Weekend Reading: Mobile purchases, LTE speed results, and working at Rogers

What’s new in the tech world this week? We fill you in on mobile purchasing developments, LTE speeds tests for the new iPhone 5, and what’s great about working for Rogers – all in our latest edition of Weekend Reading.

Men more adventurous with mobile purchases

According to a new survey from uSamp in the latest issue of eMarketer, it would appear that men are more adventurous when it comes to mobile purchases. While women are reported to be more hesitant (except with health and beauty products), men’s top purchases include digital content, consumer electronics and entertainment tickets. The gap decreases when it comes to utilizing mobile barcodes, though men still take the lead with 91% having tried them versus 85% of women.

So in what cases are women making more mobile purchases? Find out more about mobile buying’s battle of the sexes in eMarketer’s full article here.

Tablets, smartphones push bank change

Continuing with a look at the trend of mobile purchases, the Times Colonist published an article today on the future of mobile banking. In it they talk with executives from both ING and BMO to learn what capabilities are in most demand, and what they’re doing to achieve this for the public.

Earlier this year, Rogers announced an agreement with CIBC to launch Canada’s first mobile payment solution. And just last week, Nadir Mohammed also spoke about our upcoming endeavours with mobile payments at the Canadian Club.

Read more in the Globe & Mail and the Vancouver Sun, who also covered the story from The Canadian Press, and let us know your thoughts – what feature would you be most excited about?

LTE speedtests with iPhone in Canada
Any Rogers customer knows how important LTE is to us and how invested we are in developing our network, so its really rewarding to see it paying off for our customers. This month we announced the launch of LTE in even more cities by October 1st, and back in February we launched an LTE speed contest where we asked people to submit screen caps of speeds over 25Mbps. The average download speed we saw?  45.24Mbps! Now our friends at iPhone in Canada are requesting to see iPhone 5 customers LTE speeds, and we’re happy to say Rogers is in the lead – not only with number of entries, but the current top speed! Share your results with iPhone in Canada and/or leave a comment below on your LTE experience.

Top Employment Recognition for Rogers

We’ve all been there – whether you’re in school or have just graduated, it can be daunting not only finding a job, but a good company to work for as well.

This week HR reporter took time to acknowledge the companies making the best efforts at attracting and retaining young employers, and we’re pleased to share that Rogers made the list for the second year in a row. The list “recognizes employers that offer the best benefits for younger workers, such as tuition assistance, co-op or work-study programs, mentorships, training or bonuses for those who complete certain courses or professional designations.” This is not the first time Rogers has been recognized either – we’ve been lucky to have been consistently voted as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People and Greater Toronto’s Top Employers as well.

Check out some of our current openings and read more on what working at Rogers is all about!

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2 comments on “Weekend Reading: Mobile purchases, LTE speed results, and working at Rogers

  1. Bhupinder D

    i think I am going to need an LTE device before making one of the “manly adventurous purchases”. Congrats on the LTE speed tests!

  2. Calvin

    So when does Winnipeg stop getting neglected for LTE? Or stop plastering “LTE this LTE that” literally everywhere in Winnipeg then when we STILL, do not have LTE not to mention not even any dates besides “in 2012″. There is locations that weren’t listed for Oct 1 getting LTE NOW, care to add Winnipeg to that? Even MTS launched already, guess you aren’t tower sharing LTE with them huh? Even one of our buildings that makes up part of downtown, is a Rogers building. I think we mean something too?