Stay connected all night on the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE exclusively from Rogers

I’m definitely a self-proclaimed night owl. For that reason, you can always find my device charger in my purse because running low on battery is not an option.  Our friends at Motorola understand this need for a play-all-night phone with their launch of the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE, coming exclusively to Rogers.

Delivering all day performance on a single charge, the Motorola RAZR HD LTE comes with 2530 mAh battery giving it more power to talk and browse without having to constantly charge my phone. The new RAZR also keeps its diamond-cut design with Gorilla Glass display and Kevlar fiber coating to stand up from the occasional bump and scratch, which is perfect for the clumsy night owl like me. On my way home from a party, I’m always catching up on my favourite movies and shows by downloading or streaming HD content with the ultra-fast Rogers LTE network and the new RAZR’s 4.7” high-definition display is just the right size.

Another cool feature is that the RAZR HD LTE can automatically trigger specific actions based on things like the time of day, location, battery levels with Smart Actions. For example, I can set a rule based on my office location to set my phone ringer to vibrate while I’m at work or auto close applications that are draining battery once I reach a low level battery.

The Motorola RAZR HD LTE is the latest addition to our lineup of LTE devices which is the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada. Recent additions include the Sony Xperia ion and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Rogers LTE network available in select Canadian cities. Visit for details.

Earlier this year, we released a series of videos featuring the original Motorola RAZR. We shot the device – with its heavy-duty Kevlar fiber coating and tough Corning Gorilla Glass – out of an air cannon through things like popcorn, paint, canvas and a cake. In honour of the launch of the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE we thought you might like to revisit that video series here.

What’s your favourite feature of the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE?

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17 comments on “Stay connected all night on the new Motorola RAZR HD LTE exclusively from Rogers

  1. this is great news Rogers, I have always had a soft spot for Motorola and this new phone may bring me back.

  2. Sheldon Banow

    Please tell me that you will be also carrying the MAXX version of this phone with the 3300 mAH battery. I don’t want an just all-day phone, I want a phone that lasts more than a day! Thanks!

    1. RogersNicolas


      We don’t comment the potential release of devices but we’ll continue to keep everyone posted as soon as a new phone is added to our lineups!

      1. Nicolas this is not a potential release, Rogers has already announced that they will be carrying this model. All that we ask for are the specs.

    2. The description above stated that it will come with the 2530 mAh battery.

      1. S

        The Razr comes in two flavours: Razr HD (2530mAh) and Razr MAXX HD (3300mAh – longer batter life)

        Rogers has announced it will only be carrying the non-MAXX version.

  3. random72

    Time for Rogers favourite game show….Guess The Device Launch Date!

    Step right up folks and place your bet- guess right and you’ll be waiting for another 2-3 months!

    Guess wrong and…well…sorry, no soup for you. Rogers has ‘nothing to share’ at this time.

    In fact, there’ll be nothing to share until the day before the device lands in some of their stores.

    I use the word ‘some’ because odds are good your local Rogers store employee will have never heard of the device your asking about and had ‘no idea’ the launch was taking place today.

    Rule of thumb: take the Rogers release date and add 2-4 weeks to it. The device should be in most stores by then. Maybe.

    Thanks for playing and be sure to join us again for Guess the Device Launch Date!


  4. Plazmic Flame

    By you getting the exclusive, that means other carriers can’t get this phone. That is wrong.

  5. SStevenson27

    Anyone know how the touch screen on Motorola RAZR compares to the Samsung Galaxy S ??

  6. joe

    I only have one question, will it be available in white like the verizon model?

  7. Rockin Rog

    Haha, guess the device launch bet game..well golly where do place my chips. To funny, although how I heard about the HD was at a Rogers store before the official Las Vegas launch! Yessir eee Bob…young Lee up here in Sault Ste Marie Ontario’s Store said to wait when I went in to buy the S3. I have the original Razr now and find it a bit choppy on ICS despite several cache resets and a few factory data resets. Battery life on my RAZR is 2 days because I velcro’d an 8400mAh Anker Astro 2 to it and that made all the difference. If it weren’t for the lag I’d be content.

  8. S

    How can you say you’re “largest selection of LTE devices in Canada”, when you pull stuff like monopolize the market and stop other networks from being able to sell the same phones?

    Plus the whole article boasting the Razr’s battery life is a bit of a crummy thing to say when you won’t even offer the Razr MAXX HD as an option; a better option when considering battery life (3300mAh, vs the non-MAXX’s 2530mAh)

  9. Etienne

    Coming soon ?? :P

  10. random72

    Be patient now, Christmas is only 11 weeks away.

    What- that’s not ‘soon’ enough for you?

  11. Dhillon

    They better bring Motorola Razr Maxx HD. 32 hours of performance !! Much better than other Razrs.