What’s new with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

Last year, we launched Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, a home monitoring and automation service that allows you to control sensors, cameras, thermostats, lights and small appliances no matter where you are using your computer or smartphone. Since then, we’ve been making tons of updates to the system to provide even more services for greater peace of mind.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing a three part series to share what’s new with Smart Home Monitoring. Here’s the first post where we take a look at new remote system access options and new ‘smart’ sensors that monitor potentially dangerous and damaging activity in your home.

Android & BlackBerry Apps

You can now access Smart Home Monitoring from any Android smartphone. In addition to our iPhone app, we now have an Android app available that can be downloaded from the Android marketplace.

The BlackBerry app will be available in just a few weeks.

Water Leak Sensor

Water Leak Sensor- Rogers Smart Home MonitoringTo help you avoid the costly damage caused by water leaks and flooding, we have launched a wireless sensor that detects water on a surface.

The sensor is easily placed on a floor, wall or baseboard and when the sensor detects water it immediately communicates with the Smart Home Monitoring system to generate an alarm or emergency alert before damage occurs.

The sensor also monitors itself for low battery levels so you’re always covered.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor

CO Sensor - Rogers Smart Home MonitoringCarbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colourless gas that can be toxic to humans and animals when encountered in high concentrations. To help you protect your home and family against this potential threat, we have made a wireless sensor available that gives an early warning of CO poisoning danger by providing visual and audio alarms when potentially dangerous CO levels exist in the home.

The alarm resets automatically when CO is no longer detected and will also detect low battery levels in the sensor and tampering to help customers to ensure it is always on.

Also, should CO levels become dangerous while you are out, the fully integrated wireless transmitter sends alarm and status messages to the Touchpad, which will notify you via text message or email and also the central monitoring station who monitors your home 24/7.

You can learn more about Smart Home Monitoring from Rogers by visiting www.rogers.com/smarthome.

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4 comments on “What’s new with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

  1. Imagine Engine

    When is this going to be available in Vancouver?

    1. RogersNicolas


      We can’t comment on future plans before they may/may not launch but we’re always working on expanding and improving our services.
      We’ll keep everyone posted of our latest news!

  2. Jay Misheal

    When are you going to fix the android smartphone app? When you “Arm” the system, the numbers are not a clear number pad, they are off the screen.

    1. RogersMike

      Hi Jay, what kind of phone do you have, and what OS are you running?