t know what homework your marketing did. I know no one who would want a black Lumia 920. The whole point id to stand out of the black and white crowd.

  84. Philip

    I hate the fact I can’t buy the phone (specifically, in yellow) I want at launch time. But if I wait long enough, maybe Rogers will look down upon us & “bless” us by giving us what we want, in 6 months!

  85. Vivian

    One of the main selling points of the Lumia 920 is the vibrant colour choices, and Rogers decides to only offer it in banal black? That’s just ridiculous and short-sighted; a clear indication that Rogers doesn’t understand their own products nor their customer base. And don’t think this is a trivial gripe since the Lumia 920 is such a beautifully and well designed phone that also matches quite well with the aesthetics of the Windows Phone 8 OS that it would be a crime to attach a bulky case to it and cover it up like an ordinary iPhone.

    My #1 choice that I would buy in a heartbeat is the matte Cyan that is being offered by AT&T in the States. Red and yellow would follow.

    Come on, you couldn’t even offer the RED option that would match Rogers’ brand identity which is clearly important considering this very “Redboard”. Really dropping the ball here, Rogers.

    Maybe the higher ups think that the Lumia just won’t sell well enough and that’s why they limit their stock to just black, but really, it is these kinds of short-sighted decisions by Rogers and other phone companies that is helping prevent the Lumia and other Windows Phones from being more popular here in Canada.

  86. YD

    Who wants a black phone when you can have colour? Hope you get the 920 in the other colours and save me the hassle of switching to another provider. I’ve been with Rogers for over 10 years and really don’t want to switch….

  87. Erran

    If there is someone actually tracking colour preference, than feel free to add a vote for Cyan and/or White.

    Currently new to the Toronto region, and was leaning towards Bell, but with the Lumia 920 being exclusive to Rogers for the 6 months, I would go Rogers then. However, limited to black with a November 12 release date just makes me want to pick up an unlocked phone and head over to Bell until Rogers is off exclusivity.

    Thank you for taking note.

  88. Tony

    Question for the experts…

    If I bought one unlocked (North American of course), will all features work on Rogers? I’ve heard text and picture messaging sometime doesn’t work on unlocked phones unless you got the phone from the carrier (Rogers).

    Rogers needs to offer the other colors even if it means a special order and we’d have to wait for delivery. I’d buy three right away to replace our iPhone 3GS’s, 2 yellow and one red.

    Hoping for choice!

    1. Derek

      I played with a Samsung Ativ S for a couple and found that you can now manually add the messaging APN for different networks so all should work good with WP8:)

      1. lumia920

        how about tethering?

  89. Kayla

    I, too, am concerned with the lack of color options. One of the major selling features of the phone is the variety of colors that Nokia has produced. Please bring either yellow or cyan to Canada. If not, I may wait to see if other carriers will provide color options once the rogers exclusive release is over.

  90. Marco

    As anyone tried to reserve a Lumia 920 and succeded?
    I’ve been trying since its been announced and never managed to do it. Everytime i hit the “reserve” button noting happen. If i uncheck the “I agree” box and hit reserve i get a error prompting me to check the box but it will never summit once it is checked.

  91. Henri

    Same comment as everyone else… 920 in anything but black, but my preference would be red. No colour… no sale.

  92. nicolas

    I’m waiting to switch to windows phone for almost a year and get rid of my aging Iphone (once and for all). The plan was to switch to whatever carrier that offers the Lumia 920 and buy it (I’m not a Rogers client). Colors of choice are yellow and white but any color but “boring black” could be a viable option. People that are looking for a Lumia 920 are tired of their black Iphone or Android phones.

  93. Hamza Faran

    Need more colors, Rogers!
    I want yellow!

  94. Alex

    the whole point of windows phone is something different and if its in boring black, then its the same.

  95. Sarah

    Add my name to the list of people who would like to see colour options for the Lumia 920. I am currently with TELUS and my contract expires next month. I would switch to Rogers for a grey 920 but would settle for any other cooler except black. My husband wants the cyan and thinks he will have to buy it from the US unlocked because Rogers won’t offer it soon enough. I suppose we’ll just have to get two.

    Save us the trouble and cost Rogers. Just offer up some colours and you will have two very happy customers signing a 3 year contract with you.

  96. Mark

    I got the black Lumia 900, but I am definitely not getting another black phone, or white for that matter.

  97. Fransic

    The great news: you folks are going to have the coolest and most innovative phones on the market (thanks Nokia and Windows Phone!). The not-so-great-news: black as the only option? Seriously? Please introduce the colours that allow us to reflect our preferences and personality. At the very least, do the Red Nokia (Rogers and Red, the branding fits!). Personally I like the yellow because it’s silly and loud, or cyan because it’s cool and fun. But black? It’s the last choice (and I work in a corporate environment). Michelle, please help correct this and give us (your customers) some much needed choice. You (and Rogers :) ) will garner some true fans.

  98. Philip

    Interesting fact….. not a single posting on red board has had as many comments as this posting, this year. Mind you I only went back a year, maybe it’s ever!

  99. John V

    I use Rogers for my TV and Internet, but if the Lumia 920 is only in black then I will just stay with Bell. No compeeling reason to switch for a boring black phone.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi John,

      What colour would you like to see?

  100. Joe

    Really disappointed to hear that this is only being offered in black. For a phone with so many color options I would expect Rogers to at least offer a few different colors.

    I really would like the grey Lumia 920…perhaps it would be better to pick it up south of the border…

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks everyone for your continued feedback. We’re listening and sharing your thoughts internally.

  101. Mike Darling

    new phone i need, nokia 920 is what i want… only black? this is a sad day, you should offer free switch to one of the other colors when they come out. i will surely want that. I am tired of black phones.

    I want a Nokia 920 Yellow! it is so bright and cheery


    I thought the rogers color was red. You would figure they would get that color first.

  102. lumia920

    Hello Rogers,

    Any update on the different colors?

    1. Peter

      Yes, it’s been a while Rogers. We would like to see how your customers’ feedback is working. I’m really trying not to be sarcastic here…

    2. Francois

      I insist, talk to us and confirm more colours.

  103. Ozair

    To all the Roger reps who are replying. i understand your hands are tied since you cannot reveal any information on the phone. i honestly hope you guys are truly sharing this feedback (i think you are) i personally have always had a Nokiea(buy it unlocked) and i use a rogers plan. just last year i went on contract with BB (worst decision of my life).i was going to get the L900 but i knew Nokia would come with coemthing better. and this L920 is that better. and coming in yellow (im a pittsbugh steelers and penguins fan for you sport nuts out there) and having a black and yellow phone was fate.

    i just ask, like the rest of us are, try and release more colours. i would personally prefer yellow, but even white would be better than black. if you saw Nokia’s ad on youtube. they emhpasize do not get a dull phone. get a Nokia and they show off the colours.

    Thanks :)

  104. Jack L.

    Please please please add more colors!

    I’d love to see red for my wife and grey for myself!

  105. Roger

    I would like to know if providing black only is something decided by Rogers? Or is black all you can get from Nokia?

    If this is your decision, then you really do suck as expressed by the other posts.

    1. Roger

      Hello??? Is there anybody there?

      1. RogersNicolas

        Hi Roger,

        As mentioned to others, we have indeed announced the black version but we’re always open to review our offering based on your feedback.
        We’ll keep everyone posted if/when there’s any info on that end.

      2. Nick

        If and when will be like they did with the 900, 6 months later they launch a second colour. How about you launch with more then one colour. AT&T did, why can’t rogers? It’s things like this that make me feel like rogers doesn’t care and just want’s my money.

  106. Matt

    I was so set on getting the Lumia 920, but only in 1 color? Rogers, c’mon. Canada is already the laughing stock of the digital world, and now we get one cryptic color. Ugh. Yellow please!

  107. Glen

    I’ll sign up to the first Canadian cell provider who offers the Nokia Lumia 920 in a colour other than black. I’m patient.

  108. Amir Moazzami

    If at launch Rogers only has the black version, then I’ll do what many other Canadians did with the Lumia 900. I’ll buy the US/International version full price and won’t sign a contract with Rogers. I want ANY colouration except black. Any.

  109. Francois

    I would have liked a Nokia Lumia 920 in any other colour (why only black?).

  110. Kevin

    I had planned on getting the 920, but I won’t be if it’s only in black. I would love to see a cyan option!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for the feedback!

  111. RogersEgo

    Dear complainers,
    Thank you for your comments but don’t you know that we at Rogers know what you really need & want more than you do. If the black Lumia 920 doesn’t sell, it’s not because we didn’t offer it in any other colour other then black. No, it’s because Windows phone 8 isn’t what you wanted! Please try to remember, we know what is best for you.
    Yours truly

    1. RogersNicolas


      Sorry you feel that way. We do believe that Social Media are more about listening than talking. The feedback we get on Redboard, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums is really important to us. We do not pretend such things and have already reviewed many services, products and policies based on what people had to say.

  112. CyberKnight

    I just finished reading the posts here and I think the message is clear : Rogers, people want colorful Lumia 920. Can it be simpler than that.

    I am a Rogers client and I have a Lumia 900 that I bought as soon as it came out. I’ll you you guess what color it is. And I’ll also let you guess how I felt several weeks later when Rogers finally decided to offer it in cyan, the most desired Lumia color in the USA. This is not a very nice way to treat your early adopters that usually pay the premium price on devices.

    Like all the people here, I want the Lumia 920 in anything but black. YELLOW is for me.
    I actually planned to get my Lumia 920 on launch day but, since the Rogers way to greet early adopters is to force them to have a boring black phone, I’ll wait this time. Furthermore, if you don’t want my money, I’ll also get it unlocked

    Now, please, get your act together and listen to what your faithful clients are requesting.
    Finally, coming out clean on this topic would also be appreciated by the people who took the time to reach you via this board. Will we have color choices on the Lumia 920 or not?

    1. RogersNicolas


      Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear about your previous experience with the Lumia 900.
      We definitely have a lot of consideration for early adopters and are equally excited by new devices.

      At that time, we have only announced the black model but would let everyone know if/when another colour becomes available.

  113. Razko

    Red, yellow or even gray over a black 920!
    I’m going to have to reconsider upgrading to a 920.

  114. JTF

    Not bringing in more colors for the Nokia 920 is absurd. Come on. The colors are what make these phones really stand out initially. How can Rogers be sticking to black?

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi JTF,

      We’re definitely open to review our offering based on what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
      What colour do you prefer for that phone?

  115. Jay

    Add colour red or yellow please to the lumia hype! Hope Rogers can deliver in time for the holidays.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for sharing, Jay! We’re sharing your comments internally.

  116. Elvin

    I’m glad rogers is listening. not sure if they’re doing anything about it though. My main issue is that I WANT to support rogers – in so much as I like the subsidy and don’t mind signing a contract. I WANT to support nokia and WP8. and I want to do it at launch. So for my loyalty, I’m rewarded with a black phone, and possible other colours after launch (6 months?) that I want now but can’t get? (yellow or red)

    So I either get a phone I don’t really want and get screwed by rogers on colour – or I have to wait for a phone that MIGHT be coming.

    Please. Please, surprise us all rogers. prove us all wrong. offer more colours at launch, and allow those that have reserved a black one to change their choice. There’s so much desire for a non android non ios phone that’s good. this is that phone. customers will happily come to you for this phone if you stop shooting yourself in the foot.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Elvin,

      We’re also really excited about the launch of WP8.
      We’ll let everyone know of our latest news on that end.

      1. Kapadia

        Almost all tech sites are reporting that the Nokia Lumia 920 is coming out to certain locations tomorrow, with wider availability over the next few days

  117. Kadz

    Black Nokia 920 = no purchase.
    Coloured Nokia 920 = first day purchase.
    It’s as simple as that. Get with the program Rogers!

  118. Xsever

    We would like the Nokia Lumia 920 in more colors please.

    1. RogersNicolas


      Thanks for sharing. Which colour(s) would you like to see?

  119. Matt

    So pissed that it is only in black what the heck. I would have got the lumia 900 in cyan if they had it on day one and they didn’t they waited so I didn’t buy it. Now they are only having black in 920. I will wait and hopefully they will release colours for it.

  120. Dave

    Well Rogers. Microsoft has given the official roll-out of Windows Phone 8 software and has discussed the availability of numerous handsets on American carriers.

    Please give us a release date for the Nokia Lumia 920, as well as the updated list of available colours for launch. :)


  121. Ginny

    I was all excited about Rogers carrying the 920, until I saw that it was only in Black. Come on Rogers – we’re in CANADA! Red! What is your corporate colour – Red!

    Please carry the 920 in RED!

    1. RogersNicolas

      Thanks for your feedback!

  122. Nick

    Will Rogers be launching any other colours besides Black for the lumia 920? If not i’ll just go to Wind when they launch in Windsor next month. I want choices, i don’t want to be told what i get, hence why i’m not getting an iPhone.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Nick,

      We don’t have any news to share at that time but we’re listening to what customers have to say. What colour(s) do you want to see?

      1. Nick

        I really want it in yellow, or cyan. either would be great but my first choice is yellow. If you release it i will stay with Rogers and renew. And by release it, i mean withing a week or two of the phone launching now 6 or 12 months later….i won’t even bother staying with rogers.

      2. Nick

        I would like to see Yellow or Cyan, preferably Cyan please :). I’m really looking forward to this phone at launch, please please please have more then just black at launch.

        Thank You

  123. Wayne

    I personally prefer black but too bad the black 8X only comes in with 8GB storage, I want the black 16GB version

    totally agree with the comment on lack of colours and options for this device launch.

  124. Yong Li

    I don’t want black lumia. White or other colors, please! I don’t know why rogers doesn’t want people to choose colors and then forwards the order to nokia.. I can wait a few weeks.

  125. TyantA

    Definitely echoing the lack of colour issue. My wife has been waiting for a Lumia device since… well, before she was my wife! It happened too late for the 900 and I thought for sure Rogers would come out with at least a few options with the 920. This is pretty disappointing. I don’t know how to break the news to her that she’s got to hang on to her monochrome Nokia candybar dumb phone a little longer… (with no real answer in sight).

    P.S. Her (and my) preference would be white please! :)

    1. RogersNicolas


      Thanks for leaving a comment. Forwarded to our internal team.
      We’ll share all the info soon.

  126. Devin

    Just wanted to throw my hat into the mix: I too am looking at getting a Lumia 920 when it is released and would much prefer to get a colored one over a BORING black one. I REALLY want to support WP8 and ditch my aging iPhone 3GS (which I can’t stand anymore) but unless you offer colored versions of the 920 within a couple of months of launch (I will be updating my phone in January) I’m not sure I will be staying with Rogers.

    The order of colors I would consider are: Cyan, Red, Yellow, White, Grey, Black. Notice how black would be my choice.

    1. Devin

      EDIT: I misplaced a word :D That last sentence should be “Notice how black would be my LAST choice.”

  127. Steve

    Well, Rogers officially announced the launch of WP8. Apparently, the Nokia Lumia 920 will be on sale TOMMOROW (October 30 in select stores).

    So RogersNicolas, should we wait a few weeks for another (any) colour to be released or are we wasting our time and should persue other options?

    Just let us know so we can plan accordingly.


    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Steve,

      We’ll keep everyone posted if there’s any news regarding new colours.

  128. NewToRogers

    I am in the market for a new smartphone and new service provider. Patiently, I have been waiting for the new Lumia 920 because I believe it will be the best smartphone in the market this year. I have never signed a contract with Rogers (or any other provider) before, let alone a 3-year contract, but I would be willing to do that if Rogers were to release the Lumia 920 in a variety of COLOURS. Specifically Yellow. Rogers chose to make a big move and sell the Nokia 920 exclusively – with that decision comes great responsibility. You get to choose how you sell this product to the public. We have no choice of providers, just you Rogers – Please do not deprive Canadians of having the 920 in colour.

    1. RogersSarah

      Thank you for your feedback, NewToRogers.

  129. Danny

    Hi Nicolas and other Rogers staff,

    Before you ask me what colours I want, let me answer by saying “All colours that is not black”.

    Some might blame Nokia for this, but knowing how the mobile industry works I know this is entirely a Rogers decision to rob Canadians of their choices. Please prove me wrong by actually showing action towards the feedback. We don’t need another hanging carrot from Rogers asking what colours we want. It’s very clear what we want. Also, we don’t want it 1 month from now, not 2 months from now. We want colours at launch. If you delay further, then there’s no point. I might as well buy unlocked or wait longer until CES or MWC.

    If smaller online shops like gsmnation, negri electronics, expansys, clove, etc can offer them in all colours, then a huge company like Rogers can offer them in all colours. This is absolutely Rogers’ decision to eliminate choice.

    I’m on Telus right now and I’m willing to switch for the 920. My problem is not with the Rogers exclusivity. My problem is that Rogers decided to sell the phone only in black. There’s no limited online-only option like what AT&T is doing in the states with some colour options. There’s no limited quantities at select stores. There are tons of ways to offer colour choices to people without much inventory risk. I’m ok with Rogers carrying limited stock and sell out. I’m ok with waiting for that because if it comes to that it’d be loud and clear there is demand for it.

    I’m not ok with Rogers taking the exclusivity and limit consumer choice.

  130. Chuck

    I would like to buy 2 lumia 920. Cyan and white or yellow our preferred choice. Thanks for listening!

  131. Dave

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for watching this board. The word online is that Rogers will be selling the Lumia 920 starting tomorrow!! No word from Rogers… Colours?? Please just tell us: a) ONLY black at launch. B) other colours at launch.

    I will buy one ASAP if there are colours, really hard to not get my hopes up. What’s keeping Rogers from making an announcement already?

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Dave. At this time, we’re only launching black. We’re always reviewing our device selection but don’t have any further information at this time. Stay tuned to @RogersBuzz for updates.

      1. Dave

        Thank you, hope to see more colours (white please!) at the official Nov 12 launch!

  132. Chris

    First, congratulations Rogers for the Lumia 920 announcement. That’s quite a splash. And the price for the out of contract phone is simply fantastic!

    But, I want you to know that I keep my purchase on hold until you offer colors. Not another boring black phone! Yellow it is for me.

    Oh, and one friendly advice : don’t wait to long because I’ll give my cash to someone else that understands what most of us seem to want (colors!).

    I also suggest other people to hold off and wait – it’s the only way we’ll have things moving forward. Rogers, it’s in your hands now – you snooze, you lose.

    1. RogersNicolas

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your feedback and sharing your preference.

      I’ll forward it internally.

    2. Dave

      I’m with you on this, Chris. I have wanted this phone so badly for so long, but I do NOT want it in black. I will not be buying this phone until I can get it in white (gray or cyan are also possibilities). If this means changing carriers after Rogers’ exclusivity is done, I’ll switch without a thought.

  133. Parandroid

    Give me a Nokia Lumia in RED and i am there. The new black is all colours except black when it comes to consumers. Please offer all the colouration. I am sure the Microsoft holiday store opening this month in Toronto will have all colours with a Rogers plan. Perhaps I will get mine there which would be win-win as I would still get my plan under Rogers.

  134. Calvin Diggs

    I just heard from a Microsoft rep that they’re going to be carrying at least a few of the Nokia Lumia 920 colors at the Microsoft store launch mid-November at Yorkdale mall in Toronto. That solves my problems…

  135. Martin

    Like many others here I was excited to get my hand on a Lumia 920. I wasn’t convinced to jump on the Rogers board as I’m currently with a competitor, but the 920 is so tempting. But again, the heart and soul of the 920 is to have it in colors. Nokia even runs ads emphasis on this rather than the boring monochrome look all others are offering. Black is like all other other phones out there…really not tempting at all.

    I was looking For a yellow, red or silver (mate) and One way or another, I’ll end up with one for sure. If Rogers or any other Canadian provider can’t provide it by end of November (where my current contract ends), I’ll be forced to get it elsewhere, which will be more trouble, but at least will allow me to have it in the color I want, and would even allow me to stay with my current provider and keep my current plan as a bonus.

    It’s good to do the PR here and says our feedback count. But we all hope it will convert into a real action which will confirm the addition of more color for the launch. Actions have more values than words. I’m sure you see the good business value of all these potential consumers here. Up to you to show us that, as clients, our voice really matter to you.


  136. Michel

    I currently own a black Lumia 900 and would have like a Cyan but didn’t want to wait (bought on the first day, back in april!). But for the 920, I will wait to see if any other color gets available. I would prefer Cyan or Yellow and my wife would like to get a red one (in fact, she would prefer a pink one, like her sister’s Lumia 800 have with Telus)

  137. Chuck Testa

    I can’t believe no one seems to be asking this, but what’s the deal with only carrying black? All the promo material and demos have shown the exciting colours like cyan and yellow. I definitely won’t be buying one until Rogers comes out with yellow, or possibly cyan. Rogers seems to have no enthusiasm for selling windows phones whatsoever. Hide them in the corners of your retail stores, carry boring colours, don’t run ads for them.

    1. RogersElise

      Hi Chuck

      I understand your feeling and we’ve received lots of feedback about colors. Black is the color that’s launching but we’re always reviewing our device selection but we don’t have any further information at this time. Stay tuned to @RogersBuzz for updates.

  138. Mario

    Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!! Cyan!!

    1. RogersSarah

      Thanks for your feedback, Mario!

  139. MG514

    Congratulation for being the first in the world to sale Lumia 920!
    From what I’m reading from other blogs, you are making many countries jealous!
    I was so excited to learn, that I could buy one tomorrow, … but only black!!

    RogerNicolas look at this Youtube Video, it’s a Nokia ad, and you will understand why we are all so disappointed:

    Please don’t make me buy a Iphone!

  140. ali

    thx rogers, i love how you are investing in the new OS, just like how you brought android first!

    i noticed it, and think it’s great. i personally like black, other colours would have been nice to compare too…but ya either way im happy.

    i hope your reservation system works, first time trying.

    great job on snazzing up the lumia 920!

    1. RogersSarah

      We’re glad you’re excited, Ali! You’ll have to let us know what you think of the Lumia when you get it.

  141. david

    WE NEED COLORS!! (sorry for the capitals) ON THE NOKIA LUMIA 920!!!!

  142. beyond

    WHy is everyone complaining about Rogers carrying the color black first. Other colours will come later like cyan for Nokia Lumia 900 which they carry now. Its no coincidence that black and other neutral colors are top sellers – majority of people choose those first.

    1. Steve

      1) They have not confirmed that they will carry any other colour. If they carried other colours at launch, I’m pretty sure they would sell more devices. Just a hunch.

      2) If they launch black first, then offer another colour later (without letting people know there is another colour coming), those who bought black first will be upset.

      3) Nokia markets the Lumia 920 as a colour phone. Not a black, or neutral colour. What is the point of marketing it as a colour phone if we can only get it in black? If I wanted that I would get an iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc etc etc

      1. Dave

        Steve just hit a homerun with this comment, sums up the views of many of us here, including myself.

      2. beyond

        basically what your saying (particularly in your last point) is that nothing about the phone matters to anyone here except the colour – regardless of features, OS, etc. I think that is pretty sad if people really turn a blind eye to the actual OS / hardware and what it can do in order to complain about something as trivial as a colour.

      3. Andy Ramsay

        It’s not ONLY the colour thats a problem. Smartphones are not cheap, if you plan on investing the contract time or money for a device like that you want to to be exactly what you want. Thats the view of the consumer, and Rogers (you’d think) would want to profit off of that and offer the colour choices, it seems like a no-brainer to me. If, as was mentioned before, you settle with a black one now and they come with colours later then those of us who wanted colours to begin with feel abused and rightly so. If you want to make it “basic” it’s better to say Rogers should LISTEN to us, not TELL us what want.

      4. Steve

        Let’s pretend you wanted to but a car. You found the car you wanted, and the car manufacturer made it in blue which you love. You go to your local dealer but they only have it in black, even though the blue you want is available to every other dealer in the world, except a Canadian one.

        So you suck it up and get a black one, because you love the car.

        Three months later, you can get a blue one from your dealer.

        Get it now, beyond?

  143. PK

    Rogers is selling the Lumia 920 only in black and there’s been rumours that TELUS might launch a new colour. Rogers has some sort of exclusivity in place, but the duration is unknown. Adding to speculation is Microsoft Canada by noting on their site that the 920 will be coming to “Rogers Wireless and others.” No word on who Microsoft thinks the “others” are but they show all the other beautiful colour options (cyan, yellow, red, white).

  144. Sheldon

    Hey Nicolas! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to all of us. I would buy the Lumia from Rogers in a heartbeat if it were to be available I would grey. Thank you,
    A long time Rogers customer.

  145. Philip

    I’m so sick of this prepackaged nonsense about “sharing it with the internal team”. What internal team is it? What are they in charge of exactly? Do they have any actual power to make decisions regarding the release of new phones? Or do they just pass it on as well to the next, which passes it on to the next till it is lost & ignored? Seems to me we need to start a new campaign as this is getting us no where!

  146. Craig

    Please add 1 to the Yellow Lumia 920 tally please.

    Very excited for this phone, have been a WinMo user since version 6, went Android for the interim and looking forward to going back to MS.

  147. Boro

    Add me to the chorus of users who want to upgrade on launch day, but will hold off for a real choice of colours… anything but black! The alternative for me will be buying an unlocked phone when my travels take me to the US.

  148. Frank

    Only in black?… /sigh… I want a red lumia 920, or at least a colored one. Every demo, every picture of a lumia 920 is colored… this is really frustrating and is a *decisive* factor for me as I’ll probably end up buying a colored one (unlocked) and getting a contract with another carrier instead of Rogers. If Rogers offered red (or at least 2 colors), I’d already have signed up…

  149. DenisM

    Hi! Cyan & yellow, please.

  150. Tas

    Its sad that the 920, which is a great, great smartphone will be hampered by lack of provider support. Nokia makes 6 colors and only 1 is being offered? Atleast4 of the 6 should be there, Cyan White Red Yellow, these are the colors that will make the phone stand out and get noticed. If Rogers wants this to be a successful device and wants to get out of bed with apple then they need to do everything to give this phone a chance to succeed. And keeping these colors away is not really helping much. I am holding out because of the lack of colors. Instead I might just have to go somewhere else once Rogers exclusivity ends in a month.

    And If you wanna know, and if you care, I want a red, or a yellow 920

  151. Glenn

    I agree with most of the comments that having one color only is down right dumb for Rogers and Nokia. I was about upgrade to the new windows phone Nokia 920 from iphone but having only black to choose from is not good. Put more color selection and fired the person whoever decided to only get black.

  152. John

    Okay Rogers, I’m taking my leap of faith. Just got notice that my reserved black 920 has shipped and will be here soon. And as my only option from you is a black phone I’m going to assume that will be the only option. I am standing here with cash in hand trying to give it to you. And as a dedicated customer (you’ll note most others are waiting till color) I am buying this thing the second I can, and am assuming since absolutely no info has been presented on alternate colors other than black then it must be the only option. I mean you wouldn’t slap us who are actively supporting you when others aren’t, right in the face would you by offering color right after I lock myself into a new contract? WOULD YOU? As much as id like to think that tou wont I’m sure this is going to blow up in my face and in a week or two there will all of a sudden be color. If that is the case then be prepared to lose my business. In a very vocal manner. Why is it those who stand up for your company always seem to get the short end of the stick?

    1. Dave

      This may be the perfect post. This is exactly the problem with the crap canned responses we keep getting from the Rogers team. Share it internally? Ask what colour we want? We want all of them!

      I want this phone incredibly bad, but I want a different colour. I will not go and buy it, then have you release my ideal colour 2 months later! But I don’t want to wait forever thinking something will come out, only to be disappointed.

      Don’t you see that you’re not allowing us to make an informed decision? Do you seriously wonder why people don’t like Rogers? There is no respect shown to your customers!

      I have been with Rogers for YEARS and I always defended you, now I see what others are talking about.

  153. Boro

    Here’s a thought… maybe Rogers is getting pressure from other mobile phone vendors to not push Nokia Lumia coloured phones, as obviously they would stand out compared to the majority of black phones on display in the Rogers stores. By only offering black Lumia’s, this phone will be lost in the multitude of other black and boring phones… which keeps Rogers other “more important” vendors happy.

    1. Dave

      Although this seems somewhat paranoid, I would be lying if I didn’t say that it crossed my mind as well.

  154. Ryan

    please we need more Colors !!!

  155. Ryan

    at least have a voting system so customers could vote what colour they want ..dont just push one colour on your customers …

  156. Cody Grant

    We want all of the colors Nokia offers, Rogers! You will lose customers from this!

  157. Jeff

    My 3 year Rogers contract ended June 2012 and I was looking to upgrade from a 3GS to iPhone 5. After being underwhelmed by iPhone 5 I did some research into the Lumia and decided I’m going to try something new. So now we’re less than 2 weeks out from launch, AFTER waiting for this device for months, and we’re still being fed the “black is superior” bs from Rogers. This is ridiculous. I was told by a rep that they’re offering black only as an exclusive. What kind of business model is this? Offer all previously advertised colors AS WELL as a Rogers exclusive color, not just one color. More options for the consumer = more sales, seems like a simple enough business model but I guess Rogers is still in the mind frame of “well blackberry is black and iPhone is primarily black so ughh.. BLACK!”

    1. RogersSarah

      Thanks for your feedback, Jeff. Is there a specific colour you’re interested in?

  158. Jeff

    Bottom line is the consumers have been watching the ads and reading the previews for months, and now there are reviews available and it seems like an amazing phone from what I’ve read. However WHAT HAS BEEN ADVERTISED IS NOT WHAT IS BEING SOLD. End of story.

  159. Crofty

    I have not seen 1 Nokia international add that showed the Lumia 920 in black.
    I wanted that big Nokia in all the colors – the phone was sold to me! – you had one job… resell it in color…one job

    If you want me to shut-up and give you my money – well you know what to do.

    1. RogersSarah

      Thanks for the feedback, Crofty. What colour would you like to see?

      1. Crofty

        Thank your for your reply Sarah – the Nokia cian will be my personal choice.

  160. Zhiping

    Windows Phone is designed for personalization. It is ridiculous (and stupid) for Rogers to only sell Lumia 920 in black. I will buy one as soon as I can if Rogers have Yellow 920. Red or White is OK too. But black… NO WAY

  161. Jeff

    The colors I would like to see are the colors that have been advertised for months, what is the answer you were expecting? Sorry to be so harsh Sarah but you and your co-workers can only ask the same questions so many times before people get a little snappy. Let’s get an update, even if that update is in the response of “we are not planning on releasing any more colors at this time”. I would much prefer a response like that rather than being led in circles. The people have spoken now give them an answer.

  162. Kapil Sharma

    Rogers you are dong so well job.Keep it up. I like the lumia 920 handset. This is really a great product with having some extra additional features. The most wonderful thing. It is window supported which is really seems so great.

  163. Andy Ramsay

    I”m starting to wonder if Nokia will only GIVE rogers the black one for exclusivity. Can a Rogers employee tell us is Rogers even has the ability to get colours? Or was that the only way you could get exclusivity and won’t tell us? I want to know soon what my options are, because if you don’t have the colours available by the time I can buy an unlocked one online (I’ll give it a week), then I’m gone as a customer, for all my services.

  164. Mike

    Why doesnt Rogers bring all the other colors? Black is no longer a popular color.

  165. Mitch

    This phone was marketed as bringing colour to the mundane world of smartphones so it pains me to see rogers only offering it in black. I was looking forward to purchasing this phone but the plain boring black just isn’t for me. Come on rogers!

  166. Epstein

    If you do not want black then don’t purchase it and wait for other colos to arrive. Geessh… you are like kids with tanrums.

    1. Gordon

      Those other colours might never arrive. So you wait 6 months, and might end up having to settle for black anyway. The problem is that we don’t know what will happen and Rogers is unwilling to provide the information necessary to make an informed decision.

      They just ask “which colours would you like to see?” (hint: all of them!), or say “we’ve announced the phone in black at this time” (no kidding!).

  167. Mark Benson


    I will be moving to Telus from Rogers in mid November to the new Nexus 4 coming out that you can buy off contract… unless more colors are offered for the 920. I was looking forward to purchasing a yellow one but I will not buy black. It bothers me quite a bit that Canadians are denied the full gamut of colours. I don’t understand how one of the highly touted features of this new phone were stonewalled by Rogers.

    -Mark in Alberta

  168. Jess

    Hi, is there a date that we can expect to hear an announcement on whether or not there will be a release of more colours or not?

  169. ryan

    I just want to know when I can get one…. I’d prefer any color BUT black, but since I want one ASAP I will settle for black.
    Bring on the COLOURS!

  170. Asif

    i am extremely dissapointed that rogers only have black color in nokia lumia 920, they have to understand the customers requirement. more then 50% customers dont like black in mobile phone. i want lumia 920 yellow. may be i ll buy an unlocked one. so for no reason i have to be with rogers. i ll break my contract and move to other provider.

  171. Mike

    I too am sick of having a black phone. I would be happy with any colour other than black. The yellow being my first choice, then cyan, red, blue…. Honestly. Anything other than black! I’ve pre-ordered with you guys already, but am strongly considering cancelling that if you don’t launch with some coloured devices!

  172. Michael


    I am definitely thinking of getting a Nokia Lumia from Rogers, but I definitely would not get the black colour…I would like my Lumia in a different colour. Unfortunately there are no other colours out so far?

    1. Michael

      I’d definitely love if yellow was available.

  173. Vincent

    This would be exciting if Rogers offered the phone in other colours. I guess I’ll be asking my friend in Seattle to order me one from AT&T instead.

    Rogers sales volume on this phone will be low and use that to justify their decision. Meanwhile thousands of Canadians are buying their Lumias from the U.S. in white, yellow, cyan, red and grey. Good job Rogers. You’ve screwed us over again.

  174. Nobunaga

    Only black on Lumia 920 is LAME!!

    I am waiting for this phone for so long and you only have black is just unacceptable.

  175. Nobunaga

    Whoever decided to have only black color lumia 920 on the market should be banned in this business. Seriously, he/she doesn’t even know what customers need and… just look at all the posts above!!
    I hope some of the smart people left in Rogers… MORE COLOR PLEASE!!

  176. robert

    Seriously guys,I hope you are offering more than just black. I guess I will have to purchase mine in the USA.

  177. robert

    Yes, I understand the complexity at the factory but to only offer black is almost as if you don’t care how many you sell. Red seems an obvious choice;isn’t that Rogers color?
    yellow seems to be popular as well. Perhaps offering just black for the 2yr contract is ok but why not at least allow us to purchase other colors what non contract prices?

  178. Roland

    I really don’t understand why marketing people always want to limit the customer’s choice. You really don’t make any friends this way. I was looking forward to the Lumia 920 in any colour other than black. I guess I have to buy it somewhere else and also get my plan somewhere else.

    I wish Rogers would be “innovative” (not sure if that word makes sense in this context) and give us Canadians a choice for once.

    It also feels very condescending when you then come back and aks us which colour we want. There is only once choice really: ALL COLOURS.

    Oh, and just to point it out to the marketing folks: Bring the colours AT LAUNCH. Not half a year later.

  179. Mac

    Haven’t heard any updates regarding colours? Release date is this week.

  180. Chuck

    Hmm, I guess it does not matter what colour because Rogers doesn’t have the phone. I checked in the west edmonton mall and than I started calling stores in Edmonton and Calgary and they told me that it gonna be another 2 weeks before they gonna have it on stock. Hmm… What happened to the ” we gonna carry the phone first speech” B.S

    1. RogersSarah

      Hi Chuck,

      More stock will be available this week.

  181. hardrrr

    As put off as I am about no colours being offered by Rogers, I think there must be some back-end agreement with the manufacturer (Nokia), the OS provider (Microsoft), and the carrier (Rogers). Although it is “sweet justice” to see potential customers buying the Lumia 920 elsewhere to “stick it to Rogers”, I myself don’t want to go to the trouble of paying full price for an unlocked phone.

    Assuming we are stuck with black (or blahk), a good-enough solution would be for Rogers to offer a free good quality gel S skin in any choice of colour. Then, I can have some pseudo-flare on my bland black phone. It would be a real inexpensive gesture from Rogers, but at least it would show some favourable action on their part…


    1. RogersNicolas


      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll let everyone know if we launch any similar promotion.

  182. parandroid

    Like most commenters, I don’t understand why all colours aren’t available to the Rogers consumer. Since Rogers hasn’t made an official statement, we can assume they are either working really hard to get all colours available, or are busy thinking up how to appease potential and existing customers. I was really expecting the
    website to announce on November 12th (today) the availability of Windows Phone 8 devices.

    Nothing yet?

    For what it’s worth, I spoke to a rep at a Rogers store on November 10th and he/she said to expect to have the Nokia Lumia 920 in by November 13th (tomorrow).

    1. RogersNicolas


      We don’t have any news to share at that time as far as the potential release of other colours are concerned but more devices will indeed arrive this week in store.

  183. Nobunaga

    Can someone tell me how hard is it to have the colour other than black?

    If you(Rogers) have a reasonable explanation on the difficulties of getting other colour then I might probably wait longer.

    1. RogersNicolas


      As you can imagine, there’s more to it than just releasing it. At that time, we don’t have any info to share but we’ll keep everyone posted if/when there’s any news on that end.

  184. Bernadette Mcintosh

    I would like to see the Nokia Lumia 920 available to Canadians in the full range of colors. Why is it available to Americans in the full range of colors and we only get black. Doesn’t seem right we are at least as important.

  185. Vincent

    Why is iphone 5 the first thing I see when I go to considering the Lumia 920 is the most exciting phone currently on the market and also considering Roger’s so called “excitement to carry windows phones”? This thing is supposed to be available today and it’s still not being promoted on your website? Rogers, are you really excited about this phone or are you just playing games with us?

  186. I thank you for the wonderful update..:)

  187. Matthew

    I am off contract and wind is a very temping option right now!!!! I was about to resign for 3 years and wanted a yellow lumia 920….so much for that

  188. Mac

    Hello, just released this article regarding rogers potentially getting the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920. I am still waiting to buy a the nokia in hopes of more colour options.