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Fashion fabulous with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Rogers

Toronto Fashion Week 2012

A picture from Toronto Fashion Week taken by Jack Harding using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. More pictures in the gallery below!

Inside access. That’s what Jack Harding, from Oh Wow You Wore That has. Inside access to Toronto’s Fashion Week and a demo of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, now available at Rogers locations. Check out what Jack had to say about fashion week and his first experience with an Android device below:

Tell us about Toronto Fashion Week, what was your favourite moment?

Toronto Fashion Week is always a fantastic opportunity for me. I find that it is such a great place to gather people from various sectors within the industry to all work together for one common goal (and that is to put on a show). You get to see old friends and new, and you get to see not only fantastic style on the attendees, but you get to see new looks come down the runway for the following season. I think though if I had to choose my favorite moment it was the Bustle show. Known for fun shows, this year was unlike any other. With a great Safari theme, and models with a fantastic sense of humor, it was definitely a show not to be missed.

You got to preview a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone for the week. What was your favourite feature?

Having the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for a week made me realize I did not want to give it back. It didn’t just have one feature that I liked, but it had many features that I LOVED. The camera burst feature which allowed me to take 20 photos at a time over a period of a few seconds was great for runway shots. The note function allowed me to scribble down things fast and it was great at recognizing my hand-writing. It was also really intuitive. With different motion controls and fantastic word recognition, this phone was amazing.

How do you like the Android platform?

I never used to like the Android platform, but after this, I am a total convert. Everything is made to fit the needs of the user, and it is adjustable to whatever you want the phone to do. I like that opposed to other operating systems which pigeon hole you into certain functions and only one set of functionalities.

What did you notice about the Rogers LTE Network?

What I noticed about the Rogers LTE Network was that I have never had an internet connection on a phone so fast in my life. I had my photos instantly being shared with dropbox, and I was tweeting away, and I was using the internet and GPS tracking devices all at the same time, and I never had my phone slow down, never had the internet slow down, and I noticed that it was always super speedy no matter what time of the day it was.

How did the Samsung Note 2 smartphone enhance your experience at Toronto Fashion Week?

The Samsung Galazy Note 2 made Toronto Fashion Week so much easier for me. The device is convenient and gave me access to my email, my texts, my calls, my camera, my social media networks and my drop box. I went from carrying a bag with everything I needed to merely this phone. It took such beautiful images that I couldn’t believe a smartphone could do, and it even allowed me to be able to update my website from the device, making on the spot site updates a breeze. This is truly a techy, a blogger, and a media mavens best friend.

Are you excited to see Psy perform Gangnam Style tonight at the Kool Haus?

I’ve been ranting and raving about being able to see Psy and watch him perform at the Kool Haus. It is going to be such an amazing performance and is looking to be like a stunning night overall. I cannot wait.

Did you visit Toronto Fashion Week? What was your favourite runway show?

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Rogers LTE network available in select Canadian cities; visit for details

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Rogers first to bring Windows Phone 8 to Canada with the Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 from RogersRecently, we announced that Rogers joined forces with Microsoft as the preferred wireless partner for Windows 8. At Rogers, we’re proud to bring you the newest technology first. Today, we’re thrilled to ship the first Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones to customers across the country and to further expand the largest selection of LTE devices available from a Canadian carrier. With the Nokia Lumia 920 and the launch of Windows 8 last week, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform Windows experience powered by our super fast LTE network.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nokia Lumia 920.

This device takes smartphone photography to a whole new level. With PureView technology, this device is capable of taking in five times more light than competing smartphones without using a flash. That means you can capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. And forget about blurry pictures. PureView technology compensates for hand movement.  It’s the perfect phone to capture your favourite band’s performance in a dark venue.

You can also view your photos and videos on its’ PureMotion HD+ bright display which is perfect for Nokia Maps mapping experience complete with Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and now Nokia City Lens, an augmented reality experience. The Nokia Lumia 920 also has built-in wireless charging making it easier to boost your battery without plugging it in. Just place your device on one of Nokia’s wireless chargers.

We were able to ship a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black to some customers who reserved a device using the Rogers Reservation System today. These customers will be the first in Canada to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. We’ll be shipping more devices in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to RedBoard and @RogersBuzz for updates.

What is your favourite feature of the new Nokia Lumia 920?

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It’s National Cyber Security Awareness month

Are you using the internet safely?

As our lives become more connected online through mobile phones and social networks, it’s important to educate ourselves about internet security and the threat of cyber-crime.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the Government of Canada has launched the Get Cyber Safe national public awareness campaign, which provides helpful information and tips on how to keep you and your family safe online. Here’s a few highlights from the campaign that we think you might find particularly useful:

Creating and Using Passwords

  • Make sure your password has at least eight characters and avoid using common words that can be found in a dictionary
  • Use different passwords for different accounts, change your passwords often, and commit them to memory
  • Avoid using automatic login features that save your username and password
  • Password protect every device

Online Banking and Shopping

  • Choose strong passwords for your banking and online investment accounts and keep them private
  • When making transactions online, look for the lock symbol on the website or “https://” at the beginning of the website address, which indicates that the site is encrypted
  • When you’re banking online, never use public Wi-Fi or public computers

Social Networks

  • Check the privacy and security settings of your social network and use them to control who sees what
  • Never include your phone numbers, email address, home address, work details, or any other personal information on your profile page
  • If someone you don’t know tries to “friend” you, ignore it
  • Before you post pictures, think about whether or not they’re appropriate or giving away too much information about you

For more tips and information on how you can protect yourself from cyber risks, visit the Get Cyber Safe website at

Also, check out this pamphlet with useful Cybersafety tips for your wireless device.

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Happy Halloween! Make way for the Pumpkin Patrol & a frightastic line-up of scary movies

Happy Halloween from RogersFall means three things to me – bright, crunchy leaves, the return of pumpkin spice lattes… and HALLOWEEN! Being a huge scary movie buff, I couldn’t wait to check out what Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers on Demand were offering to get in the spirit this year. And the best part is there’s something for everyone with our lineup.

Rogers Anyplace TV made it easy to spot some of the classics under their “Spooky Cinema section,” with everything from the gory, to funny, to the supernatural. Here you’ll find all 5 of the Saw movies, as well as timeless thrillers like Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and The Shining.

If you’re looking for newer horror flicks, check out recent thrillers Cabin in the Woods, and The Raven, spun from the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem. If you’re seeking a chuckle in between screams, don’t miss Johnny Depp’s quirky comedy Dark Shadows.

Then there’s our Family & Kids collection, where kids can watch some of their favourite TV characters in their Halloween themed episodes, including the Scooby Doo mysteries. Find out what Scooby and the gang are up to and help them solve the Halloween mysteries together.

As much fun as Halloween is with all the movies, candy and costumes, it’s important to remember it’s also a night when extra safety precautions should be taken. That’s why Rogers will be patrolling the streets for the 28th consecutive year with the Pumpkin Patrol. Each year, hundreds of Rogers employees volunteer to patrol neighbourhoods across Ontario and parts of Eastern Canada in our easily recognizable red cable vans.It’s our way of keeping Halloween safe for the children in the areas we serve.

You should also check out the website for even more goodies, including games for the kids and safety tips for the big night. Think you’re prepared for no tricks, all treats? Then take the Pumpkin Patrol quiz for fun!

I’m off to pick up some treats for all the little ghouls and goblins headed my way shortly – have a safe and spooky Halloween everyone!

To quote another famous horror movie, “what’s your favourite scary movie?”

UPDATE (October 31, 2012, 4:52 p.m): Here’s a video of our own RogersCarly talking about Pumpkin Patrol on BT Toronto this morning. Check it out for some tips on how to keep kids safe while they’re out trick-or-treating tonight! Happy Halloween!


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Weekend Reading: Windows 8, smartphone shockers & Halloween tech

Many of you are probably focused on Halloween next week, getting last minute costumes and candy ready for the big night. It’s a fun and chaotic holiday, which makes it difficult to keep up on the latest tech news – but fear not, we’re here with another Weekend Reading edition to fill you in on Windows 8, smartphones vs. water and hydro, and some fun Halloween themed apps.

Top Windows 8 features

Last week, we announced that we teamed up with Microsoft to bring you the largest selection of Windows 8 devices from a Canadian carrier.

A week later and people are still talking Windows 8, eager to share their thoughts on the exciting new platform and what features they’re most excited about. Across all Windows 8 devices, you’ll now have a complete cross-platform experience making it easier to switch between your smartphone, your PC or your tablet.

Wired hailed the intuitive interface and ability to pin and share anything, while CNET Asia published their own Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8 including reset and refresh options. IT Business Edge highlighted some features businesses will love like faster boot-up times and enhanced architectures. If you’re looking for a more detailed analysis of the Windows 8 features, ReadWrite Enterprise is compiling a series focusing on the Top Windows 8 Features with a whole article dedicated to each feature. They are counting down the final three but if you scroll to the bottom you can read up on the rest.

What do you value more – your smartphone, or water and electricity?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, these kinds of stats never cease to surprise me. Our very own Rogers Innovation Report back in May revealed what kind of things people were willing to sacrifice for internet access, including coffee, chocolate, and even sex for 6% of us!

Now just this week, Business Insider revealed that More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity Or Drinking Water! What else do smartphones dominate over? Check out the full article to see and let us know where your priorities lie – smartphone, or relying on good old fashioned daylight?

Get into the spooky spirit with Halloween tech

Forget the candy and costumes, Mashable put together this great post summarizing some awesome Halloween themed apps. Use Pic Monkey to create a creepy zombie or vampire themed avatar, or play fun games like Pumpkin Pops or Ghost Radar. Good for kids, or the young at heart.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Rogers RevUp recap: Tackling your tough questions about mobile wallet

Rogers RevUp - a Q&A in Rogers Community ForumsLast week, we held a Rogers RevUp, a live Q&A session in our Community Forums with two experts: Jeppe Dorff, Head of Transaction Services at Rogers, and Paul Bradley, Technical Director, Gemalto Mobile Communications North America.

We invited you to ask your toughest technical questions about mobile wallet technology and security and you didn’t disappoint. Our experts answered dozens of questions on everything from how Near Field Communications (NFC) work to data and transaction fees related to mobile wallet.

Here’s some highlights from the Q&A:

Morlan asked: Do you have a list of the vendors that will be supporting this technology and ready to go, once Rogers has officially launched mobile wallet?

Answer: Mobile payments on Rogers devices will be accepted at PayPass and Visa payWave contactless terminals that today – you can find merchant lists here:

Gblahaut asked: Are there any transaction fees associated with mobile payments?


  1. There will be no additional fees for our subscribers.
  2. Originally the contactless limits defined by Visa and Mastercard was set at $15 – and over time it has increased to $50, in some cases the merchants themselves decide to increase that limits, I believe that some merchants have increased the limit to $100, which is great for contactless and NFC adoption, but we feel that the current limit of $50 is adequate for most purchases so a potential increase in transaction limit is an added bonus, and my gut tells me that it will eventually happen.
  3. The service that Rogers is supplying is an enterprise service, which means we are offering these capabilities to banks and obviously there are commercial agreements associated with this, we will however not be notified when or where you use your wallet, nor will we have access to data around your wallet use in general.

James asked: How does LTE affect the performance of NFC technology? Is there a large difference in the time it’ll take to process a transaction when on 3G vs LTE? 

Answer: NFC is really a proximity service similar to Bluetooth, but more secure obviously, so when you make a payment at a retail location it will not utilize your data connection for the payment. Think of this as having a real plastic card on your phone, but in a digital format.

To view the full archive, go here.

And stay tuned to RedBoard and our Twitter account, @RogersBuzz for updates on future RevUps!

Miranda is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: Windows 8 news, mobile banking and smartphone milestones

Weekend Reading by RogersIn this week’s edition of Weekend Reading, we look at some news around new Windows 8 devices, mobile banking and a new milestone for the smartphone industry.

Rogers announces premium Windows 8 devices and exclusive apps

Earlier today we announced that we’re joining forces with Microsoft to launch the largest selection of Windows 8 devices on Rogers LTE network. In the coming weeks, select Windows Phone 8 smartphones and an exclusive Windows 8 tablet will be available including the Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC and the ATIV S smartphone.

Our friends at Mobile Syrup and Gadgetorama wrote posts about the news, and  The Globe & Mail published an article that quoted Max Long, president of Microsoft Canada saying, “I can’t think of a better way to experience Windows across the phone, PC, tablet and Xbox.”

Mobile Jaw highlighted that the Rogers Reservation System has the Samsung ATIV S, Nokia Lumia 920, and the 8X by HTC already up and The Cellular Guru recalled Rogers was “no stranger to the Windows Phone line, having been the first to bring the OS to Canada with the Samsung Focus.” We’re glad to see everyone’s excited!

We’ll continue to update everyone on pricing and launch timing here on RedBoard and on Twitter through @RogersBuzz. In the meantime, which device are you most hyped about?

Consumers eager for new mobile banking tools

eMarketer recently conducted a report on mobile financial transactions in their latest article, Consumers Readily Adopt New Mobile Banking Tools. In it, they look at why mobile banking is so appealing to consumers and why financial providers are on board. Personally, I was surprised to read that in the past 6 months, 38% of US mobile phone users used mobile banking.

I’m one of the many Canadians adapting to mobile payments myself, experimenting with banking, budgeting, and transactions on my Android smartphone. Which areas of mobile banking and payments are you most interested in? Read more on eMarketer’s own findings in the full article here.

Speaking of mobile banking, you may also want to check out the conversation from Rogers RevUp, a Q&A that happened in our community forums yesterday where our two experts answered questions about mobile wallet technology and security. You can check out the full conversation here.

Worldwide smartphone base hits 1 billion

According to research released by Strategy Analytics this week, the worldwide smartphone user base has officially topped 1 billion. It took 16 years to reach this important milestone. According to this article in CNET, the first official smartphone was the Nokia Communicator which launched back in 1996. Another article in Android Authority said that the 2 billion smartphone milestone could be reached in as little as two years.

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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Bring on your toughest technical questions for mobile wallet at Rogers RevUp

Rogers RevUp in the Community ForumsMobile payments are coming to Canada and we’re excited about the prospect of leaving our wallets at home and accessing credit cards on our mobile device. However, for mobile payments to take off, it’s crucial that applications and solutions are secure.

Last week, we announced that we are working with Gemalto, a leader in digital security, to secure the SIM cards that will be used to store information for mobile payments on devices on the Rogers network. Now we’re inviting you to join the discussion.

We’re bringing together two mobile payment experts to answer your digital security questions. Our experts specialize in the field of mobile payment and mobile banking. Jeppe Dorff,  Head of Transaction Services at Rogers, is leading our team to deliver a solution that will allow you to securely store your credit card and eventually your library card, bus pass, loyalty cards, and coupons on your smartphone.  And Paul Bradley is Technical Director, Gemalto Mobile Communications North America, where he is helping you get the most out of technology like NFC and LTE by pioneering digital security for some of the world’s largest consumer telecommunications companies.

They’ll be available to answer questions on Thursday, October 18, 2012, 1-4PM ET in the Rogers Community Forums!

What’s Rogers RevUp?

Rogers RevUp™  is a series of events that bring you exactly what you want – insider access! Throughout the year we’ve been hosting Q&A sessions about Rogers products and services hosted by members of our product teams. Past events covered Android and Rogers One Number; check out the archives to see more.

What if I miss it?

The content will be available after the event closes so you’ll have a chance to catch-up on anything you missed. And you can always post your question later for an answer from the community.

We want to hear from you. What other Rogers products or services would you like to learn more about?

Gina a regular contributor to RedBoard

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Weekend Reading: Get the 411 on the new 911, smartphone cameras, and mobile wallet

It’s an exciting time to be in the tech industry and see the advancement of technology first hand.  From how social media is affecting the way we communicate, to the evolution of smartphone cameras and mobile payment solutions – there’s always news to catch up on in our weekly Weekend Reading series.

Has Twitter become the new 911 for emergencies?

This week Tech Vibes posed an interesting question to their readers: Social Media and Emergency Response: Would You Tweet or Dial 9-1-1? In their post, they look at the changing landscape of technology, and how real-time capabilities have altered our methods of communication.

How far have we come? A whopping “63% of Canadians think disaster and emergency response agencies, including fire and police, should be prepared to respond to calls for help that are posted on social networks.” But how much faith do we have in response times, and which news source do we trust the most? Find out in the full article here.

Digital cameras vs.smartphone cameras

Cameras are a unique piece of technology– they’re the rare device that remains in constant demand for the tech world.Everyone wants to capture memories, and the addition of cameras to smartphones has made it that much easier to snap and share your adventures.

Gizmodo wrote a brief article this week on just how far smartphone cameras have advanced, claiming that some tech devices have better cameras now than traditional point and shoot cameras from just five years ago! Check out the full article for their comparisons and let us know your fave smartphone cameras in the comments below.

Speaking of smartphone cameras, we also did a Q&A with photographer Alex Evans earlier this week about his experience with the camera on the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE. Check out the post, and some of his pictures here.

Mobile Wallet Updates

Mobile wallets remain a hot topic in the news this week. Shortly after our announcement of our partnership with Gemalto for secure mobile NFC payment solutions, eMarketer published an article called Mobile Wallets or Fully Digital Wallets? In it, they examine why consumers want mobile payments extended beyond their mobile wallets to their PC, and what steps companies are taking to get there.

iPhone in Canada also shared their thoughts on our announcement, reminding readers of our current partnership with CIBC to pilot NFC-enabled devices. Tech Vibes also published a post about mobile wallet. In it, the included excerpts of a conversation with David Robinson, VP, Emerging Business at Rogers about mobile payment security measures.

Got more tech news? Tweet us @RogersBuzz!

Kelly is a regular contributor for RedBoard

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