All-night at Nuit Blanche with Motorola RAZR HD LTE from Rogers

Photograher Alex Evans brought the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE smartphone out with him for Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all-night art celebration, to see what he could capture. See what Alex had to say about his experience with the new device and check out some photos in the gallery below:

You got to preview a Motorola RAZR HD LTE smartphone during Nuit Blanche. What was your favourite feature?

My favourite feature would be the large, colourful and bright display. The colours of photographs looked much more accurate, vivid and clear than they do on my current phone.

What activity did you use the RAZR for the most? How was it?

The camera! Definitely! The large display made the photo taking experience all that much better. The feature I enjoyed most on the camera was the Burst mode which let you take several photos in a matter of seconds, and then later you can pick the best one out of the bunch from your gallery. Really useful when taking photos in low lighting or at night…

How do you like the Android platform?

As a first time user of the Android platform I expected a lot of confusion to come, but it was actually quite user friendly. There was never a time where I found myself completely lost. The phone ran smoothly at all times.

How did the Motorola RAZR smartphone enhance your experience at Nuit Blanche?

From the super fast internet (super useful to quickly find the location of some of the art installations) to the great camera packed with useful features (such as the panorama or burst modes), and to the long and reliable battery life (over six hours of continuous use), the RAZR was a great companion to bring along to Nuit Blanche.

The Motorola RAZR HD LTE is now available at Rogers locations and is the latest addition to our lineup of LTE devices which is the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada.

To learn more about the features of this device, check out our hands-on video with Stephanie, our Rogers data girl on our YouTube channel, here.

Did you visit Nuit Blanche this year? What was your favourite art project?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

Rogers LTE network available in select Canadian cities; visit for details

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4 comments on “All-night at Nuit Blanche with Motorola RAZR HD LTE from Rogers

  1. A User

    Good thing there are better phones coming for low light photos. The majority of those photos are awful.

  2. Bhupinder D

    Great pics!

  3. derek

    That is a new camera? looks like a normal cell phone camera…he needs a Nokia 920 if he wants to take actual night time pictures.

  4. Ant

    I don’t see a SINGLE picture in the 20 posted that was not blurry, let alone a “good” picture. So much for the fancy burst mode