Weekend Reading: device reviews & celebrating St.Jean Baptiste Day

Report: 57% of Mobile Developers Plan To Adopt Windows Phone

This week, Tech Crunch published a study on Windows Phones, which found that 57 per cent of app developers plan to develop for the Windows Phone platform. According to a new report by market analysis and strategy firm VisionMobile, the appeal seems to be the ease of coding and prototyping apps, combined with the low cost of development and a lower learning curve.

Tablet popularity is also on the rise with developers – almost half of the mobile developers surveyed are targeting tablets, while almost 75% of iOS developers do already. Smartphones still have the lead though, dominating with 85% of the market. Check out the full study for more on platforms, territories and revenue in the full article at Tech Crunch.

Latest Device Reviews: HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note

With the Beats Audio Integration, a 4.7” HD 720p screen, 8MP camera, and LTE speeds, it’s no surprise the HTC One X is receiving kudos from some of the industry’s top bloggers.

Our new friends at Cadence Canada took the HTC One X out for a night on the town recently during the NXNE festival in Toronto. Check out some exclusive shots the HTC One X captured from various concerts: Part 1: June 13 at The Crawford and Part 2: June 14 at The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom.

This week, we also posted about a campaign Rogers and HTC have teamed up on that allows you to create your own music track on YouTube with the HTC One X. Check out the “choose-your-own-adventure” video and share your masterpiece on Twitter with #TheStudio hashtag!

And don’t forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note released earlier this year. IT Nerd went all out in a 2 part series review of the device, first analyzing the display and functionality, then testing out the camera and video capabilities at the High Park Zoo. Read up on Part 1 and beautifully shot Part 2 up now!

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day to our Quebec readers!

This Monday, we honour one of Quebec’s favourite holidays! About.com has a great listing of what’s open on Monday, as well as a summary of some of the best local events to check out. Brush up on some history, visit the Montreal Bonfire, or check out the Ecomuseum Zoo – all great ways to celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day!

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