Weekend Reading: smartphone domination

released an article this month on smartphones phasing out some of our other technology.

In it, a recent study conducted by European telecom O2 found that of their respondents, 54% of alarm clocks and 46% of watches were the devices most frequently pushed aside by smartphones. 28% had even started to abandon laptop computers in favor of their handhelds. For more stats and predictions, check out the full article here.

Staying on top of this trend, this week we added another great smartphone to our lineup: the Sony Xperia ion, available exclusively from Rogers! This LTE enabled smartphone comes with unrestricted access to the Sony Entertainment Network, making it an entertainment junkie’s dream.

It also comes pre-loaded with Sony Video Unlimited  and Sony Music Unlimited, for a monthly fee that allows users access to the latest movies, TV shows and music tracks right from your phone! You can order yours online today or you can check out more details on our RedBoard post from earlier this week here. Also, take a look at this review from Canadian Reviewer for a good overview of the phone features.

As a bonus, get to know your new Sony Xperia ion better by getting set up with our picks for best Android tips from Connected Magazine:

  1. How-To: Assign Contacts to Groups with Android – Assign contacts to a group so you can send a single message or email to a whole group at once.
  2. How-To: Shoot like a Pro – Take better photographs with these pro photography tips.
  3. How-To: Add A Widget on your Android Device – Widgets are like mini-apps that sit on your home screen. In essence, they are shortcuts to a main app.
  4. How To: Set Facial Recognition – Learn how to set up Facial Recognition to unlock your Android 4.0 device.
  5. How To: Android Hotspot – What to share your Android data with your iPad? You can set-up a safe, portable and secure hotspot.

What did we miss? Let us know your smartphone must-dos by posting a comment below.

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5 comments on “Weekend Reading: smartphone domination

  1. Bhupinder D

    I never liked wearing a watch, now I use my smartphone whenever I need to know the time.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Me too! Haven’t worn a watch ever since I got my first phone in 2002.

  2. Paul

    The article says:
    “5.How To: Android Hotspot – What to share your Android data with your iPad? You can set-up a safe, portable and secure hotspot.”
    Can this be done with any data plan? Do I need something special? (Can’t get to the link)

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Paul, you’d need tethering to be enabled on your account. The chances are that it’s already enabled. Try to create the hostpot and if it works, you’re in business. If it doesn’t, give us a call. Just keep an eye on your data usage when tethering.

  3. I never thought that I would use my smartphone for so much until I got one and it became so easy. I too hate watches and haven’t worn one since I got my first phone ten years ago. I also have not used an alarm clock since I graduated from high school. One thing I don’t know if my smartphone will ever replace, though, is my planner. There is something that just works better for me in a planner, even though I still use Google Calendars!