Rogers Innovation Report: What would YOU give up for the Internet?

Canadians see the Internet as vital. But is it more important than alcohol? Chocolate? Sex? Water? Inquiring minds want to know … and we have the answer!

Back in December, we issued our first Rogers Innovation Report, a regular report we’re doing to get Canadians’ views on technology. Now, results from our third Rogers Innovation Report reveal some tantalizing insights about how much Canadian technology users value their Internet connection, as well as how they want to make technology work for them now and in the future.

Check out some of the results from our latest study in the infographic below and join the discussion on Twitter by using or following #RIRExplores.

How do you compare with Canadians we surveyed?

Rogers Innovation Report: The Future of Internet Experiences

The Rogers Innovation Report, produced by market research specialists and software developers Vision Critical, regularly explores Canadians’ habits and views on technology. You’ll find complete study results on Slideshare.

Michelle is regular contributor to our French blog, FilRouge. This is her first post on RedBoard.

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