Enjoy super fast speeds with Canada’s first LTE Rocket hub from Rogers

With a month of summer left, many of us are gearing up for vacation time with the family. As much as we like to take a break from our busy lives, we also want to maintain that peace of mind that comes with staying connected. So in addition to packing up the sun screen, swim suits and beach towels, we have a high-speed summer accessory to add to your packing list – the LTE Rocket™ hub, only from Rogers and available to customers starting August 2.

Power up to 15 WiFi devices at super fast speeds

A Canadian first and Rogers exclusive, the new LTE Rocket hub runs on a 2,600 Mhz LTE spectrum – the fastest available speed in Canada – and allows you to connect up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time. Simply plug into an electrical outlet and power on to create a Wi-Fi zone connected to the Rogers LTE network. You can hook up WiFi enabled devices such as tablets, e-readers, laptops, printers, cameras, music players or gaming consoles. The options are virtually limitless for yourself, or the whole family.

The hub has typical LTE download speeds up to 40 Mbps and maximum theoretical download speeds up to 100 Mbps when activated on the Speed Plus option. It also allows you to connect automatically to 4G HSPA+ when outside of LTE coverage.

The most LTE devices at the highest speeds available with Rogers

Rogers recently announced the one-year anniversary of LTE, along with 28 additional cities in Canada that are set to have access to the LTE network this year. Rogers was the first to offer maximum theoretical download speeds up to 150 Mbps available to the most Canadians. As device selection evolves, more and more customers will be able to take advantage of the full potential of the Rogers LTE network.

For more on LTE in your area and our industry-leading LTE device selection – including the Rocket stick, Mobile Hotspot, Tablets, and now the Rocket hub – visit: http://rogers.com/lte.

With LTE and faster speeds than ever before, how will you stay connected this summer?


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43 comments on “Enjoy super fast speeds with Canada’s first LTE Rocket hub from Rogers

  1. Cedric

    Lte is like a ferrari …
    you can’t really use lte because it cost a lot !

  2. would be great if Rogers introduced plans so I can have a wireless LTE only service, instead of also having to get a cable and adsl connection — All I want is that one service, and LTE technically does it for me!

    1. InsiderR

      Rogers does not sell adsl service. Cable is not required to get an LTE device. I’m not sure what your question is? Could you clarify? They have LTE only plans and mobile hotspots that could work for you.

      1. what I was referring to is the fact LTE plans are not on par with cable/adsl plans in terms of value – I would like to see an LTE plan which is at similar price point to cable with cable style data caps – (eg. a $70/month plan would have something like a 150 GB usage cap)

      2. Imagine Engine

        I’d also like to see a LTE Rocket HUB data plan that can match that of what cable and fiber offers in the home. This would benefit both the customer by offering more data at low cost rate and Rogers by increasing their home internet customer base. Next step would be to offer Rogers TV service over LTE but that’s probably not until LTE Advanced rolls out.

      3. InsiderR

        Aaah! Sorry, I misunderstood. I agree with you. I would, however; pay a slight premium for those types of plans, considering they are mobile. I think the market could handle an additional 15-20$/mth for an LTE plan that is comparable to a landline based service. The influx of customers that are outside of typical broadband areas would suddenly jump by a LOT! I doubt the infrastructure could handle it at the moment. Hopefully one day! :)


  4. thats all great news
    but what about the bandwidth cap?

  5. Chris

    What will the data plans be like for this?
    We live in a rural area and would love to finally get “reasonable” usage (more than 10GB) for a reasonable cost (under $70) like everyone else with access to internet.

    1. RogersMichelle

      Hi Chris, data plans and pricing for the Hub will be available starting August 2nd. Stay tuned for more details, Michelle

      1. Luis

        Unless I am mistaken, data plans have not changed for the new Hub.

        They are still way too expensive. We live in a rural area, a mere 45 minutes away from Ottawa, and having to pay $75 for 10 GB is obscene.

        Until data plans are priced more reasonably, “staying connected” is a pipe dream for those who live in areas where cable and broadband are not offered. By some estimates, about 700,000 homes in Canada lack broadband Internet access. That’s a market Rogers could easily tap, and gain a sizeable competitive market advantage over its rivals.

  6. Rob Raymond

    Will there be an option to buy this device outright without signing a contract?



    1. RogersMichelle

      Hey Rob, term agreement details will be available tomorrow :) , Cheers, Michelle

  7. Si

    No one seems to know what any of the plans are…

    1. Ian MacLeod

      I can’t see anything about it on the site. I am curious if I’d be able to use this on my existing Rogers Rocket Hub plan.

  8. Gabriel Reis

    My Spouse an I live in Caledon just off the Forks of the Credit Road and Hwy #10. The property is situated in a bit of a valley surrounded by trees and the Escarpment. We’ve had for the past several years an Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub from Rogers and it has provided the service required as casual users.
    We are conducting our business and office obligation more out of our home these days. It is imperative that we have a more reliable, consistent, stronger signal and band width to accomplish our required responsibilities.
    At present, there is no CATV or Fiber-Optic in our neighborhood, thus the Rocket Hub.
    We are wondering if the Rogers LTE Rocket Hub with a Router and an Antennae would accomplish the necessary requirements.
    How can you determine if we are capable of acquiring a LTE signal?
    Are there any other or better solutions to our situation?
    Your resolve would be greatly appreciated and would allow us to continue our relationship with Rogers.
    Gabriel Reis

    1. RogersMike

      According to our coverage map, all of Caledon is covered by LTE, so our LTE Rocket Hub would be the best solution! But to ensure you receive the service you’d require, I’d highly recommend having a friend/family member come to your area with a Rogers cellphone prior to purchasing the hub – they’d be able to check the strength of the signal on their phone. Let us know how it turns out!

  9. Richard

    Does this unit allow for an external antenna? I am in fairly remote area and need a signal boost to have consistent voice coverage, although with the LTE this might improve.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Richard! Our current model has external antenna built on, however, only has ports for power, LAN and 2 phone lines. Check it out here: http://roge.rs/2ceUZyu.

  10. Richard

    I currently use the NetComm with an external antenna, will the new unit grab the signal better. Would a Yagi antenna help, if place for external connection?