Open up the fast lane: 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook now available at Rogers

is now available at Rogers locations.

Keeping its compact 7” size, the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook runs on the new 2.0 OS with a 1.5” GHz dual-core processor, making it more efficient to multitask between listening to music and browsing the web. Staying on-top of messages is easier with a unified inbox and a contacts app that incorporates LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter updates. BlackBerry smartphone users can also use the new BlackBerry Bridge features that let the smartphone act as a keyboard and mouse with BBM accessible right on the PlayBook.

The 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook comes in a 32GB model for $349.99 with select three-year agreements. For a limited time, we’ll waive activation fee and the device can be activated on a no-term Shared Data Device plan for just $2/month for the first 10 months (regularly $12/month).

The PlayBook joins the largest lineup of LTE devices at the fastest speeds* along with Canada’s first LTE rocket hub, Sony Xperia ion and many more. By the end of 2012, Rogers will be launching LTE in 28 more cities to cover 60 per cent of the Canadian population from Moncton, NB to Victoria, BC.

Are you excited for the new 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook?

Katie is a regular contributor to RedBoard

*Within Rogers LTE network footprint. Based on tests comparing data throughput speeds and on geographic coverage area comparison (in square kilometers) to Bell and Telus’ LTE networks.  See for full details on Rogers LTE network coverage.

The information in this post is current at the date of posting and is subject to change without notice.

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25 comments on “Open up the fast lane: 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook now available at Rogers

  1. Why is the discount price so high? $349.99 on a 3 year contract? A little high don’t you think Rogers? I bought my 9810 BlackBerry for $599 retail without contract, but the 3 year contract was $199 so almost $400 cheaper then the full price. So why is the PlayBook not discounted by the same amount? Is this because Rogers cannot charge for a voice plan and don’t get as much return from people that use it? I wish Rogers would be transparent about how they price phones and devices and why the price is the cost it is.

    1. BBA Brian

      clearly that isn’t it. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is priced at $199.99. It has basically the same specs as the Playbook LTE.

      Rogers is being greedy.

      They are only going for the corporate clients who don’t care about paying the extra $150 bucks to get a Enterprise ready and work capable Tablet.

      The price will drop eventually when the corporate sales drop and they want to switch to general consumer sales

      1. Hardened

        I don’t believe this is solely Rogers’ decision.
        ( I’d personal like to see Google/Asus build the Nexus 7 with LTE build in, 32GB storage) and beat the full retail price by more than $100.

        Most large Enterprise outfits have a huge budget and I completely agree that PlayBook 4G is priced to match those large coffers. However its 9mths too late – still a slick device though.

        we STILL have yet to see a tablet match with HD camera’s Front & Rear – 1080P/1080P respectively. However QNX is taking so long for RIM and developers to get it right; there are a FEW great apps, too few.

        QNX was never designed to have a GUI, let along on a portable end user focused system. It was meant for a subsystem environment where tasks can be split off and timed, monitored killed without affecting a the whole, essentially a micro-kernel . Even with the inventor and patent holder himself this is a big undertaking.

      2. BBA Brian

        its not too late for enterprise customers looking for an LTE device. Its just in time

    2. Any real answer to this Rogers? You guys are always quick to answer. I would love to know the official response to this question!!

      1. Rogers_Chris

        That’s the manufacturers suggested retail price, Caspan.

      2. Is this Rogers official stand on the pricing of the device? That RIM set the price not Rogers? MSRP has always existed and a company can chose to sell it at that price or not. I know the 9810 was not sold at MSRP so why is the tablet being sold at MSRP?

        I ask hard questions I know by Rogers has to stand behind their decision and either explain why they are not consistent or face ridicule.

      3. Rogers_Chris

        Our pricing is determined by the cost of the devices from the manufacturers, stock levels and release dates of the devices. Newer hardware options will typically cost more than older ones.

  2. BBA Brian

    No reason that this is $349.99 on a 3 year and the Galaxy Tap 8.9 is $199.99 on a 3 year.

    Specs are comparable

    I will wait till the price comes back to reality

  3. MP

    Love my PB. From emailing to renting movies straight to my TV to awesome games from Electronic Arts. Great for travelling too. Fits into my winter jacket pocket or portfolio very nicely! QNX O/S has the best user experience…looking forward to BB10 in January. I rarely use my laptop anymore.

    1. BBA Brian

      lol…. work RIM/Rogers much?

      1. Rogers_Chris

        Please be respectful of other people, Brian. You’re entitled to your opinion, as is MP.

      2. BBA Brian


      3. Dwigs

        That said, you do need to be brain dead to like the BB platform.

      4. Dwigs please enlighten us, tell me 2 things that you can do on any other platform that you cannot do on the BlackBerry? I mean real things not crap like Netflix. Real world applications.

        1. BlackBerry OS is the most secure OS in the world for the mobile platform, no one else can say that.

        2. I have 100% granular control over every feature of my BlackBerry OS using BES, no one else can say that.

        3. I have certification on all encryption that this device uses. No one else can say that

        4. I use 1/6 the data that any other phone uses to do the same thing, no one else can say that,

        5. I have BBM, no one else can say that

        6. My BlackBerry funds go to Canada, no one else can say that!

        So please enlighten us why your OS is better then mine! back your comments up with facts not opinions, if its just opinion then no one asked for it!

  4. Kevin

    Where?? It’s certainly not available in Calgary!!!

  5. Paul

    I couldn’t help but notice that this post says this about LTE – “…to cover 60 per cent of the Canadian population from Moncton, NB to Victoria, BC.” You DO realize that Newfoundland IS also part of Canada, right? Why has Rogers neglected Newfoundland for so long? You guys don’t even have adequate HSPA coverage there, let alone LTE. For Canada’s largest wireless provider (for now), why have you let your largest competitors beat you in coverage across most of the country???

  6. random72

    Finally- after it’s way too late to make any difference in it’s march towards oblivion- RIM releases a tablet that isn’t a complete waste of money.

    He PB early adopters, what do you think of RIM now? Still glad you bought the Beta version in the spring of 2011?

    Hey- don’t get mad at me. No one forced you to buy such an uncompetitve and overpriced product in the first place.

    Speaking of overpriced, I see Rogers has slapped the ‘premium’ tag on the new one too. Gee, what a surprise. Not that those ridiculous figures will stop the herd of nationalist stooges from handing their money over- they’ll support this dying company even as it slips below the surface completely. Right before Samsung, IBM, Google and the rest swoop in and buy it for parts at pennies on the dollar, that is.

    Enjoy your PBs and your BBs while you can, fanboys and girls.

    The end isn’t far away.

    1. Actually random72 I am extremely happy with the 64 GB PlayBook I purchased last summer and I would never buy a 4G version of it even if it existed when I bought my wi-fi version. I have a BlackBerry and no matter where I am my PlayBook has a 3G connection to the world through my BlackBerry. So do you love paying for stuff twice and getting taken to the cleaners come bill time? I love how I can live off a 1GB plan on my BlackBerry and it is a connection for my laptop, my PlayBook and anyone else around me hot spot. So if you have an issue with RIM don’t treat us like we are unhappy and mad as you are because we are not! I pay 1 bill at the end of the month a single wireless bill for $40! RIM thinks future while people like you are still thinking yesterday and just don’t get it because they refuse try something different or are scared to move from a system they feel comfortable with. You have to live and breath both sides before you can make comments like that or else you are just making an uninformed, media hyped cliche statement.

      The PlayBook in my opinion is still the best tablet out there for both work and play and maybe does not have a billion apps that are all the same but it’s amazing what this little box can do.

      So again please don’t speak for all of us because there are a lot of us that are extremely happy with our choices and are informed choices. I am an IT administrator and I have my hands on every kind of device every day from Apple to Android, to RIM as we use them all in house and by far my device of choice is RIM hands down every time because it is just the better device in quality, in value and in monthly cost to operate and for work integration.

      1. random72

        I think you’re taking my comments a little too seriously.

        Was the PB a good deal for those who bought it at half price? Sure, much in the same way that just about anything bought for next to nothing will seem like a good deal. The low price inflates the product’s value.

        I doubt that those that bought it from Rogers and elsewhere at full MSRP when it launched were as happy for the bargain hunters as the bargain hunters were for themselves, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for being an early adopter (which I am not, BTW).

        “RIM thinks future while people like you are still thinking yesterday and just don’t get it because they refuse try something different or are scared to move from a system they feel comfortable with.”

        The PB will always have the greatest value for existing BB users. If you don’t own a BB, there are better options available. Even with this new and improved version, RIM is still playing catchup in the tablet market, just like the smartphone side.

        “You have to live and breath both sides before you can make comments like that or else you are just making an uninformed, media hyped cliche statement.”

        Well, I don’t think I have to own a PB in order to realize there are better options out there- that’s what all of those review on cnet, engadget and mobilesyrup are for. You really ought to check some of their reviews out sometime- they’re very thorough.

        Oh and BTW, RIM really IS in deep financial trouble- I’m didn’t make that up. It’s not media hype, regardless of what you might think.

        “So again please don’t speak for all of us”

        I wasn’t, but I’m also fairly certain some of those who rushed out in April and May of 2011 to drop $600 plus on a first gen PB aren’t too pleased with their purchase in light of what RIM has done with the product in year plus since it’s release.

        You could have bought one of those first gen models last fall or winter for LESS THAN HALF PRICE.

        Why would you feel good about paying more for an inferior device that didn’t come equipped with an email client, had few apps and a first-gen OS?

        Where is the logic that underpins that point of view?

        I don’t see it, but I’m glad to know that your happy with your device.

        Being an early adpoter worked out for you, but please don’t tell me RIM didn’t p*ss off a bunch of their customers with the subsequent improvements that were made to the PB at less cost.

        Some of those folks undoubtedly feel like guinea pigs, as well they should.

      2. @random72 If your initial comment was what you just said then that would be different. You more or less attacked people that bought the PlayBook and more or less called us dumb Canadian people that support RIM, and that RIM was dead and that why would I purchase something from a dead company.

        I take offence to that and it is why I responded to it like it was a troll comment. I call it a troll comment because you were looking to get a reaction out of people and say the typical “RIM is Dead” comment.

        You took out anger on people because of a decision we made and that we should feel bad about that decision because you do not agree with RIM. What benefit was that comment to the posting other then you are upset Rogers put the premium price tag on this product? You don’t even own the product but you are mad at others for buying it?!

        So this is why I made the response I did. And I call people on their baloney statements, you can have an opinion based on what others tell you or you can have a opinion based on real world usage and expertise in the field. I make comments based on what I do for a living and what I personally know, not what others have told me! People now a days read something on a blog and take it as 100% face value. “Because so and so site said the PlayBook sucks then it does suck” but it was a good well done review!

        Do you trust other people to tell you what food you like? even thought they go into detail about it? No because you are your own person, no one can tell you what you would like, only until you have tasted something can you know if you like it or not. It’s so frustrating when I talk to people like you that believe they know a product so well but they have never used it for a week, maybe they picked it up at the store and now they believe they know the device enough to bash it. If you make your argument based on other peoples opinions then you don’t have an argument you are just repeating what others have said but have no real world experience. That’s like reading about a career but never having that career.

        To hear people just repeat what the media said is so annoying again do your own research, make your own opinion. You make it seem like because the price or RIM stocks are so low that the phone sucks…. the two have nothing to do with each other. I buy and use a BlackBerry smartphone because I have tried all the rest and only 1 of them does everything I need, only 1. That does not mean that it will work for everyone but it does for me.

        I am a bit upset because it is people like you that are everywhere that I always have to correct when they say something they read on a blog how something works but they don’t even use the device but they bash it and kick it because Engadget said this or that. Please make your own opinion don’t just spit up what you heard from everyone else!

      3. Gustav

        Random is being a bit jerky about it, but come on. Do you really think the BB is the only phone that can tether. My iPhone can be a hotspot to my iPad, and your Playbook; at the same time too.

        Still trying to see how the PB is so suitable for work. IPad has way more business apps than the PB. The office-to-go apps that ship on the PB are ok, but theres that and more on the iPad.

      4. @Gustav no the BlackBerry is not the only device that can tether it is the only device that can bridge. It also saves me money by compressing my data, how big is your data plan? most likely 6GB, mine is 1GB. A BlackBerry device uses 1/6th the data you do on any other device.

        As for business applications yes it might have more you are correct but i would rather have 10 secure application the 100 I have no idea if they are secure applications. Can you go to your boss and tell him 100% that you know your data on your device is secure? What about when you leave the company do you care that there is corporate data on there and person data on there? I do and I will wipe your entire device to make sure its gone sorry about your personal stuff on there but that the cost of using a personal device at work. PlayBook has Mobile Fusion that splits your data and person and when you leave I just wipe your corporate data and your high score on angry birds is still there.

        It is stuff like this that I chose RIM over anyone else, they were designed for business in mind not as an after thought. Apps do not make it why you would use a device for work.

  7. .Mary Magdalene

    BB 9900 6 GB plan W BB bridge, PlayBook purchased for 199 at the source, no contract.
    Why would you buy it through Rogers when you can tether the data on a 60 dollar 6 GB plan? I don’t get it.