Introducing Sportsnet Ontario on Rogers Live TV: Stream live sports action on your tablet anywhere in your home

channel line-up!

Based on personal experience, I can tell you that this app can come in handy. If you’re in a household with well-known remote control hoggers or constant channel surfers, picking up your tablet and taking live TV into your own hands is the best solution.

With Sportsnet Ontario on Rogers Live TV, you get the same broadcast feed on your TV and on your tablet.

As a refresher, here are the details:

Picture this: you’re glued to your TV set enjoying one of your favourite Sportsnet shows like HOCKEY CENTRAL , Sportsnet Connected or UFC Central… you get the picture.  You suddenly have an urge to grab a snack from your kitchen or just remembered you have a forgotten load of laundry that needs drying.  Just grab your tablet and take Sportsnet Ontario with you while you’re running errands around the house.

To learn more about the Rogers Live TV app check out

With Rogers Live TV on your tablet, you can transform any room in your home into a live sports zone. In your opinion, which room is the best spot to stream sports?

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4 comments on “Introducing Sportsnet Ontario on Rogers Live TV: Stream live sports action on your tablet anywhere in your home

  1. David

    You seriously need to make a BlackBerry PlayBook app.

  2. Qaz

    Cool idea, but the fact that you are a Rogers TV subscriber should be enough to access this. Needing to have to use Rogers internet as well, that’s gotta be illegal right? Or at least not cool at all.

    1. Melissa*

      If you have a rogers mobile phone there are ways of enjoying this service. Just call customer care. You do not need both rogers hi speed internet or Cable.

  3. chris

    Last year I enjoyed live blue jays game via wifi on my tablet through the ondemand website. Ive been truley dissapointed to learn I can no longer access this feature outside of my home and that even though I subscribe to Rogers tv and internet Im now being pressured to subscribe to mobile services in order to enjoy a channel I subscribe to and that most mobile customers most.likely do not. Its an unfair situation and I hope it will be rectified so I can my favorite team.